Scandal Fitz & Olivia

Scandal, 5 Years Later: Is There Still Hope for Fitz and Olivia's Romance?

If you’ve been riding the Scandal train from the very beginning, you know exactly where you were five years ago today: watching in awe as the President of the United States romanced his mistress up against the curtains of the Oval Office. And you loved it.

Of course, a whole mess of crap has gone down in the 97 episodes since we first became privy to Fitzgerald Grant and Olivia Pope’s star(s and stripes)-crossed romance, including: Fitz getting shot, Fitz and Olivia’s affair being exposed, Fitz divorcing Mellie, and Olivia aborting the child that Fitz didn’t even know she was carrying. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. (Jake Ballard, anyone?)

Despite all of that, Fitz and Olivia’s relationship remains very much in play — remember how pissed Fitz got last week when Abby told him that Liv would never follow him to Vermont? — thought it remains unclear how the once-great couple will move forward. For Tony Goldwyn, the relationship is a delicate balancing act, one that becomes more difficult as the seasons progress.

“Fitz is in love with Olivia, and he always will be,” Goldwyn tells TVLine. “He’s learned how to manage that. He’s grateful that she’s still in his orbit and that he can have a business relationship with her. In some sense, they have a very strong connection, even though it’s very painful for them to be together. They’re honest with each other, they have a sort of short-hand communication. But for Fitz, he’s had to make his peace with the fact that Olivia does not want him. It’s just one of those things in life that causes him grief — but he’s had a lot of that over the years, so he’s no stranger to it.”

And while many fans are ready to see this ‘ship sink for good, others — including Scandal star Darby Stanchfield — are keeping the dream alive.

“I always think there’s hope for Olivia and Fitz,” Stanchfield tells TVLine. “It might be the optimist or the idealist in me, but this was set up as a true love story from the beginning. To me, it’s still one of those relationships where they can never say goodbye.”

What say you, Gladiators? Are you rooting for Fitz and Olivia to end up together in the end, or should we just be happy that they’re able to act cordial around each other after everything that’s happened? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with more of your thoughts.

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  1. LK says:

    Let it sink.. she deserves better.

    • Cheyenne says:

      So does he. She’s become positively toxic. I hate what this show has turned her into.

    • Fabrizia says:

      Neither deserves better. They belong together unhappily ever after. I see this season ending with the two of them in Vermont, making jam and hating it!

  2. Caroline says:

    It’s the ONLY reason I still pay ANY attention to this once fantastic show – just the mere thread of a hope that they could be together. Every other relationship Olivia has had is a pale imitation. Zero chemistry in comparison to #Olitz.

  3. AJ says:

    The possibility of an Olivia and Fitz reunion is the main reason a lot of fans have continued to watch this dying show. Scandal went off track with the writer’s obsession with B613 and Papa Pope. Kerry and Tony still have amazing chemistry together, so why not. Give both Fitz and Olivia some happiness for once on the show before it ends.

    • Alichat says:

      I stopped watching the show because of the B613 and Papa Pope crap. I am a big fan of Joe Morton but I was just exhausted with his character. And I loved Olivia and Fitz together but the constant back and forth was ridiculous. Ultimately though, it was the B613 and Papa Pope stories. There’s only so many times the villain can win before you just throw your hands up and turn the channel. They needed to wrap up his arc and story two seasons ago. Now I hear what is happening because I have friends who still watch the show and they have to discuss what happened, but I don’t miss it.

      • :-) says:

        Lol guess you never watched days of our lives or young & the restless. The villians always win

        • Alichat says:

          I did along with General Hospital when I was in high school. Many years ago. Stopped watching them too.

      • Fabrizia says:

        He will die this season. He has nothing to live for other than his daughter. I hope his ex wife (who I loved) does it.

    • Rosalinda Humphrey says:

      I agree

  4. Natalie says:

    They haven’t been together for over a year on the show. And the show has gone out of its way to beat the relationship to death— the thing is that the show doesn’t work without olitz and it just doesn’t off the rails time and time again. When olitz details so do the ratings. I know Shonda doesn’t want this to be relegated to romance but unfortunately for her it’s what caught on. It’s just sad that in S6 there has been no olitz but there’s a thousand and one articles being published at the same time the show is approaching its 100th episode but is not doing very good with ratings or critics. It’s all a sad marketing ploy and I wish the network would just double down and exclude olitz from their promotion. It’s exhausting. If it’s a spy show then leave it at that and promote it as such.

  5. Brian says:

    Well the show is making an obvious point to let us know Fitz has grown since the earlier seasons and Olivia is even more messed up without their relationship, so a reunion between the 2 seems inevitable once Olivia fixes herself. Plus I saw that one of Olivia and Fitz’s signature episodes The Trail is re-airing two weeks from Thursday before the new episode, so it looks like something is going on with them as this season plays out.

    • AJ says:

      I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Fitz is probably the best written character on the show the last season. He has grown so much without Olivia and Mellie. Olivia, in season one she was a mess, but the fans understood her motivation and it was easy to root for her. Now, Olivia is ALL over the place and it is hard to tell what motivates her. Power? No, is crap. Olivia before season 5 never cared about Power and the truth mattered to her. So yes Olivia and Fitz reuniting is inevitable, but Olivia is the one in desperate need of fixing.

  6. Apollo says:

    I used to ADORE this show and OLITZ but Shonda has done EVERYTHING in her power to destroy any reasonable idea of a relelationship between these two. Everything: their first date, their engagement, living together, their first child, was tried and destroyed, utterly. And all that was ruined in 9 episodes. They didnt even get an entire season to explore this relationship. And then add in her aborting his child, her father killing his firstborn son, then she releases the child killer from prison. I have never seen writers go out of their way to soo purposefully destroy a couple, then folks want you to have hope. Its ridiculous and frankly an insult to my intelligence, especially for a couple who has no ability to communicate like two grown adults. Its sad and pathetic.

  7. NTY says:

    They are the reason I loved this show for so long but thinking about it now..I feel like trying to bring them back together would be nothing more than fan service and it will be so forced. After everything this pair has been through, it’s hard to see how they can come back from that. Olivia has made herself abundantly clear, mostly with her actions, that she does not want him. Once upon a time she used to look at Fitz like he was her whole world despite all the obstacles in their way…but right now it’s all gone. Her true passion is power and she’ll never be satisfied with the quiet, humble life Fitz wants in Vermont. She loves the cat and mouse games she plays with her father and Jake.For the most part I think Liv feels terrible & regrets the way she treated Fitz but feelings of actual LOVE, I doubt it. Yes Olitz were the backbone of the show in earlier seasons but the show and the characters have progressed & developed beyond that. Fitz is a fan-fav for sure but if he were written out of the show today, the general feel of the show would not be impacted because he’s more of a supporting guest star these days.

  8. Lori Schumacher says:

    This is the BEST COUPLE we ever have seen on Tv. Many will agree if scandal or SR does not put them together soon the show will lose another 5 mil. I am very big on all social media I know what I am talking about. It’s time! They need communication a restart .. let’s do this Scandal ABC

  9. Carol Robinson says:

    I miss that part of the story.

  10. Tracee says:

    Shonda tanked the show when she broke up Olitz.

    • Brian says:

      Nah, Shonda tanked the show when she allowed the B613 and Rowan & Jake storylines to go on longer than they should have. Keeping those storylines going is what hurts the Olivia Pope character the most. Them being kept around means Olivia stays broken and stupid. While her relationship with Fitz is important because it helps soften up the Olivia Pope character.

  11. MS says:

    Honestly, with the way this show is going, I feel that the only way for the series to truly end is for Olivia to die. I mean she is the “scandal”. She is what the show is about and everything in her orbit. It would be a fitting end, so I don’t know about who she should end up with romantically.

  12. Larc says:

    If Olivia couldn’t do better than obnoxious Fitz, she should swear lifelong celibacy.

  13. Kash says:

    Soo.. I saw a post about Kerry Washington tired of this soap opera style – Scandal is sinking I bet she wants to finish strong not tank with the show
    Any details about that??

  14. herman1959 says:

    OMG, stop the madness. I was REALLY into this show for years, it’s been over; let it go (with an ending that makes sense, please).

  15. Johana says:

    Fitz makes Olivia boring, I don’t like the ways she is when she’s with him, you can say he makes her a better person but that’s not who she is, I like the power driven Olivia, and I think there’s no going back for her, at least not since she killed Andrew.

  16. Gospino says:

    Ick! I’ve always hated this couple. Fitz is the worst. I’d be thrilled if he got killed off.

  17. Snow says:

    Once upon a time yes, but I’m over them

  18. tanyan531 says:

    No more Olitz PLEASE… Fitz and Olivia are better apart …. It’s hard for me to like Fitz anyway…

  19. Lindsey says:

    Dear God, I hope not. They are absolutely toxic and gross and if I can’t have the pleasure of watching Fitz die, I’ll settle for Liv simply being free of him.

  20. Dee says:

    No!!!! I love her with Jake.

  21. Teresa says:

    Olivia and Fitz are whores. They will do it to/with anyone or anything. They deserve each other. It’s a miracle they are still symptom free. How about an episode of them running into each other at the doctor’s office getting treated for multiple std’s! :D

  22. Teresa says:

    B613 and Papa Pope was the only reason I kept watching. Joe Morton was outstanding. I could hardly wait to see what he would do next. But the writers
    flipped the script and now I think that after this season I am done with this show. Same goes for HTGAWM. Both shows have gone in directions I no longer enjoy or care to watch

  23. parstl says:

    No. Just leave it alone. Let the successful Black woman either go wothout a love relationship for a while or date a Black or Hispanic man. The chemistry and spark is gone anyway. I like them as caring friends.

  24. DannyD says:

    I love Fitz. Olivia is a mess I don’t even like her anymore. Kill Fitz off so I can forget about this show. And for the people who hate Fitz, they identify with Mellie. Sorry somebody cheated on you but it happens. Fitz is a loving man. He needed a woman who could love him. Mellie was a fridged, power obsessed, cold bitch. Fitz is the shitz😍

  25. Fan says:

    There is way too much water under the bridge with those two … murders, double crossing, cheating, lying. I gotta admit, the thought of Olitz turns my stomach. That romance is way past it’s “Best Before” date. Don’t care if Fitz moves to a land far, far away and out of the show. Keep Olivia so we can watch her redemption develop. II still watch the show religiously and enjoy the characters, esp Huck, so I’d never complain about the show that way. However, I used to be crazy for Olitz, but at this point, I’ve had enough.

  26. Cas says:

    They are pretty much perfect for each other. Both have questionable morals plus great chemistry. #Olitzforlife

  27. Addie Eleby says:

    Yes theyneed to be together.

  28. angela says:

    I have been watching since the beginning. When the story line changed, and I don’t know how long it has been, I was very sorry. I just love a true love story and this one was nothing better. Here’s to hoping for Vermont.

  29. Apple says:

    This is true love …Olivia n Fitz weather all kinds of storms..Happiness n babies should be in the cards…Please united this couple. I watch just to see the TWO.

  30. Vicki says:

    I can’t STAND the whiney, needy, clingy, obsessed weak willed poodle puppy known as Fitzgerald Grant. He just looked stupid for a President it was ridiculous he went to war for a woman. Olivia is an Alfa Dog and that sappy romance was a bore. The show has been in the toilet since her “kidnapping” and the ransom was “billions”. A JOKE! I absolutely LOVE Capt. Jake Ballard he at least ACTS like a man. He has on occasion shut the door in Liv’s face. and when she trots back to Fitz he doesn’t cry like a baby. I still watch when Jake is on for the shear pleasure of looking at those beautiful green eyes but other than that the show is a bore. And predictable!

  31. Sonya says:

    The premise of the show was strongly presented around their passionate & genuine love for one-another… I still hold on strongly every week and am hoping that it circles back to that! Alove like that does not just go away…

  32. fiberlicious says:

    Adding to my “no” vote: I have never gotten his appeal to her. He’s a drip.

  33. Liz says:

    I don’t think their relationship was about love. It was about power. Olivia is attracted by power, consumed by it. Having an affair with the president was mostly about that. Being consumed by the allure of the power that he could have. Fitz has never been confident with having power. He can’t stand alone without having a strong woman ultimately pulling the strings for him. Mellie was that for him. After she was raped she backed away, so he immediately filled the void with Olivia. When Olivia dumped him he sought out numerous women trying to find a replacement. What he found was Abby. Sure she wasn’t sleeping with him, but it was basically the same thing. He honestly wouldn’t be able to function without a strong woman by his side. Ultimately Olivia started to resent him for that. And strangely realized that she didn’t really need a man to get what she wanted.

    No. There is nothing to go back to there. The was barely anything there to begin with. Chemistry perhaps. But that does not make a fairy tale ending.

    • Brian says:

      But as we’re watching now, Fitz is now in a good place and don’t need no woman to hold him up while Olivia continues to flounder. Obviously they’re not going to keep Olivia floundering for the rest of the series. There has to be point to all of what we’re seeing now with these characters. Even the actors themselves seems to be hinting this.

    • Casey says:

      THIS is spot on. Thank you!

    • Gina says:

      ‘ After she was raped she backed away, so he immediately filled the void with Olivia ‘
      Huh? Immediately?
      He met Olivia over a DECADE after Mellie was raped!

    • Vanessa says:

      In the beginning she was attracted to him because of his honesty and ethics this was before she started falling for him Remember she was apolitical but like Cyrus she saw something in him more than Fitz saw in himself. Olivia was about the “white hat”. After Season 2 the show was crazy. Go back and re-watch season one and two.

  34. Lee lee says:

    I need them to be together for my own sanity. I been there from the beginning living vicariously through them, we need that feeling ,that love back !! ITS WHAT SCADAL IS ALL ABOUT

  35. Addie Eleby says:

    Put them back together. That’s why I stop watching scandal.

  36. AJ says:

    WOW! Seven-one percent want Olivia and Fitz. There is still a lot of support for this couple and Scandal does kind of drags without them.

  37. cmstevens88 says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a TV relationship as much as these people together. I love Olivia, but I love her more with Jake. I really think Fitz and Mellie belong together. I think Mellie is a great match for Fitz.

    • Vicki says:

      YES, YES, YES! The whiney, wimpy, weak willed sap Fitz is a total BORE! I gag every time the do their little “Hi” routine, like kindergartners. He makes her look weak and stupid. Now my man Jake WOWZZAAA! He at least acts like a MAN he has on occasion shut the door in her face when she was obviously after a “booty call”. And at others answered the Booty Call and it was hot and explosive. Wishy washy “man child” Fitz needs a Mommy like Mellie to pet and coddle him. Not Olivia Pope!

      • Diamond says:

        It amazes me how people can hate the love between two people. Its sick really. Olivia and Fitz LOVE EACH OTHER. There is no denying that. Fitz cannot stand Mellie but you want him to be with her? You a damn twisted fool FOH.

        • vicki says:

          LOL Get over yourself. You like sappy I don’t. Difference of opinion. I’d say you are “sick and twisted” if you are that tore up about fictional characters. Olivia is supposed to be hell on wheels a shark he’s about as interesting as paint drying. I’m sure the show is headed back in the Olitz direction but dang it will REALLY suck then. But you enjoy it I will tune out.

  38. singsongsoy says:

    Olitz, specifically, TG is the ONLY reason I watched for 4.5 years. When it was clear that Joke & Smellie were being forced fed on fans, I stopped watching. Fans would have been loyal to that show forever they were so intoxicated with TnK. Too bad. It’s all downhill now.

  39. LJ says:

    I think Olivia should realize that she’s still in love with Fitz and let him know that she wants him back..let his relationship with the other woman die out as he also comes to terms that he still loves Olivia and that they are better together than apart..Let them start over, owith him wooing and romancing to win her heart back. At least let them be a couple before the series ends. Let there be a crisis that only Olivia can handle that unites them again! 🙂😘❤️🙏🏾

  40. Shara says:

    Never was much of a Fitz fan. Always preferred Olivia with Jake.

  41. Kate says:

    I don’t think the show works without the Olivia, Fitz relationship working. There are some things that make a show work and some that don’t. There’s been too much getting away from what this show was all about from the get-go. And as other commenters have stated too much Mr Pope and his nonsense. I get tired of all his yelling at everyone…!! It’s time to have a getting together of these two again..if we get to the end of Scandal & Fitz and Liv haven’t reunited I will think the whole thing a waste of time.

  42. Eyecandy says:

    I want them to be together at the end. They deserve each other cause they love each other and it hurts for both part to be parted ways. Yes they messed up things but at the end of the day they have their own reasons. Their love is true and deep inside they cant live without each other. LOL so please i want to see them together again before scandal will be over!

  43. Kathleen Murphy says:

    Scandal started with Olivia and Fitz and it hasn’t been the same since they broke up. I’ve stopped watching the show and just look in the recap notes waiting for the show to finally fix this mistake and it sounds like the door is opening just a little bit so I may need to tune in for the finale. Fingers crossed Shonda continues to right this wrong, headed into it’s final season.

  44. Deb J says:

    Olitz FOREVER!!!! Olivia and Fitz are the 2nd best couple on TV; the first being ABC’s General Hospital’s Luke and Laura! True love, like love shared by these two couples NEVER GOES AWAY, NEVER DIES! ABC tragically messed up with Luke and Laura…ABC and SR, here’s your opportunity to do what is true. People who are truly in love, and each other’s soul mates will fight to their dying breaths to be together. It has always been my hope that this show Scandal was being told by Olivia and Fitz as the reminisce from the swing on their front porch of their beautiful home Fitz built for them in Vermont, with their kids and grandkids listening about how their past lead to lives together. Here’s to true love, love that ALWAYS FORGIVES, UNDERSTANDS AND CONQUERS ALL!

  45. Jackie says:

    Olitz have to end up together otherwise the whole essence of Scandal will be destroyed and the fans will have a nasty taste in their mouths when season seven finishes.

  46. Rosalinda Humphrey says:

    They were meant to be together. There relationship has weathered many storms and they survive. He can’t get enough of her and she can’t get enough of him. Their love is deep. There is more than sexual tension there. And he’s been with many women to get over her and it don’t work. She’s has had few men herself but she’s not willing to commit to know one, not even Fitz. She’s afraid , but she can’t let him go. She’s in love.

  47. Tiana lindsay says:

    I feel like there is still hope for them two but there should be some shocking action between between mellie and another man .

  48. Lo lo says:

    I very much think Jake and Olivia should end up together cause jake is the better guy for Olivia, don’t be leaving my guy jake be stuck in Love with Olivia and him never getting picked. #jakvia