Scandal Recap

Scandal Recap: Was the 100th Episode a Perfect Dream or Total Nightmare?

“I guarantee you Fitz’s life would be a million times worse if you hadn’t rigged that election,” Jake told Olivia at the top of Scandal‘s 100th episode. “Yours too.”

But was he right?

Honestly, that depends on your definition of the word “worse.” Sure, everyone in this new reality seemed totally miserable, but aren’t they anyway? Here’s a quick — but by no means uncomplicated — rundown of what everyone’s lives would be like had Defiance not helped Fitz win the election:

* Olivia (and her bangs!) would almost go on a date with Leo — yes, Abby’s Leo — only to be interrupted by a newly divorced Fitz, who would give her the emotional proposal “Olitz” fans have dreamt about for the better part of a decade. After marrying Olivia in a lavish ceremony, Fitz would go on to host The Grant Report. And after work? Why, he’d grab drinks with his good pal Jake Ballard, of course! … But this idyllic existence wouldn’t last forever. Before long, Liv and Fitz’s relationship would devolve into a bitter, sexless nightmare, one they’d both have to work on. Like, really hard.

* With no post-Defiance mess to clean up, Rowan wouldn’t become the key player in his daughter’s life that he is in our reality — but in true Rowan fashion, he’d keep an eye on her from a safe, creepy distance. He would, however, inject himself into Mellie’s presidential campaign by presenting her with naughty photos of Sally Langston’s husband getting a yum-yum from some crispy piggy. (Remember him? And remember when Sally killed him? Good times.)

* Quinn would still go by her birth name, Lindsey Dwyer, and would be crushing the competition on a Bachelor-esque reality show. (Huck, naturally, would be Lindsey D.’s biggest fan, and all references to her “torture” tendencies would go way over his big, curly head.) An appearance from Lindsey on The Grant Report would lead to a sexy encounter with Fitz in his greenroom — and by “sexy encounter,” I mean he’d get drunk, she’d start to go downtown, then he’d scream at her to leave. (For Fitz, that’s like the romantic equivalent of dinner and dancing.)

* Cyrus would still be a total closet case, much to the dismay of James — who would still be alive. A distraught Mellie would take advantage of Cyrus’ good nature, introducing the grossest Scandal kiss since that time Huck spit on Quinn in the parking garage. Grosser still, the two would get married. (And while Mellie would later claim that she didn’t know… come on, girl.)

This journey down What Could Have Been Blvd., which Olivia apparently imagined in its entirety, inspired her to make a dramatic walk to Fitz on the balcony: “I’m in.”

Your thoughts on Scandal‘s highly anticipated “what if” episode? Grade it below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Mimi says:

    It was a cute filler episode. Best part very little Rowan, no B16 and very little Jake.

  2. Brian says:

    This was surprisingly a fun episode. It’ll be interesting to see what happens going forward.

    • mimi williams says:

      I totally agree. They almost had me when Fitz proposed and Liv was acting like she could care less. But then the elevators door opened! It was a great callback to the old couple.

  3. Ange says:

    I did not like it. I don’t think it served much purpose in the overall scheme of things.

  4. Diana says:

    What did Olivia mean by saying “I’m in”. Was this to Fitz about their relationship?

    • AJ says:

      She’s going to help Fitz set Cyrus free and not rig the election for Mellie. Olivia is getting her white hat back. If Mellie wins, it should happen without cheating or she won’t feel like a legitimate President like Fitz did during his first term

      • Kailani says:

        It does mean the white hat is back, because she rejects power for doing the right thing. And if that happens, Olitz is on its way to being back AWN.

  5. Larc says:

    I stuck it out for the first 20 minutes, but couldn’t take any more. Maybe it got better after that.

    • Ali says:

      Understand that! Hard to watch things that way … sometimes I guess we have to slow down and wait for the ending.

  6. AJ says:

    Awesome episode. The moment Jake said Liv and Fitz would have been worse off because of Defiance, I knew Olivia and Fitz life would end up better. I love the episode and Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington proves once again, they have the best chemistry in primetime. I’m glad Olivia will do the right thing and not cheat so that Mellie can win.

  7. A. Johnson says:


  8. It didn’t work for the Dallas series finale and it didn’t work here.

  9. scampi says:

    Interesting take on things. Glad to see James. I could see Cyrus running campaign for Mellie without needing to have sham marriage. I think there would have been OPA sooner. I am not seeing enough Jake this season. Odd no mention of Grant children. Not with Fitz or Mellie?

    • westwingwolf says:

      Yeah, that was weird no mention of the children. Teddy wouldn’t exist, but Jerry would be alive. I guess they kept him and Karen in boarding school like they did for the first couple of seasons before they finally showed them. But Mellie & Fitz didn’t even behave as if they had to interact for the children’s sake. They really are crap parents except for on the few occasions we actually see them with the kids they manage to act like they care.

  10. Mae says:

    I loved this episode. It was a well-written look at what could have happened. Olivia and Fitz together were great. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  11. Ram510 says:

    So if Fitz didn’t become president who did?

  12. DaisyLu says:

    Snooze… 100th episode should be one of the best and it just missed the mark IMO.

  13. Nty says:

    If this wasn’t foreshadowing of some sort then this episode was a complete waste of time.

  14. Lani says:

    Huck’s hair was my absolute favorite thing about this episode.

  15. Matty Si says:

    She’s in what?

  16. Johanna says:

    I hate that version of Olivia, she wasn’t Herself. If that’s where the show wants to go now I’m not sticking around, It was never about romance and this episode made it look like it is. Liv is power driven, I can’t believe she would want that life. Without power she would resent Fitz, It just doesn’t make any sense. It seemed like they wanted to please the shippers, I am truly disappointed.

  17. Nicole says:


  18. Okay, the floating “launch gallery” that takes up a quarter of the page on iPads and has no way to close it is really making this site unuseable

  19. Tina says:

    I didn’t like it at all and I think we have had enough filler episodes with re-running the election over and over. Let’s get to something with more substance for Olivia.

  20. incognito says:

    don’t get why ppl dislike Jake. #TEAMNOEL 4 LIFE!!!!!

  21. Alice says:

    After this episode, looking forward to seeing the next episode.

  22. Lisa Echerd says:

    I liked it for the most part and would have been interested to see where this version went. What I didn’t like was the idea that Olivia only had good taste if Fitz won. In no world other than perhaps captivity would Olivia Pope wear that hideous brown sweater.

  23. Fernanda says:

    It was an Olitz episode and gave us great images of them married and together.. but this is a what if episode, in current time line that could never happens. Olivia is going to end up alone and she deserves that

    • AJ says:

      I disagree. Olivia siding with Fitz and deciding not to rig another election is the first step towards her coming out of the dark place she’s been at since the kidnapping.

  24. christopher bee says:

    That was a Masterpiece, simple as that.
    Cudos to the Cast and Crew, the Writers Room and the whole Production Staff.
    Congrats to the 100.

    • Ali says:

      Yes!! I am glad there are no snowflakes in the writers room! I had to boycott Criminal Minds when Hotch “left”.

  25. Gospino says:

    Felt like a waste of an episode. One to skip.

  26. Caroline says:

    I loved most of the episode, especially when the light bulb went off for Olivia and she figured out how to forgive herself and get the White Hat back on. Seeing Fitz propose and then actually get married, swoon! Nobody has better chemistry on TV than these two. The ending was just awesome. Bonus points for no B613

  27. Tennisnsun says:

    This episode seems to assume that everyone watching had been in on the story from the beginning. For the first few years I had no interest in it and did not watch, so a lot of last nite was lost on me. I think I began watching when Meredith Grey’s mother (Sally Langston) murdered her hubby and got away with it. This episode unfortunately destroyed the fantasy of Liv and Fitz as star crossed lovers who finally marry with the very realistic possibility that they become bitchy adversaries in a stale boring marriage. The worst part of all is I had almost no Jake time to escape into those gorgeous green eyes!

  28. Esaul says:

    One of the few times where I felt bored. This could’ve been done for any episode. It didn’t feel ‘special’ as the 100th.

  29. Millicent Green says:

    Yes. Olivia and Fitz finally have the wedding we’ve been waiting for since Season 1. No way Quinn a girly girl Ugh.. Like her tough and to the point.

  30. Kelly says:

    Interesting episode. A little cringeworthy at times. It was a nice break from all the drama. Did love Huck’s hair, even though it was so obvious that it was a wig. One question though. I thought I read somewhere – it might have been on this site – that this episode would feature two characters who have never shared a scene together in the history of the series. Who might that be? I believe that it was Fitz and Quinn. What does everyone else think?

    • Brian says:

      The characters that never shared a scene were Fitz and Quinn. Scandal’s costume designer Lynn Paolo tweeted that the cast screamed at the table read when Fitz and Quinn kissed.

  31. Elinor M Miller says:

    I liked it. In real life people have problems. In this episode, they have problems but stay together. It ends with them on the balcony, a portent of things to come. “I’m in”–Olitz is back.

  32. Pinky Bruno says:

    The “what if” episode was interesting but irrelevant. Shonda has jumped the shark and there’s no turning back. So many dead bodies, it’s gruesome now. Still can’t wait for Episode 101.

  33. Addie Eleby says:

    Glad Liv and Fritz got together.

  34. Totally bored with this episode.

  35. Liz says:

    Fitz is a jerk in both realities. That proposal was not swoon worthy. For goodness sake he was insulted that she didn’t swoon at his feet when he showed up. And it is obvious Olivia lost interest in him when he didn’t have the presidency behind him.

    • Larc says:

      There have been occasions during the series when Fitz hasn’t been a jerk, but they have been very few and usually quite brief.

  36. Fitz seems to be as whiny as ever. Loved the Mellie/Cyrus pairing.

  37. danoregon says:

    This season has been weird. I realize there was a delayed and shortened season, but it feels like nothing has really happened moving the show forward. Most of the episodes are just spinning wheels showing the same development from different perspectives. I’m guessing this was a stall as they prepare for next year’s final season.

  38. Huck’s hair obviously comes from the same Island of Wigs that supplied Oliver Queen and Barry Allen with their respective make-under hair hats. No bueno.

  39. Watrice Woodridge says:

    Didn’t like it. It seemed like a hodgepodge of just stuff. I’m only hoping it was meant to just be a fun episode for the cast or something. However I feel more like the whole focus on Olitz was a ratings ploy since those have been falling during this worse than Trump/Clinton, never ending election they have been airing. So back to the harsh reality of what has become of Scandal since 509 we go, I guess.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    Except there was no 2010 presidential election…

  41. Jooshua says:

    I really don’t want to see Cyrus become president. Mellie seriously deserves it.

    • Jooshua says:

      I know a lot of people don’t like her but she’s been through a lot, and if you really want to tally it up, she’s probably the least monster on the show.

  42. Cas says:

    I don’t understand why Huck wouldn’t cut his hair if the election hadn’t been rigged? Makes no sense.

  43. JoAnne Craft says:

    I thought it was an excellent episode and noteworthy. Who doesn’t think about “What ifs”, it’s impossible not to. Loved it because it unsettled me.

  44. JoAnne Craft says:

    Thought it was fabulous. Who doesn’t “what if”?

  45. Stacy Maria Trier says:

    Best part was the minimal participation of Rowan.
    As much as I love to see Olivia and Fitz together, this episode added so little value to the overall plot. I hope they get back together. Fingers crossed as the final shot was reminiscent of the season 4 ending.
    Generally I think Scandal is low on ideas of how to move the plot forward

  46. Angelina Cabral says:

    Episode was just ok. Im over the whole fitz and Liv thing. #teamjake all the way, bring them back to the sunlight! I would love to see an episode of “what if” Liv chose Jake!

    • OG24 says:

      Aaaahaaaa haaaaa – Oh I literally fell out of chair laughing at the above. Newsflash dear… Liv has never “chosen” Pete Harris, and she never will. Since his first appearance in S2, he’s continuously inserted himself into her life. Jake is the only character on Scandal with multiple jobs and a spouse, and yet every time I see him on my tv screen he’s following behind Liv like my little Pomeranian puppy when she wants my attention. Why can’t people see that Liv does not LOVE him?!

      • Vicki says:

        OH, I beg to differ! The wimpy, whiney Pomeranian is sappy love sick Fitz. Following Liv and begging her to be with him. I’d say it’s him she does not really love. She’s had many opportunities to choose him and stay with him and she DIDN’T. SHE keeps Jake in her orbit He doesn’t follow her, has she not shown up multiple times at his door for a “booty call”? And I believe he shut the door in her face a couple of times. Told her to go back to Pomeranian Fitz. Capt. Ballard does indeed love Liv WAY more than the wishy washy weak willed Fitzgerald Grant ever will. News flash dear Liv has NOT as of this date CHOSEN Fitz! I literally fall out of my chair when people suggest Fitz is her be all end all. NOT!

        • the finn says:

          I agree! I think the Fitz thing is already played out. I’ll be disappointed if (when) Shonda goes there again. Jake ALL THE WAY. Furthermore, I didn’t like that she’s obviously putting Quinn and Huck together. I really love her with Charlie, they have great chemistry.

  47. arial2 says:

    I didn’t expect to enjoy the “if I could do it all again” premise, but found it refreshing. I’m not sure Fitz would have rolled over and walked away from politics, though. Loved Quinn’s alternate reality, so funny at first, then she showed her true colors. Mostly, I was thankful that, somehow (?) Huck survived. Apparently, Meg wasn’t a very good hit person: every other show says “bullet to the head to make sure the target is dead.” But she likely wanted him to die slowly for the way he treated her before Olivia interfered (trust your instincts, Huck!)

  48. Ali says:

    Missing the whole squad. Huck must have felt so desperately lonely locked in the trunk with now way out (panic attack level 10). If only Olivia had telepathicly told Huck that the Calvary was coming; I add that only because it seemed Quinn was terrified of losing Huck for what appears to be “weird” love (?). It’s complicated and times awasting. Quinn has no time for talking anymore, in a sleep deprived and (depraved heart moment), Quinn slashes Megs throat and effectively “kills” Huck … so her neurotic guilt tells her 😔👎. The Devil is a LIAR (and also sometimes wears Prada)…all in all … good drama, the stuff TV is made of. Can’t wait till family nurses Huck back to health, #nogladiatorsleftbehind

  49. Toni says:

    the 100th and 99th episode has been the best since season 4……made me sit up and take notice once again.