Secrets and Lies Season 2

Secrets and Lies Cancelled at ABC

Secrets & Lies and… now death.

ABC has cancelled the anthology crime drama after two seasons.

Based on an Australian format, the show debuted in March 2015 with stars Ryan Phillippe and Juliette Lewis, who would return for Season 2.

The sophomore run, which featured new cast members Terry O’Quinn and Michael Ealy, was delayed until this past fall, airing a year and a half after the Season 1 finale.

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  1. Van says:

    Juilette needs to do more comedy. She’s got great timing.

  2. Cody Drennen says:

    If they would of stuck with the same cast from season 1, it might of been watched more in season 2.

    • L Spradlin says:

      Season 2 was way better in my opinion, but to leave it hanging with THAT ending and then not bring it back totally sucks!

      • orca052203 says:

        I couldn’t agree more! The fact that it was a huge cliff hanger at the end I was excited to see season 3 and now all of the sudden it’s not coming back at all. 😢 I just recently found this show on Hulu & binge washed all of season 2 over the past few days. I really liked the show a lot. Unfortunately Hulu only has season 1 and neither season is available on Netflix. Does anyone know where I could possibly watch it? Thanks in advance for anyone that might have any sort of ideas to try!

  3. nickspace says:

    ABC killed this one by holding season 2 back for such a long period of time. Shame too, because Juliette Lewis was a compelling lead and the whole “everyone has something to be guilty about” aura made it a very suspenseful show.

    • orca052203 says:

      Said perfectly! I normally can figure out who the “perp” pretty early on when watching TV shows or movies but this one had me going all the way to the end. Although after reading this article it makes sense that it would be the one person that never even crossed my mind. 😆

  4. Cook says:

    ABC is cancelling all of my shows. That is crazy..please reconsider

  5. ChrisGa says:

    I enjoyed both seasons, for different reasons, though I think I actually liked S2 more. And Juliette Lewis’ off-kilter performance grew on me over the course of the series.

  6. Allie says:

    I loved this show, I was shocked by the killer in both seasons! I am really bummed this got cancelled.

  7. MMD says:

    I watched the original Aussie version of this show on CBC a couple of years ago. It was all of 6 episodes and it was spectacular. Then I heard that the U.S. was going to remake it and I couldn’t get through the first episode. I’m surprised that it made it to 2 seasons. They did the same with the British show Broadchurch only renamed it Gracepoint which was a total flop even with the awesome David Tennant. Sometime less is more and it is better to stick to the original and leave it at that.

  8. Television says:

    Dang it! There is NO tv left for me to watch, what is happening with all these cancels? This was a great story to watch and figure out “who done it”.

  9. rebecca says:

    Why is secret and lies canceled for that is my favorite show very upset

  10. DPowell says:

    Secrets and lies has become one of my favorite shows, this is such a disappointment! I love how there is a whole new cast each season except Juliette Lewis, which is fine because she’s fantastic in her role. And a new mystery and it wraps up with a real ending and ends up truly being the person you never expected. The hiatuses are lasting too long ABC!! Give these great shows a chance!

  11. Kay Cee says:

    The way they left season 2, seemed as though there would be a guaranteed season 3. Sad to see this one go. :(

  12. Tina hummel says:

    Please bring back secrets and lies

  13. Tonya says:

    Please stop cancelling all of the great shows. T.v. is getting very boring because of all the cancellations.

  14. Cassidy says:

    I’m really sad this show is ending. I loved both seasons. All the shows I watched are ending or getting canceled.

  15. Audra says:

    LAME!! It shouldn’t be canceled! How do we know what happens?!?!

  16. Keydra garnett says:

    I wish they wouldn’t cancel this show. I really don’t look at ABC because there’s not a lot of shows in this network, but I really did like secret & lies. I hope y’all change your minds & bring it back

  17. Lorie Heyward says:

    Wow that’s crazy I really enjoyed this show. Please bring it back

  18. Stacey says:

    Why!!!!????? This show was sooo good ! Mystery , thriller , crime ! Great plots .. reconsider bringing this show back .. I’m really upset about this .. I googled season 3 because I was trying to figure out what was taking so long for it to come back just to find out it was canceled :(

  19. Claudette says:

    I hate that it’s not coming back i love it and it got me wanting more and i love the star of the show please bring it back

  20. Sad Me:( says:

    WHY?! :(( I just googled to find out when it starts, not that it had been cancelled! :'(

  21. Alissa says:

    No, please, please bring this back. I loved this and looked so forward to watching every week. Please reconsider!

  22. Janet Snyder says:

    I absolutely LOVE this series!!!! Why would you cancel a work of artistic excellence that works so BEAUTIFULLY???? This show has it all. I’m broken hearted. I don’t want this to be done. To top it all off you leave us hanging like you have with the end if season 2, WHO DOES THAT????

  23. Darren Bryant says:

    Such a shame Secrets and Lies was cancelled such a good show and season 2 was left on a cliffhanger!

  24. Darren Bryant says:

    Such a shame Secrets and Lies was cancelled such a good show and season 2 was left on such a cliffhanger!

  25. Claudette M Campbell says:

    I am really disappointed to know that one of my favorite shows, SECRETS and Lies will not be returning this season. The mystery and suspense of it what I will miss along with the cast members. Please consider bringing it back because it is a very good show.

  26. Michele Valentino says:

    It’s a shame they canceled this series. My family really enjoyed this one. We’re not able to watch it during the regularly scheduled time,however we did record each episode weekly. I’m sure there are many other viewers sad to see this one go. Hopefully execs will come around and see the potential and bring this one back soon.

  27. Suzette Renucci says:

    Very disappointed in ABC. Less of the trashy reality shows. Maybe I’ll stop watching ABC all together. Thanks for not providing a verity.

  28. Jules says:

    Why can’t they have more variety. I actually liked this show…..why not cancel the bachelor instead? Same thing with last man standing. They drop that to what bring American idol back?

  29. Allison Williams says:

    Why does networks cancel shows that are so good. #Secrets and Lies and Revenge. But keep the one that should’ve had the axe on their 1st or 2nd season.

  30. Trina says:

    Why was this show cancelled? I enjoyed both seasons and was looking forward to season 3.

  31. Joann Price says:

    Very upset to see another great show cancelled. There is nothing worth watching anymore don’t your viewers opinions matter anymore

  32. Christina Vilayvanh says:

    How disappointing I really enjoyed watching secrets and lies especially season 2 it’s so addicting. I have been anxiously waiting for the new season.

  33. Krystin says:

    Please bring back Secret and Lies love this show!!

  34. Pam says:

    Too bad, I loved this series.

  35. Pam says:

    This is why I don’t like getting invested in these series. For no reason guvrn a pipular series can be canceled:Bloodlines, Secrets and Lies and Underground