Agents of SHIELD Ward Returns

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Photos Feature Ward, Hint at 'New World Order'

ABC earlier this week released the first photos from the third “pod” of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4, and they pull the (bed) covers off Grant Ward, while affording more insight into Fitz’s well-off (but Jemma-less??) Framework existence.

In the second midseason premiere, titled “What If…” and airing Tuesday, April 4 at 10/9c, Daisy and Simmons (?) “uncover secrets and lies in a world gone mad,” says ABC’s official synopsis. “With Hydra in control, they are our only hope to save everyone.”

When last we tuned in, Daisy and Jemma — after thwarting an invasion of uncanny LMDs and then blowing up the base — hacked themselves into the Framework reality crafted by Aida. There, Daisy found herself cohabitation with boyfriend Grant Ward (played again by Brett Dalton), while Jemma appeared to have landed six feet under, as suggested by a cemetery marker. Fitz was seen exiting a limo, taking the hand of an unseen woman, while Coulson was teaching anti-Inhuman rhetoric and May was happily at work for Hydra, in the nefarious organization’s intact Triskelion.

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  1. I hate this show so much now and this is only going to end badly but I’m still excited for Ward (and Skyeward) anyway!

  2. Kristina says:

    I know a lot of people are ready for the character to go, but personally I’m excited for more Ward. I wish we could keep him. Interested to see where the rest of the season goes; the LMD story wore a little thin after a while, so I’m glad to move on to something else.

  3. Bill says:

    So the ratings suck this season and they respond by bringing in the most hated character on the show? Ok makes sense

    • ndixit says:

      If by most hated, you mean one of the most popular than yeah.

      • Bill says:

        Lol yeah ok

        • Bob says:

          Ward is a very popular character. This is a statement of fact. You don’t have to like him but he is a popular character and fans have been wanting him back.

      • Tom says:

        He was a murderous traitor that killed Victoria Hand and one of the Koenigs. Hated is right.

        • ndixit says:

          I think you are confusing hate for a character’s actions vs hate for the character. He’s a villain, of course you should hate him. But he’s still an incredibly popular character. In the same way Loki is popular in the movies.

          • Bill says:

            Please don’t compare Ward to Loki. A lot of people hate the character, the actor is decent and it’s not bc of him that people hate Ward.

        • Quinten says:

          Ward was a fantastic character and definitely a fan favorite. Not the most hated by a long shot. Like he was a bad guy, but a lot of people loved the character..

          • Morty vonJoshalot says:

            I always felt charisma of the Grant Ward character, and loathed the character’s actions and worldview. But “hate”?!?

            It was always too obvious that he reasons/motivations for his “darkside” were completely tragic and pathetic results of his entire history. I’d never excuse him (death is too good), but it would never occur to me to “hate” him either.

  4. T.W.S.S. says:

    I really wish the likes of Tripp and Deathlok would appear. Raina (Oscar-nominated Ruth Negga) will probably never return, but I’d like more throwbacks that aren’t Grant Ward (who we only just got rid of).

    • Take this with a grain of salt and don’t get your hopes up, but there are rumors BJ is returning too.

    • Morty vonJoshalot says:

      Yes, Deathlok is not only GROOVY as presented for the MCU, but is RIFE with future & dimensional possibilities as all comixfans know. He is a GREAT way to retcon ny sticky-wickets w/o “changing” anything, but more impotantly I see him as the character that can pop-in on all the NetFlix shows from time to time w/o need for lame contrivances.

      On top of ALL that, J. August Richards is notoriously easy and smooth to work with.

  5. trappercat says:

    Won’t this guy ever go away? Sadly the show is on it’s way into cancellation heaven, but for once can’t they have things work out where everyone and everything works together and the fight against evil at least appears to be working? Bringing Ward back again after we thought he was gone for good – exploded into the sun. UGH. They need more Patton Oswald’s, and the two spun-off characters back but alas it’s too late. They’ve resorted to every cliche in the SF book. Now all they need to do is have a time travel arc to nail the coffin shut.

  6. Lucy says:

    I’m looking forward to this arc, I’ve found myself bored of S4 but I’m really interested in alternate realities so this sounds up my street.

  7. Judson says:

    I don’t know the actor obviously, but I hated Ward as a character so much I quit watching. I came back this season and watched half of the fall season, didn’t like that and tried again for the LMD arch. I liked that, but now with Ward back I have had enough.

  8. Joey Padron says:

    Good photos from new episode. Good first look photo of Grant award back on the show. Good photos of Daisy as Skye and Fitz. Excited for the show to come back next month!

  9. callie says:

    Lol when can this guy get himself a job and stay away

    The reason why AoS drags sometimes is because they always come up with ways to incorporate Ward in their storylines to a point it’s absurd and contrived. Wish skye/daisy had killed him off in s2 midseason finale.

  10. KCG19 says:

    Wait… they brought back Ward? AGAIN? I haven’t seen the show this season (yet) so I’m hoping against all hope that it makes sense but dang they need to let this dude go.

  11. Mack says:

    Well this is a tough bunch to please, either someone hates the show or hates a character. Sheesh just move on and go watch something else. Can’t please everyone. 😪😪😪

  12. George says:

    This show has kind of limped this season. They tried to do Ghost Rider, but didn’t have the budget to do him justice. The LMD arc was better, but now we’re revisiting the Matrix? I believe the only thing that will save it is if Disney decides they want the MCU on network television to keep it in folks minds between films. Except it doesn’t, really, because none of the movie actors are likely to ever appear on television. It’s true that the barrier is largely gone (once, a movie actor considered it a career misstep to appear on television; it Simply. Wasn’t. Done.), but most of the MCU characters are played by cinematic giants. So there will always be a sense of isolation between the two universes.

    Even worse, for comic book fans, is that Marvel is now almost exclusively a file and television company. Their comic books, these days, tend to be poorly written, poorly drawn and produced on the cheap. They’re focusing entirely on Star Wars ’cause that’s what Disney wants. We’ll see, I guess, whether they can survive as a media company only.

    • crealiat says:

      I doubt that Disney will save Agents of SHIELD. Disney/Marvel has a new Inhumans-show for next season, they don’t need the old one.

    • Bob says:

      Wow, you’re in the minority on that one. It’s widely recognized that they did a great job with Ghost Rider.

      You’re also factually incorrect on your thoughts about the comic books. They are not focusing “entirely on Star Wars.” You’re incorrect.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        “It’s widely recognized that they did a great job with Ghost Rider”??

        Careful now, son.

      • crealiat says:

        The superpowered serialkiller called Ghost Rider? For me, that thing was a good reason to drop Agents of SHIELD again.
        The other reason to drop Agents of SHIELD is that season 4 is just another repeat of season 2b’s story centered on Inhumans and what it’s like to have superpowers.