Once Upon a Time Renewed

Once Upon a Time Renewed at ABC for Dramatic Season 7 'Reset'

There will be no Swan song for Once Upon a Time just yet.

Ending months of speculation about the fantasy drama’s future, ABC has ordered a Season 7, it was announced Thursday by exec producer Adam Horowtiz on Twitter.

Set in a small Maine town populated by fairy tale characters (plus a bail bonds woman-turned-Savior), Once premiered in 2011 to 12.8 million total viewers and a 4.0 demo rating, marking that TV season’s highest-rated drama launch.

The past few seasons have seen a marked decline, however, hitting a demo low of 0.7 as recently as April 16. As such, the plan is to “reset” the narrative for Season 7, focusing on a young adult male (played by The Walking Dead‘s Andrew J. West) and a 10-year-old girl (Jane the Virgin‘s Alison Fernandez), with a TBA portion of the original cast continuing on in starring or recurring capacities. As we reported Monday, Jennifer Morrison will not be among the veterans sticking around.

What that tweaked series looks like will be hinted at in the two-hour season finale, airing Sunday, May 14 and promising “The Final Battle” between good and evil.

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  1. iHeart says:

    where’s the “and shortened final season”? not that I am sounding cruel or anything but with American Idol now on ABC….wait does this mean there won’t be any breaks next season, and it’ll be back in January instead of March?

  2. Aly says:

    It was kinda obvious once Lana was seen filming the ABC upfront vid, and JMo felt the need to tell people she wasn’t coming back (like, why announce you’re leaving a cancelled show). Nice to get the confirmation though! It will most definitely feel different for season 7, but as long as Regina’s there, I’m there, so I’m interested to see where it goes.

  3. Ben says:

    I’m surprised. I expected them to let this one go with Jennifer Morrison not returning.

  4. Lyndy says:

    Bitter Sweet renewal
    I don’t know how to feel about this

    • SamofSherwood says:

      Me either.

    • Paul says:

      Castle fans have no idea how they got it good. Albeit rushed, they had a decent ending with their leading lady on board.

      This is going to be as “good” as The Vampire Diaries was without Nina Dobrev.

      • It was never a bad show even without her. Don’t be an idiot…

      • SamofSherwood says:

        Never even saw it without Elena, no idea how it ended, lost all interest.

      • Karen says:

        Nina Dobrev was a nightmare and Elena a whiny character. If only the writers had the confidence that they could tell some awesome stories without her the show would have been much better.

        • Jessica says:

          Yeah she was in high school.if she wasn’t whiney it would have been unbelievable.but I guess if u lost both your parents u would be happy. Plus Jeremy was way whiner and her Matt’s sister

      • I actually prefer the later seasons without Elena (though I liked both her character and Delena), but they should have commited to it through and through instead of shoehorning an ending that only ringed true had she never left.

  5. SamofSherwood says:

    The vitriol from the fans & they go ahead anyway, I’ve barely seen anyone keen for this, I feel they may live to regret it.

  6. Mary says:

    The show ends on Sunday. You’d have to pay me to watch a season 7 without Emma

  7. Guy says:

    They really need to make it the final season. It’s been bleeding viewers and a “reset” isn’t going to change that. It was a great performer before so it deserves a proper sendoff which is why I’m glad it was renewed, but just end it there.

    • Paul says:

      How is a send-off without most of the cast, including the leading lady a proper send-off or any better than the conclusion we could have gotten in this season finale, after giving Emma a happy ending and concluding the 6 season arc?

  8. Lyndy says:

    Bitter Sweet renewal
    I don’t know how to feel about this.

  9. Jackie says:

    What a shame. Should have ended with current cast and a modicum of dignity. Last ep was the series finale for me. No way will I watch them destroy Emma’s happy ending without JMo.

  10. abz says:

    While I’m sad that Emma/JMo will be leaving (I hope Lana stays at least and Colin too although I don’t see how with Emma gone), I am intrigued by this reset. Who knows how good this it will be, so maybe they should announce it as a farewell season with full promotion and everything.

    • Jason says:

      Hollywood Reporter confirmed its been renewed for full 22 episodes and centered around Lana and Colin with a huge time jump.

  11. Kelli carr says:

    There is no OUAT w/o Hook & Emma together, the Charmings, Belle… shall I go on…. End on a high note, not watch the show go to crap next season. Not bc of the actors that are staying but bc it screws all of the storylines up…

    • Kelli carr says:

      From what I’ve heard so far the only actors known to be staying are Lana, Colin, & Robert. Lana & Colin are absolutely two of my favorites but I don’t want to watch wo Hook & Emma together.

  12. Ben says:

    ABC keep saying cancelling things I want renewed, and renewing things I want to end. I love once, but I don’t really think this is the right choice.

  13. Michael says:

    I guess no Happily Ever After …they just gonna run it into the ground

  14. Yah says:

    Hallelujah! One more (last) season! No sloppy finale! Yay!

  15. Dominique says:

    i honestly think this is a bad decision. no show has ever really done well without half of its cast, nor without their lead character.
    i know a lot of people like to believe lana (and colin, i guess?) can carry this show, but respectfully; they are wrong. and now that at least three of their major lead actors won’t return, including the character this entire series was based on, i have a hard time believing this show will hang onto its already declining viewership.
    ABC should’ve let this sow go out with what little grace they had. it’s never fair to actors or fans to let a show fizzle out when it could’ve gone out with a bang.

  16. Verity says:

    YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I’m SO happy they FINALLY announced it!! My favorite show goes on!!! I don’t care what the haters say, I’m happy and I’m sure I’m not alone!

    • SamofSherwood says:

      I’m certainly not a hater, I didn’t really care about the wedding, it doesn’t interest me, I was just into the musical. I’m a concerned party let’s say, I couldn’t wirite a menu but this just seems so implausible, even for Once.

  17. Mike says:

    Could Season 7 be their version of Kingdom Hearts? I’d love that. I mean, at this point why not? The new actors are st the right ages for Sora and Kairi.

    • Catherine says:

      That would be cool!

    • Natasha says:

      Mabe…just mabe..since that was Emma’s happy ending…that will give a chance to start a new characters…happy ending…say one that really..really deserves it….and has wanted it so bad….say Regina

  18. TBA current cast that will be starring or recurring. Come on we aren’t dimwitted we know dang well the current cast that falls under that is Colin, Lana and Jared the only ones we haven’t seen as being out. Hate i have to say goodbye to the show now cause i just can’t watch after s6 finale. Can’t watch them destroy my faves happy beginning for this reboot.

    • Brennan says:

      Jared is actually out too, Roberts Carlyle is renegotiating not Jared.

      • My bad I meant to say bobby was having a convo with someone else about Jared and accidentally put his name instead. Colin confirmed he is staying and think another article confirmed same for Lana and Bobby. Hate my faves happy beginning is now ruined since the other half of that is gone.

  19. David Hess says:


  20. BM says:

    I did not see this coming.

  21. Brennan says:

    If they kill Emma off in the season premiere, or hell the finale this Sunday, ABC will regret this decision

  22. Rob says:

    Ugh Once Upon a Why? We’ve closed the book. End it now. Seriously.

    • David Hess says:

      some books have sequels.

      • Why So Serious? says:

        Wow, all these Debbie Downer comments! Guess what people : It’s a TV SHOW! The actors leaving want to pursue other things, and they have every right to do so! Their stories are ending and new ones are beginning. No one is forcing anyone to watch, the choice really is yours to watch or not, why try and ruin it for the TRUE fans of the show? Lighten up, seriously!!

        • Josh says:

          Who the hell are you to judge true fans of the show? Maybe People don’t want Regina shoved down their throat more than she already is. A and E essentially shoved Jmo out of the leading lady slot before she even announced she was leaving. I watched for Emma’s story not Regina

        • Joe Jenkins says:

          Well said. It’s a TV show and if you want to watch you can and if not, then don’t.

          It’s a reset, so look at it as a new show with known characters.

          • djahfkjdahkd says:

            Well since we already know the past of the characters, it makes every change really bad for us. For example, a lot of people won’t like it if Hook dates someone else.

  23. GraceM says:

    Pass. I watched the wedding online so I could fast forward the singing and I’ll watch the two hour finale on Sunday. After that, I’ll pass. I lost interest earlier this season.

  24. Val says:

    What does reset even mean and much of the cast gone esp the leading character Emma Swan. She is the show#s heroine and half of the big couple in the show. Just dont mess up Emma’s story and Emma/Hook’s love story. Its a shame we not gonna see them.

  25. kmw says:

    I am not surprised about renewal but 22 episodes!!!. I didn’t think ABC would order that many, but good for fans

  26. AngelWasHere says:

    They should really put this series out of it’s misery. End on a high note with Emma getting her happy ending.

  27. Pipes says:

    Ugh, just let it go already. The story has been told, to varying degrees of enjoyability. Half the cast(probably more) gone and a complete reboot, why? It didn’t work with the Wonderland series, it won’t here. Besides, I’m going to be really annoyed if Once gets renewed by Shield doesn’t. At least that is proving it has good story to tell yet.

  28. Michelle says:

    Bad idea, ABC. Go ask FOX how that Sleepy Hollow reboot went.

    If they kill Emma or ruin her happy ending with Hook I will never watch the show again. I’m not even watching the premiere next year until I know what happens. It’s not real if I don’t watch it!

  29. Butch says:

    People on this board have been asking for the show to be cancelled since Season 2. It is amazing how they seem to take it as a personal affront every time it has been renewed. How dare they not listen to me and renew it again, they seem to say. Not sure why everyone assumes since American Idol has been rumored to take Sundays at 8 PM that means Once can’t move to another night. It may only be renewed for 13 with an option for a back 9 or it may be renewed for 22, they haven’t said yet. It will be a different show come fall. Since Emma will most likely be in the first episode of the fall we might not know completely what the reset will be on Sunday. I will be watching and if I like the reset I will continue to watch, if I don’t I will stop. One thing I won’t do is announce to everyone that I have stopped watching if that is what I chose to do. I doubt anyone cares.

  30. Red Snapper says:

    I’m happy about this. I wasn’t sure if I cares or not if they were renewed. Then a few shows I had been really hoping would be renewed were not. So, I hoped a few of my old favorites that I now watch mostly out of habit would make it through. I kept going back and forth on OUAT and eventually decided that I would wait for the introduction of the ‘reset’ to decide even though a decision would probably already be announced. Now all I need is AoS to be renewed. Hopefully, ABC recognizes the renewed creativity of AoS in the second half of this season.

  31. T.W.S.S. says:

    Once was never as good as its first season, when it gave old tales new twists, and actually cared about its supporting characters and continuity. I finally gave up in season five, for good reason. If this show can continue without Emma and the Charmings, then the likes of Grumpy, Archie, and Ruby never had a chance.

  32. Amanda says:

    I too think this is the wrong decision too and I loved the show but once I heard the only ones staying were Lana, Colin, and Robert it just didn’t make sense to me to continue it. To me and so many fans the main character was Emma and losing her and so many others is such a blow. I do agree with fan theories that this possible season 7 could be set in the wish realm so you could get Regina, Hook, and Rumple but they’re different versions of their characters and adult Henry played by Andrew. It would keep the happy endings in Storybrooke if they show goes the route and I would prefer it. I still won’t be able to watch it and my fear is that so many of us viewers will not watch and ABC will be forced to cancel it without even airing the full season. I always thought they should’ve set an end date years ago like LOST did so that way it could’ve ended when Jennifer decided to leave.

  33. Butch says:

    “What that tweaked series looks like will be hinted at in the two-hour season-turned-series finale, airing Sunday, May 14 and promising “The Final Battle” between good and evil.”

    Is this quote a mistake or do you think of Sunday as the series finale since next season will be significantly different from the first six seasons.

  34. Paul says:

    Why? Why go on without most of the cast, including the lead, after you book-ended the story? I suppose some producers are just greedy and will cash in a few more episodes, forgoing a dignified conclusion for a long-running show.

    Also, the show is doing 0.7 in the demo. Does ABC expect a reboot with mostly new characters do do what? CW numbers?

  35. jml says:

    I’m out. It’s not just that Jennifer Morrison is leaving, but also Genifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas. I have been with this show since day 1 when the pilot aired, and weathered a lot of inconsistencies over the years because when it works, it really works. But I have no interest in a rebooted version with half the cast gone. This is coming off my DVR after Sunday’s finale. Really wish ABC had just let it go.

  36. Brennan says:

    Hopefully after the finale they announce pretty quickly if it’s a full season or not, and who all is returning. I’m just praying Emma survives.

  37. Sad news, let this show die

  38. Lysh says:

    I know I could stop watching….but I feel obligated. But it’s not going to be the same without Jen or my OTP. I am really really surprised.

  39. Joey Bishop says:

    This is going to end very badly

  40. Cobra says:

    I’m definitely out. This show is long past its prime and needs to be put out of its misery.

  41. brady1987 says:

    I hope they include Tiana and other characters from ‘The Princess and the Frog’ in the next season.

  42. SamofSherwood says:

    Could this be another reason Jennifer wanted out? I like Lana too but what was with that Evil Queen split weirdness? They’ve put her out front, maybe Jennifer didn’t like it.
    So conflicted tonight…

  43. Ray says:

    Quit watching half way through this season. Cannot believe ABC chose to renew despite declining ratings and missing a chunk of the cast. Either way, I will not be returning as a viewer. Sad to see a once decent show limp along to an undignified death.

  44. ninergrl6 says:

    I’m so torn about this renewal. I’ve loved Once SO MUCH in the past and was on such a high on Sunday night after the musical/wedding, but then Jen’s news broke and I’ve felt utterly deflated ever since. I love Disney, I love fairy tales, I love Colin O’Donoghue, but I simply cannot fathom the show making any sense without Emma.

  45. Claire says:

    I was hoping it would be canceled so that it could end with the cast I loved. Without them, there’s no show.

  46. Scribe says:

    I strongly suspect the happy ending is going to mean the erasure of the original curse or something like it, where the charmings and Emma vanish to rule the Enchanted Forest as they should have.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      Hmmmm that actually makes sense, but then would Regina be EQ again? (Lord I hope not) And how would Henry be explained?

      • Scribe says:

        That’s why I said something like it, Either that or everyone except Henry who was born in our world gets sent back and Henry as an adult pulls them back to Storybrooke at the exact age they left it, to find that Emma, Snow and Charming have already passed.

  47. Ciri says:

    As much as I loved the first three seasons later on Emma’s character started to change so rapidly abd I could not see her as the same person who almost cut down Regina’s tree. And The way Jennifer Morrison played the dark one? Definitely writers needed some plot reset and her not signing new contract may be an interesting change in the plot of the series. I will definitely watch new season and I hope, that they will give some more scenes to secondary characters :)

    • G says:

      I just saying, but this showing is falling apart and going downhills. I loved this show until season four. With the whole Frozen franchise, I lost it. Yet, I still continued to watch it mainly because of the actors and wanting to know what happens next. Now the show is just getting ridiculous. I say just end the show once and for all. Everyone will be sad, yes, but at least it’ll be over. This show cannot be like Supernatural and Pretty Little Liars.

  48. Jason says:

    I’m feeling very ambivalent about this. I still enjoy the show, but a big part of me is ready for it to end. Especially since we’re losing such a huge part of the cast.

  49. Mark says:

    I have just one word for everyone involved – Wonderland. (And while we are discussing that ill fated spin off, could we please get it on Blu-Ray? I actually really enjoyed it.)

  50. Boiler says:

    Too bad Elementary not on ABC. Guessing this new set up will flop and, viewer wise, matches stuff ABC has kept