the voice season 12 top 10 singers gallery

The Voice Countdown: Ranking the 10 Singers Likeliest to Win Season 12

And the winner will be…

Yeah, yeah, we know. There are still a few weeks to go — and, no doubt, countless Blake Shelton/Adam Levine jabs to come — before The Voice at last crowns its Season 12 victor. But, with the NBC singing competition pressing pause Tuesday to reflect on its Top 20 contestants as they take their last few steps down the Road to the Live Shows (8/7c), the time is ripe to evaluate not only the singers but also their chances of walking away with the coveted title. 

In the attached gallery (click here for direct access) you will find our picks for the 10 vocalists we think stand the best chance of winning, whether because of their undeniable talent, the coaches’ sometimes-inexplicable fondness for them, your recap reactions or a combination of all of the above. Check out our choices and then hit the comments with your pick to win.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. CEJ says:

    This may have been said before, but the reason Quizz is the youngest in the show’s history is because the minimum age was just lowered. Lots of great talent this season!

  2. Jenna says:

    I’m rooting for Hunter, Lauren, or Mark Isaiah, as those are the three that I could actually see putting out a unique album that could still be played on the radio. Also, I tend to respond more to emotional singers than those that throw in tons of unnecessary vocal acrobatics, and I think especially Hunter and Lauren demonstrate that you can deliver a gorgeous performance that is still subtle.

  3. SJ says:

    Does Michael Slezak not post on this website anymore? Nothing against Mr. Mason but he’s been the site’s reality guy for six years now…

  4. TiredofTripe says:

    When will more people realize that “The Voice” only cares about the coaches?

    The contestants are given the promise that they will be able to live their dreams.

    Then, they are forgotten once the season is over.

    Meanwhile, the coaches continue to get the glory and the attention.

    • loisbea says:

      It IS all about the coaches, which is why the funny and charming Blake has won so much. He also has been supportive to his team, which is nice, particularly in the earlier seasons before the numbers were overwhelming. Because so many contestants flock to him, he does cut some fine talent, often in favor of lesser, but younger, country artists. Adam seems like a good coach, but if you are on his team, there are no guarantees you’ll last very long. He will make promises to vocalists in the auditions and then break them. The key to going far on this show is to pick the least popular coach who isn’t Adam. But I still think I’d pick Alicia no matter what. By now, the contestants must know that this show is just a showcase and an opportunity to learn, however briefly, from successful performers.

  5. JK3 says:

    I agree with 9 of the 10, but not the order. My biggest issue is Casi at #2. Great audition, but the quality of her performances have gone downhill ever since. I’d also throw in Stephanie over Quizz. Stephanie was charting higher than Lauren last night so she’s reaching an audience that’s willing to buy her track, which can mean a lot if she picks the right song. Also, where is Anatalia? Her lane is more or less cleared while the others have to worry about splitting votes.

    If Quizz were 15-16, he’d be gone. He’s only there because of the novelty factor of having a 13year old on the show. He’s not going to make it through when folks start voting.

    • JMark (formerly JM) says:

      I agree with your assessment of Quizz and Casi, but her blinds won her some die-hard fans that aren’t willing to give up on her yet (myself not included). Also, Stephanie should definitely be in the top 10.

    • Smokey says:

      My guess is that J. Chosen and Chris Blue will mostly control that R&B factor of the show, with Quizz out before too long.

    • loisbea says:

      Quizz is adorable and amazingly talented. He may not be as polished as some others and he may not last long, but he’s pretty great. Lots of potential. He is young and raw, though, and needs experience. Anatolia is a hoot, so she could coach the Top Ten. I definitely think Stephanie will be in the Top Ten. Her voice is beautiful and her delivery is heartfelt and often emotionally wrenching. Brennley gave a fine last performance, but voters on this show don’t often go for the big, powerful voices, and who knows if she has more to offer.

  6. It’s a Patty Griffin’s “Up to the Mountain.” Kelly Clarkson didn’t write it, didn’t give it’s definitive performance (Solomon Burke)….the only thing Kelly offers the song is being the most notable reality star to sing it. Grrr.

  7. Voice Fan says:

    I’d like to see a female win this year. Casi Joy, Lauren, Lily and Stephanie are my favorites.

  8. Melaniem says:

    Disagree with Quizz being in the top 10-no way he’ll make the finals and I doubt he even makes it past the playoffs as Gwen has a strong team. Also disagree with Vanessa being so high-her performance Monday night was amazing but no sure she has a big fan base.

    Definitely think Stephanie needs to be in your top 10. Also Anatalia and maybe Troy. Chris Blue is definitely the frontrunner and deservedly so

  9. Smokey says:

    Now there will be a “survivor” factor as each lane starts losing contenders. Then voters who are favoring the R&B or Country or Pop or Rock genre’s will need to switch ponies or quit voting altogether if they be scratchin’ mad……………………….

    I expect to see some early upsets that will have some wondering what happened. Song choice is paramount, regardless of good talent…………. It will be a smart move if one of them does a great job on a crossover country/gospel or other gospel related song, as that lane is wide-open.

  10. loisbea says:

    Switch out Stephanie Rice with Brennley and maybe you’ve got something. Anyway, I think Stephanie will be in the Top Ten.

  11. Voice Fan says:

    Each coach said at the end of last night’s show that they were bringing back a comeback artist, which might be why they each surprised us when they sent home some of our favorites. I hope Blake will bring back Felicia, Adam Johnny Hayes, Alicia Jack Cassidy and Gwen Johnny Gates.

  12. Squirrel Man says:

    The comeback contestants are going to be 3 guys and 1 girl. I think the girl is going to be Felicia, she deserves it. I think though we saw Valerie Ponzio exit too quickly :(

  13. rsubowo says:

    I think this will be the first season that Adam will only be watching with no artists on the Finale. Chris, Casi, Lauren and Brenley/Hunter.

    • loisbea says:

      That’s Adam’s fault. Kawan DeBose would have been there if Adam had mentored him better. Apparently Kawan was encouraged by Adam’s stated support during the blinds and thought he’d contribute to the Ballet Rounds by writing an arrangement for the band. Instead of reaching out and discussing with him the boundaries on the show, he simply cut him. Maybe Blake would do it too, but I bet the women wouldn’t. One thing about Blake and Adam, if you rub them the wrong way, you’re out, never mind second chances or how talented you are.

  14. Smokey says:

    For the little it’s worth, here is what I found on youtube views,
    from the top 20, that had 2.7 million or more Blind Audition views ——————————–

    J Chosen 5.4 —-

    Mark Isaiah: 4.9 —-

    Anatalia Villaranda 4.0 —-

    Stephanie Rice 3.4 —-

    Casi Joy 2.9 —-

    Lilli Passero 2.8 —-

    Quizz Swanigan: 2.8 —-

    Lauren Duski 2.7 —-

    Hanna Eyre 2.7 —-

  15. Lizzie says:

    The order is difficult to figure out, but these are the Top 10 I would prefer to see:

    Lauren Duski
    Chris Blue

    switch one of those out for likely
    Anatalia (not my favorite, but she’s a little powerhouse)

    I am done with Stephanie, Casi, and Brennley. Quizz is a dear thing, but he isn’t top 10, Stephanie, and a few more are going to be gone soon. If Felicity is coming back, I’d like to hear her sing a couple more times – she won’t win, but she shouldn’t have gone home while some of the rest of them stayed.

  16. debbielyons1 says:

    Brandon Roayal & Davina have, by far, put on the best performance.