greys anatomy season 13 episode 23 recap

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Trauma Central

Well, at least Meredith and Nathan got to smile a little. Otherwise, Thursday’s penultimate Season 13 episode of Grey’s Anatomy was a pretty tense affair, one that put Grey Sloan into lockdown, landed Stephanie not just in harm’s way but in its grasp, sent Jackson on a massive guilt trip, reduced Owen to tears and had Alex staring down a demon. How did it all shake out? Make yourself comfy on the edge of your seat and read on!

‘I LEFT HER IN THE ROOM WITH HIM’ | As “True Colors” began, Meredith realized that — oops — she’d accidentally let Nathan sleep over, so she had him sneak out without bumping into her kids for the first time. Meanwhile, at Owen and Amelia’s, Hunt learned that Megan was… umm… we didn’t know at first, because the sound was muted on the military personnel who came knocking with news. But it certainly left him shellshocked, whatever they told him. At the hospital, Stephanie reported back to work, having gone to therapy three whole times and “barfed up all my childhood sadness.” Richard was skeptical but still OK’d her for duty. Alex called Mer from L.A., where he was stalking Jo’s doctor husband, Paul Stadler (Matthew Morrison), at a medical conference. Among the patients du jour was a couple who seemed to have been having intercourse when they popped the brake on their parked car, and a choking baby, whom Owen, still numb from whatever he’d learned, roughly but successfully treated.

greys anatomy season 13 episode 23 recapTo punish Stephanie for speeding through counseling, Eliza stuck her baby-sitting Keith, the unconscious man injured in the sexmobile crash. When he awakened, Jackson and Stephanie assumed he was concerned about how long the woman, Alison, would be in surgery because he was concerned about the woman, period. Since Alison, when she briefly came to, had asked about him, Maggie guessed that they were in love. Later, Stephanie found Keith trying to free himself from his IVs, and let him talk her into taking him to be present when Alison awakened. When she did come to, she revealed to Bailey, Jackson and Maggie that Keith had been forcing her to drive to the woods so he could rape her, so she’d hit the gas and caused the accident. As Stephanie innocently wheeled Keith out of his room, Bailey put the hospital into lockdown, and Jackson started down a guilt spiral. Maggie assured him that, with all the cops around, they’d be found soon enough. But he wasn’t hearing it. Not at first, anyway.

‘AT LEAST NOW YOU KNOW’ | Although the choking baby was fine, the parents asked Amelia to bring Owen to them; they wanted a word. When Mrs. Hunt found her estranged husband, he snapped at her for delivering the message. He then snapped at the parents, in spite of the fact that all they’d wanted to do was thank him for saving their daughter. Following Owen into a supply closet, Amelia learned from him that the soldiers had told him they found Megan. “Maybe you can find some peace,” she said. To which he responded, “They said that she’s alive!” (Yay — more Bridget Regan!) Before he filled in his mother, he wanted to find out if it was really her. “Let’s find out,” said Amelia, being there for her mate for the first time in ages. Later, she arranged for Megan to be transferred to Grey Sloan and called in a PTSD specialist, as much for Owen as his sister. And he was gonna need it — he was already beating himself up for believing her dead while she was being held and tortured for a decade. “I gave up on her,” he wept.

greys anatomy season 13 episode 23 recap‘I WILL FIND YOU, AND I WILL KILL YOU’ | In L.A., Karev introduced himself to Paul as a fan, Alex Stevens (ha), got him drunk and then, once outside the hotel, announced, “This is from your wife!” and beat the crap out of him. Only when Alex wound up back behind bars did he snap out of the fantasy! Later, he approached Paul and said he was a friend of his wife Brooke. “I know who you are, and I’m watching you,” he warned. This reverie ended with Alex imagining Paul tracking down and killing Jo. So, yeah, also not a great plan. Finally, Alex almost ended up sharing a taxi with Paul but passed on the opportunity. (What was with that backward glance Paul gave Alex, though? Did he recognize him? How?)

greys anatomy season 13 episode 23 recap‘SHE’S TROUBLE’ | While the choking baby was recovering, Nathan dealt with her older sister so sweetly that Meredith invited him over that evening to meet her youngsters over dinner. “You seem to like kids, they seem to like you,” it’ll be fine, she predicted. He could even stay for awhile after she put the kids to bed. “For awhile.” Later, she panicked, and Amelia, of all people, talked her down. “Look at you being the sane one!” Grey marveled. That night, Mer came home to find Owen with Amelia, heard the news about Megan and set out to tell Nathan immediately. (And thus concludes the smiley portion of their storyline.)

‘I DON’T LIKE HIM’ | As the episode drew to a close, Keith overheard that a rapist was being sought in the hospital, drew a scalpel and forced Stephanie to show him the way out of the hospital — right past Ben, even. With every step, Keith seemed to get scarier — he even drew blood by pressing the scalpel against Stephanie’s throat. A chance encounter with the choking baby’s sister might have given Edwards a chance to escape, but because by then, the hospital was in lockdown, neither she, Keith nor the little girl, Erin, could get out of the corridor the way they’d come in. Or at all. While Maggie reassured Jackson that Stephanie would be OK — what do we think of their chemistry test, BTW? Did they pass? — Keith plotted to set a fire to trigger the sprinklers and get the lockdown called off. When he added that he’d be running out of the hospital with Erin — because who’d stop a guy carrying a kid out of a burning building? — quick-thinking Stephanie doused him with the liquid he was using to start the blaze, and poof! Up in smoke he went. Unfortunately, he collapsed near oxygen tanks (or was it nitrogen?). With Erin stashed in an adjacent room, Stephanie ran out to try to stop the inevitable explosion. Only it really was inevitable, and left it seeming highly unlikely that she survived.

So, if this is the end of Stephanie, what do you think of her hero’s sendoff? Were you surprised to learn that Megan was alive? Were you liking Jackson and Maggie’s chemistry — or sensing any? Hit the comments.

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  1. kn1231 says:

    Definitely one of the stronger episodes of the season, and it’s leading into what I feel will be a good finale. Wish we could have been getting episodes like this all season.
    We all knew Owen’s sister was going to be alive, so no shock there but I’m not into seeing anymore heartache for Meredith. I’ve invested myself into Nathan and Meredith, and I feel like they’ve been through enough drama at this point.
    I don’t care about Alex & Jo either way, but I wish they would make a decision: either put them back together or move on. The lack of interaction between them this season has been very unrealistic. Yes what happened was traumatic, but this is a couple that was almost engaged, it doesn’t make sense for them to not speak.
    Lastly, it was nice to see Amelia not being an idiot. It’s about time.

  2. Matt C. says:

    That was one crazy episode! The last 10 minutes had me on the edge of my seat. I really hope Steph survives this somehow, but with Jerrika leaving the show, it’s not looking good! At least if she dies, she got to go out with a (literal) bang! Also glad the whole “Megan is alive” theory is finally canon, after fans talking about it for like 2 seasons now.

  3. Anne says:

    Ugh I just want to know what’s going on with Japril. They slept together 7 episodes ago & supposedly live together but we can’t get one conversation? And I don’t know their endgame with all these jackson/Maggie scenes because before the last 2/3 eps they talked a some total of 3 times but suddenly theyre besties? If they actually go there with them, well then that’s the last step for this already underwhelming season to become awful.

    • Anne says:

      Other than that, the episode was actually interesting. That was long overdue. Hopefully the finale keeps up the pace.

    • Paul says:

      Death can bring people together pretty quickly.

      • Anne says:

        Who’s death though? Diane’s obviously hit Maggie hard but she was only jacksons patient. I get he might be a little more invested than normal but I doubt her death would affect him in a way that would “bring them together”

        • Paul says:

          It affects her. Her mother died. He was her doctor and confident. Much like my cousin, who was with this girl for a month. Her father died. Thing got serious fast. They were already married when thy reached one year together.

          She would lean on him. And Jackson was a bit fragile lately too. A connection could quickly form.

          Mind you, both of them look like models and are in the same field. Not insane they’d have a spark, even if sudden.

        • Tiff says:

          I see them as more siblings….and they are step siblings, getting romantic would be super weird even though they didn’t grow up as siblings.

    • Hannah says:

      I feel like people keep forgetting that Jackson and Maggie are stepbrother and stepsister. If my stepbrother, who I wasn’t close to beforehand, was my dying mother’s doctor and confidant, I feel like I would probably have a stronger relationship with them afterwards.

      But I also don’t understand why Jackson and April haven’t shared a single scene since sleeping together like 7 episodes ago. Especially when they keep shoving other relationships with no chemistry (cough*arizonaandminnick*cough) onscreen multiple times an episode.

      • Jim says:

        Eh, that’s calling them stepbrother and stepsister is really stretching it. Besides, they’re going to bang next season, so you have all summer to get used to it,

        • Anne says:

          They might. Wouldn’t make it any less weird considering Jackson himself admitted that they were sort of family. But anyway. It’s random and dumb but I know it’s not going to go anywhere. More obstacles for japril to overcome. Typical.

        • Tiff says:

          Not at all a stretch. They are step siblings. Maggie’s dad is married to Jackson’s mom, which equals step siblings.

          They didn’t grow up together or anything but they are step siblings. They should stay with the great sibling chemistry they have going.

      • Mike says:

        Yes agree Arizona and minnick, a big yuck. So glad she got fired tonight. She was not a good fit. Well I think she was not suppose to be, so good job GA.

    • msjaxon says:

      Why the “what happened with Japril” comments? It’s fairly obvious and doesn’t need some explanation. Has no one in the real world had a random “getback” with an ex? Also last night during the conversation of the circumstances of the people in the car, Jackson’s opinion is 2 exes who just had an emotional moment and hooked up…

  4. Amber says:

    Since Shonda and them are just kinda ripping off “ER” at this point, Stephanie is not dead. She’s going to be hurt so badly, she’ll no longer be able to work and that’s how they get rid of her character. Just like when Shane West left “ER”.

    • Jon Willis says:

      Yeah but don’t forget Shonda has the blood lust. not many characters leave Grey’s not in a body bag

      • raddadtone says:

        Teddy, Izzy, Burke, Cristina, Callie, Shane, Addison and a host of minor characters have been written off the show alive. She’s not the grim reaper as some make.her out to be.

        • Paul says:

          Washington (Burke) was fired between seasons after an Emmy scandal. Walsh (Addison) left for a spin-off series. Callie (Ramirez) only gave notice she was leaving after she shot her last episode, probably to avoid her character being killed off.

          I give you Christina, Shane and Teddy. But, still, highly un-creative that the only way you can leave your job, most of the times, is in a body bag.

          There was zero need to kill off Stephanie. She was at the end of her residency. She could have just taken a job. Of the 5 interns she started out with, 40% are dead, if she is.

          • A fan of TV says:

            Kinda rock v. hard place considering a season with no explosions/big deaths has been called boring, then an ep w/ explosions/death called exciting but still people claim no need for death. I think it’s been several seasons since Derek so a big death is due, since this is the Grey’s universe after all. No harm no foul if she’s revealed to be dead, in my opinion. At least in this universe the dead stay dead ;)

        • Chris says:

          Only the ones
          Shondra hates leave the show in a bodybag……Derek

  5. Nelly says:

    Owen’s sister being alive…that is a surprise …NOT ;-)

  6. Paul says:

    They better have not killed Stephanie. I’m tired of this. She was at the end of her residency. Easiest thing in the world to write her off. She takes a fellowship elsewhere.

    Plus, we all knew Megan would show up the minute Meredith and Riggs got together.

    I still love Grey’s. But I miss when it wasn’t that predictable, when you couldn’t tell plot points a year in advance.

    • Pecola says:

      I agree wholeheartedly. Why not just have Stephanie go to a fellowship somewhere else? She’s long been considered the best of her class of interns, she’d certainly have her pick of opportunities.

      Plus, this shortchanges Jo in the inevitable storyline when her husband finds her…she doesn’t have a friend to lean on.

      The whole thing felt gratuitous.

  7. Zak says:

    I thought this was one of the best episodes in a while. I really like Stephanie and I know she won’t be back next season, but I hope they just make it where she survives and is t practicing anymore. #WishfulThinking

  8. Mike says:

    Awesome episode. The Stephanie storyline was tense. And while it’s always been assumed that Owen’s sister was alive, Grey’s pulls a punch by doing it after Meredith opens herself up to Riggs. They still know how to throw some twists after 13 years.

    • ThatOneKid says:

      A twist what are you talking about? People have been saying for a year that his sister is still Alive. It ain’t no twist everyone saw this coming.

      • Mike says:

        I was referring to the timing of the reveal…after Meredith has finally opened herself again…not the fact that she’s alive.

        • Nikki says:

          This isn’t much different than Meredith finding out about Addison she began to fall for Derrick and found out about Addison, now she’s began to fall for Nathan and she finds out his wife is still alive……I agree predictable!

        • Colleen says:

          also widely predicted… of course they’re going to time it as to cause maximum drama for the characters.

    • Twist? the fact that the reveal happened after Meredith let her guard down and was about to let Riggs meet her children was not only predictable but embarrassingly so! At this point I could have written the episode!

    • Carol says:

      I would rather they dont put Meredith in the middle of another marriage I mean what wold be the point basically repeating her stryline all over again

  9. Kate says:

    Just to clarify, nitrogen isn’t flammable and probably wouldn’t be used in a hospital. Had to be oxygen, which makes a whole lot more sense.

    • Debz says:

      Oxygen cylinders are green. The ones that blew were red. Red cylinders = Ethylene Oxide, which is used in anesthesia.

  10. anon says:

    We all knew Megan was alive that was a given. I do not understand why Shonda has to kill of Stephanie. She was the best resident of her class and she could not find a fellowship at another hospital? Lack of interaction between Japril is ridiculous. I don’t like Jo or Jolex but them not discussing the husband for half a season is unrealistic. And Jerrika was FANTASTIC THIS EPISODE!!

  11. NP20 says:

    No, no chemistry!! Japril all the way

  12. SB says:

    A strong wind could have knocked the rapist over, Stephanie didn’t need to be taken hostage. She’s been such a fighter from the start, that for this to happen – it’s just disappointing. Lazy lazy writing with the drama for absolutely no reason. This really has become a soap (and not in a good way)

    • Jim says:

      Yeah, that really bothered me. Like, you can’t take a critically injured guy? Really? Especially with plenty of weapons laying around? That IV stand would have made an excellent club! Stephanie deserves to die if lighting the guy on fire was the best she could manage.

    • Erin B says:

      Exactly! Why set him on fire when they are locked in with him? Stephanie is smarter than that. They said he shouldn’t even be walking around. She couldn’t just kick him in the liver, knock him down, etc.? She knows where the important parts are & where he was injured. She could have taken him down. Hell, she grabbed the liquid to squirt on him. Why not grab the scalpel & stab him instead?

    • Ashley says:

      That is what i was thinking the whole time! An elbow to the ribs, a flip over the stair rails, slice his Achilles tendon, anything. Also, did no one think to check her badge data?

  13. We knew Stephanie was leaving. I thought she was just going to be fired.

  14. Lea says:

    No romantic chemistry between Maggie and Jackson. Siblings, but not romantic.
    Please bring Japril back!
    And yeah, about Hunt’s sister, not surprising at all.

  15. Aeol says:

    I was fine with Megan being alive before Riggs became a true player for Meredith’s affections. I want to see her be happy, as much as she can be; another Derek/Addison style love triangle would really bum me out.

  16. Stacie says:

    That was one hell of an episode. I thought on par with the bombing episode and the shooting episode. Nothing like a little Thursday night stress!! Already mourning another season end and looking forward to September!

  17. Ella says:

    I just don’t care anymore…this has been such a horrible season. Everyone is horrible.

  18. Alichat says:

    “Meanwhile, at Owen and Amelia’s, Hunt learned…..” Uh…no…no no. You mean at Owen’s house because Amelia doesn’t live there anymore.
    “..said Amelia, being there for her mate for the first time in ages. ” …I know right?!
    “While Maggie reassured Jackson that Stephanie would be OK — what do we think of their chemistry test, BTW? Did they pass?” No. Just no.

    So, I think the father of little Erin the Wanderer is having an affair with the nanny. Anyone else get flashbacks of Homeland when they said Owen’s sister was alive? And she’s already on her way to the US? How long ago did they find her? Are they going to question her thoroughly and get her a good psych exam? I mean she’s been gone 10 years and supposedly held captive. I just wonder where this story will go. And what happened to Mere promising Cristina that she wouldn’t allow Owen to get all dark and twisty? At some point in all of these episodes, shouldn’t she have checked on him at some point in all this crappy drama with Amelia? Oh and WHERE IS ELLIS? How does Meredith walk into the house with two of her children and no one thinks it’s odd the baby isn’t there? Regarding the crash victims, there was no registration in the car that would tell them who the woman was?

  19. DAMN says:

    Enjoyed the episode but who runs towards flammable tanks when there is a man on fire right next to them?
    What was her plan? Was she going to drag him away from the tanks? How would she have done that without catching on fire herself?
    Stephanie should have just stayed in the room with the little girl and prayed for the best.
    Most importantly, why didn’t Stephanie just use the scalpel to subdue the rapist instead of setting him on fire? As a doctor, she would know how to incapacitate someone with a scalpel. Would of saved a whole lot of trouble.

    • DAMN says:

      Also enjoyed the whole Teddy bit as well. She wasn’t one of my favorites but nice to see some continuity.

  20. Larc says:

    Time to haul Owen off to the loony bin.

    • Jamie says:

      Yeah, a former soldier with severe PTSD finds out his sister who has been missing for decade is alive and so he has another PTSD episode – to the loony bin! 😒

      • AnnaT says:

        The thing about Hunt is that even when he’s not triggered, he likes nothing more than to spread his emotional state around to everyone he comes into contact with. The man is a huge drama queen at the best of times–at the very least, he might have learned by now not to come to work when he’s triggered.

  21. Magan_the_mino says:

    I can’t believe no one here is thinking what I’m thinking. I highly doubt that they will have two step siblings become romantic, being since that’s what Jackson and Maggie technically are. It’s so obvious to me with Richards job being taken over, all the drama he had, and then the bonding that Jackson and Maggie had that he’s probably going to die of a heart attack or something sudden next week. I mean it’s greys, of course they would have someone lose their mom and dad in the same season. As to the Megan thing, I am highly annoyed that Meredith has to deal with heartbreak again. Leave the poor girl alone! But of course I’ve seen it coming. And now they are going to Jill yet another character I love. Why can’t it be cry baby Owen? No justice shines, no justice. Oh and the jo and Alex thing: I think shines did an amazing job with the situation since the fight. The fact that she had us all kinda forget about them for a minute and then brought them back with the name thing, and then are waiting till the season finale for any more action in their situation is genius. Right when people were bored with them, she’s bringing us all back in to see what Alex will do. And yes, the whole Riggs, Owen, Megan thing was predictable, but I guarantee there will be some serious surprises next week that we all didn’t see coming cause we were all waiting for Megan to return. Can’t wait till next Thursday!!!!!

    • Jamie says:

      Agreed on Maggie and Jackson – I don’t get why everyone is jumping to romance right now. They are step-siblings. And just a few weeks ago, they called each other family. Isn’t it more plausible that they are bonding as family members than potential love interests?
      But I hardcore disagree about Owen. Cry-baby? Because he found out that his sister whose been missing for a decade has been found after being tortured in a basement for all that time? I would be a freaking mess. Jeez, you have zero compassion.

      • Magan_the_mino says:

        It’s him in general. How he handled the whole Christina thing, how he handles every love interest really. I can’t stand him. And I have plenty of compassion, just can’t stand that fictional character. And if not being able to stand a fictional character is to you, me having zero compassion then I’m fine with that.

  22. Nicole says:

    Oh lil chloe from big little lies what would tge playlist be on this episode.

  23. I don’t think that Maggie and Jackson should get together. ( I like him with April) Maggie needs to get over self with Riggs. Meredith deserves to be happy but now that Megan is alive who knows.

  24. Jamie says:

    My heart was pounding so hard the last five minutes of this episode. This season has been a crap-fest, but they actually have me super excited for the finale right now.
    I hope Stephanie doesn’t actually die, but that she’s just injured or something and can’t practice medicine right now – that would be a much better way to write her off.
    Poor Owen. I couldn’t imagine knowing that I moved on with my life while my sibling was being tortured somewhere. Having a missing loved one has to be the absolute worst – you put your life on hold and keep hoping that they’ll come back or you move on with your life and then have to deal with the pain and guilt that you moved on without them.
    Also, I would like Alex to move on from Jo forever, please.

  25. Grace says:

    Love the callbacks to both Izzie (when Alex gave his last name as “Stevens” to Jo’s husband at the bar in one of the fantasies) and Teddy on call to Germany.

    I agree with what others have said about some of Stephanie’s decisions being off. When he first pointed the scalpel at her she could have backed away. She should have stabbed him with the scalpel rather than pouring the fluid on him and hoping he’d catch on fire. And she should have known better than to run towards him when he was near the tanks! A succession of really bad decisions that seemed really illogical. Especially the last one. But that aside I did enjoy the episode–Grey’s really does know how to do crazy drama!

    • Hannah says:

      But that scalpel isn’t very big – a stab probably wouldn’t have taken him down. But lighting him on fire would have. That last decision was idiotic though. I thought she was going to close his door as well and then run back into the other room to give them double door blast protection, but why on earth would she run all the way into the room?

  26. K.D.S. says:

    How can Alex be so stupid? He risks that the guy will find Jo and for what exactly? But i loved that he used “Stevens” as his last name.

    I also liked the phone call with Teddy, even if we couldn’t hear her. I hope she returns next season.

    Why does the link imply that Stephanie died? I highly doubt that she is dead, atleast not yet. She should’ve hide with the little girl and just waited for the explosion. She also could have pushed the patient away. The scalpel wasn’t that big and he was already weakend. If she would have pushed him away, while Ben or someone else was around, there is a good chance she would have survived.

    • Rhythm says:

      I smirked at Alex “Stevens” too.. I’m sure Alex has moved on and all, but the first made-up last name that came up to his mind was that of Izzie’s – this makes my Izzex shipper heart really giddy

      I also agree with Steph part.. so may times she had the chance to push and shove that guy away (who was half injured already)

  27. Babs says:

    No chemistry between Jackson and Maggie – don’t even go there!

  28. Babs says:

    Do not understand why Alex would confront Paul – he has definitely opened the door for Paul to find Jo. He sure does make stupid decisions.

    • Otis says:

      Alex didn’t confront Paul. He imagined confronting him a couple of times and the possible results. The only time he actually spoke to Paul (at the taxi), Alex didn’t give a name or any personal information that could tie him to Jo.

  29. Teresa B Smith says:

    They need to just kill Meredith off!! She sure can’t be happy!!! Never!!

  30. LaDonna says:

    Certainly a worthy lead in to the finale, but I miss the days of the 2 hour Grey’s finale. I feel like the wait for next week is somewhat anti-climatic. Imagine some of the other fantastic finales, had they been broken into two weeks? The shooter? No way. This one should have been 2 hours.

  31. chantal giel says:

    Oh no!!! I don’t want Stephanie to die!!!!! And just when Meredith and Nathan are FINALLY TOGETHER his ex (Owen’s sister) shows up …. The only positive thing I can see happening here is possibly Amelia getting back with Owen (fingers crossed!). I can’t wait to see and at the same time I dread seeing this season’s last episode… Hope Stephanie makes it.

  32. Dominique says:

    that was a really solid episode, great use of they had on the frontline, so to speak.
    i knew from the moment those soldiers showed up, it was to tell owen his sister was alive. of course she’s alive. not even shonda rhimes herself pretending she had no what people meant this past year when they’d ask about this possibility, could keep me from believing megan was actually dead. especially not when they brought in bridget regan to play her.
    the alex fanatsy sequences or whatever were ridiculous. but at least it made him think twice before acting out. i’m glad he’s learned that lesson. i’m disappointed he’s still caught up in all of this, i wish he could just be free of this mess and jo already and move on with his life.
    stephanie lighting that piece of sh!#t on fire was the most amazing thing. didn’t end well, obviously, but it was incredibly badass and that jerk deserved it. i just hope this is not how stephanie will go out. i don’t want her to die.

  33. Stephanie should never have been there to begin with. Richard never should have signed off. It was just last week, she was throwing a ipad at a dad. Now she rushes through counseling. Nope she should have went to stupid counseling. Her character has become unlikable these last episodes.

  34. Chris says:

    Its becoming more and more like a soap opera like Days of our lives. The show became garbage when Shondra Rimes killed off Derek. Have not watched it since.

  35. Chris says:

    I hate it, haven’t watched an episode since Shondra klled off Derek

  36. robin says:

    It was an excellent episode. I loved Owens fugue state. Re Stephanie, she was ready to let him burn to death. There was protected space in the room. Erin was fine. She should have stayed put. Speaking of Erin, I think she had something to do with her sister. She’s weird

  37. Sam says:

    good episode RIP Stephanie to bad it wasn’t Maggie. Love you Arizona, finally in love with a woman who knows what she wants Eliza. Woe to all you Dr. Minnick haters. Arizona deserves some happiness after the past 2 seasons. Callie you fool, you let Arizona go because she suffocated you. OMG Callie you could never make up your mind, and then blamed Arizona. I am hoping Eliza is a regular next season. Alex is still stupid after 13 years. I like Nathan and Meredith together, we all knew Meagan being alive was going to happen. Please get rid of Owen. That little girl reminded me of Damien from the Omen. That little girl probably tried to kill her little baby sister. Amelia the first episode all season I liked you. Jackson I will hate you forever if you start dating Maggie. I need Japril . I wonder if April might be pregnant next season, with Jackson baby. They have never addressed their liaison in the daddy issues episode.

  38. Teléfila says:

    Although Jerrika is leaving the series, I really hope Stephanie survives. The episode was one of the good ones this season.

  39. Please just put Japril back 2 gether already! This maggie nonsense is gross!

  40. Yoko says:

    Who hadn’t figured out Owen’s sister still alive. Mer, drop Riggs NOW! Boring triangle set up. Knew Stephanie leaving earlier this yr so while thought she was getting her throat slashed, the big bang was unexpected. Liked seeing Alex work out his aggression only in his mind! Jo’s husband probably a good guy and she’s been lying, she lies about everything. Finally one good episode this season. Boring season, bad writing…next fall step it up writers!

  41. sharon Miller says:

    When will we be told if Callie is returning?