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The 100: Who Won the Clash of Clans? Who Didn't Survive? And What’s Next?

A dozen (or so) of The 100‘s fiercest warriors faced off in a fight to the death on Wednesday, knocking several fan-favorite players out of the game for good.

Let’s start with the first major death, the one Marie Avgeropoulos calls “heartbreaking.” Midway through the battle royale, everyone’s favorite philosophical farm boy took an arrow through the neck — shot by Echo, who doesn’t even go here! — and begged Octavia to put him out of his misery.

“Ilian really softened Octavia at a time when she was heading at mach speed down such a dark path,” the actress tells TVLine. “He was a very thoughtful person, and his way of thinking was completely different from what Octavia’s was after Lincoln’s death. … That relationship made his death even more sad. When he asks her to take his life and she repeats the prayer he taught her, it broke my heart. He was such a sweet character, and a sweet guy in real life.”

This week’s episode also bid adieu to Roan, who was drowned in a fountain by Luna after getting caught in a torrential downpour of black rain — certainly not the dignified death one would expect for a king.

“It would have had to happen anyway, since this was a fight to the death, but the fact that Octavia and Roan had just formed an alliance before the acid rain came — I think she felt a little guilty,” Avgeropoulos says. “Octavia had a lot of respect for Roan, and he had a lot of respect for her. He really recognized her warrior nature. But at the end of the day, Octavia was fighting for her people.”

Following Octavia’s victory, she decreed that while she initially entered the fray on behalf of Skaikru, she decided that the bunker should be shared by all of the clans, an act that Avgeropoulos believes “shows how much Octavia has grown.” Unfortunately, it was all for nothing; the episode’s final moments revealed that Octavia’s people had already locked themselves in the bunker. (Bellamy, it should be noted, played no part in that plan.)

“At that point, Octavia doesn’t know that Bellamy was gassed,” the actress says. “For all she knows, he was on board with the plan. No one really knows who called the shots just yet. … But how incredibly devastating for Octavia! It shows that her own people didn’t believe in her all along. She was out there literally shedding her blood for them, and they went and stabbed her in the back.”

Your thoughts on Wednesday’s bloody-good episode of The 100Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Michelle says:

    What. An. Episode! Wow. One of the best eps yet. That was thrilling. I felt like to puke I was so nervous. It was that good. Octavia has come SO far. Just incredible! I loved Luna. Its a shame she had to die. I get it. She went dark but can you blamw her? She had no one left.

    Clarke dun messed up at the end though.
    As for Ilian? The actor would be a great Reggie replacement on Riverdale.

    • Sawyer says:

      I agree Clarke did mess up. However Octavia promising the Clans they could have a place in the bunker was not her place. Clarke has become as ruthless as Lexa. I love Clarke, but was surprised, she left Kane, and Octavia out of the bunker. I think her saving Bellamy, because of what ever the relationship is between them, is realistic. She loves Bellamy in some odd way. However Bellamy will not forgive Clarke. Clarke can not open that bunker, because all chaos will break loose. I guess I still am in shock that it was Clarke’s idea to take the bunker. I guess I shouldn’t be she killed all those people at Mt. Whether. Octavia still can’t act. I guess the last 3 episode we will find out what has happened to Clarke’s humanity. Good episode. I won’t miss Luna or Roan.

      • Colleen says:

        No, they’ll definitely be opening the bunker back up, Bell will talk Clarke down. The ep description for 4×12 has Clarke taking a team to go off and save someone—my guess, Raven—which normally I’d be all for if it weren’t for the part where it all but guarantees the leaked draft of the finale script turning out to be real.

      • Neza says:

        Please don’t dishonor Lexa like this. She was nothing like Clark. Lexa treated all clans as her own people and wold never allow for any of this to happen. She most certainly wouldn’t have sacrificed everyone else for Treekru. Every clan in the coalition was equal under Lexa’s rule which is obvious when you remember how she protected Skikru after they became a part of the coalition. Clark on the other hand is far more like the Ice Queen (Roan’s mother) putting her own clan above everyone else. She has made some very questionable decisions but this one is by far the worst. At the beginning of the season I really thought that Clark was on her way to becoming just like Lexa the way she insisted they find a way to save everyone and just themselves. Even at the beginning of this episode she was giving speeches how she was better than Roan because she wants humanity to survive regardless of which clan gets the bunker, and then she does this. The truth is that Clark is nothing like Lexa she is just like Jaha, the Mountain King and the Ice Queen, putting her needs and desires above all else, and even if the Sky people survive humanity won’t because they have no humanity left in them.

        • Cathy says:

          Let. Go. Of Lexa. Already.

        • Noel Snow says:

          I think they mean ruthless in how Lexa treated the mountain men. Clarke wanted an alliance to save everyone, but when that seemed impossible she went with saving as many as she could.

        • britt says:

          she was still ruthless. Did you watch that part in season 2 where she betrayed skaikru which lead to clarke being forced to kill everyone in the mountain to protect her people? The point of this show is that EVERYONE is capable of being ruthless when it comes down to it. You don’t get to leave Lexa out of this.

          • Neza says:

            Yeah she was ruthless against her enemies but she would never do this to her own people. Vlark has been hoing around all season long claiming that she wants to save everyone and than she pulls this stunt just to protect herself and her small group. Don’t forget that fhey have established that the bunker can hold 1200 people amd that Skikrue has 400. This means tjat in order to save her own ass Clark decided to leave 800 people (who can be saved) to die. Unlike the mountain people who were personaly directly responsible for the murder of who knows how many people over the years in order to selfishly save themselves the people Clark is leaving to die did nothing wrong. If we are to compare this to season 2 in that scenario Vlark would be the Mountain King wilginglly and needlesly sentencing inocents to die just to save her own ass. Say what you will about Lexa but she was never selfish. She always did what she tought was best for her people (which included all members of the coalition not just her own clan). And lets not forget that in season 2 Skikru was not one of the clans. They were the enemy that had at that point already killed quite a few of Lexa’s people including those unarmed villagers that Finn murdered. She absolutely no reason to trust or protect them she owed them absolutly nothing. And when you consider all that the Sky people have done to the grounders over the course of the show it is quite obvious that no one should ever trust them. Bit despite numerous reasons not to trust the sky people Lexa still made them a part of the coalition and protected them from then on. Clarkd on the other hand is doing the exact opposite. Pretending she is trying to save everyone and than betraying absolutely everyone (including Kane) to save herself and at the same time sentencing 800 people to death. This show had plenty of ruthless leaders but so far non as ruthless and heartless as Clark. She has passed Jaha on the horrible decisions scale and the death toll of all the people sje has personaly sacrifised is now in the four digit range

      • Ari says:

        It was Octavia’s place because she was the one that won the conclave. If Clarke wanted to be the one calling the shots she should have picked up a blade and fought for the right to lead. Instead of assuming she was somehow entitled to have the role of leader she could have earned the role.

        • Maia says:

          I think Clarke thinks being the last person to get into bed with the Commander before she died makes her entitled. Smh.

      • Matt says:

        And just a couple episodes back Clarke was feeling sorry for herself that she would have to purposely inject someone with radiation. She is called Wanheda and yet I don’t get that whole storyline there.

    • Jim says:

      So many shows would try something like this but it would feel empty and without any stakes since you know the main character is going to survive. But here we had four–FOUR!–characters we’ve come to know intimately well and care about, all battling to the death, and then three of them DO actually die. WOW! And, while it did feel that Octavia wouldn’t die tonight because it would leave too much of her story unfinished, that was far from certain. So awesome. So very awesome.

      • Jim says:

        Also, I guess Echo is leader of Ice Nation now? Roan kicked her out, but Roan died, and no one knows that except Octavia and Bellamy. That’s going to be fun.

      • britt says:

        All these others were minor characters. It was pretty obvious to me that Octavia would win. But they did let her win realistically and I really felt like it was written in a way that it was earned

  2. Uno says:

    Good episode.. Realistic way for Octavia to win it… Loved her mommy moment with Indra… Saw a lil side eye from Gaia.. Hope they don’t go the jealousy route with those two would totes prefer if they just sistered up… And after two weeks of Abby doing “Ugh Abby” stuff this week her daughter takes the prize…. Smh

  3. t says:

    Woowww did not see them killing off Roan I thought he was going to become a fulltime lead on the show now. I was really loving him so I’m a little bummed about that but they can kill pretty much anyone as long as its not Bell or Oct and ill keep watching.

    • Rook says:

      I wasn’t a fan of Roan but I didn’t think he was gonna die. I mean, I knew it was a fight to the death but I thought that something would go wrong so that not everyone died. I was shocked.

  4. Jason says:

    Roan’s death really sucks. It felt like they could have done more with him.

    • Maia says:

      Exactly, Jason made him a series regular as a fancy title just to shut people up, even though he got as much or less time as Lexa. Zach was great. Maybe he saw the show was dying and asked to jump ship or maybe it was another revenge thing of Jason’s.

    • mali bedolla says:

      I liked Roan and was kinda hoping him and Clarke could’ve been a thing. Wasn’t expecting him me to die.

  5. Uno says:

    It sucks about roan.. But other than him I never understood why skycru had anything to do with ice nation anyway… They were all pretty horrible

  6. Karen says:

    Disappointed in Clarke. Thought she was better than that, but it seems that she thinks her people are better than everyone else.

    • Sawyer says:

      I think Clarke is trying to save humanity, and the fight to the death, was just the last straw, She tried to negotiate with Indra and Roan but they insisted on a Conclave, believing that her Octavia could not win against Luna, Luna was a night blood and Clarke witnessed Lexa in the ring with Roan.Lexa kicked his ass. Octavia has never been a favorite, but promising a place for everyone in the bunker, was Octavia being short sighted. Octavia used what little brains she had, hiding,and letting the others kill each other so she would have only one to fight. I don’t think Clarke feels her people are the good guys, she was sent to earth by Abby to die or survive and protect T100.That is what she has always done. My only beef she left Kane/Desmond out of the hatch, who is going to press the numbers. I love this show. Lexa would have been proud of her decision. I was shocked that Clarke decided the fate of humanity. However Blood must have Blood makes no sense. They the other Grounders want to continue killing each other for what, it’s the end of the world. i am giving Clarke a pass on this decision.That was just cold hearted, Clarke learned well from Lexa.

      • Neza says:

        NO Lexa would not have been proud of her. Lexa was the leader of the Coalition and considered all clans in the coalition as her people (even Skikru after they joined). She never would have put Treekru above everyone else. In this episode Octavia was far more like Lexa than Clark. If Lexa was alive they would all share equally, just like Octavia said. Octavia is not an idiot she know that not everyone can survive she never said that she said that they would share meaning that each clan would have a certain number of spots in the bunker not that all the people from all the clans would get to live, and that is exactly what Lexa would have done. Clark in nothing like Lexa she is just like the Ice Queen, Jaha and the Mountain king. And no matter what happens Clark just lost all the respect anyone ever had for her for good because there is no coming back from this, no one should ever trust her again. Also humanity will not survive like this because thanks to the likes of Jaha and Clark they have no humanity left.

        • Alex says:

          They are doing this in preparing for her slaughter, that’s what I think.

        • Maia says:

          I agree, No way ever Lexa would be proud of Clarke. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be proud of the fact she has been treating Nyla like her own personal prostitute either. Jason destroyed Clarke. I am surprised Eliza is happy about this.

      • britt says:

        hehe “left desmond out of the hate, who is going to press the numbers”. love it. Don’t they know they are all gonna die if desmond doesnt press the buttons in time? They are just so dumb ;)

    • Cathy says:

      I’m really having trouble wrapping my head around Clarke’s abrupt shift in character. I hope they smooth that over in the next episode, otherwise it’s going to feel too much like they’re making the same mistake they made with Bellamy last season.

  7. amy says:

    Without Lincoln or Roan I have no reason to watch. I’ll give it two weeks but they better introduce some new fresh hotty meat if you want me to watch. Face it the story line isn’t keeping your viewers.

    • jamir says:

      then you are not a real fan of the show. Murphy and Bellamy are hotties and so is Monty. I think Miller is sexy and needs more scenes. .

      • Ashley says:

        By the sound of it, YOU are not a real fan of the show either, you are just in it for the male eye candy. More shock tactic killing of grounders what a surprise. Just kill off everyone already! I’m so done with this mess.

    • Cathy says:

      Then you really, seriously, do not get what the show is about and / or you’re too shallow to grasp it. Go watch some Baywatch reruns if you’re only interested in “hotties”.

    • britt says:

      idk this storyline is pretty good. This show is fast approaching Joss Whedon level savagry in killing main characters.

  8. fernando933 says:

    I’m mad at Clarke but I also understand why she made the desicion, Skiskru gave everyone a chance to share that bunker but they all wanted it for them selves, Clarke basically saying it’s over they was nice and now they keeping the bunker for themselves, they found it, they make the choice, but she should have faith in Octavia. Octavia winning only proves that she will be made the next commander.

  9. Alex says:

    Kill off more grounders I like? This show is discriminatory for real! I’m done now. Just lost another viewer Jason.

  10. Neza says:

    Wow Clark really crossed the line with this one. Her father and Lexa would both be ashamed of her. She just lost any redeeming qualities she still had. Can’t believe that this is the same girl who gave Lexa speeches about morality. I hoped that Clark would learn from Lexa and be a great leader like her but instead she became Jaha and is now equally irredeemable as him. This isn’t the first time she crossed a line but it is the most despicable thing she ever did and considering who we are talking about that is saying something

    • Josh says:

      Lexa who left Clarke and her people to die at the end of season 2?

      • Sam says:

        No Lexa who did her duty to her people in season 2 and died for Clarke TWICE.

      • Neza says:

        Skikru wasn’t in the coalition in season 2 so she had no obligation to protect them. Once they joined the coalition she treated them as her people. She protected them from the Ice nation and prevented the attack of Arcadia that the grounders demanded after the sky people (meanong Pike and Bellamy) betrayed the coalition

  11. Neza says:

    BTW does this mean that Octavia is now the Commander, because that would be awesome. She is by far the best choice they have and the only one worthy to take over from Lexa ( I am not counting Ontari since she she never actually ascended plus she was definitly not worthy of Lexa’s throne). I saw a lot of Lexa in her during this episode. She was stong, smart and fair everything that made Lexa such a great leader Octavia now possess which makes her the perfect commander.
    Unlike Clark who only inherited Lexa’s ruthlessness conveniently forgetting that:
    1 Lexa was only ruthless to her enemies ( meaning everyone who was not a part of the coalition) and
    2 Lexa rose far above the ruthlessness she had at the end of season 2 and by the time she died had become a much better person and leader who stopped seeking vengeance and chose justice instead
    Octavia has become the best verison of Lexa (the person she was just before she died), while Clark became the Ice Queen

    • Sam says:

      Lmao nobody can replace Lexa, especially not the girl who spent most of the entire show having brat tantrums. Octavia is marmite and she is yuck to me.

      • Neza says:

        Not replace her more like pick up where Lexa left of. After all some one has to amd right now there is no better candidate. I agree Octavia had a lot of problems in the past and quite a few tantrums but she has clearly grown. She seemed much more mature and capable in this episode and if she keeps that up than she will make a much better leader than Clark and Jaha

  12. oke says:

    Why Clarke why!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

  13. Gift says:

    Why did u go there Clarke??? Do you really think Bellamy will abandon his sister? She is more important to him than anything. What got into you!

    • Maia says:

      Clarke is not Bellamy or Octavia’s babysitter. Haven’t you learned yet? Clarke looks out for number 1, herself. She always suits herself. Jaha-Clarke she is now.

  14. Dominique says:

    holy crap that was an intense episode! going in, i knew we would lose significant characters, i expected luna to die, i feel like she was always the wildcard that wasn’t meant to be. ilian was indeed a sad one, he reminded me a lot of lincoln; both just wanted to do what was right for everyone, they both wanted to believe things could work out. and he did soften octavia’s heart so it was so incredibly sad when he got shot right in front of her.
    but roan.. holy smokes i did not see that one coming. throughout the episode i kept thinking octavia and roan would be the last ones standing, and they would decide to share the bunker between skaikru and azgeda. i never for one second thought they would go ahead and kill of roan. i liked him. he was one of the few non-trikru grounders who had some honor and respect. with his death, they lost a very important ally.

  15. Bryan87 says:

    Just put good to decent actors like Eliza Taylor, Marie Avgeropoulous, Adina Porter, H. I. Cusick and Paige Turco out of their misery already. On to better things for Zach McGowan!

  16. Ify says:

    So sad Roan died. Will miss his voice…Clarke why???

  17. Cathy says:

    Was I the only one who was underwhelmed? I felt like both Luna and Clarke had sudden, jarring shifts in character. And if Bellamy being drugged and put in the bunker is just going to drive a wedge between Bell & O, after I’ve been waiting so long for them to make up…..I’m going to be mad. There’s good writing, and then there’s just endless toying with our emotions for ratings. PS Can Jaha just die, already? Please?

  18. mia says:

    wow what an episode! too bad it will never win, or even be nominayed for any kind of awrds, emmys etc. time and time again, the car, crew, and writing defys expectations and a lot of other more popular tv shows out there….this show is definitely the best show everyone is not watching! plus I’m pretty sure jaha is the Worst & brainwashed Clarke….after everything I cannot see that this was her idea…. #GetRidOfJaha

    • Maia says:

      Haha, it barely gets nominated for Teen Choice Awards anymore. It used to be great but honestly it has gone so sour. And for crying out loud just bring back Lexa, these other people have become so irritating to watch, I don’t want any of them to make it out of this.

      • britt says:

        Really? Lexa? What is it with you people and Lexa. Lexa is as mediocre as the lot of them really not that spectacular of a character. Very one dimensional, minimal backstory. I was late to the 100 party, only started a couple months ago, and I heard so much about the great Lexa and how everyone was upset over her death. Then I see her and I’m like but why? The archetype of Lexa is not new. Strong female leader, closed off. At least other shows DO something with that archetype to make them interesting. Instead she was flat, emotionless most of the time, and a bad influence on Clarke. She got a little bit better in season 3 as she started to become a more sympathetic leader, but still, she just screams temporary character from the get go. More of an antithesis to Clarke to show difference in leadership, and test Clarke (which the character definitely served that purpose in season 2). Perhaps at times she had the potential to be a great character, but I don’t think she ever got there. In fact I don’t find these characters particularly riveting with the exception of Bellamy, Raven, Murphy, Maaaaybe O after this episode. The writers have written very weak characters.

      • Rosanna says:

        Too violent or Teen Choice Awards.

        • Alex says:

          More like the ratings are too low these days to deserve any awards, even the Teen Choice Awards which is kinda sad.

  19. britt says:

    Geez this show is quickly approaching Joss Whedon level savagery when it comes to surprise main character killings. I liked Roan darn it. He was an interesting character. I enjoyed how he played off Clarke. Should of killed Echo instead. Well…Theres always next week *sigh*.

    Also goodness sakes Clarke, why? Why do you do these things? I’ve grown tired of her. Before she was kind of your typical heroine, always doing the right thing fight for the greater good ra ra good over evil. Puppies and rainbows, lets all coexist. Which was boring and obnoxious most of the time, but generally fine. Now she’s just being annoying. And she’s still not the leader of Skaikru. This should have been Kane’s call. I have never disliked a main character before, Clarke has proven to be the exception. At least I still have Bellamy.

    Now Octavia. I haven’t really liked Octavia, because her development as a character has been a little all over the place, I just didn’t really get her. This episode changed that. Good on you Octavia (saying everyone share the bunker is still a stupid idea, but I appreciated the sentiment). Will be interested to see where she goes from here, because this is a great turn in her character.

    Overall, I was impressed by this episode. What this show lacks in characters (and they really are weak in the character department), they make up in plot. This episode was no exception. Really liked this

  20. Torchwood68 says:

    With that decision, Clarke has become what Kane and Jaha were when they were on the space station

  21. S says:

    Realistically, Octavia shouldn’t have won. She’s been fighting for, what, a year, if even that? Remember that each season has spanned only a month or two. She was up against people who trained their entire *lives*.

    Clarke’s been banging her head against the same wall (we’re all the same, we can all survive if we work together) since… season two, in many ways. She’s been met almost exclusively with doubt, ridicule, obstinate refusal to even listen/talk/try, threats, betrayal, side deals, and violence. How long do you expect one person to keep trying, especially when everyone insists it’ll never happen. With three days left and facing the actual extinction of humanity (given Luna was truly a major threat), Clarke did what she has, honestly, always done–saved who she could. And yeah, it’s skaikru, but those are the only people who would listen. If everyone else would’ve gotten the sticks out of their butts, they would’ve arrived at the same place sooner. All that said, I feel fairly certain that knowing the outcome, she’ll be in favour of going back to her original plan–it will be the rest of skaikru who won’t want to give up their spots.

  22. Valari says:

    This was one of the best episodes the show has had in a while. Didn’t care for the killing off of rowan. And I swear could they write the two leads of the show better Clark and Bellamy are terrible. Every other episode one of them does something incredibly stupid. And yes it was octavia choice to split the bunker and the right one. Dumb dumb dumb ending to a great episode.

    • Andrea says:

      Agree about the writing going stupid. Especially for Clarke. The best of a bad bunch though, the ratings are now averaging in the 800’000’s which is awful. Jason destroyed the show by his obstinacy, I think he is intentionally giving up, season 4 has been dreadful, the worst yet and ratings reflect this. I hope people can grill him at Comic Con.

      • Valari says:

        Yeaj me too. I didn’t care much for season 3. Octavia Kane raven and indra are the only characters left worth a crap. And for the love of God why couldn’t they have gotten rid of echo instead of rowan.

  23. Wrstlgirl says:

    Late to the party, just finished watching. I never cared much for Clarke and this episode sealed the deal. What a coward.

  24. Matt says:

    Roan’s ego got the best of him. What I don’t get is just a few episodes ago Clarke and her mom were trying to feel sorry for themselves about having to intentionally poison someone with radiation, yet throughout this whole show they been killing people left and right. She is called Wanheda for pete’s sake. At the end of this episode she killed those men with gas. Now on the other end Indra should keep her mouth shut cuz she is lucky she even got invited back to the bunker. Yeah, if they would have won, Skaikru would have betrayed them all. But since they won, shut your pie hole!

    • Alex says:

      No Matt shut yours!! This show has purposefully been discriminating against the grounder characters by killing all the good ones off when only ONE popular sky character died TWO seasons ago. The sky people are so boring and irritating and the grounders were what helped the show’s popularity in the first place. But don’t take my word for it, look at the pathetic 800,000 cancellation worthy ratings. The sky people have got to go. CLARKE who is now worse than Jaha has got to go. And if they don’t, it’s gonna kill the show for good.

      • britt says:

        The show isn’t about the grounders. They exist for the skaikru to interact with and to stir up conflict. That’s their purpose on this show. Every time. Look back at what grounders have done throughout the show. From the first episode, they have been the shows established OTHER. They are the ones we are supposed to compare Skaikru to. We are supposed to feel a certain way about Skaikru based on how the OTHER acts. The grounders that have gotten more screen time have gotten it because of how they interact with specific main characters. Lincoln was part of Octavia’s development as a character. Clarke’s interaction with Lexa developed her character and the way she chose to lead. Ilian, to show the result of ALIE and to play off Octavia. Luna to provide information about night bloods. Ontari to be an example of what happens when the wrong nightbleeder found themselves in power. Emori, John’s love interest. None of them have ever been safe from getting killed off because they are minor characters. So yeah they are discriminating BECAUSE THEY AREN’T MAIN CHARACTERS. They are completely disposable.

        • Alex says:

          And the audience have spoken Britt. Characters like Lexa and Lincoln became two of THE biggest characters on the show, Lexa arguably became more popular than Clarke. People cosplayed as grounders, people took sides with the grounders. The problem with the 100 is that unlike The Walking Dead and shows like it, they DO NOT listen to the fanbase. The grounders like Monty and Raven are boring af. Skaikru is a GROUNDER term. They are deeply embedded in the show and Jason killing them all has harmed the show majorly. So Britt, the fact the ratings continue to plummet is not a coincidence, the audience are done with the stupid Skaikru and their unrealistic existence compared to the grounders. If it gets cancelled as a result, it will be justice for the fans and I will literally laugh. Ps, Clexa was the best couple the show had and always will be, most of us are mourning the show as it is already dead, Jason knows this too. Hence Searchers.