Supergirl Calista Flockhart Returning

Supergirl: Calista Flockhart Returning for Final Episodes of Season 2

Looks like Superman isn’t the only fan-favorite character booking a return trip to National City.

TVLine has confirmed that Calista Flockhart will reprise the role of Cat Grant in the final two episodes of Supergirl‘s second season. Unfortunately, any further details — including the reason for Cat’s return — remain tightly under wraps.

A series regular during Supergirl‘s first season, Flockhart appeared in just two episodes of Season 2 before bidding Kara & Co. adieu. As expressed repeatedly by the show’s producers, a return has been in the cards for quite a while — it was always an issue of timing.

“We’re still trying to work out her schedule,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told reporters back in October. At the time, he said the team hoped to have Flockhart back for “as many [episodes] as we can get.”

Are you excited to finally have Cat back in the fold, even temporarily? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Rob says:

    Thank Grodd!!

  2. Wrstlgirl says:

    Yes, she is terribly missed.

  3. Mark says:

    too little to late – sorry but the whole ship building season has killed this show for me, and is now demoted to a dvr catchup only not a must watch. Needs to get back to what it was in season 1.

    • Yeah, I’ve been beginning to feel similar. I do think romance is important to a show like Supergirl and I think Mon-El is a much better choice than Jimmy, but the writers haven’t handled the romance especially well. The show really needs to get back to its roots. I know critically most people prefer season 2. But I just don’t agree. Season 2 has become like a rehash of all the other superhero shows on the CW as well as Smallville. Kara as a character isn’t consistent, the female vibe from season one isn’t really there, etc…I don’t really feel the wit and family vibe from season 1 at all anymore. Season 2 has become almost an entirely different show. I felt Supergirl was a nice change from the other superhero shows and films out there but it’s quickly becoming like all the rest of them – which only gives me superhero fatigue. Here’s to hoping the return of Cat Grant will improve the writing and show.

  4. T.W.S.S. says:

    I would like Calista Flockhart and Teri Hatcher to share a scene. That is all.

  5. HALLELUJAH!! I’ve missed her. The whole CatCo storyline this season has been lacking. And they never even mention her!

  6. Joey Padron says:

    Happy news she’s coming back for the last 2 episodes of season 2! I’ve missed Cat Grant on the show so much.

  7. A. Johnson says:

    I love her and her character but….is it time to just kill her off? The fall out from that happening could drive an entire season. And after the last several episodes the show needs a season long storyline to get it back on focus.

    • I disagree. I think that would be a bad idea. I’m tired of shows relying on death as the main means to drive stories forward. I’d like to see more creativity. But yes, this season does need to get back on focus.

    • Daniel says:

      No they wouldn’t bring her back just to kill her. Hopefully if anyone dies it will be mon el so the show can get back to what made me love it in the first place. But if anyone dies 99% sure its james and that is what brings cat grant back to catco.

  8. Phillip says:


  9. Jane Q. Doe says:

    That’s amazing news. In addition to the serious missteps the show has made this season (how Kara has been reduced to a love interest in her own show, etc.) not having Cat as a voice of reason & inspiration has been a major blow.

    Here’s desperately hoping they handle her return with skill and grace and turn out an amazing last 2 eps!

  10. Television says:

    Thanks for the spoiler alert title.

  11. Dominique says:

    excellent! i understand calista’s reason for not wanting to commit to the show fulltime anymore, but cat grant has been sorely missed!

  12. Davidj says:

    I’ve enjoyed the heck out if this season, but I do still miss that extra spark Cat brought to the show whenever she appeared.

  13. Oncer says:

    Finally, i mean i like Lena and the new cast members, but no one can replace Cat Grant, she has been missed, her absent was felt, there is just something missing without her.

  14. NP20 says:

    Thank goodness!! Hasn’t been the same

  15. Luis Roman says:


  16. Phun says:


  17. HAP says:

    Hope she will not have her hubby fly her up there. May never make it.

  18. David Hess says:

    Cat must’ve heard that Clark was coming back, and we all know how much she loves him.

  19. Cordell says:

    Calling it right now, she’s giving Kara her job back at CatCo

    • RichieS says:

      Or…. could Kara pull some strings with Jon Jones to get Cat hired in a consultant capacity ??

    • Daniel says:

      I bet james dies leaving no one in charge of catco so she comes back. Hopefully not.

    • KCC says:

      That’s the obvious call but CatCo is pointless without Cat, IMO. There’s no one there that’s interesting. Winn works at the DEO now, they never developed Snapper as a character and James is pretty much MIA and not very interesting when he does show up. In season one CatCo was the center of Kara’s world but in season two it shifted to the DEO. If Kara needs a job I would put her in LexCorp with Lena, at least she’s interesting.

  20. Cate says:

    Fantastic news! There has definitely been a Cat Grant shaped hole in the show this season. They have rejigged most of the relationships this season due to cast additions and subtraction, but the Kara/Cat relationship was one of my favourite things about S1. Plus Calista Flockhart’s way with one liners has definitely been missed.

    With the return of Superman, the finale is looking good

  21. Lame says:

    Calista’s biting character assassinations of everyone she came into contact with has been sorely missed. Hope it comes back with a vengeance .

  22. parstl says:

    What great news. Aside from Melissa/Kara, Cat was the backbone of season one and has been sorely missed. I enjoyed Calista in the Cat role more than her work as Ally Mcbeal. God I wish they could work it out so she was in at least half of the shpws.

  23. Cyd Matthew says:

    YES .We miss Cat

  24. fly says:

    I won’t like the show go back to those roots of season one, that season was terrible, this current season is better.

  25. Ralph says:

    I hope she and Clark get some screen time together again. Those two have a lot of chemistry.

  26. Christopher says:

    I think this season has been fantastic, but it this show has definitely missed Cat.

    • fly says:

      cat grant and flash were only positive in season 1, one of the things I didn’t like about season 1 is the superior feminism especially over superman, however it was fixed when superman came, I loved the equality when supergirl and superman worked together.

  27. katlynneylon says:

    I just binged the whole (almost) two seasons this past week and I came away with three big thoughts:
    1) I love Alex & Maggie and all that that entailed, but with Alex and Kara in relationships, it’s taken away their relationship with each other, and I miss it. It’s my favorite thing on the show. They never seemed to have apologized/recovered from the fallout with Jeremiah, and I hope they have some sort of make-up/sister moment. (I’ve only watched until the musical episode, so maybe they did…?) You’d think with both of them seemingly in their first real relationships in their lives, they’d lean on one another, but alas…less sister moments. :(
    2) I’m coming around on Mon El, although the reason Kara and James “broke up” never worked for me.
    3) I MISS CAT GRANT. This is amazing news!!

  28. tarasis says:

    Calista Flockhart has been dearly missed from Supergirl.

  29. Jon Vaden says:


  30. kalli says:

    So long as she doesn’t bully anyone… her leaving was the only reason I could sit through s2.