Days of Our Lives Chandler Massey Return Will 2017

Days of Our Lives' Chandler Massey to Return as Will — Find Out When

A man involved in one of daytime’s biggest kisses is coming back to Days of Our Lives.

Chandler Massey will return to the NBC soap as Will, a role he left in 2013, reports.

Massey won three Daytime Emmys for playing Sami and Lucas’ all grown up gay son. He portrayed the character during the show’s first male-male kiss in 2012; after Massey exited the soap, the character (then played by Guy Wilson) married Sonny Kiriakis — in daytime’s first gay male nuptials — and then fell prey to the Necktie Killer in 2014. But this is daytime, so coming back from the dead? No big whoop.

Per EW, Massey returned to the set in April and will begin airing in September. During his daytime hiatus, he appeared in episodes of Bad Judge and Bunk’d.

Will you happy to see Massey’s Will back in Salem? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Eric7740 says:

    Great news for DAYS!!!! Looks like Ron Carlivati is bringing back some DAYS greats starting with Allison Sweeney and now Massey!!! Way to bring back the fan faves Ron!!! Thank you!!!

  2. With Ali’s short term return, I’m wondering if he’s returning alive or just appearing to his mom & family? I can’t imagine they’d return Will from the dead and then have Sami leave town 12 minutes later.

    • Daniel says:

      Will is probably held hostage somewhere… We’ve got a month of him being alone, with his captors? Then Sami returns the next month to lead charge to Save him. There’s no indication his return is short term… Hers is two months. So don’t put cold water on this …

      • Hvn says:

        I say he’s been with Sami the whole time… Maybe EJ too???? Please.

        • Tracee says:

          Yes,I didn’t want to see him go.
          I love Will.

        • Maxine says:

          How dumb. Will was in a coffin. They buried him. Real life parents see their children in a coffin and bury them. They would kill to habe their children come back to life. Stupid….bringing Will back. Did he dig his way out!

    • Andrew Hass says:

      Allison Sweeney is coming back to Days for 2 months or so.Plus i read somewhere that Allison will resume taping this month but Chandler was already back taping.So maybe Will been found alive sets in motion Sami’s return in some way.

  3. GuessWhat says:

    they all come back. every single one of them. lol.

  4. Drew says:

    This is fantabulous and makes my day, week, and month! Welcome back Chandler!

  5. Wrstlgirl says:

    Fantastic news!!! I just hope that he plays his version of Will and not the one they wrote for Guy Wilson. When he came on the character changed so much he was horrible.

    • Will says:

      Wasn’t the character is what the acting!! Ijs

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        I believe it was both. When Will returned from Cali he was a cheater and whiny as ever, The original Will before Cali would have never cheated on Sonny.

        • realitycheck says:

          Not true, first before Cali he was already horrible..the so called articles he wrote against his own mother (who always did everything for him) and Wilson played Will BEFORE his California come back..

  6. Michael says:

    sounds like a Days is finally getting in better shape. Does anyone know when Ron’s stories begin to air?

  7. Betty says:

    Love Chandler as Will. And the baby who plays his daughter looks like she could actually be his daughter! Looks just like him!

  8. Drew says:

    From a love triangle perspective this makes perfect sense for Wil to come back in several months to be the monkey wrench in Paul’s and Sonny’s super chaste and boring love story. I say chaste because it’s all talk, with on screen I love yous and almost all romance off screen.
    Wil can also be a potential thorn in Gabby’s side if a custody issue arrives over Ariana. Just another storyline to pursue.
    And I’d bet he goes to work for the Same as a reporter, so now he’s interacting with Jennifer and Adrienne. Good stuff coming?

  9. Carla Argabrite says:

    This made my day. I am already happy that Alison is coming back for a short time, now Massey. Yeah, and no offense to Guy, but I loved Massey as Will, way better than Guy!! Bringing back so many of the original cast is great. Just wish Arianne Zucker was not leaving!! Now if you got Arianne to stay, got Bo back, and give them some very good story lines, DOOL would be back on top. Get rid of the new Abby, and get someone else to play her! The new Abby is stiff and not very personable!! Plus the old Abby would have fought for Chad!! Stop making Jenn and Eric so boring. Spice them up a little!! Give Rafe and Hope more sexy scenes, since you are not bringing Bo back!! Heck just bring back some sexy scenes from more of them. That is one of the things the writers are forgetting about. They have the bad guys, but we need more love scenes. We almost had one with Nichole and Brady. Sure wish they had gotten some more bedroom time, instead of Xander coming in so soon to ruin it. With all the villains on the show already, why you brought back Xander is beyond me. He is just not right for the show!!! After what Damos has done to cost Nichole her baby, and caused her to go on the run with Holly, because of his actions, I hope that Nichole gives it to Damos, and good when he comes to “rescue her”!! Step it up writers, and give some sex appeal to our beloved characters again!!! I have been a fan since 1971, and loved all the love scenes, as each of the couples got together!! Even if they did not stay together!!!!

  10. Andre B. says:

    Can’t wait September i missed the chemistry of Will and Sonny. I play the reruns on youtube and the music videos

    Cheers DOOL
    Faithful viewer
    Andre’ B. Dallas Tx

  11. Susan says:

    ABSOLUTELY !!!!! Would love to see Chandler Massey back on Days, along with Kate Mansi,
    James Scott & the incomperable Allison Sweeney, I understand Sami IS making a return. Be nice if Daniel could return as well 😢 The show has gone soooo far down hill, I don’t think it can ever come back. I have to DVR it now so I can fast forward it. Most of the time I fast forward
    it Thru MOST of the show. The writers are probably the ones that heed to be let go. This Damo’s crap is for the birds & the NEW ABBEY ………… THEY BOTH need to go !!!!!! Enough
    said, you get it………it sucks now……..sorry

  12. Phil says:

    FINALLY! Was so bummed when this rumor didn’t pan out, or he was found with Abby.

    It was so obvious this show accidentally ripped it’s heart out with Will’s completely unnecessary murder. This course correction is two years too late, but I hope it pans out. Chandler will be welcomed back!

    • Maxine says:

      Didn’t Will die in the arms of his lover

      • Chloe says:

        No, Ben killed him in his apartment then dragged the body someplace [can’t remember where]. Hopefully, Stefano had someone give him an injection [like Kristen did to EJ] & both Will & EJ are in cold storage somewhere.

  13. Bruce says:


    • Maxine says:

      He was shown dead. Did he pop out of his coffin

      • Donna Copeland says:

        Yes, Will was seen dead on the floor. He wasn’t dragged off. Who knows what the miracle will be this time.I agree, Abby is horrible! Too stiff!!

  14. Paul Carter says:

    How are they going to explain his death

    • Maxine says:

      Exactly. He died in from of ppl

    • Drew says:

      Oh, that’s too easy. You see, Stefano secretly replaced the real WIll Horton with a clone (he still had the cloning equipment from when he cloned Rafe) and it was the clone that was murdered. The real Will has been in a secret dungeon all this time, and not the good kind with safe words and mood music, so he’s been week and wasn’t able to fight back because of the meager food portions he was given. But there was a leak in the ceiling that caused a slow drip of water over irradiated pipes, and Will was able to drink from these empowering life-giving drips and regain his strength, and is only now able to overpower his guards and break out of the dungeon to make his way back to Sonny.

      Yup. Logical. Easy-breezy.

      Oh, and now that I think about it, Will is really NOT a writer, he never went to California and didn’t sleep with Paul, because that was all the clone. This Will was a computer guy, IIRC. Yup. He’s going to work with Chad to fight the hacking that Dario is doing. Yup. These stories right themselves.

      Yup. (LOL!)

      • Drew says:

        Grrr… These stores WRITE themselves. They obviously don’t RIGHT themselves. (To RIGHT themselves would take excellent casting directors, actors, writers, and of course, craft services.)

      • Will says:

        Even better if Will didn’t remember he was gay!! Not that he didn’t have good storylines, this would make a great leadup to his full return I guess..

    • Chloe says:

      To quote Dr. Rolf: it didn’t take! LOL

  15. Elizabeth St. Clair says:

    Yes I’m happy Will is coming back, but he died😢. So I’m happy but confused😕

    • Maxine says:

      First of all, he died in front of ppl. Was shown in coffin ..How stupid

      • Ashbash says:

        Well they were able to resurrect all of the Salem Stalkers victims and during that storyline we saw Abe get shot in the chest, Maggie get bludgeoned to death a bottle, Roman and Cassie sliced up like a scene from scream, and we watched Alice get poisoned. Heck Steve died decades ago and he’s somehow roaming a around. The only deaths on Salem that stick are the ones caused by old age.

    • JK says:

      I remember years ago Kelly Ripa talking about deaths in a script. If you died, you always knew you had a chance to come back, but god forbid if you got sent out if the room to do something, you would never be heard from again. Glad Kyle is back, Guy was a terrible actor. NOw for KAte to come back as Abbie.

  16. Paula says:

    I am so so so thrilled about Chandler returning as Will! I stopped watching the show after his last appearance and have not seen even one episode since then. But I’ve read and heard enough to know that DOOL is a mere shell of its’ former self. The show should never have been renewed for another year. Hopefully Chandler is raking in more money to compensate for the shameful way he was terminated earlier. He is such an adorable young man and a fine actor as well!

  17. Wrstlgirl says:

    Come on people. This is a soap opera. Are you really that surprised and shocked that they’re bringing someone back from the dead. When Will came back from California (played by Guy Wilson) he was a completely different character. They used the excuse that Cali changed him, etc. All they have to do is say that wasn’t really Will Horton, it was a body double put in his place by the DeMira’s so it wasn’t Will that was killed.

  18. Melissa says:

    Please removed Claire, Lani, Jade, Tripp, and Damoise from the show, bring back Stephanie, Melanie Shawn couples that belong together on the show are Theo and ciara , Gaby and Eli , Chad and Abby, Nicole and Brady, Chloe and Dario, Sammy and EJ, Will and Sunny, JJ and Page Marlena and John, Eric and Jennifer, and Hope and Rafe put these couple back together and put some romances on the show. And give Roman a better storyline beside running the bartender..

  19. Marce says:

    Good God!! STOP, STOP, STOP bringing people back from the dead!!! I have watched this show for years and it was a hit for years without this absurdity!!! I thought Marlena being​ possessed was the worst but this coming back from the dead is running a very close second. Gives some new characters and new story lines PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    • Jamie says:

      It’s a soap opera – it’s supposed to be absurd. You’re watching the wrong kind of tv show if you are expecting realism.

  20. Even if he is a memory or ghost , we all missed Will, and this actor was especially beloved, although all the Wills blended OK. Let it last awhile, PLEASE, before he leaves. I think he will be there in spirit to release Sonny to marry the baseball player. Let it last a week or more, please? And we do need Sami in a story line once in awhile! Thank you for trying so hard, please don’t let them take off my last soap I watched all my life!

  21. Lois says:

    I’m thrilled he’s coming back! As a ghost in Sonny’s dreams, I DO NOT CARE! I was so disappointed when he left the show. I cried. I’ve been watching Days, since 1972, and just loved Chandler as Will! They can’t bring him back for real. Or can they???

  22. Antonia says:

    Yaaaaas. NOW BRING BACK EJ!!!!!!!!

  23. Kashunna deshazer says:

    Yes i am super glag that chandler is come back to days as will horton sonny husband

  24. Ada Dowell says:

    I love that Chandler Massey Will) is returning as Will on Days!!! Sure wish they would bring Peter Reckell ( Bo) back, too.

  25. Cheri says:

    omg yes I love him as Will. The best Will ever

  26. Joyce Collins says:

    Why???? I don’t get it!! WHY?

  27. laurie marsh says:

    No to many people come back from the dead, especially when you see them die. Ej would be different because of stenfore.

  28. Brenda says:

    Great news thx days!

  29. Michelle says:

    I’d rather see Sonny with Paul. Let Will appear as a ghost. Ya wanna bring back the dead? Bring back Jack!

  30. Marion Couch says:

    Oh,please why is he going to come back . I have watched Days since the very first episode in November of 1965 and I am tired of the resurrection of dead people .

  31. Jan says:

    Guess I’ll start watching, again!

  32. sherry says:

    Yes, I think he’s a good actor. Was wondering why he had left. Could be one of Stefano’s last kidnappings.

  33. Witt says:

    This is a good move, about time the writers try to do something to save the. I’ve been watching the show from day one when it started. I’ve been so bored with it lately.

  34. Chris b. says:

    About time he’s back …and Sami too. Days finally getting it right .


  36. Vickie Allen says:

    I thought the dead were gonna stay dead….. what happened?? Well bring them all back!!! Bring Jack back we need him more than Will!!!

  37. Georgia says:

    NO I will not be happy to see Will come back to Days. I think they took to story line to far when they showed the two of them in bed together. I can handle a kiss here and there but leave the bedroom scenes out

    • Chris b. says:

      Then don’t watch this is 2017. Your comment was so not received by the gay community

    • Gary says:

      But I take it you’re ok watching mixed gender couples in bed together all these years? Try not to be such a hypocrite.

    • John Holstein says:

      That’s exactly how I feel when they show the straight couples together! Makes me sick to my stomach but we are forced to watch that stuff!

      • Jess Meghan says:

        Good grief. If you don’t like the implied sex on soaps, don’t watch them. And if you have a problem with a show showing two men loving each other then…well, I have to be polite here, so I’ll just say again–stop watching. As a straight female who has NO problem with homosexuality, there is nothing more awesome than watching two hot guys in love lol. And I know a LOT of women who agree with me. So if the show loses a few homophobic viewers, it will be gaining back a lot of women who stopped watching after Massey left the show. Woo! Love Chandler!

      • Lisa Brogdon says:

        Oh boo hoo hoo get over it what are u homophobic seriously shut the F**k up dude if u don’t like it then don’t watch it

  38. Wheezer says:

    I like moving forward better than backwards. They could have just let the sleeping dogs lie, especially Sammy. Never liked her. You think this new Abigail whines a lot? Sammy was the QUEEN of Soap Whiners! I couldn’t take her most of the time. Please don’t put her with Lucus! If I hear that woman whine “Lucus” one more time, I’m really through. I really don’t think the show is going to be any better just because they revive the dead.

    • realitycheck says:

      Please..leave Sami alone, first she doesn’t give a damn about Lucas, she moved on a long time ago !! He is the one who whine not her ! Secondly stop insulting Sami, Abby is nothing next to her..nothing, she doesn’t matter what’s so ever.

  39. Jessica Kusuma says:

    Hell yea love will that means hopefully the return of sami brady

  40. Lori says:

    No thanks, have not missed the Will character at all

  41. Victoria says:

    No. Will was a crybaby!

  42. Paula says:

    Homophobia is running rampant in the comments about this beloved LEGACY character’s return. Sad and disturbing that there is still so much hatred towards the idea of the LGBTQ community having even miniscule representation on daytime dramas. All of you ‘I’ve watched since Day One’ and ‘this show is my whole world’ people… most of you do not even know how to correctly spell the characters’ names! Kindly grow up, mind your own business and allow the rest of us to embrace much needed change on the daytime scene. I hope Ron Carlivati pens hot and loving romantic storylines for Will, Sonny, Paul and (with luck) other gay men in Salem USA!

  43. Jamie says:

    Y’ALL. I haven’t clicked on an article this fast in a long time lmao. I guess I’m gonna have to start watching Days again!

  44. Sheryle says:

    Love chandler Massey bring him back

  45. Sheryle says:

    Bring Chandler Massey back loved his character

  46. Sheryle says:

    Love to see Sammy n Ej back..

  47. Sheryle says:

    They need to bring back Kate Mansi back love her!!!

  48. Sheryle says:

    Losing alot of fans.. Need to make this soap to be #1 again… My opinion

  49. Sheryle says:

    Days isn’t the same.. Need to bring back Allison Sweeney, James Scott Chandler Massey n Kate Mansi….

  50. Brad says:

    What another Peter sucker when is gabi and abigail going to do some heavy skillit licking