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The Voice Recap: The Man of Steal

Going into Tuesday’s final Battle Rounds of The Voice Season 12, Adam Levine was the only coach who still had a steal left. But on whom would he use it, especially considering that the evening consisted of a mere three sing-offs, and there was no way Alicia Keys was going to pass on Lilli Passero? (I mean, come on — she’s a goddess.) Keep reading and find out the answer (as if you don’t already know!), then we’ll play favorites in the comments.

Team Alicia: Lilli Passero defeated Lauryn Judd on “Every Little Bit Hurts” | In rehearsals, Lilli seemed to have the advantage, seeing as she’s older, has a bigger voice than her schoolgirl teammate, and could relate the Brenda Holloway song to a particularly ouchsome breakup. But damn, that Lauryn sure has a lovely voice, too. In their battle, they both sang beautifully, though Lauryn’s youthful squeakiness was no match for the power and depth of Lilli’s voice. Lilli looked — and, more importantly, sounded — so at home on that stage, so in her element, that it was a highly enjoyable sing-off, yet it wasn’t even a contest.

Team Adam: Jesse Larson defeated Taylor Alexander on “Shameless” | Even Adam admitted that the pairing of Jesse and Taylor “makes no sense at all.” But maybe that would make it brilliant? At first, Taylor’s twang on the Garth Brooks version of the Billy Joel song seemed to trip him up. Then, he had trouble hitting the uppermost reaches of his range. All of which seemed to suggest that the oomph of Jesse’s voice would do him in. On stage, Taylor acquitted himself nicely — so nicely that, frankly, I preferred his performance — but the sheer force of Jesse’s vocal wouldn’t be denied.

the voice recap battle rounds brandon royalTeam Gwen: Brandon Royal defeated Davina Leone on “In the Night” (Davina stolen by Adam) | From the start, Brandon struggled with the high notes on the Weeknd hit. Davina struggled with sounding too sweet, too shy, but that seemed like a challenge more easily overcome. (If you can’t sing high enough, you just can’t, right?) In their battle, Brandon’s experience showed. He’d worked out his trouble spots. He at times sounded like he was straining a bit; still, he got there. Davina continued to seem a little uncomfortable with the sexpot role in which Gwen and mentor Celine Dion wanted to cast her. But she sang like a woman possessed — or, since Adam used his last steal on her, re-possessed might be the better word.

So, who did you think gave the best performance of the night? (Lilli sang… enough said for me.) Of the battles overall? (Chris Blue vs. RJ Collins might have been my fave.) Hit the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Caberet says:

    So each team now has 8 players? and there are still more steals in the knock-out rounds? So after the knock-out rounds, each team will still have 5 or 6 players?? I really likes Lilli Passero,

    • davmon says:

      Now 32. Knock-outs will give us 16 winners–4 per coach; and each coach will steal one, giving them 5 each–and 20 contestants for the Lives.

  2. Anna N Bynum says:

    I don’t know what the coaches are hearing but it sure is different that what I hear. Last night they got at least three winners wrong and tonight when Adam let Taylor go and said Jesse won was the last straw for me. No more The Voice in my house this season. Taylor won that battle by a knock out and Blake just sits on his tush and grins at Gwen. Get a room and get some coaches without their heads in the sand.

    • dlraetz says:

      Blake didn’t have a steal left, otherwise Taylor would have been Team Blake

      • Voice Fan says:

        Blake didn’t even turn around for Taylor in the blinds. He didn’t want him because he is not relevant in today’s country music. He looks and sounds like Hank Williams Sr.

        • kevstar69 says:

          Im sorry but Jessie sang the roof off twangy Taylor.

        • PrincessO says:

          Blake did not have anymore room left on his team! Both times!

          • Voice Fan says:

            Blake had plenty of room on his team during the blinds. He told Taylor he didn’t turn his chair for him because he already had his quota of country singers. He said he would help Adam coach Taylor. If Blake wanted Taylor, he would have turned around in the blinds and saved his save for Taylor’s battle. Blake is trying to get a female country singer the win. A male country singer always gets more votes than the female country singer.

    • davmon says:

      Can relate. Last season, already, I was fading. Tired of the coach interplay. Same old phrases by coaches and Carson. The montages. The best singer out in Semis. The most mediocre in the top 5 winning it all….This year, am having trouble being interested. Gwen & Blake–no. Adam & Blake–no. Opening it up to 13 & 14yo? Coaches seeming to favor the young. The ones I favor go home–for no apparent reason. Like there are “alternate facts”….My book shelf is more interesting.

      • PrincessO says:

        From your post, you obviously think your opinions and preferences are the best. The rule. Cemented in fact. The ones you favor go home? So sorry. There have been a handful that I liked better that did not get picked… Bummer. Is there still an extreme amount of talent left on the show? I say, Hell Yes! After 12 seasons, perhaps it’s hard to come up with new “phrases” for the coaches. I LOVE the banter with the coaches. I have not laughed on ANY season like I have this year. They seem like they are having fun! I know I am! Perhaps you need to look at your own “alternate facts”. Not facts at all. All based in opinion. And, lucky for you dude, watching has never been required. Yay!

      • Keith says:

        I hate the banter too.Let’s focus on the singers,it’s about them not the coaches. I dvr it now and skip the stupid stuff between Blake and Adam

      • Everything you said. How can someone be irelevant at thirty. What is this, the 60’s where they said “Don’t trust anyone over thirty” Yes I was there. Am that old

  3. Smokey says:

    I watched the battle-rounds that were not shown, and they were all good…………. Some good singers went home, but at least they have a resume on youtube from the show, for future prospects. ……………………………………
    and in the male singer category, there are some real powerhouse voices headed for the knock-outs. ……………………….And for the girls/ladies there is some beautiful talent there. The knock-out rounds are bound to break the hearts of many fans.

  4. Barry says:

    Lilli Passero is my dark horse pick this season, her audition was one of my favorites, but tonight she sealed the deal, what a slay. I think Jesse edged out Taylor just a tiny bit, but i’m really sad to see him go, i honestly thought he would go far. Didn’t cared for the last battle really, but at least it was better than more than half of last nights battles. A good end to the battles and I can’t wait for the knockouts, it’s usually my favorite round.

    • Voice Fan says:

      I like Lilli also. I’d like to see an all female finale with Lili, Casi Joy, Felicia and Lauren.

      • Smokey says:

        Those are the 4 ladies I like best also,,,,Casi Joy, ,,,Lauren Duski, ,,,,

        Lilli Passero ,,, Felicia Temple……….. I also enjoy songs from Ashley Levin and ,,
        Caroline Sky——– but I’m afraid Caroline will lose the knockout round and unlikely to be saved,, or have a tough time in the lives if she makes it, due to nuances of the voting…… Ashley and Caroline and Felicia all had to be stolen to survive so far. but I enjoy their vocals.. —————————–of the guys, I enjoy the voice/songs by J. Chosen, and believe it or not, Troy Ramey……………………..I hope Gwen doesn’t pit fight them against each other in the knock-outs…… . Troy doesn’t have the “look/style/pzazz” of some of the others, but has a good and versatile voice for any genre they throw at him, in my opinion……………. I think the “Knock-outs” will be both fun and aggravating when I see some of my fav’s get knocked-out.

  5. MAS says:

    I would have picked Lauryn. I thought her voice was more interesting, but I am not in the music business and most here seem to agree with the choice.

  6. Lyn Jensen says:

    Adam constantly squanders the country singers he does get.

  7. JMark (formerly JM) says:

    I will miss Taylor. His audition was one of my favorites. I wish they’d have a ‘Second-chance’ version of the Voice for all singers eliminated prior to the lives. So many good ones went home too soon and without the public getting a say.

  8. Smokey says:

    Remember that the show is partially a popularity contest in addition to the ability to sing………… First it is the assessment of the coaches, in terms of how they perceive the contestant, and their chances of advancing, competing,,,, compared to others on their team………………… it also has to do with the song-choices they lay upon the team members , which might favor one over the other, in relation to voice range or natural style……………………………………..and still, some of these battlerounds don’t really show one much better than the other, unless the listener has a preference toward a voice type, such as power/hollerating/runs and dives — over a smooth but pleasant voice with a limited range and little or no falsetto. ……………… secondly, at live voting time, there is always going to be a “likeability” factor, “Genre” preferences, “Stage Presence” factor and perhaps a favorite coach factor, all entering in.

    • Voice Fan says:

      I agree they are all talented. It is a matter of preference of the coaches in the blinds, battles and knockouts and it is matter of preference of the public in the live rounds. All of the contestants have talent or they wouldn’t have been on the show. So just because a contestant goes forward doesn’t mean he is any more talented than the contestant who goes home.

  9. Lili was my fave but still smarting over the Val Ponzio dumping. Last season Alicia gave away the better contestants. I hope she keeps Lili or Blake might win again

  10. Voice Fan says:

    I think the outcome of the battles and knockouts are determined by the coaches before the performances and that they pit the stronger singers against the weakest. I predict Blake will take Casi Joy, Lauren Duski, Alija Molden and T Soul to the live shows. Gwen should pick JChosen, Stephanie Rice, Johnny Gates and Hunter Plake. Alicia seems to favor Quizz, Anatalia, Chris and Jack. Adam favors Johnny, Mark, Jesse and Malik. I have no idea who they will steal.