Pretty Little Liars Recap

Pretty Little Liars Recap: End Game On

Did anyone else scream “Jumanji!” during Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars premiere? … Oh, just me then?

After nine long months — you know, the same amount of time it takes to fully cook a child in the womb, or so I’ve read — Freeform’s crown jewel returned to kick off its final run. And the hour began with a special gift for the Liars: an inconceivably detailed board game, complete with a miniature replica of Rosewood and a piece representing each girl.

Spencer was the first to officially play after being told that she’d earn a “reward” for visiting a “sick friend” in the hospital. I’m pretty sure that “friend” was supposed to be Yvonne — you know, the girl currently chilling in a medically induced coma — but she spent the whole visit talking to Toby about how everyone will make it out of Rosewood someday.

The reward was a heartbreaking letter that Mary wrote to Spencer shortly before giving birth to her at Radley — sample line: “You come out of a hateful act, but that doesn’t make you hateful” — along with a puzzle piece that fit on the “home” spot on the board game.

Speaking of Mary, a heated exchange between Spencer and her mother Veronica, re: Spencer’s paternity, revealed that her birth father is actually — wait for it — her father! Apparently Mary posed as Jessica DiLaurentis and carried on her sister’s affair with Papa Hastings. And when Mary became pregnant, Jessica came clean to Veronica about everything, giving her the option of adopting the baby and raising it as her own. (Spencer’s dad may be a grade-A garbage person, but I do appreciate the way his affairs have tied this whole show together.)

Elsewhere this week…

HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA | It didn’t take a Grunwald to predict that Emily, Paige and Alison working together under one roof would prove problematic, so imagine my look of absolutely zero shock whatsoever when Emily had to break up a vicious war of words between them. (Honestly, you know Ali was two seconds from shouting, “You tried to drown her in a pool!”) The tension continued back at Chez DiLaurentis, where Alison admitted she still wasn’t sure how she feels about Emily. “Please don’t kiss me again,” Emily told her. “Not until you know.” (Oof!)

FASHION FORWARD | Now that things are good — you might even say better than ever — for “Haleb,” Hanna was free to shift her focus to the other love of her life: fashion. And thanks to a “scathingly brilliant” plan hatched by Mona, Hanna had her designs on the daughter of a New York senator within 24 hours. Sure, there was a brief hiccup when Hanna discovered that Mona presented herself as Hanna’s boss — but hey, since when has Mona not been a total control freak? This is not news.

HOLY (AWKWARD) MATRIMONY | Planning your wedding alone is uncomfortable enough, but Aria took things to the next level when she bumped into Holden — remember him?! — who’s apparently working for his sister’s bridal business. I know no one wants to hear this, but let me be real for a second: Should Aria even bother planning this wedding while Ezra is still traveling back and forth to New York to see Nicole, who’s preparing to have all of her bones broken… as part of some sort of surgery, I think? (Honestly, I cover my ears whenever there’s talk of breaking bones.)

So… was Tuesday’s premiere worth the (nine month) wait? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your thoughts — including any new A.D. theories you might have.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. fernando933 says:

    Loved how Spencer heavy this episode was.

    Crazy about the end game bored, wonder how crazy it will get

  2. Emily says:

    Wasn’t there a picture of Toby next to the “visit a sick friend” message?

  3. Ben says:

    I really am not a fan of alison

    • Ms Bean says:

      I used to love alison…until we found out she was alive. Her storyline for the last ten episodes is so annoying.

  4. Caitlin Allyssa Lopez says:

    I knew Peter was Spencer’s biological father and I knew that Mary had seduced him by passing herself as Jessica during his affair with her. I didn’t know that Spencer would be the first person to play AD’s game but I suspected that AD would try something in an effort to stop them from turning the game board and everything else to Marco and Rosewood PD. I was glad that both Spencer and Toby survived and I did feel bad that Yvonne was caught up in AD’s game and vendetta against Spencer, Aria, Alison, Emily, Hanna, Toby, Ezra, and Caleb.

  5. Samantha says:

    Jumanji was my first thought too…glad were in the same page :)

  6. Calista Flockhart says:

    Tell me…how exactly did they think Noel Kahn and Jenna, a blind girl capable of being AD? In the latter part of season 6, some serious computer hacking was being done between AD and Caleb. Noel Kahn is as dumb as a box of rocks. And Jenna?…really? The liars have made spontaneous guesses before but that was silly.

  7. Paula says:

    My desire to see Alison pushed in front of a speeding train grows stronger with every episode! Emily should realize that Paige has more intelligence, insight and common sense than anyone else in Rosewood (with the new cop running a close second). But the true highlight of this episode? That hot as blazes ‘real diamond’ commercial. Seriously, Freeform needs to give that enchanting man his own series! Don’t ask me how many times I’ve replayed that ad!

  8. Ms Bean says:

    They better do Paige justice by the ending of this show! She deserves a better ending than Emily and Alison at this point. Growing really tired of this Emison bull. Also Not a big fan of Alison’s storyline…she used to be such an intriguing character. Now i find her very annoying. But i love my spencer and mona! Going to miss this show so much, despite its major frustrations!

    • Kennedy says:

      So very well said! I cannot stand all of this Emison stuff. As much as I want Emily with Paige, I would rather her be single than with Alison. She was horrible this episode! She only wants Emily’s focus to be on her and her alone. I seriously would love it if it came back and Alison was A. What a great twist, better than all the Wren theories out there.

    • Cas says:

      I would bet that Paige will end up being AD. This way Emison fans (barf) will get their happy ending. And it would sort of make sense. Personally, Allison acted like a spoiled teenager in this episode. I can’t stand her.

  9. Cas says:

    Everything still makes no sense to me. Spencer was with Caleb. Then an episode or two later she was upset about Toby and gave him a goodbye kiss? Caleb wasted no time in going back to Hanna. I was a huge Haleb fan. But I have thought Caleb and Spencer had more chemistry for a few seasons now so that was fun to watch. Plus they made it seem like Spencer was way in love with him. If that is the case why the anquish over Toby a few episodes later? Also, her dad is a class A douchebag. This episode served no purpose for me. Just reminded me of the first half of the season and also reminded me of how much I hate the Emison story.

  10. Jane says:

    At the end of the episode where Jenna is talking to A.D and she hands Jenna the book, I saw A.D’s hair and it looks quite a lot like Aria’s locks ..

  11. Russian fan says:

    Alison has been so nice for a long time, so I actually really enjoyed seeing her bitchy attitude again, just like in good old times! Her behaviour is totally believable: she’s in a bad place now and she’s pregnant, so mood changes are to be expected. Emison fan here.

  12. Brad Boomer says:

    Weird thought…any chance Alison’s could have been impregnanted with Emily’s eggs????