Rosewood Cancelled No Season 3 Fox

Rosewood Cancelled at Fox

The bloom is off the Rosewood.

The Morris Chestnut-led Fox drama has been cancelled after two seasons. The series star broke the news Tuesday via his Instagram account:

I am very grateful about the part that everyone took in Rosewood's journey, because everyone was truly an integral part; the writers who crafted great story-lines, the actors who brought these stories to life, the production crew who sustained the show's infrastructure, and the terrific fans who embraced this phenomenon and became just as much a part of Rosewood as anyone else. FOX provided a platform for a show that made strides in diversity and the positive images it projected as all-inclusive. We were able to peer into the lives of characters who displayed their hopes, dreams, courage and fears. Rosewood also helped reinforce a newer definition of Family, as a group of people who most care for and support one another. The #Rosewood family, itself was an Extremely Special group of people who’ll be friends forever. This is not only a part of the industry, it's a part of life. When one door closes, two more can open… Thank you all for your continued #onelove and support. See you back on the screen, soon. Big and Small. #PEACE – MC

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Having averaged 4.8 million total viewers and a 1.3 demo rating during its freshman run, where it led into Empire on Wednesdays, Rosewood this season averaged 3 mil and a 0.7 on Fridays, and ended its season with a demo low of 0.5. Among fellow Fox dramas, it only rated higher than Scream Queens (0.6) and Sleepy Hollow (0.5).

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  1. Shib Neddeff says:

    Another good show gone and they keep Empire which is horrble

  2. Lisa Homesley says:

    this really sucks!!!!! another relationship left hanging in the balance—-

  3. Bec says:

    Nooooooo! Shoulda known, I got too attached. Happens every time.

    • Barbara says:

      These network people are way way off in their perception of “good” shows. This was a good, entertaining show without all the ridiculous storylines like Simpsons, Family Guy which also are sometimes inappropriate for other than mature audiences. All the cancellations of good shows and yet we’re still required to pay good money to these satellite and cable companies to watch “garbage”.

      • Horus says:

        Network people only care about ratings. No one was watching Rosewood and so it got cancelled. if Rosewood could have pulled even a 1.0 it probably would have been renewed, but it ended up #22 on a 24 show season list for Fox.

        • lawgroupcomm says:

          I’m not “no one”. I watched it every week and I’m really going to miss Rosewood which is a fantastic show …. really upset!!!

        • Toni says:

          I’m not “no one” either. I love Rosewood and know a lot of people who do. But they want us to pay all this money to watch crap reality shows.

          • Rose says:

            I loved Rosewood , they have these other really crappy short 1/2 sitcoms on , get rid of them , but Rosewood on another day of the week ….. all the Stations are pushing out way to many series and people in this day and age work more than they watch tv …. some do maybe get a chance on Sunday , Monday night , but then everybody is busy with family , and work and every Fall the producers for all the channels push out 10, 12, 14 new series and if they don’t do good in the first month they pull the series , heavens you think everybody sit around the tv …. you get some series that work , well work to get that series even better than tossing in more shows that end up on the floor , there’s talented writers out there put them on the good series to boost the ratings higher instead of wasteing money on series that don’t get a chance when there’s to much tv and not enough people to watch in the lifestyle we have today where work is number 1, family 2 , time with friends is 3 and tv is 4 if it’s raining and family have nothing else to do ……

        • Tamara Lagesse says:

          I came across Rosewood quite by accident, so perhaps Fox did a poor job marketing and promoting it.

          • Rose says:

            This is so sad that Rosewood got cancelled ….. all these tv stations drive me crazy …… they bring all these tv series and new series back in the fall so it’s so overwhelming trying to watch everything with everyone getting back into the swing of things after summer holidays with university , college , work , school ,,,, then in May they do Season Final on all the shows and you haven’t had the chance to watch all the series they brought out , then there’s nothing to watch in May , June , July and August , so it’s sad that half these shows don’t get a honest chance of getting watched ……

      • Gospino says:

        Why are you ranting about show quality? The networks mostly care about viewership, which this show did poorly in. And no one is “required” to pay for cable or satellite. Don’t like it? Don’t subscribe, simple.

      • debbie says:

        What a shame.I guess It didnt have enough sex and violence and bad language which seems to be the selling point for most shows. also moving the day and time didnt help. i liked the show and cast very much and was the kind of show I enjoy watching without the sex and violence which to me makes most tv shows with bad story lines. My two exceptions are Legacy and Blind spot probably the next to go which have good storylines and casts.and just enough violence to be acceptable. Toooo bad. Debbie

    • Dixie says:

      This is terrible, why do you cancel the good shows.

      • Dysturbed says:

        Usually the quality of a show this new into it’s existence unfortunately won’t save it, rather the quantity of viewers that are estimated to watch live will, cause those viewers are what help bring in the advertising money that helps shows air in the first place.

    • Amanda says:


    • Dehliaa says:

      I agree. Loved the show a lot reminds me of Miami Vice, VIA Miami w/ Curuso. Hate when then just cancel shows and add yet another stupid Reality Show!

  4. Beth says:

    It is bad enough they didn’t renew Pitch. Now, after they made the night change, they will not renew Rosewood? Seems to me they aren’t going to be keeping any good shows..

    • Horus says:

      All people need to do to keep a “good” show on the air is watch it. Since the ad rate values are based on Live +3 ratings DVRing something and watching it up to 3 days later still counts towards those ratings. So even being on Friday does not matter that much any more, as you can watch the episode on Monday and still have it count toward the show’s ratings. The problem is people were not watching Rosewood: they were not watching it live on Friday, or on DVR Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. No viewers, no show.

      • sunshine says:

        Unless you are a Nielsen household no one knows what you are watching. No one.Telling fans to watch a show is silly. I don’t know why people don’t understand this.

        • Horus says:

          Your statement has absolutely nothing to do with what I said above. Networks do not remove “good” or “bad” shows. They remove shows which do not have enough viewers to justify production costs. Even the night of the week a show is aired is not that important of a factor any more due to DVRs and the C3 rating system structure. If Rosewood’s C3 had been 1.0 or higher it would have been renewed. Enough people were just not watching the show.

        • KLS says:

          C3s matter. Watching a show within three days is the important thing, whether you watch via DVR, or even better, on demand or via the network’s app. Nielsen ratings are important, yes, but other ways to view shows are just as or more important (and are considered for renewals) as live tv is now. (I won’t even mention syndication deals for streaming services, which keep shows like Riverdale renewed).

  5. Judiwb says:

    I don’t know what they expect. Good shows always go because they expect the highest ratings for each one. Those ratings weren’t horrible and you keep scream queens and sleepy hollow on. Fox is known to make poor choices. Go figure.

    • Brian says:

      I would be highly surprised if either of those were renewed. Rosewood’s finale had 2.86 million viewers with a 0.5 demo. That’s pretty bad..

    • Anonymous says:

      Who said they’re keeping either of those. Sleepy Hollow has been now cancelled and surely Scream Queens is next since most of the cast moved on to other projects. All three shows were doing poorly in the ratings, so they’re cancellations are justified. Why would a network keep poorly rated shows?

      • liz says:

        Sleepy Hollow is cancelled, Scream Queens will be cancelled. It will be announced pretty soon. Plus one more show,,,

  6. Ray says:

    I guess its safe to say that neither Scream Queens nor Sleepy Hollow will be back either, then.

    • Horus says:

      Safe bet not to be, as Rosewood was Fox’s #22 show and those two are numbers 23 and 24. So unless those shows are substantially cheaper to produce then Rosewood they will not get renewed.

  7. Marianne Keiley says:

    I am so disappointed. I enjoyed watching Rosewood so different and liked al the characters.

  8. Denise Rambo says:

    I thought this was reported a while ago. I know I already deleted my Season Pass.

  9. Anthony says:

    I would say Scream queens is canceled and Fox will give Sleepy Hollow a 13-15 episode final season on fridays. They make money with sleepy hollow so this seems plausible.

    • Patrick says:

      And Fox seems to love Tom Maison (sp?), who could be a future Bond. So, they want to be in business with him as long as possible.

    • Billy Bob Johnson says:

      I think Sleepy Hollow is gone, too. Not even Mison can save it this time.

      • Larc says:

        If Sleepy Hollow is canceled, Mison will get snatched up for another series so quickly he may get windburned by it.

  10. Judy VanDenEinde says:

    I totally loved this show. Sorry your doing this

  11. Billy meacham says:

    They shouldn’t have moved this on fridays halfway into the season and barely advertised it. I really liked this show.

  12. Adviel says:

    The strange changes made from S1 to S2 took a hit with viewers. Sad to see the show go.

  13. DryHeat says:

    Teamwork did not make the dream work.

  14. poodleshark says:

    I knew that casting Eddie Cibrian was a bad move. He is the kiss of death for a show.

  15. Dawn says:

    So angry! LOVED this show!

  16. cruisemama98 says:

    I’d like to thank everyone connected to Rosewood: cast and crew alike. It can’t have been easy to put together a quality, entertaining, and interesting show on a weekly basis. But you did! As a retired nurse I found Rosewood smart, sexy, and very cutting edge with regard to its ME role. So glad the girls got married! And special thanks to Lorraine Touissant whom I have loved and admired since her days as a public defender on L&O.

    • Blu Serenity says:

      very classy and well said

    • DC says:

      I agree with this entire comment . I am guessing that we are too mature and sophisticated for fox . ( I say mature because of your L&O reference ) … Man, I was looking forward to more roseisms..messages about transplants…gay marraige and the Rosie cookbook and dishes would have been exciting to see develop . They missed out on so much marketing and the ability to really create a phenom .

      Smart women doing science … Showing us leading technology cool cars ..

  17. Kris says:

    Another show gone that I really liked. Why bother watching these shows if the higher ups decide to cancel them after a short time. I’m very disappointed.

  18. peegee says:

    Sorry to disagree with the majority but I didn’t like the show and didn’t watch- my sympathies are with you if you did .It is always disheartening to see a favorite go

    • KLS says:

      Me too. I didn’t care for it after trying it a number of times in S1 and S2. But, I feel bad for those who followed it from Wed to Fri and continued to watch it live.

    • Gern Blanston says:

      I watched every episode until the bitter end and I agree, it was not a good show. I just got used to the bad. It was a time waster when I was bored and didn’t have anything else to watch. The cases and acting were fine but, the characterization was just weird and off-putting at times. That being said, I also agree that it sucks when people lose a show that they love.

      • Casey says:

        Don’t worry, Gern! You’ll get your memories back somehow! Ravi will make sure of it!

        Also, I agree. I liked the show and I watched both seasons, but in a sea of procedurals, it was pretty common. I also found Rosewood to be very immature and obnoxious at times, which was obviously intentional, but didn’t help me like the show more.

  19. Vandy says:

    Maybe if they would have left it on Wednesday :-(. Another good show gone and now I’m down to one show that I watch on Fox.

  20. Pegalicious says:

    Way to go, Fox; move it to a time slot where it’s pretty much guaranteed to lose viewership. “Rosewood” is a fresh and interesting take on police procedurals, with a diverse and talented cast. It definitely doesn’t deserve to be cancelled.

  21. Lee R. says:

    Why is it the good shows you take off the air and the worst was stays. You move the shows around without telling anyone and you want to know why the eating dropped. Fox used to very good, now you are becoming the worst. Maybe you should let the higher ups go instead of the shows. How disappointing. That was a great show.

  22. Barbara Clark says:

    I can’t believe Rosewood is cancelled. It is one of the best shows on TV. They cancel too many good shows. I am very disappointed in this whole system of who goes and who stays. Fox stinks!!!

  23. fiberlicious says:

    It was obvious that the “season” finale was the series finale. I’m really sorry to see it go – it was one of my favorites.

  24. Jason says:

    so it ended on a cliffhanger. Thats the worst part of this

  25. Iakovos says:

    ROSEWOOD deserved better. Come on, FOX! You put something promising on Friday night and then just let it die? Broadcast TV needs to shore up schedules and stop the on/off scheduling to build routine viewing. Sows like ROSEWOOD just wave in the wind and then get slapped for underperforming.

  26. TM says:

    This sucks! Yet another show I like getting axed…..

  27. JWK says:

    Maybe they should stop pushing “diversity” as a reason for a show’s existence and instead focus on casting the best for the role. This seemed to make the diversity more important than anything else and for that, it deserved to fail.

  28. csg says:

    The move from 8pm lead-in to Empire to Fridays opposite Grimm was evidence that Rosewood did not have friends in high places. Too bad. It was a good show, different from the rest in so many positive ways. Its cast and crew should know that they had fans and the show will be missed.

  29. Anne says:


  30. Carmela says:


  31. Lori says:

    This sucks. For real.

  32. Ann says:

    I only watch 4 shows on reg channels. Rosewood was my favorite The few others are on hallmark channel. Thinking seriously about getting rid of tv and go to Netflix and other shows I can get on line. They keep all those horriable shows I will not waste my time watching

  33. Billy meacham says:

    Maybe Netflix could pick this up since season 1 is already on there??

  34. tvloverSA says:

    Let’s be honest this show was hanging on empire, as soon as it was a stand alone it got what it deserved

  35. Anna says:


  36. Kathy Holbrook says:

    LOVED LOVED LOVED Rosewood… sad to hear this…

  37. Karla Solis says:

    I could not believe this show was cancelled. We would record it. My family really enjoyed getting together and watching Rosewood. Please reconsider.

  38. Karla Solis says:

    Please reconsider! Many Rosewood fans waiting to see what happens w Rosie and Villa!

  39. John Stark says:

    The front link says Rosewood Cancelled After 1 Season. You mean two, right?

  40. jacqnbill says:

    Oh nooooo. I was so afraid this would happen. This is without a doubt my favorite show. Love all the characters. One more great tv show down the tubes. :(

  41. Erin B says:

    I knew it was probably coming, but it hurts just the same. I really enjoyed both seasons of “Rosewood.” Very sorry to see it go.

  42. Robin Evans says:

    Awww noooo!! Loved this show dang it!!!!!

  43. Martha Beauchamp says:

    Really disappointed at the cancellation of this excellent show. Don’t they count those who watch on Fox Now or Netflix? Quality show.

  44. Sophie says:

    This is crazy. If they would quit moving it all around. It is one of my favorite shows. I cannot believe Fox is cancelling Rosewood. Get rid of some of the other crap that is on TV. I agree Empire got ridiculous. I watch it for a long time then I got tired of all of the drama. I deleted my Season Pass. I hope another network picks up Rosewood.

  45. Tom A. says:

    Why should I be surprised at Fox…Every show on the network I get attached to gets cancelled and has done so for the last 5 years, I just hope they leave Lucifer and Gotham on the network. It might be time to focus on another network!

  46. I was a pathology transcriber for 25 years so this was interesting to me…

  47. Melissa Self says:

    i loved this show. sorry to see it go.

  48. Angelstorm says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooo ! :(

  49. Kim R says: