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The Voice Recap: Stranger Things

Something tells me that I wasn’t the only one tuning in to Tuesday’s Knockout Rounds for The Voice with a certain amount of trepidation — and by “something,” I mean, of course, the comments that followed Monday’s recap. So many of the coaches’ decisions on Night 1 of the Knockouts defied logic that I — and you, too, it seemed — wanted to recommend that they all get their hearing checked. Alicia Keys dropping Lilli Passero in favor of Ashley Levin? Adam Levine keeping Josh West over Johnny Hayes? Quizz Swanigan getting stolen but not Felicia Temple? My head still hurts from the amount of time I spent scratching it! So I hoped that Tuesday’s episode would return us to some sense of… well, sense, frankly. Did the coaches clean out their ears and make the right calls? Let’s review…

Team Alicia: Anatalia Villaranda singing “Two Black Cadillacs” defeated Dawson Coyle singing “Demons” | If Anatalia was aware of Alicia’s love of soul country beforehand, choosing the Carrie Underwood hit was a brilliant strategical move on her part. However, it may not have been the best practical move — in rehearsals, it definitely didn’t sound like a home run. On the flip side, Dawson’s selection of the Imagine Dragons number seemed to suit him better — that wasn’t just up his alley, it was the street on which he lives. On stage, Anatalia’s phrasing bugged me from the start. As she neared the chorus, some of her natural power began to come through — the stuff that makes her, her, ya know? — but ultimately, it was just the wrong song for her big, big voice. She wound up seeming like she was trying too hard to do what ordinarily comes so naturally to her. When Dawson took his turn, eesh… OK, he sounded flat as a pancake at the beginning. He improved on the chorus and managed to nail a coupla nice long notes along the way, but yeah, this was not a star-making performance by any means. Gwen said he sounded like an alternative record, but to me, he sounded like an alternative to a record anyone would listen to. So, though this was hardly Anatalia’s finest hour, Alicia made the right call keeping her.

Team Blake: TSoul singing “These Arms of Mine” defeated Enid Ortiz singing “When We Were Young” | In rehearsals, Enid got a standing O from buddy TSoul; criticism from her coach. Personally, I’m not sure it was the smartest idea for her to do Adele again unless she was trying to form a cover band. But there was no denying that she does a mean impersonation. Her lower register was solid, and when she let loose, she sounded great. Thing is, would you remember her a week later? I wouldn’t (and didn’t until we were reminded of her particular sad story). When TSoul took to the stage, at first I was unsure. Was that in key? Off? Weird? Cool? But the longer he went on, the easier it became to just admire the fact that he was unique. And here’s the thing: His finest hour or not — and it wasn’t his finest hour — he was/is still someone that you wouldn’t easily forget. When you’re picking a singer to back all the way to the live shows, isn’t that what you want? Yeah. So, if you ask me (and no one did), Blake made the correct decision.

the voice recap knockout rounds brennley brownTeam Gwen: Brennley Brown singing “Up to the Mountain” defeated Aaliyah Rose singing “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” (Aaliyah stolen by Blake) | Intimidated by Aaliyah’s passion in rehearsals, Brennley knew that she had to really bring it — especially as a newcomer to Team Gwen. Then again, maybe she wouldn’t have to try that hard. On stage, Aaliyah sounded fine but held back maybe more than was advisable when trying to make a lasting impression. When the spotlight was focused on Brennley, she sang with a depth and soulfulness that belied her years. And, unlike so many singers Tuesday, she sounded killer from Note 1. By the time she was done, she’d taken us all to church. To me, this was no contest — Brennley owned it; Aaliyah at best rented it. Not sure why Blake decided to steal. Shock value? A dislike of seeing teenage girls cry? At least Gwen made the right call.

So, what did you think of Tuesday’s Knockouts? Best and worst performances? Your current pick to win? (My money’s on Chris Blue — voice, presence, total package.) Hit the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Gailer says:

    Blake stealing seemed like it was purely to make points with his girlfriend, Gwen.

    • Just Me says:

      Told hubby that Blake stole Alilah ONLY because he knew Gwen liked her so much, and he didn’t want to see Gwen cry. Wasn’t much impressed with Alilah.

    • Just Me says:

      Told hubby that Blake stole Aaliyah ONLY because he knew Gwen liked her so much, and he didn’t want to see Gwen cry. Wasn’t much impressed with Alilah.

    • Candy says:

      I REALLY thought she was mediocre at best. I couldn’t understand the steal at all.

      • John Anthony says:

        Blake already knows Casi or Lauren will be his best chance to win this season! He can afford to help Gwen out by saving a couple of her performers giving them a little more air time and why not? Look at Alicia and Quizz. No way he should still be on the show! Again, why not if Alicia thinks she already has her best chance performer picked out. Every judge has their best chance performer picked out by now!

  2. Linda Porter says:

    Not really a country music fan but wow, Brennley’s performance really moved me unlike anything I have seen on the show so far.

    Also agree that unlike last night, the right choices were made on who to keep.

  3. Evan says:

    Brennley crushed it tonight, and I was very put off by her personality in previous appearances and just thought she was okay in her other performances. But she leaped to the top of my list with this performance. Wow!

    • Smokey says:

      Yes, Brennley caught my attention tonight as well. And she is what, 15 ??? Looks like she’s a college girl…. BIO on internet ====About
      Country singer and guitarist whose talents have led to her performing for tens of thousands at events like the The US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium. She is also known for being the speaking and singing voice of Lilly on the Disney Channel series Sofia the First. (a rising star already)

  4. Barry says:

    I disagree completly on Anatalia, she took a risk and it paid off in my book, I would love to see her do a ballad at some point, but she did a great job tonight. I’m so sad about Edin, both her and TSoul were a mess, but for those who haven’t watched her battle round, you should, that was some sanging from her part, so much wasted porential… And yes, Brennley was best of the night by a long mile, probably the best knockout so far, definitly a slay from her part; killer vocals, great song, connection. What a pleasent surprise to see someone so young perform at that level, wish the rest of the teens (Quizz, cough, Quizz) learn something from her.

    • Lizzie says:

      Enid should not have attempted Adele, even if she did make it through one Adele song earlier. I wasn’t wowed by TSoul either, he seems too practiced in his moves and all, like he has done it over and over in a performance with all of the tricks and twirls, but his voice is really good, just not outstanding. I wish that people on these shows would give up on performing the really difficult numbers that stars perform, there’s just no way that they can get near the style and quality that the professional singers have. Probably the worst is when they sing their favorite song because they love it, or because a relative loves it – sing a song that makes you sound really, really good instead.

      Aliyah should have gone home, no clue why Blake used his steal for this young girl who looks like she has spent too much time watching herself sing in the mirror, or re-viewing her youtube videos.

      • Barry says:

        You are correct, she shouldn’t have attempted Adele on her first try, much less her second. And I agree, I’m all about taking chances and being ballsy, but they should pick songs that they are confortable with and know thay can nail as opposed to just picking because they like the song, but there are many variables also, like nerves or getting sick, which don’t allow them to give their best. Aliyah and Quizz were both a waste of a steal and it takes one spot from someone who is much more talented, deserving and more prepared like Felicia for exaple, they should rise the age limit instead of lowering it. Brennley is honestly the only one who performed beyond her years, but the rest of them should all be sent packing, this is a singing competition, no kinder garden, being young isn’t an excuse to not sing an entire song on pitch, they should have waited all 3 more years.

    • John Anthony says:

      Have a lifelong friend in the record business and according to her there’s only two performers drawing interest and neither of those are, what is called, hot prospects. She also said that there are many Brennley Brown’s and record companies do not like child performers since their voices are subject to change like Lee Ann’s has. The costs are so high they prefer mid-twenties performers they can still shape into performers they are looking for. I guess that’s why only a few performers have made stardom since these types of shows started. Performers like Allison Porter don’t make it and Rae Lynn is. Rae Lynn had three records on Billboards top 100 listing just recently.

  5. Smokey says:

    Just some info, as things will change as more people get a chance to download some of the performances tonight…………………………………………………………………………….
    The Voice in The iTunes Top 100 (includes all categories Top 100)
    #32 I Want To Know What Love Is–Artist: Hunter Plake ———————————-

    Rock Category Top 100
    #10 Carry On Wayward Son (The Voice Performance)
    Artist: Josh West

    The Voice in The iTunes Pop Category Top 100

    #11 I Want To Know What Love Is –Artist: Hunter Plake

    #34 Dancing On My Own ..Artist: Hunter Plake & Jack Cassidy

    #85 Tears Dry On Their Own …: Lilli Passero

    #86 Bleeding Love Artist: Hanna Eyre
    The Voice in The iTunes Country Category Top 100
    #78 My Church —-: Casi Joy
    The Voice in The iTunes R&B Category Top 100
    #11 Superstition —- Artist: Chris Blue

  6. Katie Killjoy says:

    Your assessment of Anatalia…
    Slezak is only gone for one season right?
    Nonetheless, the only thing that worked against her performance was a distinct lack of country twang and the simple fact that it came out of left field.
    Attitude, A1. Vocal, technically on point. Performance, charismatic and typical of Anatalia’s showmanship prowess.
    It lacked the country finesse, but it was still a knockout performance especially compared to majority of the previous night.
    Brennley won the night fair and square though. She’s almost like the Danielle Bradbery we wanted.

    • PeaceMaker says:

      Where is Slezak???

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        • says:

          Show the new guy how to set up the voting who was the top 3 of each night, I always enjoyed seeing that, and your rankings that we could all disagree with. It was fun to see all of the revised rankings and the “you’re nuts and here’s why” comments.

  7. kevstar69 says:

    Why is a young girl singing a Carrie Underwood song about a wife and a mistress killing the cheating husband? Definitely the wrong song. It was a good thing Dawson sang Imagine Dragons.
    At least it wasn’t Nickelback.

  8. kevstar69 says:

    Why didn’t Aaliyah sing an Aaliyah song?

    • Smokey says:

      A good example of — just because you “love” a song by your idol, Meghan Trainor,, it doesn’t mean it’s the right song for you to sing. That song is great as a duet with a good male singer, but seemed flat as a pancake with just one girl singing it. ……….
      So far tonight on the youtube views, Aaliyah is 6th out of the 6 singers in popularity of wanting to watch the video (or see it again) . Brennley Brown is #1 , Anatalia Villaranda is #2.

  9. loisbea says:

    There’s only three teams this season. Blake-Gwen (they rescue each others’ artists), Alicia and Adam. Adam is the odd man out. Alicia and and Gwen appear to have some kind of understanding too. But no one is stealing Adam’s artists. It’s hard to feel sorry for him (or his artists, who should know better, if they have a choice) when he is the used car salesman of coaches. Say anything to get an artist on your team, then bait and switch. That said, Adam and Blake make the most insightful comments regarding the performances. As for Aaliyah and Brennley, Aaliyah has the better instrument; her voice is really fine. But Brennley gave a really terrific performance. I don’t think it’s Grammy-level, but it was really good, and Adam is probably right that it is a bit of maturity that makes the difference. That is why I really am not a fan of the teenage singers overall. I personally would have preferred to hear Enid again over Aaliyah. But then, I would have kept Aaliyah and let someone else steal her if they would or could. Aaliyah needs someone to take her hand and then she’s going somewhere. And that’s interesting. Brennley’s voice isn’t special and she’s almost country cookie-cutter, and that’s boring. But very fine performance.

  10. Eidi says:

    “the easier it became to just admire the fact that he was unique” – TSoul is not unique but like the others (JChosen, Kawan, Chris, Malik, etc)

    • Voice Fan says:

      If Adam chooses Malik in the battles next week as I am sure he will, each coach will have a black male singer going into the live shows. They will be competing against each other. So we will see who of the four singers America likes best.

  11. Pixel8d says:

    Does The Voice even matter? By the time all said, sung, and done the final tribute standing will have been forgotten by the next day. The Voice may as well be named to “The Coaches”. Or maybe “The New Three’s Company Starring Blake, Gwen, and their adopted son Adam”

  12. Smokey says:

    Even many of the young 15 – 16 – 18 year-old contestants on the show, have their own resume of accomplishments, their own followings on Social Media, many songs on youtube and other music outlets — all before appearing on The Voice. …………………………….

    Google Hanna Eyre, for instance. Although this is getting close to The kids Voice show this year, it’s not really amateurs in the competition. I think there is still a lot of good talent on the show.

    • Voice Fan says:

      I agree. They are all talented performers. Thousands and thousands of singers audition every season for the voice. Only the best of the best are chosen to sing for the coaches.

      • says:

        I would rather not see so many people who should have already had their shot at fame. I’d like to see some people who are just really good singers but aren’t related to professionals in the biz that could have already helped them get a record contract.

        • Voice Fan says:

          I agree. There is a reason why these singers who have been trying to make it for years or are related to famous people never got a record contract or were able to attract large audiences. You notice that even after all the exposure on the Voice, few of the contestants even get a record contract or have a successful career. Music producers prefer signing young singers because they are easier to mold and they have a longer career. Age is no guarantee either. The two 16 year old Voice Winners, Danielle Bradberry and Sawyer Frederichs are having their struggles. Danielle signed a contract with Big Machine Records, released one album which was number 5 on Billboard country charts and three singles, only two which received airplay. She announced she was releasing her second album in 2015 but it has never been released. She toured with several big name country stars from 2013 to 2015. Since then she is only performing at fairs and festivals. After winning the Voice, Sawyer signed a contract with Republic Records and released his first EP which charted no. 2 on Billboard folk charts in 2015. He opened for many artists and performed with his own band. In 2017, Sawyer announced he’d parted ways with Republic and is now an independent artist.

  13. Kippi Jackson says:

    If you are a white person you should NEVER pick Alicia Keyes as your coach because she will set you up to be knocked out. Her behavior on tonight’s show with the two piano players was totally uncalled for. I knew who she was going to pick the moment they announced the two singers in the knock out competition. For her to whoop and holler while she was singing was totally belittling to her competition. The female singer sounds like a man. Alicia Keyes may start out with white people on her team but in the end she weeds the white people out. Alicia Keyes needs to be fired and put in a judge who picks people based on their talent and not the color of their skin.