Leah Remini Arrives on Kevin Can Wait: Grade the King of Queens Reunion

Ten years after Carrie Heffernan last twisted husband Doug’s nipple on The King of Queens, one-time TV marrieds Leah Remini and Kevin James were once again at odds on Monday’s Kevin Can Wait.

Remini’s arrival kicked off a two-part season finale, aptly titled “Sting of Queens,” during which former cop Kevin agreed to come out of retirement to go undercover with rival officer Vanessa Cellucci (Remini), where they were forced to pose as husband and wife.

It wasn’t too long before Kevin and Vanessa found themselves bickering: Kevin almost jeopardized the op by nerding out over the contents of a cheeseburger (déjà vu, anyone?) whilst at lunch with white-collar criminals Domingo and Maritza, who were suspected of stealing priceless works of art. After receiving a call, the thieves made a beeline for the nearest exit.

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Later, Vanessa turned up at Enzo’s, telling Kevin that they had to get to Domingo and Maritza’s apartment immediately. Once there, the officers scoured the place to see if it was bugged, where Kevin nearly blew their cover (again!) when he broke a ceramic giraffe sitting on the coffee table. Domingo and Maritza then invited their “happily married” couple friends to a weekend art show in Boston where Kevin and Vanessa would likely find the stolen art. Forced to follow through on the mission, Kevin reluctantly forfeited his ticket to Mets training camp in Florida, which was to be held that same weekend.

Attempting to look on the bright side, Donna told Kevin that the force must really need him if they’re sending him on an out-of-state mission. Cut to Vanessa, who was informing their sergeant that Kevin was completely useless to her on this particular case.

Did you enjoy Part 1 of Kevin James and Leah Remini’s hour-long reunion? Grade the episode via our poll, then chime in below. (Click here for a recap of Part 2.)

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  1. Jess says:

    I love the to of them together. They have an amazing chemistry. Hope to see more of them together in the future. 💓

  2. Jeannine Goncalves says:

    Love ❤️ Kevin & Leah together …such great chemistry ‼️ Wish Leah would stay as a regular …super hilarious …big fan of King of Queens and miss watching these two comic actors 👏👏👏can’t get enough….

  3. Suso says:

    Why can’t they just turn this bad show into a revival of “King of Queens”? I mean, if the entire series of “Newhart” was only a dream, why can’t one season of this atrocious sitcom. Bring Leah back!!

  4. Super Cat says:

    I always thought they could have rebooted The King of Queens. 10 years later with successful careers and their kids growing up, they move out of Rego Park and settle in Bay Ridge. But some things will never change and Carrie still needs to keep Doug in line along with their children. It would be called The Queen of Brooklyn! *drops the mic*

  5. Sandi kane says:

    I want them back together I love them together. They still have it with each other.. I watch king of queens every nite over and over get your own show together or have him cheat on his wife then Carrie can be back in the picture

  6. Dan says:

    Laughed more when Kevin and Leah were together in today’s show than I did all season. They’re natural and have great chemistry. Don’t really care for his family on the new show, just not funny. This citcom rated not so good. Hope to see more of Leah.

    • Kathy Bando says:

      She looked and sounded terrible. The new show is 10 times better.

      • Michelle says:

        So glad someone else heard it what was up with that my husband and I both said something was wrong with her mouth or something

        • Joyce Kelley says:

          She messed with her lips

        • bill says:

          agreed.. she obviously has recently had plastic surgery in anticipation of her appearance back on TV. I’d say she over did it. It’s funny.. I never woulda thought that a woman with her kind of conviction could be so vain and shallow that she would even consider cosmetic surgery in the first place!.. never mind the AMOUNT she had and how terrible she looks.

        • Louise says:

          It looked like a couple of teeth were missing on the right side of her mouth – caved in and misshapen. I don’t think this could have been “messing with her lips – looked like a tooth problem to me. So glad others noticed…can’t believe it’s not all over the net!

  7. Gene says:

    Great to see them back together! They seem more natural together and I hope Leah (Carrie) is a full time cast member makes it a better show with the two of them !! Doug n Carrie.

  8. Paul Boudreau says:

    Well for the first time the show was actually funny goes to show you can’t beat the old days and shows today’s sitcoms just don’t even compare !

  9. Yvonne Wayne says:

    I loved seeing them together AGAIN! They really have an amazing chemistry!So sad to hear that there Will b only 1more.Ialso wish they would play much more of king of queens it’s hardly on!!! Im so sick of 2 broke girls! I don’t have cable!pls play more K of Q!!! THANKS!

    • Nick Juhacz says:

      Who are you directing this at? If you don’t have cable and want more King, then you should contact your local network affiliates, because that’s who decides what’s showing.

  10. Jessica says:

    What a nice surprise! Just about the only Kevin Can Wait episode I recorded and they have a reunion! Loved them on King of Queens.

  11. Deborah says:

    I will always luv seeing them together. I watched King Of Queens faithfully, still watch the reruns. Good reunion.

  12. mrsdance1066 says:

    I enjoyed the reunion of ‘Doug and Carrie’. It made me laugh and cry at the same time. King of Queens is one of my all-time favorite sitcoms going back to the 60’s. Another one is The Andy Griffith Show. This is the first time I was able to make it through the entire episode of Kevin Can Wait. I eat kale, but I can’t stand Chale.

  13. Dave Routhier says:

    Thought Kevin James was great but very disappointed in a just OKay Leah Remini. Too bad, they were once fantastic together.

  14. steve says:

    What did she do to her face? I wish people would stop doing plastic surgery already, they always look worse

    • Susan says:

      It was like she was lisping, like she had new braces on or something

    • Francine says:

      I love Leah and I respect her so much for the work she’s doing in relation to Scientology. But dear GOD, please stop filling your face! It looked nearly painful. She’s beautiful but she’s not gonna be if she keeps messing around. I didn’t enjoy the stunt as much as I could’ve because I was so obsessed with her face and trying to figure out what was … off … Also, I feel bad for Erinn Hayes so that affected me too. I *just* watched the episodes and knowing how things are playing out put it into a different perspective. We’ll see how it goes!!!

  15. Jamie says:

    Can we have Doug and Carrie back,,,,please!!!!!!!!!!! Live them as a couple! Everyone does,,,,,miss them in our homes,,,,,

  16. Sharon says:

    Where’s Arthur?

  17. Joseph Roberts says:

    I’ve never talk to a sight like yours
    Before. Ian excited to see what
    Happens next week.
    I Like It. 😁😁😁😁….

  18. Kelli H says:

    AWESOME SEEING THEM BACK TOGETHER!! great chemistry together, I was saddened to see Leah ruining her naturally gorgeous face with way to much zbitix, lip injections and face fillers

  19. Michelle says:

    I loved seeing them back together! I want more. The episodes already sometimes mimic the ones on King of Queens. We already have Danny so go ahead and bring Carrie back! I’m sorry, but the new wife is not funny to me.

  20. Trisa fisher says:

    I like Kevin can wait and the only reason I watch it is because of Kevin, however I really really really miss King of Queens and I think they should bring that back

  21. I was shocked to see my one time fav. TV wife Leah Remini. She looked like her face was swollen and her lips barley moved when spoke her lines. Curious about whether she had a Hollywood facial or had something medically wrong. I hope neither. Lu Leah go girl

  22. Hattie says:

    Love those two together.i watches the show every night.when I heard about the Kevin was returning to television,I was so excited. I was hoping it would be about Doug,and Carrie,with teenagers or in college.Deacon, and Kelly, with kids in college,Spence and Danny,Authur,all the old gang.i’ve only watched the new show once,tried to watch it again but couldn’t. it doesn’t have spark.

  23. Joetta Montgomery says:


  24. justsomeguy says:

    Funniest episode of the entire season. Seriously, I never knew what this show was missing until Leah Remini showed up and now I know what it is: someone that’s actually funny next to Kevin James.

  25. Yvonne Wayne says:

    It was great can we do it again sooner?i really miss the king of queens!?

  26. Miltonsaavdra says:

    Kevin can wait not very good don’t watch too much of it but King of Queens never missed one episode watch them 10 times each my daughter and I watched everyone together that was our thing

  27. Jose says:

    I hope Celluci ends up as a recurring character on Kevin Can Wait. Would love to see more Leah. It was a great episode. Was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. Great to see them back together.

  28. Barb says:

    Leah is just reprising her loud mouth, bully persona from King of Queens, which is why I stopped watching that show.

  29. Wolfgang says:

    If they bring back will and grace they can bring back king of queens ! Love both shows , real comedy ! And don’t cancel last man standing !! What the fk is wrong with you tv exzx !!

    • Outstanding. My prayers and comments were answered, Can’t wait to see them again, I say to CBS you will know get the rating you want, and I get to see Kevin and Leah do what they do best. Everybody’s Happy. 😁😁😁😁😁.

  30. patty4664@att.net says:

    Did not like Leah Remeni. Really liked the actress that played his wife

  31. Bigbob says:

    The King and Queens was a lost. Always fighting. Kevin made the show. Now, when I see him with a co-star who is a normal wife, we bring in a loser to take her place. As a once detective, she is a real loser. To bad the big companies don’t ask the viewers before changes.

    • Bigbob you must not have been a true fan of king of queens. To say you did not enjoy the show, But in my opinion I feel that there was something missing in the chemistry, of Kevin can wait and that why they made the change. Leah and kevin together are awesome, let’s see what happens in season #2 😠😬

  32. James Fortune says:

    I liked Kevin’s wife she kinda made everything jell

  33. johngriswold says:

    It was cute having Remini come in for a visit, but dropping Erinn Hayes is a mistake. She’s great in this role. Kevin James can’t hold up the show on his own.

  34. Bonnie Rogers says:

    I liked his current wife.

  35. Haley says:

    The main couple of the show did not have chemistry, imo cause their personalities didn’t mesh. Sure, Leah plays the “loud-mouth, bully,” which suits the “whiny, big-baby” persona played by Kevin. They call each other out, which is what makes it funny. Doug and Carrie were very flawed and very entertaining. The very sweet & somewhat bland personality of the wife failed to inspire the kind of chemistry needed for this particular sitcom (at least with Kevin playing basically Doug). Wish they’d realized it way before filming.

    • Haley,you hit the nail with the hammer. The chemistry between Erin
      Hayes, and kevin wasn’t wright,So I can see now how when they got the opportunity to get Leah back they
      went with it, I don’t like the way CBS
      got rid of Erin Hayes. But all I can say
      About that is ,Thats Show Biz!!!

  36. Pam Iovino says:

    I was sooooo happy to see Kevin and Lea together again. They are the best sit com couple I’ve ever seen….and I’m old as dirt. I can’t can’t wait for the first episode!