Jimmy Kimmel Responds to 'Very Sick and Sad' Critics of Health Care Plea

After taking a week off from hosting duties to spend time with his newborn son, Jimmy Kimmel returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night with a few choice words for his critics.

Kimmel, of course, recently made headlines for his emotional May 1 monologue, in which he detailed his son’s congenital heart condition and made a plea for bipartisan collaboration on health care — a speech that wasn’t well-received by some conservatives.

“I cannot count the number of times I’ve been called an out-of-touch, Hollywood elitist creep this week,” Kimmel told his audience, before joking, “I would like to apologize for saying that children in America should have health care. It was insensitive.”

After calling out some of his “very sick and sad” critics — particularly former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who said late-night comedians are too angry at Trump to be funny — Kimmel turned his attention to the U.S. Senate, “where hopefully some kind of common sense will prevail” regarding the GOP’s American Health Care Act.

Enter U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA), who appeared via satellite for an interview with Kimmel and proposed a way for the AHCA to be “an American plan — not Democrat, not Republican, an American plan. That’s where we need to be.”

Press PLAY on the video above to see Kimmel’s full monologue, then hit the comments to tell us your thoughts.

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  1. Torchwood68 says:

    “an American plan — not Democrat, not Republican, an American plan.” Hear that EVERYONE in government? That is how everything should be…..

    • Piers says:

      Exactly. IMO both Obamacare and the GOP “fix” are junk. Force the Senators and Congressmen on both sides of the aisle to use whatever plan they come up with rather than the platinum coverage they currently enjoy that is exclusive to them. Then they will find something that works for everyone.

    • Anne says:

      Well then y’all shouldn’t have elected a fascist

  2. MrMank says:

    What is sick and sad is using the sympathy of a nation for your son – I mean, we all rightfully felt for Jimmy that day – and immediately, IMMEDIATELY, turning it into a political opportunity. Nothing has changed since the campaign…no one is listening to Hollywood entertainers. We aren’t even boycotting you. We will watch, and we will laugh. We are tuning you out when it comes to politics. Amazes me that we still play the same games.

    • jj says:

      it amazes me that you think that Jimmy’s monologue summed well in this one sentence “No parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their child’s life… it just shouldn’t happen.” is political. Healthcare shouldn’t be considered a political topic.

      • chadcronin says:

        It seems like everyone throws a political label on stuff then doesn’t take people serious. Who cares what someone’s job is. Seems like discrimination. This is why so many people wanted the government to stay out of health care. They either need to have affordable health care for all or not have it. If there’s anyone’s opinions I don’t care about it’s politicians. So many lies. So pathetic to see how many voted this week without even reading the bill. In what crazy universe can bad thing after bad thing happen and people think it’s good. I am shocked at how people are lacking more and more empathy every year. We need to make sure our citizens have access to everything they need for a long healthy life. If you can’t agree then I don’t take you seriously and am not listening to you. I disagree on the above. I listen to entertainers.

      • Zayne says:

        What I and several of my friends had an issue with was 1. Him politicizing his son’s condition. 2. His completely wrong facts. Saying that his son wouldn’t be covered under the new plan is false. No hospital would refuse a child a life saving procedure or according to my friend, who is a pediatric specialist, even stop to ask about insurance before performing it.

        Don’t get me wrong. I hate the healthcare bill that was signed by the House and I hope a lot of Republicans lose their seats because of it. It will absolutely screw my parents, one of which is undergoing cancer treatment right now. I also hope the Senate is more responsible and starts from scratch like they said they would.

        However, Jimmy using his son and incorrect facts to sensationalize the issue does no one any good. Now more than ever, we need hard facts. The bill is awful enough on its own merits. Use the facts to wake people up. Don’t use your son and hyperbole to do it. You serve no one but the idiotic opposition by giving them ammunition to fire away at “Hollywood”.

        • KatsMom says:

          I can tell that you didn’t watch the video above, because Jimmy actually addressed your point. Newt Gingrich tried to argue the same thing on news shows. He noted that, sure, the emergency surgery would have been done. But what about the dozen or so appointments that needed to be made with various specialists afterward? Those wouldn’t be considered an emergency any longer. Without insurance or cash, you’re not getting those appointments and no one’s checking to make sure that everything’s healing properly. You go home and run the risk that another emergency will be your follow up appointment. Jimmy didn’t specifically mention this in the video above, but he mentioned last time that his son will need 2 more surgeries when he’s older. Are those emergencies? Probably not. A child whose parents don’t have the resources of the Kimmels would have to wait for the heart to fail again and pray that they’re able to get to the emergency room and have the surgery done before the child dies. Billy, on the other hand, will have those surgeries scheduled as a treatment, not an emergency. Kimmel isn’t misleading anyone, except those who are short-sighted and have erroneously deemed Billy’s condition fully healed and treated in order to spin the situation for political reasons.

        • Katherine215 says:

          It’s “political” to say kids should have health insurance? What kind of sick and twisted person thinks that? He was speaking from an experience that’s close to his heart and since he has an audience, he chose to speak out about it.
          And I hate to break it to you, but life and politics are permanently intertwined. People criticized “politicizing” gun control after Sandy Hook, saying we shouldn’t talk about access to guns after possibly the worst mass shooting in the history of our country. But that’s when people actually care the most and pay the most attention, so that’s when we SHOULD talk about this stuff.
          If we can’t and won’t talk sensibly about these topics before or after the nation is focused on them, then we should be talking about them during. We should talk about health care and how heart surgery on a baby can be catastrophically expensive for a family without health insurance. We should talk about making it harder for mentally ill people to get guns. But we don’t, and our society is suffering because of it.

        • viola says:

          Oh, Zayne. I’m afraid you exposed yourself as ignorant & lacking in comprehension skills.You are in fact the one with their facts wrong. While his son WOULD get the life-saving procedure, IF you listened in full or had any understanding of what such a newborn diagnosis entailed, you would know that the baby’s pre-existing condition means under the GOP’s ACHA.

          YOU are the one using bad facts & poor understanding to give ammunition that will have an fatal impact on others.

          Good luck to your parents though.

      • ravynrobyn says:

        YAAAASSSSS!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Morisot says:

    I was very sad to hear about Jimmy Kimmel’s son and was relieved that the baby is doing better. I certainly wish that NO child or parent would ever have to go through any health crisis.
    But, I think that Jimmy Kimmel has hurt thousands of children with his use of children as fodder for his material when he calls on parents to “prank” their children. I think it is a cruel betrayal of a child’s trust in a parent that leaves a permanent scar. So I am making a plea that Mr. Kimmel be more careful of the emotional health of children.

    • Fabrizia says:

      Abuse and neglect leave a permanent scar. Pranking your kids is fun and create an atmosphere of joy.

      • Morisot says:

        Fabrizia, the kids I saw on these Jimmy Kimmel segments WEREN’T laughing. They were crying, upset, and confused, and even angry! Make your kids cry to make strangers laugh? I don’t see any “joy” in that!

  4. Angela says:

    The fact there are politicians out there who seem way more bothered by Kimmel’s comments last week than they do the fact that they openly admit to not even reading this healthcare bill in its entirety says it all. They can’t even work up the nerve to face their constituents at town halls. It’s pathetic. So I have zero sympathy for them.
    If the politicians are so tired of late night hosts mocking them (and Trump), if they’re tired of people criticizing their actions, then maybe they shouldn’t be having keggers to celebrate the passage of a crappy bill, and maybe they should try listening to voters instead of ducking out of town halls. Maybe they should stop saying insensitive and ignorant things like “Nobody has ever died due to lack of health coverage” or whatever it was that one charming guy said recently. Maybe they should call out Trump more for the crap he pulls (seriously, Republicans, he’s making your party look bad), and maybe they should try acknowledging the good things that were in the ACA and work together to try and improve the parts of the ACA that need to be fixed, instead of going on some sort of, “Let’s get rid of anything Obama ever supported or passed!” trip (because you know full well that’s exactly what this is. They don’t care about coming up with a better healthcare plan, they just want to stick it to Obama).
    In short, maybe they should try acting like mature, intelligent adults and do their freaking jobs. And if they choose not to do that, well, then 2018 is going to be a very bad year for them.

  5. Leesa says:

    It’s fabulous and brave of Jimmy Kimmel to use his star power and voice to bring attention about the importance of health care for everyone. We are all humans and we all deserve to get the best health coverage and medical treatment available. Jimmy and more famous people need to keep speaking up for the unknown and the poor.

  6. Amy says:

    You go Jimmy! Healthcare is a basic human right and the U.S.A. is the only 1st world country that doesn’t provide healthcare for all. You shouldn’t have to die of illness because you are poor. What kind of sad, sick system is that?

  7. Ally Oop says:

    There is such a difference in overall ethics and values in the U.S. that I can’t help understand why cooler heads never prevail and people vote against their own best interests. As a Canadian I just don’t get it. Healthcare is a basic human right and everyone should have equal access to it. When Tommy Douglas (Kiefer Sutherland’s grandfather) finally legislated universal healthcare into effect in Saskatchewan (my province) in 1962 there was a hell of a lot of resistance but ultimately, it was made to stay. It was brought in federally only a few years later because both of the major federal parties (Conservatives and Liberals) were worried about a third party (the NDP) which was gaining seats and looking like it could overtake them as universal medicare was one of their key platforms. I think that the time is nigh for a third party in the U.S. If anyone could manage to get votes, I think maybe Bernie Saunders could do it…he seems to have the base to do it.