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Emmys 2017: Gilmore Girls to Compete in Limited Series Categories

So much for Lauren Graham avoiding the kudos clusterfrak known as Emmy’s Best Actress in a Limited Series race.

A Netflix spokesperson confirms that Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will compete in the Limited Series categories at the 2017 Emmys after the streamer filed a petition with the TV Academy. Emmy rules state that revivals — even ones only four installments long like Gilmore — should be treated as an ongoing series, which is why A Year in the Life was originally slotted in the Drama Series race.

The change means that Graham — who is widely considered the revival’s best shot at a nomination — will vie for one of the six Best Actress slots also being eyed by the leading ladies of HBO’s Big Little Lies and FX’s FEUD: Bette and Joan.

Nominations for the 69th Primetime Emmys will be announced July 13.

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  1. fernando933 says:

    I’m sorry but Jessica Lange got this in the bag!!!!

    • John036 says:

      Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Susan Sarandon are stiff competition. I haven’t seen Fargo yet so I can’t comment on Carrie Coon.
      And in my opinion, I think Susan is the more likely out of her and Jessica to win, if I had to choose between the Feud ladies.

    • Sara says:

      Definitely! Jessica Lange all the way!

    • Jec says:

      I have a feeling Nicole Kidman might win this one. Her performance on Big Little Lies was outstanding!

      • Ron says:

        I think you might be right, though I can see where it’s probably a toss up between Nicole and Jessica right now. For the first time in quite some time, this is arguably going to be the most stacked category at the Emmys this year–both in terms of name recognition/star power, and in terms of phenomenal performances. While I personally would vote for Nicole, I still think it’s a toss up. The TV Academy loves Jessica Lange. Last year was the first time she wasn’t nominated since 2012, and she’s won 3 times. On the other hand, Nicole turned in an undeniably brilliant performance, and she also has the advantage of being on arguably the most talked about mini-series this year. And even though I think Jessica and Nicole are the two front-runners, that’s not to discount that someone else, like Susan or Reese could come in and pull out the win. This category is just ridiculous this year.

  2. Guy says:

    If she gets a nod at the Emmys, this will just prove their bias against The CW. Her work on the revival was on par with her work on the series (which is to say it was good). There are a couple actresses on The CW who should be getting some Emmy love by now, tbh.

  3. Lauren says:

    I don’t see her winning up against all the major Hollywood names who will be in this category. I would love to see her get a nod though. She has always been underrated. So good on Gilmore Girls *and* Parenthood.

  4. Steven says:

    I don’t see Lauren getting the Emmy over Jessica Lange or the ladies of Big Little lies. I’m just hoping for Kelly Bishop gets nominated. She was the only one in the revival who really wowed me.

  5. Dannie C says:

    That sucks :(

  6. Sara says:

    Lauren Graham, Susan Sarandon, Jessica Lange…it’ll be the best category up!

  7. Cas says:

    Sorry but she has nothing on the cast of Big Little Lies. They were amazing. I was so impressed with Reese and Nicole. I actually never really liked Nicole Kidman but man she won me over.

  8. chris says:

    I don’t understand why they would have petitioned to place this as a limited series if it seems as though it will make it tougher for them to get nominated for an Emmy in this category.

    • Brian says:

      She probably would have even less of a chance if they stuck with the drama category. Viola Davis, Claire Foy, Christine Baranski, Robin Wright, Keri Russell, Claire Danes, Taraji P. Henson, Evan Rachel Wood, Elizabeth Moss.

      • Pedro says:

        Those seem weaker competition than Jessica Lange, NIcole Kidman, Susan Sarandon, Reeese Witherspoon et al. No denying the talent of Viola and Taraj, but HTGAWM and Empire are not in their heyday and none of these other names match the calibre of these Oscar winners I mentioned.

      • John036 says:

        Just gonna add Tatiana Maslany to that list too. Best Actress in a drama has always been stacked for the past few years

  9. T.W.S.S. says:

    This will have to be one of the times when just being nominated is impressive.

  10. lululimon says:

    I wonder if Oprah Winfrey will snag a nomination as well.

  11. mollytanner says:

    Are Felicity Huffman and Regina King both considered leads now for American Crime or is Regina still supporting? I think this is its best season and they are both outstanding.

  12. Brian says:

    Lange, Sarandon, Kidman, and Witherspoon are pretty much locks. Oprah is very likely. That only leaves 1 slot for Felicity Huffman, Carrie Coon, and maybe one of the Black Mirror girls. I don’t see Graham getting nominated.

  13. kmw says:

    For everyone(including Michael) this is really too bad because Lauren Graham not only has no shot of winning but more likely no shot of getting nominated in such a tough category. The decision is understandable of course but doesn’t make fans of hers happy

    • Pedro says:

      Really? Because I don’t understand it. Why petition it to have it moved to a tougher category?

      • Jec says:

        Yeah the limited series category is really tough this year. I mean 4 nominations are already locked. I highly doubt Graham will get one.

  14. Jec says:

    I like her a lot and I thought she did a good job in the revival but she has no shot in getting nominated. The category is intensely competitive and while Lauren is a good actress, the revival wasn’t. Meanwhile Big Little Lies and Feud are fantastic.

  15. Claire says:

    I like all of these ladies, but for this one, I’m only here for Nicole Kidman to secure her win as Celeste.

  16. Pedro says:

    Not sure why Netflix pushed for this. Gilmore Girls will be rightfully slaughtered by Feud. And I say that as a Gilmore Girls fan. But Feud is much better in every way. It’s film quality.

  17. Alec says:

    Big Little Lies, Feud and American Crime won’t let her be nominated.

  18. Lisa Echerd says:

    4 episodes is a limited series. period. No way this should have ever been considered to compete with full seasons – even cable seasons – of a regular drama series. It’s unfortunate she didn’t win when it was a regular series but you don’t make up for it by putting her against actresses that did a full season of work.

  19. Sofie says:

    Lauren Graham she deserves this! She is so talented and beautiful! She makes me laugh when I’m sad and even when I’m happy! Whenever I watch her weather it be gilmore girls or parenthood or a movie she’s in she makes me smile all the time and she makes me laugh every single day I would have the honer to meet her it’s my dream! I would do anything!

  20. Sofie says:

    Lauren Graham she deserves this! She is so talented and beautiful! She makes me laugh when I’m sad and even when I’m happy! Whenever I watch her weather it be gilmore girls or parenthood or a movie she’s in she makes me smile all the time and she makes me laugh every single day I would have the honer to meet her it’s my dream!

  21. jggg72 says:

    Lauren Graham did incredible work across the series but the person who deserves a nomination for this is Kelly Bishop. Her work throughout the series was flawless. She made it not only watchable but memorable. With fairness to the actors, they did their best with the writing. In no way does the show deserve Emmy recognition: the crudeness, the tired pop references, the misogynstic storyline, the continued homophobia, the fat shaming. Lorelai and Rory both proved to be horrible people and it ruined the show for me. ASP wanted it to be two shows, a dark comedy / satire and a light comedy at the same time. Each of those visions of the show betrayed the other one — except for Kelly’s character, and she got it throughout the series and committed to it 200%.