Homeland Recap: A Deal With the Devil

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Carrie admitted defeat to Dar Adal this week on Homeland to get a chance to see her daughter Franny. But look out, Dar: Your evil empire has some cracks in the foundation.

Carrie’s excited for her supervised visit with Franny, but first, she has to meet with Keane’s DOJ nominee and testify against Dar (and Saul) in the whole Berlin mess. When the driver drops her off to testify, though, he makes an ominous reference to her visit with Franny. Carrie quickly calls the child-services worker Christine, who tells her (surprise!) Franny is feeling ill and they’ll have to postpone. That’s enough to get Carrie to cancel her testimony and to call the driver back: “Tell Dar Adal he wins. Now I want to see my daughter.”

Dar takes a victory lap by meeting with Keane and presenting her with his recommendations for her cabinet — including two people who called her unfit to be President. She bristles at this, and accuses Dar of feeding her bad intelligence and leaking things about her to the press: “60 million people voted for me. Who the hell voted for you?” He warns her not to pick this fight with him: “It’s a war you won’t win.” When he leaves, she’s determined to cut Saul a deal so he’ll testify against Dar. But Dar has a few tricks of his own: He calls O’Keefe, who says, “It’s time to weaponize some information.”

Homeland Season 6 Episode 10 KeaneAfter Carrie kisses Dar’s ring, she gets a call from Christine, and what do you know? Franny’s fine after all, and ready for her visit! Keane drops by Carrie’s place to find out why she bailed on testifying; Carrie will only say, “My priorities shifted.” Keane puts it together that it involves Franny, but Carrie doesn’t want to be strong-armed by her, either. “I can’t,” she tells Keane, walking out on her. She goes to meet Franny — and it is genuinely sweet to see mother and daughter finally getting to hug. But Carrie also notices something on the receptionist’s computer: O’Keefe’s vicious attack ad against Keane and her son Andrew.

The attack ad is plastered all over cable news, with more than a million views on YouTube. Keane knows that it’s “Dar Adal’s handiwork” and is fuming: “We need to respond.” Her advisors tell her to just change the subject, but she wants to address it at a press conference in the morning. Privately, she tears up, blaming herself for even bringing up Andrew’s name in public: “No one should be allowed to see this… Have these people no f–king shame?” (Short answer? No, they do not.)

But don’t worry: There’s a certain unkillable assassin out there on the case! Carrie comes home to find Quinn’s drug buddy Clarice on her stoop, who takes her to an empty house in Queens, where Quinn is perched with a sniper rifle. He tracked Black-Hatted Guy down to the house across the street — a safe house where a young Quinn used to bunk up with his ragtag team of mercenaries. And hey, there’s also a Medina Medley van in the safe house’s garage. Yep, the noose is around Dar’s neck… time to start tightening.

Elsewhere in “The Flag House”:

Homeland Season 6 Episode 10 Mira SaulESCAPE PLAN | Saul’s not waiting around for his CIA reputation to go up in flames: He has a clandestine meeting with a NYC jeweler, who gives him a bag packed with guns, cash, fake IDs — and an envelope of loose diamonds. He tells his ex-wife Mira that he’s leaving the country: “I have to disappear.” He’ll hide out in a Greek rectory that they planned to be their lovers’ hideaway, and he needs her to keep quiet. But when he tells her he has to leave because he’ll be “publically humiliated,” she comes back with: “When has that ever made the slightest bit of difference to you?”

Meanwhile, Max is still snooping around that boiler room full of computer nerds making “sock puppet” online profiles for O’Keefe. He sees Dar and O’Keefe having a meeting and manages to capture some of it on video before getting caught and thrown out. Later, Saul stops by Carrie’s to tell her he’s changed his mind about testifying. She’s not home, so naturally, he breaks in and makes himself a pot of tea. (This is the downside to having a CIA lifer as a friend, apparently.)

Saul looks upstairs and, finding a locked door, searches around for a key and unlocks it. Inside the room, he finds a classic Carrie Mathison murder board, with strings everywhere connecting all of this season’s plot points: Sekou, Keane, Conlin, all of it. He also opens her laptop, and finds a new message from Max on it. It’s the video of Dar in O’Keefe’s office. Better cancel that flight to Greece, Saul.

Further Intel:

* So that opening scene with Quinn and the waitress at the diner: She knows him from his days as a young mercenary, right? And did we ever learn why the GPS led Quinn there, and not to the house where BHG is hiding out?

* Did anyone else get the sense that Saul wasn’t completely forthcoming with Mira because he didn’t want to tell her about the whole Allison Carr debacle?

* Why would there be a Medina Medley van in the mercenaries’ safe house? Sure, seeing the van there helped Quinn piece everything together, but why would they keep evidence that they’re involved in a massive bombing… in their garage?

* Dar noticed a photo of Quinn on O’Keefe’s laptop, and O’Keefe called it “a work in progress.” What nefarious plans does he have for our Quinn??

* Did kind of enjoy seeing Clarice again, especially when she reacted to Carrie still thinking Quinn is in Bellevue: “Honey… you are way confused.”

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  1. N!loofar says:

    when you don’t check on Quinn Carrie, lots of things happen.

  2. Kevin Tran says:

    Great to see Mira back and O’Keefe is the wannabe Alex Jones. With only two episodes left this season, Dar Adal’s reign of terror should come to an end.

  3. Dave (in MA) says:

    We’re supposed to believe an ex-CIA station chief doesn’t bother putting a password on her Macbook?

  4. Alichat says:

    “And did we ever learn why the GPS led Quinn there, and not to the house where BHG is hiding out?” Because when Dar called BHG in the last episode, BHG was sitting in the diner eating.

    Of course Saul didn’t want to tell Mira about Allison. Who would want to admit their rebound was a Russian spy??

    I’m a little surprised that the alarm code in the safe house was still the same after all of these years. But Quinn’s history at the house explains how he knew where the spare key was. Still, too convenient. But regardless, he’s Quinn….master assassin. So, the only reason I can think of there being a Medley van at the house is perhaps they are going to do another bomb. But I’m glad Carrie finally knows what is up with Quinn. I hope he tells her about Astrid and Dar.

    I was becoming frustrated with Carrie and Keane. One, Carrie should have told Rob or Keane about what the driver said. But then I thought perhaps she isn’t telling Rob because she doesn’t trust him. But then why not tell Keane? Either way, there is some leakage going on around Keane. How did Dar know about the deposition? Either Carrie’s house is bugged, Keane’s hotel is bugged, or someone on her team is leaking information.

    And Max! OMG! I thought he’d tossed his phone in the trash somewhere or hidden it. Why would he keep it on his person after filming Dar and bumping into a co-worker? The moment he took that video, he should have gotten rid of the phone. I’m concerned he will end up dead.

    • Doug says:

      I think the phone they found on Max is just a decoy. He swapped the real phone with the guy he bumped into. That guy will end up dead

      • Alichat says:

        If he swapped it with Trent, then how did he send the video to Carrie’s email?

        • Doug says:

          I think it was already sending when he dropped it into Trent’s pocket or it would automatically send when Trent went back upstairs on his way home.

          Max knew the sock puppets would pick up the cell, so he used a second decoy so they wouldn’t find the video.

          I’d like to think that so Max doesn’t end up dead

          • Alichat says:

            I hope he did that but I don’t think he did. How did Dar know he made a video and didn’t take a picture instead? Dar specifically said video. Plus, I don’t recall seeing the phone dropped into any clothing when Max bumped into Trent. The video seems to end after Max bumps into Trent. Plus I think Trent would have noticed a phone in his pocket. It’s not like he had a coat on that Max could have dropped the phone in.

    • isaaedi100 says:

      Everything you said…
      And I really hope Max is smart enough to fool the sock puppets!

  5. FMR says:

    Notice “Mercer” among Dar’s picks for secretary of state? I think that the writers are referring to the real-life billionaire arch-conservative Robert Mercer, who heavily backed Trump and who, according to the Guardian, is — in real life — funding a propaganda machine like O’Keefe’s and Dar’s. See .

    • JScout says:

      Yes, that Mercer name crossed my mind, too. He is a white supremacist, among other evils. Also as someone mentioned above, O’Keefe is Alex Jones, feeding idiot Trump wild conspiracy nonsense. That’s real life, pay attention. Resist.

  6. They better not kill Max!

  7. Frank says:

    The van in the garage alludes to the fact that there might be a second bombing.
    Keane’s Chief of Staff, Rob, is leaking information to Dar.
    Are they going to try to “rehabilitate” Dar by having him stop O’Keefe from destroying Quinn?

    • Alichat says:

      I hope it’s not Rob. I like his character. I have suspected someone in her security detail. How else would they get her dinner at the restaurant with Carrie bugged a few eps back?

  8. JScout says:

    It seems that Carrie, Quinn, and Saul will soon be together fighting this. But please save Max before you do anything else.

  9. What an abysmal Homeland ending! The pattern is obvious.
    Public love Brody & Quinn who
    become hot stuff. Great actors
    they are, who then move into bigger parts equaling bigger
    money. Watch for Claire Danes
    exiting before season 7 ends.