the walking dead season 7 episode 16 recap

The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Recap: The War, the Scarier

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead.

In the weeks leading up to Sunday’s Season 7 finale of The Walking Dead, Rick & Co. had acquired everything that they needed to take on the Saviors, from allies (the Hilltop, the Kingdom, the junkyard collective) to weapons (sorry, Oceanside). And, although Alexandria’s leader didn’t know it yet, he also had back in action Carol — an army unto herself. So, were the rebel forces able to defeat the Saviors? Did Negan’s “little birdie” crap all over our heroes’ plans? Did the war even really begin, much less end, during this jumbo episode? Read on and find out.

‘PUNISHMENT IS HOW WE BUILT EVERYTHING WE HAVE’ | As “The First Day of the Rest of Your Life” began, Sasha, more or less in darkness, seemed to drift off listening to an iPod. In a dream, she was awakened by Abraham, who was “feeling all kinds of glad to see” her. In no time, we realized that this was actually the last conversation that she and her lover had had before his fateful date with Lucille. In reality, she was awakened by Negan. Serving her a breakfast that included smiley-faced blueberry pancakes, he told her, “You are gonna help make sure things get back on track today.” Sure, a few people might have to die, but not her, that was for sure. What was the plan? We didn’t get to hear as he spelled it out to Sasha. But it had to be ugly, as it reduced her to tears. “No one has to die,” she insisted. Miraculously, he negotiated with her, agreeing to only kill one person instead of three. Even he couldn’t believe how she had him wrapped around her little finger — it wasn’t sexual, either. “If you had a dick,” he marveled, “I would still have these feelings.”

‘I WANT NEGAN DEAD’ | In Alexandria, following Dwight’s announcement at the end of “Something They Need” that he wanted to help Team Rick, he was, shall we say, aggressively questioned by our heroes. Rick reasonably suspected that Dwight might just be there to see if Daryl was there. But slowly, Dwight won them over as best he could. Apologizing for Denise — and all that he’d done — he explained, “What I did, I was doing for someone else. She got away.” She was why he was there — she was also, he noted, why Daryl was there. And Dwight did have useful intel: Negan was coming to Alexandria the following day with three trucks full of men. Dwight could down some trees to slow them up and buy Alexandria some time to prepare. Once they’d taken out those Saviors, Dwight could radio back to the Sanctuary that everything was A-OK and sneak Rick & Co. inside with ease. Though the Alexandrians got on board with the plan, Daryl still intended to kill Dwight when it was all over.

the walking dead season 7 episode 16 recap‘I’M STUCK’ | When Ezekiel, Carol and the Kingdommers happened upon Morgan planning to attack the Saviors solo, the king encouraged him to join them instead. Alas, Morgan felt he was “stuck.” Not even the king pointing out that his confidant was wearing Benjamin’s armor and should honor him rather than serve himself could convince Morgan to get unstuck. (Or so it seemed at that moment.) Over at the Hilltop, in Gregory’s absence, Maggie debated whether or not to lead that group into the battle. At the same time, Jadis arrived in Alexandria with the junkyard collective — in a garbage truck, no less. She was impressed by the place — and apparently Rick, too. After asking Michonne if he was hers, Jadis said, “I lay with him after. You care?” (Sorry, but she cracks me the hell up.) Later, en route to her destiny, Sasha had another recollection — or a continuation of the same one — in which she told Abraham that she’d had a nightmare about him dying. And she really, really didn’t want him to go on that mission to help get Maggie to the Hilltop.

‘COMPLIANCE AND FEALTY ARE YOUR ONLY ESCAPE’ | At last, it was showtime. But all of Alexandria’s preparations appeared to have been for naught. “A test is upon you,” Eugene declared, “and I’m giving out the cheat sheet.” Where was Negan? “I’m Negan,” Eugene said. So what did Rick do? He gave Rosita the signal to set off a bomb. Unfortunately, it didn’t go off. He’d been betrayed. They all had — Jadis was a Judas! She was Negan’s little birdie — made a better deal with him than she had with Rick! (So much for my favorite weirdo.) Next, Negan revealed his plan for Sasha. He had Dwight and Simon remove a coffin from a truck. In it: you know who. What did he want? All of Alexandria’s guns, all of its lemonade, Daryl back, the pool table and a person of Rick’s choosing to get up-close and personal with Lucille instead of Sasha.

‘IT’S ALWAYS FOR SOMEONE ELSE’ | When Rick asked to see Sasha, she was pulled out of her memories of that last talk with Abraham… their last kiss, no less. “Both of us know,” her late boyfriend told her, “if we’re gonna kick, there better be a point to it.” Him helping Maggie… that was a point. “She’s carrying the future,” he noted. Next, we flashed back to Eugene offering Sasha the iPod she’d been listening to, and her informing him that she wasn’t giving up on him. “I know how tough this is,” Negan told her as she volunteered to ride in the coffin when she didn’t have to, “and I appreciate it.” Mind you, she had a good reason for wanting to ride in the casket. She intended to — and did — take the poison Eugene gave her in order to have turned when she was let out of the box!

‘THIS IS JUST GONNA MAKE YOU SAD’ | When Negan opened the coffin, a walkerfied Sasha emerged, allowing the Alexandrians to take aim at the Saviors. Though Rick desperately tried to broker a new deal with Jadis as bullets whizzed around them, she instead shot him and knocked him off their perch. Rosita took a hit, too, Michonne was badly — badly! — beaten, and Negan was nearly bitten by Sasha. (Sadly, only “nearly.”) When the smoke began to clear, Negan had Rick and Carl on their knees when they heard a scream that they feared was the end of Michonne. Next, Negan told Rick he was going to kill Carl in one swing. Rather than cower, Rick reiterated his original threat to Negan — he was going to kill him. Just as Negan went to strike out Carl, Ezekiel, Carol, Morgan, Shiva and the Kingdom attacked! “Alexandria will not fall,” cried the king, “not on this day!”

the walking dead season 7 episode 16 recap‘GLENN MADE THE DECISION, RICK; I WAS JUST FOLLOWING HIS LEAD’ | Next thing we knew, a very Stranger Things score was playing, Maggie and the Hilltop had joined the fray, the scavengers were scurrying back to their dump, and the Saviors were retreating (giving Alexandria the finger as they did so). Best of all, Rick and Carl found Michonne alive. Not well, but alive. (And on this show, c’mon, that’s a big win.) Back at the Sanctuary, Negan asked Eugene how he reckoned Sasha ended up dead in the coffin. She ran out of air, he speculated. “Maybe,” said Negan, clearly skeptical. “So,” he then told his massive army, “we are going to war.” Obviously, this scuffle was just the opening act — a bloody appetizer course, if you will. As the episode drew to a close, Daryl found a toy soldier (left by Dwight?) with “didn’t know” scrawled on the back, Maggie and Jesus tracked down Sasha to put her out of her undead misery, and Maggie delivered a lovely monologue in voiceover about how her, Rick’s, Daryl’s, everybody’s “family” had actually been formed way back when Glenn had risked his neck for Rick in Atlanta.

What did you think of the Season 7 finale? Grade it in the poll below, then hit the comments.

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  1. Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

    That was better than I was expecting. Not a classic but a definite step up from last season’s finale.

    • Netty says:

      Good Finale but they could have sped up that first half and given us more of the war.
      Shiva was definitely the star of the episode, would have loved to see him chow down on more people…I hope the writers don’t pull a GOT and kill off that beautiful animal like GOT has with the dire wolves (still very upset over Summer…)
      Jardis & her garbage people are real trash…Rick should have been more suspicious the way they kept saying ‘we don’t bother, we take’.
      I wish Jardis was the one who fell off that balcony.
      At this point, there’s no redeeming Eugene or Dwight…spineless cowards.
      Great farewell episode for Sasha, she will be missed.
      Characters who stood out above the rest this season for me: Karl, Ezekiel, Jesus, Daryl.

      • Lilly says:

        I’m really loving me some King Ezekiel…. But I’m still amazed that he didn’t drop that old-English-speaking persona in the midst of battle!

  2. Mark Green says:

    What an amazing season finale! Wasn’t really sad about Sasha and I wish they would have followed the Holly comic arc fully

  3. Matt C. says:

    That was probably the best finale the show has done since season 2. No annoying cliffhangers, no wasted filler moments, just pure action and thrills! The entire episode was an emotional roller coaster. I will miss Sasha, but her send-off was beautiful. Strangely enough, it reminded me of the OITNB finale, with all the Poussey flashbacks, as well as ending on the brink of a war between the good guys and the bad guys. I can’t wait for season 8!

  4. I think it worked, but the show still needs quicker character development. We’ve only seen bits and pieces of everyone this year without knowing their thoughts, reallllly. We need to feel a better connection to some of these guys I believe in order for us to really know them.

    • Jake Steed says:

      Too many characters for that unfortunately. I’d be down for 2 hour episodes every week or twice the amount of episodes in a season though. But they really are trying to develop as many characters as they can it seems. Almost every episode this season was centered around a certain character or two.

  5. Wiz says:

    I thought it was a decent finale. Although it felt more like a series finale. Usually they end their seasons with a jam packed few final seconds.

    I think most people new Sasha was going to die. Since the actress booked a new show. So that wasn’t a shock. I thought Sasha and Negan having a civilized conversation was weird. Didn’t she hate him?

    The garbage people betraying Rick and Co was definitely a shock. Didn’t see that coming. I also kind of shipped Jadis and Rick. They had more chemistry then the cringe worthy Richonne.

    I love Maggie I cannot stress that enough. She is my last leading lady.

    Overall different season ender. I wouldn’t call it “satisfying” like the actors were saying. Those Sasha fans are probably crying right now so it’s not exactly satisfying for them.

  6. The finale made up for all the lackluster episodes between 3 -14. It’s so good to see Rick get his mojo back. Can’t believe Eugene has switched sides and Sasha is reunited with Abraham now. Bittersweet episode.

    • thom says:

      Rick, Mojo? He’s turned into a whimp and WAY too trusting!!! My gosh he’d believe anybody.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        Well you can’t hardly blame it all on Rick. Michonne is the one who told him he had to start trusting people so ……plus everyone else was on board with the junkyard people too, no one tried to talk him out of it. Not even bad attitude Rosita, lmao!!

  7. Jake Steed says:

    I have a cliffhanger for ya, what was that figurine Daryl found that said didn’t know? Who left it? Dwight?

    • Here I am says:

      Yes it was from Dwight. He was passing on the message that he didn’t know about the junkyard people being part of the fight and on Saviors side at that. Those are the same figurines that we saw in Dwight’s room at the Sanctuary on the day that Daryl run from the Sanctuary since he went to Dwight room to change his cell clothes and kind of messed up Dwight’s room before he left.

      • Jake Steed says:

        Thanks! I figured it was him. I don’t remember seeing them in his room… But why would he just have one of them with him randomly? I guess he could have found out the trash people were going to turn on Rick & Co. after he got back from talking to them… I guess we’ll find out in 8 or 9 months lol

        • Here I am says:

          It will be good to find out if he did in fact find out about the junkyard people turning on Rick and co after he got back to Sanctuary. At least he kept part of his deal and slowed Negan and company with the trees as he had promised. I wonder too if he’ll start using those figurines as a way to communicate with Daryl/Rick’s group going forward.

      • AnnieM says:

        Yes, thank you! I was waiting for them to bring it up on Talking Dead but they never did.

  8. Here I am says:

    Shiva for the win!!!! Not sure how I feel about Sasha killing herself. On one hand she sacrificed herself so no one else had to die for the choice she made to go after Negan and failed. On the other hand, her decision meant she wasn’t there to fight alongside the others but I’m glad they won. The saviors, junkyard people and Eugene are all pieces of, well, scum of the earth. Yes! to Rick standing up to Negan and telling him once again he’ll keep his promise and kill him. That day cannot come any sooner. I hope this is one storyline they divert from the comics since those who read the comics knows Negan’s fate. It was a good episode and it tied to a lot of episodes not only in S7 but S3 epis. Well, like Maggie said the whole thing started when Glenn helped Rick so the whole episode was tied from the beginning (S1). So the all out war has started and I can’t wait to see where it goes. Eugene better sleep with one eye open because Negan is on to him. I don’t want Eugene to die but he should be taught a lesson for betraying Rick’s group like that after they have gotten him so far and kept him safe given he’s not good at fighting. Good thing that Rick’s group have an inside man in Dwight that will go along way to help them in te upcoming war. Hope both Michonne and Rosita feel better soon. And we got to find out who the birdie was Tamiel one of the junkyard people. S7B was much better than S7A. And Yes to no cliffhanger!

  9. Natalie says:

    Yeah that Jadis is just a laugh riot. I can’t wait until Michionne kills her next season.

  10. AngelWasHere says:

    Pretty good. Awesome actually. I knew Sasha was going die, but I didn’t expect it to go down that way. She went in the coolest way possible and almost got Negan. I thought the trash people turning on Rick was pretty shocking too. It was suggested before here, but seeing it actually happen was another thing. The only thing that sucked was Michonne getting beat up. It was bit much.
    Question: Dayrl picked up a toy solider with a message on it saying “I didn’t know.” Was that a message from Dwight?

  11. JP says:

    Bittersweet, but that monologue at the end was a great call back to how the season started. Abraham getting his moment explains to Sasha that they are there to be there for others. That this is “Glenn’s family.” We are on the path because Glenn saved Rick. It was them all coming together, no matter what had splintered them, to defend and protect family.

  12. Red Raleigh says:

    The Finale was interesting but The War with Negan really could have started 6 episodes ago and ended with this Finale. That would have been more satisfying. Season 8 then could have been The Whisperers.

    Looks like all of Season 8 will be The War with Negan.

    • Jake Steed says:

      TWD is a cash cow, why rush it if they don’t have to…

      • Justice says:

        Yes and it feels that way. I want next season to move fast and get the saviors stuff over by the finale. They should all move to a new part of the country it is starting to feel repetative.
        Im glad they made the junkyard people bad guys though that was smart… although how this show has been runninng it will probably take two years for rick and his people to get revenge.

    • Actually following the timing in the comics, the whisperers will likely appear still in S8, more likely in the finale..just after Rick kick Negan’s ass.

  13. Vicky Viking says:

    This episode was average just like season 7. They could not have picked a worse actor to play Neegan. With his skinny jeans and extra small leather jacket, he looks more like a member of the Village People than a physcopathic villian. Hope the show gets its act together for season 8. Die hards loosing patience

    • Red Raleigh says:

      Yep. Jon Hamm would have been much more interesting as Negan or Henry Rollins (who the character was modeled after).

    • Jake Steed says:

      I think it’s one role he’s actually pretty good in. I’m sure someone else could have played it better but after a full season of him as Negan it’s hard to imagine anyone else as Negan. There are definitely times his subpar acting is obvious. Then there are times that he cracks me up. Other than his role in Watchmen I’m not a fan…

    • Theodore Lawton says:

      Haha! The village people! That’s a good one!

    • Cas says:

      Except the wardrobe is not his fault. You realize he doesn’t get to pick what he wears right? And his humor is spot on if you compare to the comic books. Sounds like someone just pissed in your cheerios this am.

  14. Matt says:

    How does not one of Negan, Simon, Dwight, Eugene or Amazon filthy ugly oddball 10 ft tall garbage lady not get killed?

  15. Lynnee says:

    SHIVA !!!!!!!!!! Very good ending! Sad about Sasha a class act. PLEASE let Michonne beat the crap out of Jadis….

  16. Lilly says:

    Pretty good finale. At least it wasn’t a horrid cliffhanger. I can’t explain my disappointment when those trashy people (my term for them; hate them more now than when they were just the annoying scavengers) turned on our group. Was just glad we still had 25 minutes left.

  17. Julie says:

    What “deal” (10 or 12) did began have with the greasy trash people?

  18. Dski says:

    For some reason, Jadis came out spell corrected as Nadia.

  19. I knew a long time ago Sasha would appear as zumbi R.I.P, and man, those last ten minutes were craaaazy! Shiva was the best fighter out there no doubt, and Maggie’s speech made me so emotional..such beautiful words. This was probably the weakest season, along with S2, but that was at least a very good finale, and hoping that S8 will be better! Now we wait 7 months :)

  20. Theodore Lawton says:

    I was angry about the trash people turning traitor, but I was more upset about how weak the Rick Grimes character can still be even after all he’s been through. “We can do another deal!” What?! Reach up and grab that psycho-hag’s gun and blow her brains out with the Python. That Jadis character and her stupid accent need to go. And Rick Grimes needs to quit being a worm. I’m getting sick of his character because of the weakness. It’s the zombie apocalypse dude.

  21. Another black person sacrificed on the show. R.I.P to Sasha. You just joined T-Dog, Noah, Bob and Tyreese.

    • Ben says:

      Yeah but IMO… to be the leading actress in the new Star Trek show (instead of just stuffing in TWD) comes first. I love her character in TWD but opportunities like that doesn’t come twice.

    • Cas says:

      Yeah except fairly certain she wanted to leave due to starring in a new show. Or does that not matter to you?

    • Walkie says:

      Hahaha. Race bating over nothing. So silly. TWD is one of the most diverse shows on TV.

      • Lilly says:

        This^^. And they killed the only “Asian Dude”! OMG! Gingers should be up-in-arms at Abraham’s death, too. If you want to analyze it, this show is full of great minority characters – dead and alive – bi-racial couples, gays, and bad-ass women. Geez! I just don’t see the characters that I like that way. Do the math: They’ve killed an awful lot of white folk, too, in this show that kills a lot of primary characters!

  22. Mika says:

    Good finale. Especially when carol and shiva led in the cavalry!

    But that casket bit was forced. It made no sense. Why would Negan put Sasha in it? And why would anyone decide to ride in for the entire trip (2+ hours)? Only reason was so the writers could have walker could pop out of it.

    • Mika says:

      *walker Sasha

      (Sorry, it’s really late here!)

    • Shelly says:

      It was Negan being Negan. He loves the drama.

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      Say what!?!?! That’s King Ezekiel’s army not Carol’s. She joined his army as did Morgan. And also the Hilltop people came in at the same time. So no, Carol did not save the day. It was a group effort.

    • Bosco55 says:

      Sasha told Negan she would ride the whole way in the coffin because she wanted to rest- he told her she didn’t have to and admired her for wanting to. She didn’t want to rest- she wanted to die and turn and bite Negan when he opened the coffin. She wouldn’t have been able to do all that unless she was out of his sight for that long.

  23. thom says:

    PLEASE someone just notify me when Negan is dead ! It’s gotten ridiculous and frankly stupid that anyone would want him alive! Move on OR, just rename the show Negan, vs. The Walking Dead

  24. Kevin Tran says:

    My reaction about Sasha – screaming in terror. She and Abraham will forever be in heaven together and may these two RIP :-(

  25. Mushhead says:

    As a TWD fan from ep 1 my thoughts: I didn’t think Sasha would ever go out like that but…after her talk with Eugene, inquiring about the time line of the travel, it was been the best plan. This is why I’m not counting Eugene out just yet. Yes he’s a coward but he and Sasha had more going on there. I think he knew of her plan and backed her up on it. He may yet prove himself. But man, after all she’s been through I so hated to see her zombied. As for Dwight, I think he helplessly saw the plans fall apart, played his role and left his carpe diem, which Daryl found. Now Rick and Company know where the Garbage Pail folks reside so I hope they go in and ravage their asses and get all that ammo back. And Michonne kills Jadis. Now a few questions: How does Shiva know who’s bad or good? Does Ezekial have a signal? Except for Rosita being wounded how did all of the good guys escape even being killed? Even Aaron’s pathetic bf? Did the Garbage Pail group ride bicycles? If so, did they hop on them to escape? Will Michonne and Carl wear matching eye patches? Oh and is the guy who came out as gay this week on YouTube the hot blonde soldier from the Kingdom?

    • Keith says:

      Good guys got killed , just not the one’s when knew.It showed several of them dead on the street.No big bad guys died either

  26. thom says:

    What did Negan to zombie Sasha, as she was trying to bite him?

  27. 1idpete says:

    From this point forward, I only really care about one character who rose above all others tonight… Ezekiel’s tiger!

  28. Disappointed fan says:

    Boring, disappointing, and a waste of 15 episodes. Way to draaaaaaaaag. Cash cow cop outs. I was expecting the finale battle like in the comics but No! All that build up. All that planning. Just 2 mini gun fights and Negan monologue after Sasha monologue after Negan monologue after Sasha monologue because hearing that through out the season wasn’t enough. blah blah blah. Ending the same way in dialogue as the ending of last season. Mark my words. Next season will not have an all out war. It will draaaaaaaag. A little skirmish here. A little squabble there. Do not get your hopes up. Stick to the comic instead.

  29. Wrstlgirl says:

    Friggin awesome finale. Ya’ll can complain all you want but I love this show. Here kitty kitty kitty….:-)

  30. Justice says:

    Weak.The while foreshadowing conversation with abraham and sasha was silly and they spelled out the sasha zombie twist. And the maggie speech was more lame than touching.

    Overall this season has been very slow and it feels like the writers are dragging things out just for the sake of keeping the show going. Get to the action already. Im not looking forward to governor vs rick the sequel. Ive had enough build up just wrap up the saviors already. Or have stuf happen. Its all just talk talk talk so boring.

  31. a bit sad :( i’ve been dying to see negan shot on this episode!

  32. N says:

    Can’t wait for the 100th episode.

  33. Alapaha1 says:

    Wowza!!! Great!!!

  34. Sean says:

    What was the Deal made between the scavengers and the Saviors? they were asking for 10-12 of something?

    • JW says:

      I question that also. The only thing that make sense is the number of “Alexandra people” to work for Jadis.

  35. Walkie says:

    Good episode which at this point is a blessing. Corny ending. Really corny.

  36. Lilly says:

    I’m gonna chime in with my usual perspective: I loved the finale … and was left feeling very empty at the same time because the season is over. (VERY glad this wasn’t a cliffhanger again!) This is a very well-written, character driven show that TRIES (and doesn’t always succeed, IMO) to balance deep, moral dilemmas with life-and-death action. It is by far my favorite … and most frustrating … program on television. But I truly believe the source of my frustration stems from the fact that they try to do too much (the naysayers would call it “milking”) in just 16 short episodes each season. I want more. I don’t mind spending a lot of time seeing Tara introduce us to the characters of Oceanside with the sad story who have managed to survive in their own way. But I HATE that doing things like that cause me to go weeks without seeing Daryl, Carol, or Maggie!! So what’s the answer? No idea. Other than to give us more episodes or more 2-hour episodes…. I will say I agree with those who warn next season will likely be no more than a bunch of skirmishes that don’t resolve much of anything by this time next year.

  37. steve says:

    I didn’t catch the negotiation between Negan and Jadis – 10-12. What were they negotiating over?

  38. Pascal says:

    I’m sorry to say I was disappointed with the episode. Our people needed a win, however small. The final sequence was not enough for me to feel hope for the characters.

    And one technical point: the battle/shooting scene was one of the worst pièces of filming/editing I’ve seen in a while and not worthy of the show. The coming and going of characters made no sense while automatic guns were firing, All members of the group had a gun to their head and somehow get out of it. The tiger attacks (and apparently knows exactly who to attack) but is not shot on sight? I expect better from the creators because I know they can.

  39. 1878 says:

    Total garbage. It ended like the whole season, slow paced and full of cheap plotting. I’ve had enough. Will go back to The 100.

  40. Donna says:

    Maybe Season 8 we will finally find Heath (like in Where’s Waldo). Has everyone forgotten him and that he has went missing? Hmmmm….

  41. ali says:


  42. vanuguen says:

    A whole season of building up…to nothing!!! We have to start all over again in season 8! So disappointed!

  43. AngelWasHere says:

    I think the season as a whole was weak. I can’t excuse it. The finale made up for some, but not enough. Hopefully next season is better. Less talk. More action.

  44. Sheris says:

    I loved Sasha ‘s character so much! Why did she have to die? The writers could have let her be missing or captured with Negan having a small role in between her new show. I believe Negan wanted her and “she would have given him a run for his money” Why kill her? They let the unknown guy (now on 24) disappear and he was a role player. I will miss Sasha as I have missed Tyrese. Please get rid of Eugene next. That punk makes me sick. The junkyard leader really believes she has a chance with Rick? She looks like she smells worse than a walker and she is still alive! They found the ugliest “garbage pail” people in Hollywood.

    • AnnieM says:

      I think the official name for them from now on should be Garbage Pail People! x-D

    • Lilly says:

      One difference in these two actors’ other gigs is that 24 Legacy was “supposed” to be a one season thing. (I’m sure they hoped it would get picked up, but it isn’t doing that well–so we may indeed see Keith again.) This Star Trek thing may or may not last any longer than 24 Legacy (because it is an online-only experiment by CBS), but it is “supposed” to be a long-term gig.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        According to Gimple, Sasha’s death was story line driven. Had nothing to do with her getting another gig. She may have gotten the other gig after hearing that she was getting killed off.

  45. Fido says:

    Wait, what ?! That was the finale, not the ep-before-the-finale ?

  46. Steve F. says:

    Well, I got one out of two right (Sasha turning, Eric NOT dying) – but man, the reveal about Sasha in the coffin! Talk about the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few…

    Definitely did NOT see the junkyard crew turning on Team Grimes; wonder how they’ll get what’s coming to them next season?

  47. Denise Lumpkin says:

    We was looking for Negan to die on last night show we was very mad because he got away .

  48. Carol says:

    From all the build up and the things I had read , I thought it was going to be more intense . The kind of sitting on the edge of you seat intense.
    I loved the end though and then could understand why it was written this way.
    It brought back into the family the memories of 2 beloved characters and that all had led the group to this moment.
    Sasha gave her life for the family she had grown to love.

  49. Richard Oliver says:

    It sucked balls……like the whole BORING season.