Arrow Recap Season 5

Arrow Recap: Father Daze — Was Oliver Finally a Step Ahead of Chase?

Robert Queen was front and center (though, you know, still dead) this week on Arrow, as a special delivery to Oliver’s doorstep revealed a blast from Dad’s past.

In the midst of dealing with 36 baddies put back on the streets as disgraced D.A. Chase’s prosecutions get dismissed, Oliver takes delivery of a concrete slab, inside of which is a skeleton. A remarkably swift bit of detective work by Dinah reveals the deceased to be Glades councilman Henry Goodwin, while the DNA underneath his fingernails matches Robert Queen.

Sensing that Dad is being framed by Chase, Oliver seeks out the lawyer who was last to see Goodwin alive, and he has nothing to say — but delivers, on Chase’s behalf, a thumb drive containing incriminating security cam footage, of Robert and Henry getting into a squabble, at the end of which the former trips into a vat of concrete mix. And Robert then obviously covered it all up.

That eyeful was quite the “welcome home” present for Thea, whom Oliver summoned as soon as Chase went missing, so he might better protect his self-described “hot mess” of a sis. Sired by Malcolm, and with Moira and Robert for parents, it’s “no wonder I turned out to be a monster,” Thea notes. Later, though, Oliver gives Thea a video that their father had made for her, years ago. Oliver worried it would place too great a burden on Thea at the time, seeing as Robert cheers his daughter’s strength, and urges her to use it to be the stronger one that Oliver can lean on. Afterward, Oliver says to Thea that mom and dad would surely both be pleased if they simply led their own lives.

Elsewhere, the Villain of the Week was pain-averse Derek Sampson, who was out to not just recreate but supercharge the deadly weaponized tuberculosis virus that Chase’s dad tried to whip up back in the day. Team Arrow including a suited-up Oliver, manage to stop his plan. Meanwhile, Green Arrow and Prometheus get into a tussle that Oliver ends by dropping a bombshell that his adversary for once didn’t see coming: Jason Claybourne was meeting with his lawyer to disown his insane son! Shaken, Chase lays down his sword and surrenders, since Oliver chose justice over killing. Afterward, Adrian smirked inside his A.R.G.U.S. holding cell as Oliver gave a shmaltzy presser about Robert’s and his own legacy, to make Star City safe for children and what not. Speaking of kids: Where’s William?!

In flashbacks, Oliver flew back to Lian Yu — better to pretend he was simply a castaway all these years, he reckons — where Anatoly leaves him with a costume/wig to complete his castaway role. Anatoly then leaves, the plan being for him to find a boat to send Oliver’s way. But after he’s gone, and Oliver prepares his signal fire, who shows up to KO the “castaway” but Kovar!

Oh, and Rene was a no-show for the hearing to get custody of his kid.

What did you think of the episode “Honor Thy Father”?

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  1. Liz says:

    All that Olicity last week really revived their connection, enough for Felicity to help Oliver believe in himself to put on the Green Arrow suit again. Love it. I also love how she’s been there every step of the way in his journey to GA. It’s special.

    Queen siblings were so great and I really missed Thea but I want her to become Speedy again. I hope she’s back in the suit next season.

    Everything else was a little slow for me but it was a strong filler episode leading to the final 2.

  2. Stormie Woods says:

    This was a lull episode but still for me had fantastic parts. The Oliver and Felicity talk was great. Felicity got through to Oliver and she led to him putting the Arrow suit back on. All the Queen sibling scenes tugged at my heart strings. Thea was so refreshingly honest about how she viewed their parents. Oliver is right though they aren’t their parents and need to let the past go. Very happy Thea finally got to see Robert’s message for her it’s exactly what she needed. The happiness the team had over Chase will be short lived. I’m guessing Black Siren and Evelyn are Chase’s puppets who will be kidnapping everyone. Excited for the last two episodes.

  3. Dj says:

    I have missed Willa Holland. It is great to have her back. This episode just felt off. I enjoyed it, but the fact that no one on team Arrow question that after all they have been through Chase just gives up. The guy has been 5 steps ahead all season and no one thinks wow this was easy. I just would have liked one person to question it.

    • Liz says:

      I felt the same. He’s been ahead of them all season and they just assumed he’d be put down with a punch. Doesn’t make sense at all.

    • Alichat says:

      Oh good……glad I wasn’t the only one. There’s no way Chase was captured that easily. There’s no way he’d believe Oliver’s story about his father……because heeee’s a freakin’ psychooooo. I was expecting Curtis to be the one who questioned it.

  4. Lysh says:

    I know that Team Arrow has become his family now, but I missed all the Queen fam stuff. It was cool to see Robert and Thea again. Now if only they could get that mansion back. Also all that “let the past be in the past” stuff really hit me that the flashbacks are ending (at least I’m hoping so). Kind of a meh episode for me, I it’s been a good season and I’m sure things are about to get crazier.

    • steven says:

      In order to get their mansion back, they’d have to get their family’s money back, and that will never happen.

      • Confused32 says:

        Can someone please explain this to me? I know that the Queens lost their company, and part of that was the mansion holdings. I also remember Thea not signing some paper that would’ve allowed them to access some kind of funds. That all being said, when Palmer bought the company, the Queens still had some shares right? He would’ve had to buy them from them. Even if it was just pennies on the dollar it had to be worth something. Also, I think it was Felicity at one point that said Ray was working on getting their trusts unfrozen. What happened there? Plus, Moira was not stupid, I find it very hard to believe she didn’t have money stashed away, Switzerland or the Cayman Islands? I mean even poor people have savings accounts. On top of all this, Thea is supposed to have Merlyn money, where is all that? Sorry, for the rambling post, but as you can probably tell, this has been bugging me.

        • Agent 86 says:

          We don’t know. The writers conveniently forget such details. I’m pretty sure both Felicity and Thea are still billionaires. Thea got all of Malcolm’s money and Felicity got all of Ray Palmer’s money. As you point out, Oliver and Thea should have also inherited Moira’s “personal” fortune (e.g. clothes, jewellery, artwork and everything else that wasn’t owned by the company). And when Ray Palmer purchased Queen Consolidated, then surely Oliver and Thea’s shares were still worth something and would still be worth something after the sale.

          • kath says:

            When Thea refused to sign the documents, the Queen’s money was gone including their shares of QC and the family money including any personal fortune Moira had..
            Thea has the money she inherited from Malcolm Merlyn when he “died”.
            Felicity has Palrmer Tech and her severance pay.
            Oliver has whatever is left from his half of Moira’s life insurance and his mayor’s salary.

    • Liz says:

      Didn’t the mansion burn down in the 2.5 comics? Or have they retconned that?

    • Agent 86 says:

      Felicity should buy the mansion for Oliver and Thea as a present. After all, she did kick Thea out of her apartment, so it’s only fair that she finds Thea somewhere else to live. And what else is Felicity doing with her billion dollar inheritance from Ray Palmer? Sure, she’s funding Team Arrow and the Quiver / Arrow Cave, but all that leather and all those arrows can’t be costing billions of dollars!

  5. Rob says:

    Of all the problems Season 5 has had, and there are many, the one thing that I haven’t gotten over is this:

    How can they justify Curtis braiding his hair before every single vigilante family excursion? Wouldn’t that take, like, forever? I need Matt to investigate this on his next trip to Vancouver.

    • Master_K says:

      I’d like to think that the afro is a wig (at least off of the show since in show it’s his real hair) and his hair is already braided.

    • Agent 86 says:

      It takes Oliver a VERY long time to apply plenty of talcum powder and body lotion to be able to squeeze into his tight leather suit, especially if he’s had a big lunch. And he’s also very particular whether it comes to his eye make-up and really dislikes it when someone else uses his make-up. If they do, they he has to run out and buy another make-up kit because he doesn’t like using anyone’s sloppy seconds.

      Oliver also likes to take the time to trim his stubble for maximum vigilante-powers. It needs to be just the right length to obscure his identity, but still keep him looking like a dashing, playboy, billionaire (or ex-billionaire). In the time it takes Oliver to get ready, Curtis can style and re-style his hair multiple times.

    • Jim says:

      He’s Mr. Terrific. The T-spheres do it for him in 3 seconds flat.

    • Lex says:

      Wild Dog used to braid his daughter’s hair, so he always does Curtis a solid.

    • A.F. says:

      Thanks guys/girls that thread was great.

    • Charley says:

      Bwahahahaha!!! Especially the ‘Rene’ comment! I can see that becoming a thing for that couple next season!

    • Shelly says:

      For an experienced braider, maybe like 15-20 minutes.

  6. caleswagg says:

    i guess dis wud be a very nice episode from cwteam

  7. Jim says:

    What on earth was Felicity wearing tonight? A collared blouse with a boob window tied off with a bolo, and a skirt? Who dresses anything at all like that? I know TV is TV, and moreover the CW is the CW, but that was just downright distracting. C’mon, you wardrobe fashion try-hards, you self-appointed trendsetters. No need to overdo it.

    • Agent 86 says:

      Maybe Chase kidnapped her regular wardrobe this week? Or she’s been spending her quasi-widowhood watching Sex and The City and was inspired by Carrie’s fashions?

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah. I love Felicity and usually her outfits are cute but this one was terrible. I hope the wardrobe department remembers their glasses next time so we aren’t stuck watching her wear something so silly.

    • kath says:

      I agree, ti was pretty bad.
      The dress is available for $1975 if anyone would like to purchase it. But why would you?

  8. Butch says:

    “Oh, and Rene was a no-show for the hearing to get custody of his kid.”

    He is the first of team Arrow to be kidnapped per the preview for next week. Everyone will think he bailed on the hearing until they realize he is missing. He did not intend to fail his daughter.

  9. abz says:

    Team Arrow was so stupid this episode. Pretty much ruined the episode. After everything Chase has put them through, not one of them questions why Chase surrendered so easily and whether or not this was all part of his plan? No, instead they want to celebrate. After all the villains these people have fought how can they still act so dumb? Such a shame what has become of this show.
    I still don’t get why they created this lame excuse for Thea leaving. I know they said Willa Holland was contracted for like 14 episodes this season, but I can’t remember if they said why. Did Holland request time off from the show or was it a writer’s decision because if it’s the latter, I think they made a really bad move. After they unfortunately got rid of Laurel, they reduce Thea too? It really hasn’t helped the show out.
    Also, they have not made me care about Dinah at all. It feels like they just wanted a Laurel look-a-like to be on the show, but she hasn’t really stood out to me yet.
    So glad the flashbacks are ending this season.

  10. Charley says:

    That seemed to be more of a ‘hygiene’ episode…. tying up certain loose ends, answering certain questions, offering explanations… getting everything tidied up and heading up the ‘on-ramp’ for the big, fast drive. It was good to see Thea back and their sibling interactions…and it was ridonkulous that NO ONE questioned crazy-pants Chase’s swift and simple ‘Oh…Ok…I give’ surrender to Oliver. I am very excited for the final two episodes! Mostly due to the fun-to-watch Olicity chemistry returning and Segarra’s terrifying and disturbingly creepy portrayal of Prometheus…. oooooh makes me tingly!!! HA!

  11. Ify says:

    He wanted to be caught for something bigger,it was so easy.i can’t believe Chase gave himself that easily and he knew Oliver won’t kill him if he surrendered.

  12. There are two things I hope to happen in the show. I want to see Oliver and felicity get back together. Second I want to see Thea back to fighting again. I like her fight style. I love to watch Thea and Sara’s fighting when she was on the show