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The Voice Top 11 Performance Recap: Solid Gold and 'Diamonds' in the Rough

Get it together, Adam Levine. Get. It. Together. Based on the poll that followed last Tuesday’s recap of The Voice’s Top 12 results show, you really, really dislike Mark Isaiah. But, reading between the votes, isn’t it actually the teen’s coach that we’re most eager to eliminate? If the kid couldn’t get together a passable rendition of Drake’s “One Dance,” shouldn’t Adam have steered him in another direction? While we’re on the subject of the Maroon 5 frontman, his selection of Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” for Lilli Passero was right on the border between idiotic and unforgivable. Did he redeem himself as a coach as Season 12’s Top 11 took to the stage Monday? And how much more did the night make it look like it was all going to come down to Chris Blue vs. Lauren Duski? Read on and find out, then vote in our Top 11 poll…

Stephanie Rice (Team Alicia), “Behind Blue Eyes” — Grade: B- | After saying last week that she wanted to rock out, Stephanie gleefully embraced her chance, taking the Who hit from haunting to raucous and back. But, though she certainly seemed to be having a great time reaching for a Janis Joplin-esque growl, she sounded — and, wouldn’t you agree, in general sounds — better in the softer moments, when she has more control over her vocal.

Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake), “Take It Back” — Grade: A- | Credit where it’s due — that Blake Shelton knows what he’s doing as a coach. His song choice of the bluesy Reba smash for his giggly teen star-in-the-making was inspired. Did she nail it? As an audience member yelled out before her performance, “Ya dang right!” She sounded like a million bucks. Not sure Blake got the vocalist/band interaction he was hoping for, but that vocal? Primo.

Lilli Passero (Team Adam), “Town Without Pity” — Grade: A | Yes! Yes, Adam! At last, he picked a winner of a song for Lilli. Her voice is made for old-school jazzy stuff like this Gene Pitney gem, and she proved it again by shining in this rendition of the oldie-but-a-goodie more brightly than her sparkly femme fatale gown. Not only was she vocally perfect, but her performance highlighted the theatricality that, when Lilli’s really on, helps her sell a song to the moon and back. Bra-vo!

the voice recap top 11 season 12TSoul (Team Blake), “Lay Me Down” — Grade: A- | During rehearsal, TSoul told his coach that the stage was like home to him. And once he was on it, he certainly looked and sounded comfortable, lying down at one point and working a falsetto that would have to impress even Sam Smith. Besides showcasing TSoul’s rich voice, the performance also demonstrated that he has the kind of stage presence that we rarely see from younger, greener contestants.

Hunter Plake (Team Gwen), “All I Want” — Grade: A- | I agree with your usual post-recap comments — it wouldn’t kill Hunter to enunciate occasionally. (Or maybe it would — can you sing that emotionally and pronounce words comprehensibly?) But putting that matter off to the side for the moment, you have to admit that his vocal on the Kodaline cover was pretty spectacular, passionate and polished. He can work on his diction later.

Vanessa Ferguson (Team Alicia), “Diamonds” — Grade: C+ | Going into this performance, I had high hopes — it seemed like the Rihanna hit was going to suit Vanessa beautifully, and at a time when she’d really hit her stride in the contest. But the band was still overpowering her at the halfway point, and she only really took control and broke through toward the very end. By then, it felt a little too late.

Lauren Duski (Team Blake), “Somewhere in My Broken Heart” — Grade: A- | Another solid song selection. The Billy Dean ballad played beautifully to Lauren’s strengths, allowing her to easily bring out the heartache that seems so much a part of her voice that I half-expect her to sound sad when she says hello in real life. Whether she wins or loses The Voice, I can’t imagine these performances won’t get her a record deal.

the voice recap season 12 top 11Mark Isaiah (Team Adam), “How to Love” — Grade: C | Well, this was no home run in the song-selection department, but it also wasn’t a strike-out. Mark did a good job navigating the tricky-as-hell melody. But his vocal never altogether gelled. I mean, it can’t be a good thing when you have Gwen Stefani saying you did well because you remembered all the words. If that isn’t damning a singer with faint praise, what is?

Jesse Larson (Team Adam), “Human” — Grade: A- | If this is what it sounds like when Jesse steps out of his comfort zone, he should do it a lot more often. He didn’t just sound terrific on the Rag’n’Bone Man hit, he sounded like somebody whose album I — most of us? all of us? — would buy, then mix into playlists next to Hozier songs.

Brennley Brown (Team Gwen), “River” — Grade: A | Brennley sang her countrified version of the Joni Mitchell classic with such clarity, such purity of voice that, honestly, it kinda felt too good for a TV singing contest. What’s more, unlike fellow youngsters Aliyah and Mark, Brennley never looks like a little kid lost on a big stage; she looks like she knows exactly what she’s doing. Maybe we could get her to work with Hunter on his enunciation? (Hers is Eliza Doolittle-perfect.)

Chris Blue (Team Alicia), “When a Man Loves a Woman” — Grade: A | Jeez, the second I heard Chris was doing the Percy Sledge mega-hit, I was like, “Whoa. OK, he is going to kill that.” Alicia predicted it was going to be his “statement performance.” And that statement was (as if we didn’t already know): He is a star and a half. Not only does he have the biggest voice in the competition, but he manages to sound at once completely in control and completely unhinged. Awesome.

So, what did you think of the Top 11? Vote for the best performance below, then hit the comments.

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  1. Angie_Overrated says:

    Words cannot describe how bad these performances were tonight. I try to find the good in every singer, but most of these people left me speechless in a bad way.

    • Collin says:

      You should get out there and show them how it’s done! I’m guessing that will go well for you.

      • moonriver22 says:

        She was just expressing an opinion. What is wrong with people lately? If you simply have to insult, can you at least aim for something creative?

        • Spooner says:

          Clearly just a troll. She literally has Overrated in her name.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Hey, if you like offpitch screaming and missed glory notes, I guess last night was hog heaven for you. There was lots of both of those!

        • Ben says:

          Gosh.. The Voice lovers are soo entitled to their fandoms. They are almost as bad as the Idol fans used to be to deal with the objective critics. There were soo many average/poor performances… it shouldn’t be that hard to recognize it.

        • fastfloyd says:

          Well said moonriver22. Out society has changed a great deal in the past few years and we are not getting along with each other.

    • Durian says:

      And while taking Collin’s advice, have your ears checked.

    • analythinker says:

      Really? I thought they were all (well, except one or two) did a great job! And I had my best speakers on.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Yikes. I’m ready to give up on this season. I hated everything about tonight’s performances. Other than Brenley I thought all of them were terrible.

        • analythinker says:

          And here I thought they all finally turned the season around, considering how low my expectation was after the blind audition. It’s nice (not?) that we can still disagree though, heh.

          Of course, they were NOT perfect, heard some screeches and slips here and there, but at least it’s exciting because at this point we don’t see clearly who is going to win. Probably Lauren, although I want Brennley. Oh and I thought Jesse was great!

          • Barbara Bennett says:

            I thought they did well tonight. I love Chris Blue, Brenley and Lauren n

          • Smokey says:

            I mostly enjoyed the show tonight, although I usually think I could have picked a better song for the artist. Some of the singers were again over-run by the musicians on the sound mix. Lauren was my favorite of the night by a slim margin, the song fit her, fit her style of vocals and it was a song I am very familiar with — so she got my vote.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            The pitch issues killed it for me. Most of them were having really bad pitch problems. And the ones who weren’t were having bad vocal nights. Even Vanessa pooped the bed and she’s typically strong. I cannot even begin to find the words of how much I hated Lilly and Tsoul.

        • EMRG says:

          The only ones I could make myself watch all the way through (and enjoy) were Lilly and Brenley.

        • fiberlicious says:

          This happens every season – they all sound great in the blinds and pre-live shows because the recordings are tweaked in editing. Once they go live, you hear the real “singing.”

    • Temperance says:

      Brenley and Lauren were awesome, Lili was great, and the rest were not good. I really don’t get who votes for TSoul at all, and I don’t see the point of voting for Jesse (as he’s never going to be a big star).

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        You thought Lili was great?
        I thought that Lili was the worst one tonight. It felt like a cabaret singer who couldn’t sing cabaret attempting to sing cabaret.
        Brenley was good. I’ll give you that one.

        • Elle says:

          I think Lilli has been the worst two weeks in a row now. I about hit the floor when I saw her graded an A here. Sure it was better than last week but that’s like an F vs. a D+.

          • Smokey says:

            Lilli has been given some really poor song choices ever since her audition. This week was a little better for her,,,,,,,,,,,,last weeks song choice by Adam was atrocious., . Gwen, a while back, forced J Chosen out with her song choice that he had to do, he was a real contender if given the right songs.

          • LolaHaze says:

            The recap and these message boards remind me of the old adage that begins, “Opinions are like….” and ends “everyone has one and everyone thinks everyone else’s stinks.” To my mind, Lilli was unwatchable. Her performance reminded me of a high school talent show in that she has some talent, but tries way too hard and falls way short of the mark. And she seemed too young, too inexperienced, and too much of a bad actress to capture the feeling/meaning of the song.

        • madlibjen says:

          I totally agree, Angie. I’ve read – and appreciated – your comments for a long time. Lili sounded terrible and the performance was so hammy. Brenley was great. Reminded me of Jewel a little bit.

      • Barbara Bennett says:

        I thought Chris Blue was amazing sad well.

      • Smokey says:

        Jesse will at least get a big boost from the show for gig’s he could book afterwards….

        But I don’t think he will be in top 4 at all, Some compare him to Sundance Head, but Sundance had the whole Country vote behind him, Jesse is no pop star yet that’s where Adam keeps trying to push him toward…

        He would have a better chance to hang-on for a while if he were in the Blues genre.

      • kcostell says:

        If “going to be a big star” is your criteria for voting for Voice contestants, have you voted at all in the last 10 seasons?

      • kcostell says:

        If “going to be a big star” is your criteria for voting for Voice contestants, have you voted at all in the last 6 seasons?

      • Haddy says:

        Has any voice contestant gone out to become a great star? Why does it matter? Even when there’s one with real potential they rarely make it in the real world. I’m not a Jesse fan but the star thing has never really been a factor on The Voice.

      • The Beach says:

        I thought Brenley was head and shoulders above anyone else last night. She was simply terrific…again. I agree with Temperance^ about TSoul. His voice is all irritating vibrato.

    • John Anthony says:

      I agree Angie but I wish them well. Maybe The Voice will find a star next season?????

    • Barbara Bennett says:

      I thought they were great. Pure emotion.

    • Gorgonzola Matrix says:

      Ready for Adam Levine to be off this show. I’ve had it with his arrogance and bad taste. He ruins the show badly for me. I wish he could keep Lilli from singing from her head so much, it’s like she’s thinking way too hard and her performances feel really forced. What he did to her last week was unspeakable. Alicia could have made Lilli a winner, but she dropped the ball.

      Performances tonight were good. I think Stephanie or Mark might be gone next. I also think that Alicia or Gwen has this season’s winner. My money is on Brennely. Jesse Larson is a great guy but he is not better than quite a few of few of the other contestants, no matter how much Adam insults everyone by insisting that he is the best.

    • Jess says:

      I agree – not a great night at all.

    • Angie_Overrated: I checked your symptoms on the internet and it says you have Network Connectivity problems.

    • fiberlicious says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

  2. Durian says:

    Chris Blue is a timeless superstar and should have the prize in the bag. That said, OMG, Lauren Duski had me blubbering like a fool! How is it that I have never heard of Billy Dean and that beautiful beautiful song? She is the first itunes purchase since Jonny Gray for me. The girl is a star and will do just fine. Hunter Plake covers me head to toe in goose bumps ans does Stephanie, nearly as often. If Mark or the girl who covered Gene Pitney ( doesn’t it say it all that I can’t remember her name) goes home, I would never miss them. The night blongs to Chris for polish and to Lauren for breaking my heart.

    • JMark (formerly JM) says:

      Jonny Gray! Durian, have you heard his album? He has some great songs on it.

      • Durian says:

        I bought it. Love his voice, really beautiful in a unique quirky way.

        • JMark (formerly JM) says:

          Agree. I was really sad to see him go so soon. Wish CeeLo had given him better songs.

          • Durian says:

            Couldn’t agree more! Have you seen him on you tube. Should have done Creep or
            Blackstar by Radiohead. The guy is a star.

    • davmon says:

      Yeah, Chris does have a timelessness harkening of Jackie Wilson, Otis Redding, Al Green, et al. love what he does. Who knows if he will win, but he should go deep–and end up Top 3 at least. As Collin said last week, it may even be best for him to just get recognition and come in 2nd or 3rd–then go have a good career unfettered by Voice contract.

    • Barbara Bennett says:

      Chris Blue is my favorite to win but I love Lauren and Brenley as well.

    • scott says:

      Even if your just a casual fan of country music, you should know who Billy Dean is. Assuming you are a country music fan.

  3. Kate says:

    They need to help some of these contestants with the mics. Quite a few of them practically have it in their mouths. Vanessa hit some really bum notes. Lilli did a good job, but I don’t think it’s a song people will rush out to buy. Mark continues to be audio ambien. I think my favorite tonight might have been Jesse. How does the iTunes multiplier work? I thought I heard Carson say your song had to be trending by the end of the show. How is that fair for people who go later in the show?

  4. dlraetz says:

    Lauren was terrific. I’ll be listening to Somewhere in my Broken Heart a lot

  5. davmon says:

    I have been a bit underwhelmed by this show last season and this one. Tonight, I have to recalibrate. This was the best single night of The Voice I can remember—song choices, arrangements, vocalizing. Before the magnificent A+ ending with Brennley & Chris, I had already scored Vanessa & Hunter with A’s and Lilli & Lauren with A-minuses. That made for six A-grades out of 11. (Heck, our recap shepherd, Charlie, had 8 with A’s–not including Vanessa.) I also had solid B’s for Jesse, Stephanie, & Aliyah. TSoul & Mark were back of pack with C’s again this week IMO.

    • Barbara Bennett says:

      I agree! Awesome night of performances. I loved Chris Blue, Lauren and Brenley.

    • As usual I agree with you Davmon, I thought TSoul sounded nervous. Lili was my fave, but then I remember when that song was a movie and #1 on the hit parade. Yes, we called it that. I’m that old and that song is still a winner in my book. I also love Chris and Lauren and Hunter despite the pronunciation issues. I enjoyed the show Finally

  6. keane says:

    Lili passero just completely blew my mind and Chris,hunter and jese larsson are from another planet. Whoa what a night

  7. davmon says:

    Loved what Brennley did with Joni’s RIVER. Great pocket. A very decent countrification. Nice way to reach for those stratospheric Joni high notes.

    • Davey says:

      I didn’t love her River because I’ve heard it sung better. Can’t singers cover another Joni Mitchell song? Like The Circle Game? I do like Brenley, though.

  8. Davey says:

    This really was one of the better nights I’ve seen in a while

  9. Diana Romero says:

    That performance was the best of the season for any contestant. I felt the emotion and made me cry. I felt it! Beautiful.

  10. Collin says:

    I thought most did really well. Tsoul had by far his best night. Should squeak thru another week. Lauren was the best IMO. Although Brennley and Chris did very well. Lilli completely redeemed herself. Stephanie and Mark should be on the chopping block.

  11. JMark (formerly JM) says:

    Yes, Adam did make better song choices this time, and I might add, his arrangement for ‘Human’ was inspired. Jesse was the best of the night for me, followed closely by Chris, Hunter and Brennley. Lauren was also great. I’d give them A’s and A- for Lauren. The rest get B’s and C’s. I love TSoul’s personality, and I want to love his voice, but it’s just not as good as the ones I mentioned, although I will give him credit for this being his best overall performance.

  12. Rick says:

    Seems like these contestants pick relatively obscure songs that the mainstream can’t really identify with!! Of course, there were a couple of exceptions ! But if you want to win, pick more popular songs!!!!!

  13. John Anthony says:

    Stand your ground Angie. I agree with you as far as star talent after the show runs it’s course. Maybe this fall The Voice will actually find one who will be heard from as a winner of The Voice. The judges sell them all as stars every season as you are aware. Some are still trying and I wish them success.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I don’t care if someone disagrees with me. You know what they say about opinions and rear ends. :o)
      The music industry is so different now compared to the days when Carrie Underwoord and Kelly Clarkson got their respective starts. I’m not sure a show like this one can make a star any longer. And if it could, I’m not sure I see that star in this group. Maybe Brenley but I don’t know much about the country music consumer.

      • Smokey says:

        In my view, if someone can win a show like this, regardless of whether they have big success after, it’s a lifetime accomplishment in itself. It can greatly improve your bids for doing gig’s and leaves a bit of a Legacy of your work in music and vocals, for family.and friends…..

        • John Anthony says:

          Your right out about one thing. At least they can say they performed on a major TV show. Brown does have an accent that can help her stand out like Rae Lynn, Tough for woman in the country genre. There’s so many in Nashville trying to make it but it happens.

  14. Elle says:

    The three worst for me by a wide margin were Mark, Tsoul and Lilli. Most of the rest were passable. A FEW were good. Nothing spectacular though.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I agree on Tsoul and Lilli but I think there were a few who were worse than Mark. Even though i normally like her, Vanessa might be in my bottom three. She was unusually terrible, but still better than Lilli and Tsoul. Those two were cringey.

    • Troll says:

      I like T-Soul as a person, but have no interest at all in his music, so far at least. Like R&B but prefer other covers of the songs he’s done, more than his. I doubt he will make top 4 and may even be out after next week.

  15. Voice Fan says:

    I thought tonight was a spectacular night and the song choices and performances were incredible. For me Lauren was the star and America agrees with me because she was already at #15 on the overall chart and #2 on the country chart before we had even heard her on the West Coast. By tomorrow I hope she is at number 1 on both charts. Brennley was my second favorite of the night. Both of the country singers have beautiful pure voices and sings ballads which I love. My other favorites tonight were Lily, Alija,, Hunter, Jesse and T-Soul.

  16. Troll says:

    With Chris Blue, T-Soul and Vanessa all in the R&B /Soul lane, and Lilli Passero in a close cousin Pop/R&B style, a shake-out there will be due soon………………………….

    Mark Isaiah, after bottom 2 last week and not burning-up the charts tonight, is at risk of bottom 2 again. …………… Stephanie Rice and Aliyah Moulden both performed during the first hour, which can also be a detriment, as there are usually more people home and watching the second half of a 2 hour show. ………………………………………Plus the bigger than average possibility among the coaches overall team strength, that Adam could lose everyone on his team before the others………………………
    so that leaves a broad stroke of potential elim’s, including T-Soul, Lilli, Mark, Jesse, Stephanie, Vanessa and Aliyah……………………… Lauren, Brennley, Hunter and Chris will easily be safe.

    • davmon says:

      Adam and Blake both have weak teams. Indeed Adam might lose all three of his in 3 weeks. Blake’s TSoul and Aliyah have ability and charm; but are too erratic to deserve landing in Top 6. Lauren is the only major talent on either team; she should go deep to last 3 or 4–might even win, might have an actual post-show career.

  17. scott says:

    I think this poll is as rigged as the show is. You would think the comments would coincide with the poll numbers. Also, itunes definitely is not reflective of this poll.

  18. Annie says:

    I am not even a country music fan but my two favorites tonight were Lauren and Brennley, followed by Chris and Jesse. All in all, I thought it was a good night for everyone; some obviously better than others but no one fell completely on their face.

  19. Rick says:

    The amazing thing to me is that somehow, as of 1 a.m. ET, more than 70 percent of those polled did NOT vote for Chris Blue.

  20. danin says:

    All along, I’ve loved Chris Blue. Not tonight.I changed the channel. Too much. Also not a fan of Aliyah. Thought Brennely did a real pretty job.And Hunter. TSoul started out better than I’ve heard him Alicia is right he should have continued at the piano.Wasn’t into Jesse tonight. Thought in other venues,Town Without Pity would be good for Lili. Not on this show though.

    • danin says:

      Oh. And Vanessa was so so tonight. Man, she killed a couple weeks ago w/was it an Aretha song? I think Alicia needs to leave her alone in terms of ” the reserved”comments.

    • Troll says:

      Chris Blue pushes the material a little too far with the theatrics. Good for the live audience, not so good for discerning fans of the genre. But Vanessa is losing ground in the R&B race with that over-done song choice.

  21. Smokey says:

    Lauren Duski Genre: Country iTunes Top 100 Chart: #8

    Hunter Plake Genre: Alternative iTunes Top 100 Chart: #14

    Brennley Brown Genre: Country iTunes Top 100 Chart: #16

    Chris Blue Genre: R&B / Soul iTunes Top 100 Chart: #17

    Jesse Larson Genre: Pop iTunes Top 100 Chart: #19

    Lilli Passero Genre: Pop iTunes Top 100 Chart: #40

    Stephanie Rice Genre: Rock iTunes Top 100 Chart: #63

    TSoul Genre: R&B / Soul iTunes Top 100 Chart: #65

    Aliyah Moulden Genre: Pop iTunes Top 100 Chart: #72

    Vanessa Ferguson : R&B / Soul iTunes Top 100 Chart: #77

    Mark Isaiah Genre: Pop #91 iTunes Top 200 Chart: #91

  22. newsdee says:

    Except for that young boy that Adam is pushing, these singers are good. Unfortunately only Blake knows how to select good songs. That’s why he wins so often.

  23. Hunter Plake should home. He was not anywhere near an A. I can understand your liking him if that indie-kind of misc is your thing, but still. Same thing, every week, no variation. And that same thing is not that great. Best performance of the night was Tsoul, without a doubt. Worst, Hunter. Good thing that Adam has Mr. Charisma, Jesse on his team, because Mark and Lilli aren’t very good. Adam got the type of song for Lilli right, but it’s the wrong song and the wrong arrangement, and not a very compelling delivery. Mark had some good moments, but he needs more experience before he’s ready to fly. Diamonds was the wrong song for Vanessa. Everyone does this song. And you’re right that the arrangement wasn’t great. But come on, she’s in the C’s? No, she is not. Lilli and Hunter are, though. Grading is off.

  24. Terry p says:

    Vanessa and tsoul still in the running. Although diamonds was done better with singer on American idol. Didn’t think that was a good song choice for her

  25. Troll says:

    Mark Isaiah will end-up in the bottom 2 sing-off again tonight. The Lil’ Wayne song he did isn’t going to gain him any ground against the competition. But like the guy last year, he could again win if his competitor picks a lame song. The Twitter vote can be heavily slanted toward the younger voter. And Mark’s voters are mostly the teens & tweens.

  26. William Stevens says:

    What happened with Blake? He has deserted his country fans when he did not keep Casi Joy. He will live to regret that poor decision and I am no longer a fan. She has more potential than all of these other people together.

    • John Anthony says:

      Casi can still make it . The public makes those decisions down the way not Blake.

    • PrincessO says:

      Come on. Seriously, you won’t be a fan of Blake because he doesn’t agree with you? Wow… That seems harsh :) I loved Casi Joy’s blind but she really didn’t get much better. What I do notice, in my opinion of course, is that Lauren has always and continues to shine in her vocals. I think he made the right choice, for the competition. I have down loaded a couple songs from Casi and I do really like her voice. But for me, Lauren has always been the one that I gravitated towards. Best of luck to both of them!

    • moonriver22 says:

      He always does this. He doesn’t like it when he has 2 singers in the same lane. Besides, if she was that good, someone else would have snagged her. I loved her audition, but she’s like a one trick pony with that yodel. The yodel disappeared and she really wasn’t anything special.

  27. Biobo says:

    Agree w/ Smokey about the sound man… I mean, acoustic guitar drowning out Lauren’s quiet vocals was unforgivable, but that wasn’t the only time! Could there be some influence peddling going on there? Production affects votes too!

  28. Mary TPP540-021715 Smith says:


  29. Peggy says:

    As much as I like Lauren, I felt nothing from her performance. Maybe it is because it just wasn’t as powerful as the Billy Dean song I remember back in his heyday. Now if I hadn’t heard the original I would think she did a nice job on a pretty song. My votes still go to Lilli, I loved her performance and her style.

  30. Charlie, you give way too many A’s.

  31. Dave Gentile says:

    If I could change one thing on the voice it would be that the band and the background singers would be less involved in the song the show is about the contestants voice and shouldn’t be about the band or the background singers

    • Dave Gentile says:

      I myself have zero musical talent. But I watch this show and it is “The Voice” not “The Show”. All the theatrics don’t make it for me. Lauren, Brennley, Jesse, Hunter (although he is same ole every week)–they sing. I don’t think show performance (aka T Soul, Chris Blue) automatically means vocal performance. Goodbye Mark tonight.

  32. Haddy says:

    I’m no country girl, but man, is Brennely GOOD. If we’re headed for another country winner this season (which, let’s get real, we always are), I’d root for her, not for Lauren.

    And again on the Chris front, he’s very good but I don’t see him as a winner. He hasn’t been really rocking it on iTunes and that means a lot.

    And, overall, I gotta say, this season has some really good contestants. I’m not as connected as anyone personally as I have been in some on past seasons, but there are quite a few who I think deserve to get to the finale.

    • Kbella says:

      I agree with what you said about Brennley. I’m not into country either but I liver her voice and I loved that performance. Lauren is really good too but I just find her to be a tad bit boring. I love Chris Blue and I hope he has a career after this show is done.

  33. Kbella says:

    Wow, this reviewer is being very generous, I think. I thought the song choices for Aliyah and Lilli were just awful. And TSoul lost me halfway through his performance and I didn’t even see him lying down on stage. I’m a HUGE Chris Blue fan and thought he did fine but I agree with others that his song choice was not great just because that song has been done to death. I wasn’t wowed by Vanessa either and I really want to be. I loved Brennley, Lauren and I always enjoy Jesse. I got a little Nancy Wilson vibe from Stephanie when she was rockin’ out and if could make a suggestion I would tell her to try a Heart song. But choose wisely! I think Mark will be leaving us tonight.

  34. bluesman3535 says:

    The finalists should be Chris, Hunter and Brennley. Also, I really want Jesse to sing a Blues Traveler song.

  35. KJ says:

    TSoul was the best by far; Lillie was horrid – last week and this proved she should be gone.

  36. We’re clearly watching another show in our household – the majority of the performances last night were downright cringe-worthy and off-pitch, yet most received an A-grade. AAAAAAAAAAs???? Talk about a phoned-in recap. This show is turning into exactly what I hated about American Idol – pumping up mediocre performers with inaccurate judging.

  37. MikeyJ says:

    Brennley sang that typically complex Joni Mitchell song and made it her own, a very impressive performance……………

  38. Lee says:

    I pulled up the iTunes rankings for last night’s performed songs a few minutes after noon. I can’t guarantee they are the “official” standings per THE VOICE rules- but I hope they’ll give everyone an idea of what might happen tonight.

    3: Lauren
    10. Hunter
    12. Brennlee
    16. Chris
    17. Jesse
    36. Lilli
    56. Stephanie
    59. TSoul
    66. Vanessa
    68. Mark
    70. Aaliyah

    So… that gives Lauren, Hunter and Brennlee one top ten finish each in iTunes. Could Gwen actually put two artists in the finale? Based on these results, it’s possible. Regardless, I think all three of them are safe tonight.

    Ditto for Chris- though I must note that his iTunes performance will need to improve if he wants to make the finale- Jesse (who DID actually chart with his song last week, BTW; I don’t recall actual position, but I think he was somewhere in the mid-sixties with “Make You Feel My Love”) and Lilli.

    So, the bottom 5… strictly speaking, there’s so little difference between the bottom three that you could almost ignore the results here; after all, iTunes placement, while a major component of THE VOICE, is only one factor. Still, that’s kind of beyond my ability to predict, since I have no idea just how much weight each component of THE VOICE’s process actually carries.

    I DO think Mark will be one of the bottom two again, though. (However, I won’t be shocked if the following Instant Save went to him again.) Joining him? … Personal feelings aside, I’m going to guess Aaliyah joins him.

    Anyone else?

    • gospotlights says:

      I have the show recording on DVR so it’s playing out now but I’m not watching yet.
      I think Chris entered the show on fire, but needs to show some different layers. I would say he’s slipping. I would no longer call him the favorite at all. He seems to have peaked off the bat and has nowhere to go but down. But he should be safe tonight easily. He has the early front runner status and the show’s momentum as such to carry him.

      Lauren keeps ascending to that top spot though and knocking on the door.

      The door is definitely open for someone like Lauren to step in and solidify herself as the favorite. She has a good balance of experience and talent. And she keeps building.

      Jesse could go either way IMO. He’s been good but like Sundance, he’s going to have to earn it and just pull it away from the favorites.
      Brenlee is surprising but I keep waiting for her relative lack of experience to catch up to her. If she was to do a faster, heavier, song and slay it then she’d lock herself in as a favorite. But that might be a risk for her too if she can’t nail it like she has with some of these laid back songs. But the laid back songs has me wondering if they are hiding some limitations.

      While last week was a bad song choice for Lilli, it also showed some limitations for her as well. This week’s song was better for her, but she never really seemed to be feeling the song or pulling the listener in. I think she peaked earlier in the series and a recovery might be too late after 2 duds (one an exceptional dud and last night just ‘meh’). She probably survives another week but I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t either…

      TSoul is a hard one to figure. He puts passion in his songs but he seems a little nervous and his songs don’t seem to start well for him. I don’t see him making the final, and he seems like he is one bad performance from easily hitting bottom. He’s a limited singer and that might hurt him doing covers in a competition. If he writes, he could probably overcome that with his own material outside of The Voice with the right break. But he also seems destined to carry the Blake factor to help him stay in the game at least another week because I think there were weaker performances this week.

      Vanessa, I thought was fine. Not as good as she’s been, but certainly fine. She treaded water this week but that should be good enough.

      Hunter is a bit of a one trick pony with the emo-alternative, falsetto performances. If he doesn’t find another gear I can see him slipping. But I think he’s safe this week.

      Aaliyah also has the Blake factor going for her. She’s good for her age, and if this was “The Voice on Disney” she might be on her way to a win. But I don’t think she’s learned to really live her songs just yet, or just how to use her voice as an instrument (or tool).
      This is one I could seeing falling to the bottom but it would surprise me a little just because of the Blake factor.

      Stephanie… I think she’s a bit like TSoul. She’s just not that good of a singer but she has passion. Singing covers in a competition might ultimately run her against her limit. She had the early slot this week and I don’t think her previous songs have been anything special. She also doesn’t have the Blake factor to save her.
      I could see her in the bottom slots.
      And last, and probably least, Mark. I’ll be shocked if he’s not bottom material.
      After saying all that, I think it could be Lilli and Mark at the bottom tonight. Two duds for Lilli might be too tough to overcome regardless of the early promise some thought they saw in her.
      A bottom 3 I’d say would be Mark, Lilli, and Stephanie who should be the most worried. And after this week Aaliyah should start worrying.

      • gospotlights says:

        I guess I kind of forgot about TSoul there at the end. He should start worrying as well if he doesn’t pull a rabbit out of the hat. I think the Blake factor will be less of a factor going forward as the weaker talents get weeded out and even the bottom talents (theoretically) should be pretty good.

  39. Marcia Laudarowicz says:

    Tonight I thought Chris Blue and Lilli both did a great job. I enjoyed listening to them .

  40. Jessy says:

    Wow! I disgree with a lot of your ‘grades’! Aliyah (who is adorable) sounded terrible. The Lilli girl does NOT belong on this show at all. Mark sounded terrible to me. Chris Blue is my favorite – but this song is DONE to DEATH on these shows. So wish Alicia had picked something more obscure for him! UGH! Though I am not a country fan, there is no way I could say Lauren doesn’t sound good. That girl has this in the bag between her voice, her beauty – and the fact she is country which garners a big crowd. I hope Chris Blue is in the finals with her!

  41. moonriver22 says:

    I feel like a salmon swimming upstream. The only performance I liked last night was Stephanie’s.

  42. Spooner says:

    I feel like both Brennley and Aliyah are so overrated. Don’t get me wrong, both are super talented, and deserve to move on for now, but Brennley can’t sing a single note without falsetto, which is so distracting. And Aliyah is a powerhouse with loads of talent, but her voice is always in 5th gear and gets stale when there is no variation. She needs to explore the softer side of her voice if she has any chance at the finals.

    • Smokey says:

      That’s the drift I find between Lauren Duski and Brennley Brown………………………………..

      Lauren’s voice is more textured and smooth for singing ballads. ……

      Brennley has a high falsetto that can embellish certain types of songs, but for most songs, Lauren is more pleasant to while drivin’ down the lone highway. I like both girls but Lauren got my vote yesterday.

  43. Brenda Carter says:

    When a man loves a woman by Percy Sledge is not only my favorite song it is also my ring tone and I am sorry but I wasn’t that impressed by the performance last night.

  44. Lauren Duski is my fave this season. Something about her voice (I’m no vocal expert but her phrasing maybe) reminds me of Mary Chapin Carpenter. Brennley is decent, Chris Blue is good but a little overbaked. Don’t enjoy the rest at all.

  45. Karen Jones says:

    Brennley Brown is the best singer I have ever heard.

  46. Karen Jones says:

    Thank you Brennley for an outstanding performance

  47. fastfloyd says:

    Stupid Blake Shelton should have never let Casi Joy go. She had more talent than his whole team.

  48. fiberlicious says:

    Most of the performances were so full of flat and sharp notes that I have to question your hearing, Charlie. IMO, the first qualification to call yourself a singer is to be able to carry a tune.
    I was so disappointed by Vanessa – I don’t know if it was the wrong key or the wrong song for her.