Supergirl Recap

Supergirl Recap: Strange Bedfellows

Monday’s Supergirl revealed new details of Rhea’s master plan, although I’d argue that one crucial number was omitted: her budget!

I mean, let’s start with that wardrobe. Between the outrageous (snakeskin?) jacket she wore during last week’s episode and the picture-perfect suit she sported in Monday’s episode, it’s possible the most powerful weapon in her arsenal is, in fact, her credit card. And then there was the trip to the fancy restaurant, during which Rhea wined and dined Lena in an attempt to forge a business partnership.

(Side note: In my brain, there’s an entire season’s worth of episodes in which Rhea learns how to pose as a human. Like, who taught her how to make restaurant reservations? Or does she have “people” for that? Sexy people, I’ll bet.)

Unfortunately for Rhea, Lena’s a good listener, so when Rhea slipped up and thanked “the gods,” Lena knew she was lying about her earthly backstory. But fortunately for Rhea, Lena also has a soft spot for broken families. So even though her new friend began their partnership under false pretenses, Lena eventually agreed to sign on the dotted line and help to construct her interstellar…teleportation…something-or-other. (Look, not all of us have fake diplomas from MIT, sorry!)

Of course, most of Monday’s episode was devoted to Alex’s kidnapping, a harrowing ordeal that — following some pretty intense friction between Kara and Maggie — led to a certain fan-favorite couple swapping L-bombs. (For Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima’s thoughts on that storyline, check out TVLine’s interview with the actresses.)

Your thoughts on Lena’s dark turn? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Michael says:

    One major problem with this episode- they capture Alex’s kidnapper but even though J’onn is present, they need him to tell them where Alex is. Why couldn’t J’onn just read his mind? He couldn’t have been immune to J’onn’s powers since they have J’onn erase his memory at the end.

    • Jamie says:

      J’onn mentions that he can’t, that the kidnapper is blocking him somehow. Still kind of lame but they did at least sort of address it. Although, as you pointed out, I’d still wonder if he could block the memory wipe too.

    • KayCeeCee says:

      This. They don’t know how to effectively make use of J’onn’s powers in this show.

      • Patrick says:

        This is the problem for DC in general. Their characters’ powers have grown to the point where they are all basically in God Mode, with Superman/Supergirl being in Ultra God Mode. When their powers are so great, it is hard to create legitimate threats without veering deep into hard core sci-fi or the more outlandish (and expensive to show on TV) comic characters. Serial bank robbers aren’t exactly dangerous to SG or the MM, you know?

    • Mike says:

      For that matter, why couldn’t J’onn just read the kidnapper’s father’s mind? That guy was able to suggest where Alex might be held. This whole series is a graveyard full of plot holes.

      • Stacey says:

        He did read his mind. Remember J’onn said he was telling the truth, he didn’t know about Alex’s abduction.

  2. jason says:

    The season is almost over and feel like they’re just getting to an actual villain.

  3. Jason says:

    I’m not sure I would qualify Lena’s turn as “dark”, just yet. There’s too much she doesn’t understand, for her decision to be clearly bad. I’m still hoping they won’t make the cliche choice of pushing her into pure villainy. We’ve seen that show before and it’s called Smallville. Why not try and defy expectation for a change.

  4. datdudemurphy says:

    Lena is going to be to Supergirl what Lex was to Smallville.

    It was one of the better Supergirl episodes this season, imo…. Looking forward to the final episodes

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      I was more hoping Lena would be to Supergirl what Lena (Tess Mercer) was to Smallville.

  5. Steve says:

    It’s amazing how much better episodes are when Mon-El isn’t hogging up the screen/story.

  6. Dominique says:

    i’m one of the very few people, it seems, who doesn’t like maggie. everybody’s so head over heels with sanvers that they don’t or won’t see that in general, maggie’s not a very likeable person. she’s very much all about what she wants and doesn’t want and to helI with everybody else.
    they actually had dumb down both supergirl and the entire DEO in last night’s episode to make maggie seem like the victorious smart one… even though in the end, she did exactly what she’d been telling kara all episode long NOT to do.
    it’s a shame too cause alex’ character seems to be all about maggie this season. people complain how kara’s storyline is mostly about mon-el, but somehow gloss over the fact that there’s hardly been any danvers sisters moments this season, and most of alex’ scenes are with or about maggie.
    chlyer was absolutely fantastic in last night’s episode and i’m glad we got to see alex being active in her own rescue, even though it didn’t all work out.
    i’m excited to see where this lena/rhea storyline is going, as long as it doesn’t make lena a permanent villain, that would be way too cliche. teri hatcher is delicious as the evil rhea, i’m so glad they cast her for this role!

    • JR says:

      You aren’t the only one. I don’t like maggie at all. In her case, I can’t tell if its the acting or the character that I don’t like. I just feel like she is an extra character the show didn’t need. It feels like J’onn and Wynn have gotten lost in the shuffle of adding her. And fake-Jimmy Olson, but he never fit anyway.

      I’m also disappointed in how little actual use they are making of Mon-El other than to just be a pretty-boy hanging around Kara. He should have powers to rival hers (although they’ve never really clarified exactly what he can do). I’m also surprised they’ve gone this long without trying to explain the “-El” on his name. There’s an explanation in the comics, but it wouldn’t work on this show.

      I am happy with how much Teri Hatcher we seem to be getting. I was afraid she would be in one episode and gone, like Dean Cain, but she seems to be hanging around.

      I’ve always said that the problem with “Supergirl” is Supergirl. I just don’t like the actress or the whiny way the character comes across most of the time. Most of the rest of the cast act circles around her.

      • Ana says:

        Let me see if I understand: you think the lesbian character is a character that the show didn’t need, you think that the black character never fit in, you don’t like the female character who is the show’s protagonist; but you are disappointed that the show doesn’t dedicate more time to the white straight male’s powers when he already has a lot of screen time?

        • katlynneylon says:

          Honestly, if you’re waiting around for J’Onn and Wynn to be the center of a show called “Supergirl,” you’re going to be waiting a while. And if you’re biggest problem with “Supergirl” is Supergirl…then like…why? Isn’t it easier to just watch “The Flash”? :P

        • JR says:

          hmmm….I see how you came to that based on my comment, but it really wasn’t intended that way, it was just an honest assessment of my view based entirely on the content of the show.

          For context, I am a 20+ year DC comics fan and am happy to watch anything they put out, including iZombie and Lucifer. All of my comments were purely with an eye on my expectations of the show. I want it like it, there is a lot of potential, and I want it to improve.

          As for my original comment, which I probably should have stuck to, I don’t care for something about the characterization of Maggie Sawyer, I’m not sure if it is the acting or the writing. As for being lesbian, that’s straight from the comic, and being gay myself, I don’t find have a problem with it.

        • Wow. Racist bias, much? The lesbian character is fine, the actress isn’t, the writing either. Alex is lesbian too and she’s a delight to watch. Also, the black character never fit in because he’s a hunky pack of muscles and not a nerdish bookworm. Not because he’s black.

          I grow tired of this white-must-be-bad, black-must-be-good mumbo-jumbo. MM is a terrific job, well done. Jimmy Olsen, awful job, badly done.

          Why are you guys so color-coded, I wonder.

      • Sam says:

        This is hilarious because I agree. Both Kara and Maggie are a little self-centered. I don’t believe that is the intent of the writers, but that is how she comes across. James Olsen is pretentious, they should have kept him Jimmy. Mechad Brooks is more than capable of Jimmy, so i don’t know why they did it. I agree Mon-El could be much more useful as a character if they utilized him as other than a love interest. I am happy for Alex, but they could have made Maggie better than she is.

      • Misti says:

        That “-El” on the end of Mon-El’s name bugs the crap out of me. :p

        The biggest issue I had with the episode was the fact that everyone was coddling Kara… I understand that she’s stressed and she’s scared for her sister, and that she’s not thinking straight. But after she makes things worse, she and J’onn were talking and J’onn’s response was basically, “It’s not your fault– you were doing what you thought was best.” NO! It *is* her fault. Yes, it’s understandable, but it doesn’t absolve her of culpability. I’m not a huge fan of Maggie, but she did at least seem to be trying to explain her viewpoint to Kara, and Kara just wouldn’t even listen to her. I love Kara, but her stubborn “I’m the only person who can be right” attitude is making me start to dislike her. Someone needs to slap her upside the head and remind her that she’s a 20-something year old kid, and she doesn’t know everything. :p (Maybe Clark can do that?)

      • stevie says:

        Yes…her character is much stronger in the book. She’s bolder, stronger, and a lot less whiny. I’m really not liking supergirl now…the character or the show.

    • KCC says:

      It’s your prerogative to not like Maggie, but if you’re “one of the few” maybe it’s not that Maggie is a generally unlikable person but just someone you don’t like.
      I like Maggie. She and Jonn are the only adults on the show. Most of the characters are stuck in perpetual adolescence. Maggie and Jonn are most often the voices of reason and not prone over the top emotional responses to everything. While Kara is unbelievably cute and adorable, she has an annoying tendency of acting like a spoiled child when she doesn’t get her way. She’s always dismissing other people’s opinions and just doing what she wants. Last night was not the first time her impulsive actions made a bad situation worse. Maggie at least talked to Supergirl and tried to get her to think before taking action but it was Supergirl that refused to listen and had to do things her way, and again, not for the first time on the show. The amount of dumbness exhibited by Supergirl this episode seemed consistent to the character’s development, or lack thereof, on the show.

      • Dominique says:

        hmm perhaps. but the way you describe kara; “She’s always dismissing other people’s opinions and just doing what she wants.” and “refused to listen and had to do things her way” is how i view maggie. she has a very strong presence, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, except that i feel it shuts out everybody elses feelings and opinions because she does it constantly. when she feels strongly about something (and that happens A LOT) it has to be how SHE wants to be, even though it involves other people.
        i don’t know, it bothers me a lot. i feel like they’ve been so focuessed on writing the coming-out story (which, btw, was beautifully done for alex) that they didn’t actually take the time to establish maggie as a character, and so this is all i see or do and say every time she’s on screen.

        • Sara says:

          100% agree

          Maggie’s is pissing me off. Why does she just not admits that she wants things her way. Oh, and that she is jealous of Supergirl

          I really liked Maggie in the beginning but now she is starting to grate on me.

  7. katlynneylon says:

    I really loved this episode. I liked seeing Maggie/Kara get some time together since it seemed weird that they really hadn’t yet. I also enjoyed the Maggie/Alex ILYs. However, I still think we’re missing the Alex/Kara moments. I found it odd that after saving her sister, we never actually got any moment between Alex and Kara, and even the points earlier, where they could talk to Alex were dominated by Maggie (even if her speech was amazing). I would’ve much rather seen an ending where Maggie and Kara were taking care of Alex recouping in her apartment than see Alex punch that dude in the face (although well-deserved). I miss the main relationship on this show, and ever since Jeremiah returned and their mini falling-out, we’ve had no sister moments. That’s when those two (and especially Kara) are at their best.

  8. Theo J says:

    Ahhh, there’s nothing like a robust, level-headed dinner discussion. I think it was preprandial to boot – funny what passes for engagement enders these days. Alex proves once again that she’s tough enough.

  9. Flashrow says:

    The most boring episode ever.

  10. fly says:

    too bad its only a few episodes left, the cadmus storyline really had potential however teri hatcher is great in her role as rhea.

  11. Kel says:

    As far as people’s questions about Mon-el’s name….we have not seen it written anywhere on the actual show, so what if his name is simply “Monel” no hyphen, it’s not his last name, it is is first name only. They could just be paying homage to that canon, but for this universe, it is simply his first name.