Report: 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Renewal Almost Official at Netflix

Time to invest in blue nail polish and blank cassette tapes, because there’s a good chance that Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why will be back for a second season.

The streaming video site is nearing a decision to bring back the teen drama, our sister site Deadline reports. And the series got its Season 2 writers’ room going a few weeks ago, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Another strong indicator that the series will continue: Ross Butler, who plays 13 Reasons‘s Zach, recently left The CW’s Riverdale because of scheduling reasons. (Butler is a series regular on the Netflix drama.)

Season 1 of the series, which was based on Jay Asher’s young adult novel, followed Dylan Minnette’s Clay as he listened to tapes left behind by Hannah (Katherine Langford), a friend and classmate who commits suicide before the beginning of the series.

[Spoiler alert] Though Clay makes his way through all of Hannah’s tapes by the finale, the season-ender leaves several storylines hanging — the shooting of classmate Alex, for one — which could be fodder for a continuation of the drama.

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  1. Oran says:

    It shouldn’t happen.

    • Jay says:

      Yeah, it was great as is. I’ll probably watch, but a second season is a mistake.

    • Maia says:

      Yes I agree it is a big mistake. Firstly because it had a lot of dragged out content to get it to 13 episodes as is. But mainly because the producers are contradicting themselves. They pretended to be oh so serious and sensitive in their handling of such a raw topic. They and Selena Gomez said they just had a message to tell and wanted to highlight the ugliness of killing yourself. Some would vary in their views of if they achieved this. I personally don’t believe in the persecution of suicide victims because anyone who could go to such extremes for whatever reason needs help. I don’t believe in the old preachings that suicide victims are damned and the way their graves used to be left unmarked.

      I think that Hannah’s bad attitude made people come to the conclusion that she got what she deserved in a way, it’s what she wanted and oh well. No. People must understand nobody wants to kill themselves but the reason it mainly happens is because people are suffering and think they can stop it this way. I didn’t like the portrayal of suicide as revenge killings of some sort, that the victim was a bad person in what she did.

      I do not think that it is right for them to cash in on suicide and related sensitive topics as the next issue. They did there job, leave it alone. I think the fact that some people have been treating this like just another Pretty Little Liars or Riverdale show is exactly how people have wrongly glamorized it.

    • Kristina says:

      Stories are left up in the air all the time.

    • Cheryl says:

      Oran – I completely agree. It shouldn’t happen. It will take away from impact of the original 13 episodes, aka 13 Reasons Why. Leave it at that, please!

  2. Pedro says:

    It makes sense. They can either go with [SPOILERS] the second suicide or the possible school killing.

  3. chuckiechk says:

    no, it should be one and done

  4. Diggory says:

    Get for ready for 26 reasons why

  5. dude says:

    This reminds me of what Paul Feig said about doing a Bridesmaids sequel, where he basically said, “People think they want another one but it wouldn’t be what they loved about the first one so what’s the point?” The story is over. It was told beautifully and it was a great limited series. I get that it was very successful and Netflix sees dollar signs but that’s not a reason to continue a story that doesn’t need to be and shouldn’t be continued. Some story threads were left unanswered but the heart of the series and what made it so addicting has been resolved so a second season would just be forcing a new story into the same formula.

    • Pedro says:

      Sorry. There’s a lot room left for new storytelling and two great threads. The season only really came together by the end. The last half was brilliant. The first half a bore. Now that they have mastered it, perhaps we can have an entirely brilliant season.

    • stevie says:

      Yeah, I want the family to have closure, and they don’t have it yet. And I really thought they would have the first time around but they didn’t.

  6. ninergrl6 says:

    A large part of the novel’s brilliance is its premise with the revelations unfolding as Clay listens to Hannah’s tapes. I know the Netflix series was an instant hit but… I just feel like continuing would ruin the whole conceit of the story. Then again, if there’s money to be made, apparently storyline integrity goes out the window.

    • Pedro says:

      The novel wasn’t half as good or as deep as the TV series – which, I know, it’s really rare! I have faith they can deliver a great second season.

      • Jess says:

        The novel was actually better than the show in my opinion. There’s a few things the show did better at, but the whole lawsuit storyline was so pointless until the last episode. To me the show ran a little too long that I just couldn’t wait for it to be over. Rarely does it take someone longer to watch a show than to read the book.

      • Brooke says:

        Agreed, the novel was pretty one-dimensional and lacked any character development at all for anyone, including Hannah and Clay.

  7. Nty says:

    If it’s the school shooting…it’s going to be tough because Tyler is not an interesting enough character to carry an entire season.
    I want a season 2 just for more Clay.

    • Pedro says:

      He wouldn’t have to. Much like Hannah was mostly a thread through the season.

    • Jess says:

      Clay was obviously not an interesting enough character to carry out the entire season either. I’m interested in Justin, Jessica, Tyler, Courtney, Zach, and Ryan more than anyone else. Clay was more annoying than anything else, taking his time listening to the tapes and judging everyone when that wasn’t the point of the tapes.

      • abz says:

        I thought Clay was a likeable and interesting character. Sure, I got annoyed at times at how slowly he listened to the tapes, but out of all of the people on the tapes, Clay was really the most consistent friend Hannah had throughout. They always had a friendship or some sort of connection even if at times it got a little rocky (e.g., after their make out at the party, after Jeff’s death). The rest of the people on the tapes were acquaintances or people who stopped being close friends with her or people who failed her or wronged her. So it’s understandable, why Clay’s reactions to the tapes and hearing her voice would have a greater effect on him. She was his friend. She could have possibly been more. He really liked her. Also, we know Clay possibly had some past mental health issues of his own like anxiety or something based on the pills that his mother tried to get him to start taking again after Hannah died even though he stopped taking them for two years. So there’s that possible history of difficulty dealing with things and plenty of emotions.

        Aside from her parents and Tony (and Alex too since we the effect it had over him), Clay was the only one who was really concerned about what Hannah went through and actually listening to what she was describing on the tapes and how other people had affected her. Most of the others were primarily concerned with their own secrets and keeping them hidden, as well as their reputations.

        Also, I don’t see why he wouldn’t judge some of the things that the people on the tapes did (i.e. Tyler stalking Hannah, Justin allowing the photo to spread of her, Bryce raping her, Courtney destroying her reputation and spreading lies, Sheri not calling 911 and letting Jeff’s parents believe he was driving drunk, etc). These are all terrible things and I’m sure many people watching judged those actions as well.

  8. fernando933 says:

    I think this should have been a one season show unless they plan on making each season about a new story and characters

  9. Ajiko says:

    NOOPE! it doesn’t need a second season it was good as a one off series. The story they told was good and it doesn’t need to be continued. I feel like it’s just a cash grab and it’ll ruin the series. The first season was already longer than it needed to be.

    • James says:

      This! I felt the weight of it over the last episodes. Even when they moved Clay’s tape to episode 11, the series grasped to get to the end. It should’ve been 10 episodes only (although I get why they decided to go for 13, not all the characters deserved an episode dedicated to them. The poetry episode, for example could’ve been combined with another tape).

  10. Dana Debroy says:

    I was absolutely into every detail of this show. It was amazing. I literally was broken emotionally with the two leads by the end. And it meant something and was honest and brutal and made you ache and want to be better and it should stay at that.

  11. Julian says:

    I think ot would be about Alex. He shot himself and now Tyler would be the Tony to Alex’s Hannah.

  12. abz says:

    I’m looking forward to it. I would love a follow-up on some of these characters like Alex, Jessica, Justin, Clay, etc. I also want to see Bryce brought to justice. I don’t know how they will come up with a full season worth of material as Tyler isn’t interesting enough of a character if they were to have the season revolve around a school shooting, but who knows. The author of the book himself said on EW that he was curious and that he’d like to see a continuation of all the characters. I will definitely watch it.

  13. Anne says:

    It was irresponsible of them to make this show without any consideration for its impact. The show runners ignored most of the suggestions from the counsellors they consulted and they don’t have a PSA episode tag telling people where they can get resources if they’re having thoughts of suicide.
    There’s a way to talk about this topic and this show didn’t do it right.

    • Andrea says:

      Yeah I agree.

    • Pedro says:

      Art shouldn’t be restricted by snowflake trigger warnings.

      • Anne says:

        So you don’t care about teenagers killing themselves? Cool. Good to know where you stand. Congrats you’re an awful person.
        It there’s a lesson from this show it’s that you shouldn’t kill yourself and that people should be kinder to each other. So asking the show to have the cast make a tag at the end of each episodes that says “please reach out to the resources in your community” and then list some resources… is that getting in the way of art.

      • Anne says:

        And the show consulted therapists who deal with teen suicide everyday. They asked these experts how to make a show that wasn’t offensive and would minimize the harm to those at risk …..and the showrunners ignored what they said. To them, their *vision* was more important than being responsible about teens killing themselves

  14. Great News! We need a season two as too much was left in the air .

  15. Great news we need a season 2 as too many stories left in the air.

  16. SatanBitch says:

    We definitely need a season 2 to much left hanging with most of the characters. We need to find out what happens with the court case and every one else i wont post spoilers but at the end the first season first thing i did was to check online if theres gna be a season 2 to make sure we can find out what happens next.

  17. Ivanni says:

    When will13 reasons why air on netflix

  18. Belle says:

    I’m interested in the direction they could potentially take it in. You can surely use Alex’s shooting himself as a stepping point, as well as the scary “columbine-esq” type scenario due to that huge arsenal Tyler had in the foot looker in his bedroom. I am all for another season, but only if the writer’s can come up with something fantastic…it would be awful if they rush a story from pressure from TPTB!!! Do it right, or don’t do it at all – that’s directed at you Netflix. NEVER rush something just to get it on the air!!!!!!

  19. Mark says:

    No no and no some series should finish after one series and not spoil a great story

  20. Edward kennedy says:

    My name is Edward Kennedy I know who did this It was Justin and his friends ruin her life It was Hannah Baker bouillon those guys too that’s why what happened to her It was Alex driving that fast trying Hurt cue guys need to shut down that picture Justin and his friends going to jail for that did something wrong got drunk Those guys Made The Girls drunk Jessica have guns in her room in the safe She got drunk again is school

  21. Jenna says:

    “Time to invest in blue nail polish and blank cassette tapes”…what??? This isn’t a teen fiction that is supposed to be glamorized. People dismissing that it isn’t are absolutely being plain ignorant.