Bill O'Reilly Fired

Bill O'Reilly Officially Out at Fox News

There’s no good way to spin this: Fox News is parting ways with Bill O’Reilly.

The controversial political commentator is out after more than two decades with the network, 21st Century Fox confirmed via the following statement: “After a thorough and careful review of the allegations, the Company and Bill O’Reilly have agreed that Bill O’Reilly will not be returning to the Fox News Channel.”

The O’Reilly Factor host has been mired in scandal for weeks, with the recent revelation that Fox has paid out more than $13 million to settle five separate sexual-harassment lawsuits against him. That led to more accusers coming forward and an extensive advertiser boycott, with dozens of companies dropping their ads from Factor, costing the network millions in lost revenue.

Tucker Carlson, who currently anchors the 9 pm slot, has reportedly been tapped to replace O’Reilly at 8 pm.

O’Reilly has hosted the primetime news show The O’Reilly Factor since 1996, and made it into Fox News’ top-rated program, with viewers tuning in each weeknight for O’Reilly’s commentary on the day’s political news. His brash, no-nonsense style (he famously labeled his show “the No-Spin Zone”) and “Talking Points Memo” format, with on-screen text matching his comments, were lampooned by Stephen Colbert on his Emmy-winning Comedy Central show The Colbert Report.

No word yet on whether O’Reilly might take his act to another TV network, but he does have a writing career to fall back on: He’s written or co-written more than a dozen books, including the bestsellers Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy, both of which were recently turned into National Geographic TV movies.

Read Rupert Murdoch’s internal memo to the Fox News staff below…

UPDATE: O’Reilly has responded to his dismissal from Fox News with a statement, saying “it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims” but insisting “I wish only the best for Fox News Channel.” Here’s O’Reilly’s statement, in full:

Over the past 20 years at Fox News, I have been extremely proud to launch and lead one of the most successful news programs in history, which has consistently informed and entertained millions of Americans and significantly contributed to building Fox into the dominant news network in television. It is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. But that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today. I will always look back on my time at Fox with great pride in the unprecedented success we achieved and with my deepest gratitude to all my dedicated viewers. I wish only the best for Fox News Channel.

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  1. Van says:

    Bye gurl bye

  2. webly3 says:

    Buh bye.

  3. funnibone31 says:

    Peace out ya creep

  4. LT says:

    Didn’t FACTOR that into the equation, did ya Billy? BYE BYE!

    • Kriston Troy Brannan says:

      Yeah, I’m sure he’ll be crying all the way to the bank, where he’ll promptly deposit the severance check for tens of millions of dollars he gets when Fox buys out his contract. The fact is, he’s an old man who had a legendary career, and is going to retire an incredibly, fabulously wealthy man. I really doubt being let go from his job is going to phase him very much.

  5. Pedro says:

    Good riddance.

  6. Temperance says:

    Great! One down… the rest of the propaganda factory to go.

    • Eric H says:

      If you think Fox News is bad, go watch MSNBC and you’ll the same shilling for the left.

      • Pedro says:

        MSNBC is biased, but no where as closes as Fox, that is not just biased, but dangerous.

        • Temperance says:

          Not according to anyone in the real world, that uses actual fact-checking. to say otherwise is lying… badly and massively. FOX lies three and a half times as much as MSNBC in multiple assessments by multiple independent fact-checking organizations.

      • Temperance says:

        I don’t watch MSNBC, but the six times independetly fact checked results (pooled from politically neutral six agencies) state that MSNBC lies about 20% of the time. FOX News lies about 71% of the time. There is no English-speaking ‘news’ sourcs that is worse than OX. It’s PURE propaganda. Get real, bub.

      • Tim says:

        FOX lies almost four times as much as CNN or MSNBC. Conservative brainwashing at work, folks.

  7. Butch says:

    Happy Days Are Here Again.

  8. Temperance says:

    Great! One down…. the rest of the propaganda factory to go!

  9. bobbie says:

    Ding-dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead!

  10. Pedro says:

    Colour me shocked the world is changing. 5 years ago nothing would come of it and it would all be blamed on the women and their tight dresses, even tough they seem to be Fox News’s mandatory attire.

    Good to see people react to sexual harassment, brands pull out and Fox News do the right thing. Commendable all around.

  11. everyone should boycott his books and anything else he’s involved in, why condone what he did by helping to support the ***

  12. Coop says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the 9 PM hour. Will they promote from within or hire someone on the outside? Carlson’s not exactly a Trump guy, so it’ll be fun to see where Fox News’ primetime lineup shifts along the political spectrum now.

  13. dragons3 says:

    Three words I never expected to associate with Fox News — “the right thing”!

  14. Amber says:

    The end of a hate filled era…woohoo!

  15. Gina says:

    In the immortal words of NSync, “Bye Bye Bye”.

  16. Kathy says:

    Great! I never thought it would happen. But money talks and Fox was losing too much. Yea!!!

  17. iHeart says:


  18. Brock Hard says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  19. Rachel Maurer says:


  20. Tennisnsun says:

    If only Trump worked for Fox news………….

    • Angela says:

      Heh, no kidding.
      There’s always impeachment for Trump, though. Here’s hoping that happens as soon as humanly possible.

      • M says:

        With a Republican congress? I shudder to imagine what it would take to move them to that action if nothing has mattered so far.

        • Angela says:

          If his approval ratings keep falling as they are and more and more voters get fed up with him (I’ve heard some of Trump’s recent foreign actions have even ticked off his own base), the GOP may have no choice but to finally get moving on doing something, if for no other reason than to try saving their own butts come re-election time in 2018.
          And depending on what else comes out about the whole Russia/election thing, that might have to force them to do something, too.
          Sadly, I think you’re right that the chances aren’t great so long as the GOP is the majority, but still, it’s something to cling to and hope for, at least.

        • Temperance says:

          People can move them. There are lots of things that can be done… if people will get up off the couch. I’m not sure what level of disaster it will take, but when it happiness it will be ugly. Personally, the treasonous Republican coup and change of form of government the GOP did to install the monstrous Gorush should have resulted in regime change. .

  21. Jenny says:

    It couldn’t have happened to a nicer fella. 😁

  22. bostongreekgirl (@BostonGreekgirl) says:

    Finally the older elite baby boomer men are being booted from high positions bc of the way they behave. It is about ring time. Whose next….

  23. Linda says:

    The arrogance and disrespect he shows the guests on his program certainly says to me that he treats women the way they have alleged. I do think he has provided many good things to charities especially our military. Bad conduct catches up to one, despite any mitigating good deeds. He’s 67 and it is time for new blood I think. Before you attack me as ageist, I’m 73, so I know a little about growing older. The mighty ego falls.

  24. Took them long enough. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

  25. Mary says:

    Wow – glad but surprise. Never thought Fox would do the right thing, considering they have paid big time to hide these old men action. Could it be the new generation of the family have some morals? Might be pushing it but there is hope.

    • KatsMom says:

      If his advertisers hadn’t abandoned him in droves due to pressure from consumers, then he’d still be there. It’s as simple as that. He went from something like 16 minutes of commercials during his show down to 4, according to an article I saw last week. They were losing money by keeping him on the air. Sadly, this had nothing to do with morality.

  26. msuehale says:

    One less pompous, stuffy, and sexist on TV. He should have been out a long time ago.

  27. Kelly says:

    Fox says “After a thorough and careful review of the allegations”, uh what was there to review? You were part of the $13M settlements, so you already knew what was going on. You only let him go because the public found out, and the advertisers bailed on you.

  28. AngelWasHere says:

    Bwhahaha! Best news today. Bye boy! Bye!

  29. fiberlicious says:

    WOOO HOOO – one by one, the slimebuckets fall!

  30. Pedro says:

    If I were Sean Spicer, I’d be really worried right now.

  31. Butch says:

    They should blame Trump. No one at Fox cared about Roger Ailes and his buddies sexual harassment, which had been going on for many years, until Trump was recorded talking about p**sy grabbing.

  32. Jill R says:

    Bye Felicia!

  33. Robert says:

    No more FAKE NEWS from him for the time being. Arrogant ass.

  34. Tony Lang says:

    Is there something about the name “Bill” that prompts sexual misconduct? Bill O’Reilly, Billy Bush, Bill Cosby, and let’s not forget Bill Clinton…

  35. Dalyce says:

    LOL ~ The hypocrisy of Murdoch saying Fox tries to foster a work environment built on trust and respect is grotesque, considering the network paid out 13 million to keep Bill’s nasty little secrets. They only kicked him to the curb when their advertisers bailed and the network’s revenue took a hit. Fox News is the poster child for SSDD.

  36. Wyngate says:

    All you bleeding heart liberals- Bill Clinton and where he stuck those cigars and the Weiner and where he stuck everything else-that seems to be OK with you. Shame on you!!!!!
    Look in the mirror!!!!!!!

    • Pedro says:

      Perhaps what people tolerate 20 years ago and what they tolerate now 20 has changed because people have learned and grown. It’s a shame you haven’t.

      Also, Clinton was having a consensual affair. That is not the case here, It’s sexual harassment.

      • Orc says:

        Clinton was also accused of rape and sexual harassment. The situation with Lewinski, even then, was considered sexual harassment (even though it was consensual) for anyone else because she was a White House intern placing him in a position of power over her.

    • Mary says:

      Seriously, you need to seek help. Clinton was impeached and Weiner was kicked to the curb. The shame is on you for thinking O’Reilly should have no consequences for his actions. Maybe you should look in the mirror!!!

    • Mark D. Moss says:

      Clinton was indisputably a cad and a cheater … but his conduct was *consensual* … there’s a whole other level of disgusting when someone makes continued *unwanted* and *uninvited* sexual advances. This is one “liberal” that is fine with BOTH being disgusted by Clinton AND being repulsed by the actions of Ailes, O’Reilly, Trump, etc. Maybe *you* need to look in the mirror.

      • Orc says:

        There have been allegations that not all of Clinton’s conduct was consensual. There has been at least one person claiming she was raped and a few others alleging unwanted sexual advances bordering on at least harassment

        • Pedro says:

          And yet none of them got anything, while O’Reilly accusers got 13 million.

          • Orc says:

            My comment was a correction of Mark Moss not an attempt to exonerate O’Reilly as both should be held accountable. My came out against Clinton after the statute of limitations, which I saw also the case with many of Cosby’s accusers as well.

        • Mark D. Moss says:

          I’m not going to litigate the Willey accusations here … but even if they’re true, I *already* said that I was/am “disgusted” by Clinton. I lump him *in* with that long list of Republican serial abusers/rapists, as do the OVERWHELMING majority of “liberals” being used as an excuse by Wingate (the original poster) for his side’s actions.

          I thought cries of “well, he did it too” wore thin after one’s 4th birthday.

    • Ron says:

      I don’t know any liberal (and I know quite a bit) that gave Bill Clinton, and especially Anthony Weiner, a pass. And you also have to take into account that it’s something that is difficult to gauge in terms of Bill Clinton. Realistically, people on the whole weren’t as critical of sexual assault as they are now. And let me be clear–that is in no way me giving Clinton a pass. What I mean by that is that myself and other liberal millennials, those of us in our 20s and early 30s, were alive during the Clinton presidency, but we weren’t really old enough to grasp the gravity of it. When the whole Lewinski assault case was going down, I was 7 or 8 years old. But the reason this is important, is because those who are my age are the ones who are most active in speaking out against sexual assault in all of its forms. We just weren’t old enough to understand or be as vocal 20 years ago. But we’re aware of it and hold Clinton to the fire for it. And Anthony Weiner–phew, EVERY person I know thinks that guy is disgusting scum. No one defends him at all, and I don’t know why you think anyone does. That shows you’re just projecting.

      • Pedro says:

        Thank you for explaining it so well.

      • Angela says:

        All of this. I was eight when Clinton was elected in 1992, and in my early teens when the Lewinsky stuff went down, and my understanding back then was that he was having an affair. I hadn’t heard about the sexual assault allegations until just within recent years. .
        Also, consensual or not, the fact remains that Bill Clinton did get in trouble for his sex scandal-he got impeached for it. And Anthony Weiner’s career fell apart over his scandal, too. He’s a laughing stock now, and got mocked mercilessly for his actions, and from a lot of liberal media at that (I remember John Oliver having a grand ol’ time with that story when he was taking over for Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show”). So where people are getting this idea that they weren’t held accountable/punished for their actions/called out the way Republicans are, i don’t know.

        • Orc says:

          He was impeached, but not removed from Office, for lying under oath. He Settled the Paula Jones lawsuit where this came from and agreed to give up his law license but it is rarely brought up by anyone other than his political opponents.

  37. Mark D. Moss says:

    He should find another network and DO IT LIVE!

  38. JenJ says:

    Now to get rid of the rest of Fake News Central. So many made up stories, on that network, I don’t know how those people sleep at night.

  39. Buck sanders says:

    Judge not and you shall not be judged. Judge and you shall be judged by God.

  40. Buck sanders says:

    Do any of you have proof. Let him without sin cast the first stone. All of us someday will ask for mercy and forgiveness.

    • Chris says:

      They were paid 13 million you don’t settle and pay when your rich and can fight it out of your actually innocent.

  41. Buck sanders says:

    There is only one lawgiver who can save or destroy. —————–Je—read you bible. It is in James. We have laws that justify but it is not hate. Love conquers all.

  42. Gina says:

    I just knew he wasn’t going to go out quietly. He should have just kept his yap shut. But he knows that his followers will only see “unfounded claims” and immediately blame the women. Which of course is what abusers do.

  43. Claire Bryant says:

    I think FOX made a big mistake firing Bill O’Reilly because of scandal, not the way he should retire! We’ve lost a lot of respect FOR FOX, JAMES MURDOCK. Bill and his humor went a long way in getting the truth out. He should be re- instated and retire when he wants to. My family, friends and extended family are not happy with this, and I pity the person who “can never take his place”!

  44. Roci says:

    It took too long and cost too much in terms that will never be valued in money alone to get rid of this cretin. Even more stomach turning is the fact that he will continue to make money elsewhere.
    Remember that no contrition was offered-not a word of it- to the women involved. This over-priced, over-bearing snake oil salesman continues to portray himself as a victim rather than a perpetrator.
    “Fixed noise” simply jettisoned the problem with a green parachute attached, to land somewhere else in broadcast media. So may the viewing public consider themselves “safe” once more from people like Bill O’Reilly, until he lights somewhere else, like an annoying fly, where he will be “free” to continue to be himself and do the same things as the “opportunity” arises?

  45. Steve F. says:

    About time. Hey, Billy-boy… how you like them falafels?

  46. peterwdawson says:

    I guess we can look forward now to the further sensual adventures of Ashley Van Buren.

  47. Buck sanders says:

    Those who clam to be wise and knows everything are only fooling their selfs. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Does anyone out there want someone to steal, kill, cheat, lye, date your wife, hurt your family. Then do not do it to anyone else. Think

    • Pedro says:

      I don’t want to get a phone call from an elderly man using a vibrator on himself, masturbating and calling me to orgasm saying very lewd things before I can figure out what is going on and hang up, afraid of being fired because he is my boss.

  48. Whitehead says:

    We will continue to be Your Fans here in Florida. Only the strong survive! Destiny is setting some time aside for you to do things you want for you and your family. The Whiteheads in
    St. Petersburg.