Mark Consuelos Night Shift

Pitch's Mark Consuelos Checks Into Night Shift for Major Season 4 Role

As the fate of Pitch hangs in the balance, co-star Mark Consuelos is keeping busy during the Fox drama’s off season. TVLine has learned exclusively that Consuelos is joining NBC’s The Night Shift in a major Season 4 recurring role.

His character, Cain, is described as a highly confident and aggressive travel nurse who emigrated to the U.S. from Mexico.

An insider maintains that Pitch fans should not view Consuelos’ casting as a bad omen for Fox’s in-limbo sports sudser. The Night Shift is expected to finish production on its fourth season before any potential second season of Pitch would even start filming.

Back in January, Fox Chairman Gary Newman said this of Pitch‘s renewal prospects: We were very proud of Pitch. We would’ve loved to have seen a bigger audience. [It] had a loyal core. I don’t think the performance level enabled us to make an early decision about it, but as we get to May, we’re certainly going to consider it.”

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  1. cruisemama98 says:

    As a retired RN I am offended that someone who was a doctor in another country comes to the US and, because he can’t practice as an MD, he is allowed to act as a nurse. Nursing is a totally different profession from medicine and requires its own educational basis.

    • Temperance says:

      Your not allowed in the real world – as you note, it requires it’s own classes and certification. It’s TV.

      • Zoe says:

        Actually this happens in the real world. The article states that he starts over as a Resident which happens all of the time to Doctors coming in from overseas.
        I hope Mark will make appearances on Queen of the South.

    • Gospino says:

      The article is confusing because it says that Cain is a travel nurse. Then it says it that he’s a qualified doctor in another country but must start over as a resident in the US. I doubt that a medical series would make as big an error as pretending that a person with no nursing background can act as a nurse in a reputable medical facility here. Maybe the article is wrong, or possibly Cain is a qualified nurse, which is possible.

    • Gee … you’re offended because a doctor is not able to practice medicine instead works as a nurse? Nursing school was a nightmare because the “Angel of mercy” nurses who instructed us students were sociopaths. The did everything they could to make the experience a nightmare.
      The program was shutdown finally because of the number of times the program was sued.
      How is nursing a “Totally different profession from medicine?” Both professions depend on PDR for help with treatments, doctors don’t do the grunt work like nurses but both should have a good understanding of physiology, basic math, common sense and be able to tolerate often nauseating dressing changes, vomit, colostomy changes, sputum collection … you get my point.
      Get over yourself. The MD is the person who should be offended … his education took eight years or more and is really about life or death.

  2. TV Gord says:

    I’ve been a fan of Hayley and Mateo Santos since each of their ‘day one’s, so I’m really happy to see him land in the Night Shift, a show that I really enjoy.

    Having said that, I understand cruisemama98’s concern that they may portray his role as a doctor who becomes a nurse because he doesn’t have the qualifications to be an American doctor. However, from what I read in this story, he doesn’t become a nurse. He starts over as a resident, so i don’t perceive any disrespect to the nursing profession. I hold nurses in the highest regard, so it would bother me, too. However, the story clearly says he doesn’t start over as a nurse. He starts over as a resident.

    • Al says:

      Strange that the first line of the description calks Cain a “travel nurse” but then later says starting over as a resident? Umm so which is it NBC? Lol

    • jp says:

      Boy I have not heard those two names in years! Wish we could still see some of those folks on our screens! I love him but soured a bit on his wife. Night Shift seems to keep attracting some great people…looking forward to the new season.

      • TV Gord says:

        :-) I read that a lot about Kelly. I would suggest trying her show again. She’s a lot looser than she used to be and is often really funny! However, I understand why people are turned off by her. I’m just not one of them. :-)

  3. Netty says:

    They tell us not to worry BUT I am worried for Pitch!


    Love seeing Mark in anything..Keep him employed!!!

    • Lisa says:

      Are you kidding? He’s the kiss of death for any TV show and the ONLY reason he has been getting roles lately is because Kelly switched managers with the stipulation that Mark is part of the deal. The only role he can play is Mateo. He can’t act nor can he change his “look”.

      • Mystery Lady says:

        Totally agree with you! He’s horrendous! I cannot discern what he is saying when he speaks and he has absolutely no acting ability compared to these awesome actors on Night Shift. I hope he is not the kiss of death for this show because I absolutely LOVE this show. If he keeps working like he is and traveling the world over, he might be the kiss of death to his own marriage.

  5. NP20 says:

    Pitch has to come back!!! It was the best new show this year.

  6. Piers says:

    I’ve always wondered why he never had his nose fixed. It keeps him just shy of killer looks.

  7. grace matthews says:

    Mark ur a special actor in whatever role u play. Good luck in your new venture y que te bendiga Dios. (God Bless you..)

  8. Having followed Mr. Consuelo’s performances of late I’m surprise we don’t see more of him in feature films. Mr. Consuelo is an easy to relate to actor not to mention his obvious great looks. I hope the perfect role arrives to showcase Mr. Consuelos appearance and his gift as an actor.
    Debbie, Tijeras N.M.

  9. You need to give pitch a chance. I enjoyed very much. Never missed an episode. Great stories and will be a true fact someday. And you can say…. we had it first. Lol. But seriously, keep it on. Maybe promote it more!!!

  10. Seeing Mark Consuelos in “Pitch” I was so impressed by what a great actor he is. Is he taking over from Freddy Rodriguez? I ate lunch next to Mr. Rodriguez when “Night Shift” started filming in ABQ N.M. and was excited knowing he was filming in N.M. but he didn’t stay long. He seemed bummed about being in ABQ. and now that he is on “Bull” I can see why. He seemed out of place in “Night Shift”
    He’s a big city guy and being in N.M. seemed to bum him out. Am I right Mr. Rodriguez?
    Welcome! Mr. Consuelos!

  11. Mr. Consuelos would have played an emergency room doctor from Mexico who found a loop hole to get his medical license in N.M. This man is so talented and believable couldn’t the casting director have cast him in a role worthy of his talent?


    Love Mark in anything he does! Glad for Night Shift!