Once Upon a Time Cancelled Renewed

Once Upon a Time on the Bubble and Eyeing a 'Reset': Keep or Cut?

By mid-May, the broadcast networks must make some tough calls as to which series will return for the 2017-18 TV season, and which… won’t.

As that deadline draws near, TVLine is singling out a few “bubble” shows and sizing up their prospects — based in large part on creative strides (and stumbles) and future potential, but also with a requisite nod to the cold, hard numbers that attract TV’s single-minded grim reaper.

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Next up is a fairytale drama in need of a bit of magic.

THE SHOW | ABC’s Once Upon a Time

THE CASE FOR KEEPING | We held back on this Keep or Cut, knowing that changes were brewing for the ABC series. But now that it’s out there that any possible Season 7 would include a “reset” of sorts — adding a young male lead (played by Walking Dead alum Andrew J. West) and perhaps retaining a little more than half of the current series regulars — it’s time to get down to brass tacks.

The fact is, Once Upon a Time at this stage sort of demands a reset, either in the form of a fresh POV or a tweaked narrative engine, if it is to continue. Now that Emma’s “walls” are down, years after she came to accept the existence of magic and fairy tale VIPs living in Maine, her story seems about told. That said, holding onto Jennifer Morrison (one of the actors currently being wooed to renew their contract) is a must, in the name of continuity/”handing off the baton.” It’d also be great to keep around the yin to Emma’s yang, in Regina, while the current engagement storyline, if it comes to fruition, would seem to secure Hook’s standing. Losing both Snow and David — the familial touchstones that ground their daughter’s odyssey — would be a blow, for sure, but maybe their purpose can just as well be serviced by the occasional visit; ditto Rumplestiltskin.

THE CASE FOR CUTTING | Midway through writing this Keep or Cut, Nielsen issued the numbers for Episode 13 and they were not lucky, marking new series lows. As such, the pressure put on any rejiggered cast/narrative would be high; short of adding a “name” to the ensemble for Season 7, it’s hard to imagine an appreciable ratings rebound. As for Once‘s core storytelling DNA, we can think of precious few major-ish princesses or princes, witches or warlocks, left to lift from literature and add to the mix. So unless the plan is to stage some “reunion tours” for, like, Frozen‘s Elsa, or to bring to the fore heretofore peripheral characters such as Merida, Maleficent or Dr. Whale (should iZombie not get renewed), Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard may be bare.

Vote below, and then state your own case for keeping or cutting Once.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Renew for a shortened final season to wrap up all the loose ends.

  2. Jackie Branam says:

    Keep the show. It is full of creativity and good family show. Always something new being found out about the characters and I am sure the producers are not done unwrapping their past life. We just found out something new about Hook. He murdered Emma’s grandfather. Plus, I am sure there are more tales to arrive at Storybrooke that need to be told.

  3. I voted keep but at same time i’m torn. I love show and don’t want to lose it but at same time would rather have it end so that no one would have to go into another season without their faves. I’d find it hard to watch without Jen and fear she’ll be one of the ones out and not only would show not be same without her but half my ship staying while other leaves would suck to (heck that situation would suck for anyone if half their fave couple left).

  4. Jesse says:

    I hate when shows, late in their runs and in order to save money, completely revamp and lose characters you love that were integral to the show. God forbid half the denizens of Storybrooke move to California a la Laverne & Shirley. Maybe Cousin Oliver will come to town to fill the void.

  5. Jared says:

    ABC can try and reboot OUAT but I honestly feel like the show is on it’s last legs at this point. I used to love this show but the Frozen arc killed it for me and I never returned since then. Unfortunately a reboot won’t change much as far as gaining new viewers.

  6. Jennifer Hoey says:

    Hook and Cs killed this show. If Gosh and Robert or Jen and Lana or Emilie leave ,this show is toast. Have a finale, bring back fan favorites like Michael and Jamie, end CS for good, give everyone a happy ending. Rumple and Belle, Snow and Charming, Regina and Emma have earned it. Emma and Regina don’t need men to be happy. Emma would be happy just with her parents and Henry. Hook needs more redemption before he finds true love.

  7. Jackie says:

    Cut. The quality of the writing is terrible this season, and a reboot without characters we’re attached to will be even worse. It’s played out.

  8. Sophie says:

    Keep it. Those who don’t want to watch, don’t, and let people who enjoy it (and that’s not for Emma’s yang to Regina’s yin tyvm) watch on.

  9. Julie says:

    Cut it. I watched from the beginning but the last 2 seasons have been getting progressively worse. Just introducing characters and killing them off. There is zero character or storyline integrity at this point. They just re-write history to fit some new whim of a storyline. Keep a shred of dignity and end it now while there are a handful of viewers that still might care.

  10. Raven says:

    I can’t believe I’d ever say this, because this show has been my favorite since season 1, but it’s time to let it go. It’s a character based show. No one watches for the insane plot and stupid “twists”, we watch for the characters we’ve loved since the pilot. If they can’t retain the core characters, and by that I mean Emma, Regina, Rumple, Snow, Charming, Belle, Hook and Henry, it’s time to let it go. Without Snowing or Rumple or Emma or any of the rumored exits, what would be the point? No one is invested in brand new characters.

  11. jml says:

    My feeling is that I’d like to see the writers notified far enough in advance to give the show a proper finale. However, the current episodes are not making a strong case for renewal, and I’m significantly less interested without the full core cast (or at least Snow and Charming.) So, cut…and do it soon enough that the writers can end it properly. Or maybe renew it for a short final season to wrap things up instead of doing the reset? Is that even possible at this point? (Matt, how far in advance do you think the writers would need to know in order to make the finale a series ender this year?)

  12. Bonnie says:

    Buh-Bye Once. I once loved the show, but it’s been going downhill for years. I finally broke up with it about 3 episodes into the Knights of the Roundtable season. I really should have stopped watching during the Peter Pan season.

  13. JWaskas says:

    I feel that if the show was cut I’d lose a part of me because I started watching OUAT when it first started, granted I was 9 and watched it with my dad, so to lose my absolute favorite show now would be pretty sad when there is so much more to tell.

  14. Tracy says:

    It has died. It needs to be buried. They’ve ruined it.

  15. Angela Nicklas says:

    I rather them end it then for them to do a reset button and cut the cast if they can just end the show in a good way I think it would be better off if they can have hook and Emma get married Regina to find her happy ending and maybe even if snow and Charming return to the Enchanted Forest and Rule their Kingdom and just have everyone find their happiness that’s how it should end

  16. A fan of TV says:

    Would deserve cancellation of it comes to it, especially if they write out Henry, Snow and Charming and disintegrate the central emotional relationships, but I’m sure they are too interested in the easy marketability of the show/twists on beloved characters to let it go just yet, but really it has been a long, long series of literal tire fires from the moment Rumple brought magic to Storybrooke. It needed to stay rooted in the real, magic-free world, IMO, because that’s when we lost the central focus being relationships, replaced by the central focus being special effects and forced storylines, IMO…

  17. taran63 says:

    I’m torn on this one. If it continues, I’ll probably continue to watch. But this is a show that I think could pull off a really impressive series finale if they went all out and knew going in that it would be the final episode. What I absolutely don’t want is a series finale that just kind of treads water, and then after the fact we find out the show has been cancelled.

  18. Amanda says:

    I’m sad to say this but it’s time to end the show. The ratings are so bad and it saddens me even more as I felt like they should’ve followed LOST’s game plan and announced an end date so season 6 truly could’ve been the final season. The only way I would watch a possible season 7 is if at least Jennifer, Colin, and Lana stay. Without them it’s not worth keeping the show. It’s time to end things and I just hope they’ll film a proper ending to use just in case as the odds for renewal just keep getting smaller.

  19. Mary says:

    Emma’s story has been told? Are you kidding? There’s so much left. She’s the Savior – she can continue in stories forever! All I’ve ever wanted to see was Emma and Hook on fun adventures but they keep refusing to give that to me. And now both are barely in the show anymore which makes me not want to watch at all.
    Rumple and Regina’s stories have been told 50 times over by now with more flashbacks than anybody else and there is absolutely NOTHING to tell about them anymore. The flashbacks are all the same apart from some random retcon they shove in to tie it to the current story. If you have to change around everything you’ve already told then you’ve run out ideas. This season has been particularly bad and it keeps getting worse.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I agree. I’m not tired of Emma & Hook AT ALL and I’d continue to watch if it was a show just about them (some fans claim it already is, hardly!). I’ve been over Rumple and Regina for YEARS.

  20. Christina says:

    Yeah look… Let’s not hide behind out fingers. OUAT lost its touch the moment they decided to pay more attention to guest characters (who can ever forget the Frozen extravaganza while Regina was locked up in her vault, only to be seen for a few seconds in each episode, just enough to save the day?) than develop the main ones it already had (Robin Hood and the legend around his name, not to mention the Outlaw Queen story is a screaming example of my point). It ABANDONED entirely its original idea of hope, happy endings and strong women when they introduced a completely unnecessary rape storyline they never even addressed (in which they allowed the rapist to keep the child while the victim died for reasons we’ll never know), when they reduced what once might be considered a solid and independant female character like Emma to the worst kind of selfish love sick puppy that doesn’t know when to let go (dude, Hook himself BEGGED her to let him die a hero last year, and what did she do?), when they turned Beauty and the Beast into domestic manipulation and maltreatment… Do I need to go on? For the last couple of years this show has been nothing but disrespectful to the characters we all love, not to mention the actors themselves. If they know what’s best for them, they’ll just let it take its final bow with whatever dignity it has left. Besides, Lana might have strong arms, but how much longer will they make her carry the weight of the show on her shoulders? Give the woman some rest!!! LET IT GO!

  21. Marina says:

    At this point they should ending with dignity instead of keeping worsening everything like they do this year.
    Anyway, reboot with fewer cast won’t work because people keep following the show for their fav and the writers lost a lot of people confidence.
    For me I only will be back if both Jen and Colin come back. If either of them is not there I am out.

  22. Pamela says:

    I stopped watching after the third season and have only read recaps since then. From what I’ve read over the years though I think the show should end. I don’t want to see any cast members leave because the show wouldn’t benefit from it at all.

  23. Claire says:

    I voted to keep it but I’d love new writers and new showrunners who could make this show magic again.

  24. DebG says:

    The show lost it’s heart and it’s sense of humor when all the good writers moved on. Let it die in peace.

  25. Anthony Passariello says:

    I rather they keep and it gets 13 or so episodes to end the series proper at this point then cut it at the end when they said the finale could go either way. I hate those finales. I like definitive ends if possible.

  26. Scribe says:

    This show was originally a ripoff of the Fables comics. I say if its possible, to collapse Storybrook, have them and the characters move into the REAL world and start trying to build a community there.

  27. Amanda says:

    Keep it with the cast as is. Maybe change the focus a bit off of Regina and the Evil Queen, because there ARE other characters who have gone from bad to good, and who still fight with that knowledge and those bad choices every day. Either keep all of the original cast or cut it now, because a ‘refresh’ or whatever is…well, it’s not the same show anymore, then, and a young male lead? What on earth makes it the same show, then?

  28. G says:

    Put the show out of our misery. Although frankly if it goes on as Once Upon a Hook plus the Wicked Sisters I don’t see it reaching even a .5 weekly.

  29. Linda Evans says:

    I love this show & have been a card carrying Oncer since day 1. I don’t like the direction the show has taken over the past year. They talk “reboot” & everything points to Charming & Snow leaving at the end of this season. They are the heart & soul of the show. It makes me sad to see Adam & Eddy willing to do anything for a S7. The show, the characters & the actors who pay them should be allowed to ” go gentle into that good night” with dignity. The true loyal fans deserve this as well. 😢

  30. night61 says:

    I would like it to have a conclusion to the series. maybe do what there doing with bones or grimm give them the time to wrap up but show them the door. i love the show….but if i had to pick a fairytail to stick around i much rather see Grimm return

  31. Susan says:

    I voted to keep it because I love the show and it deserves another season to end things right.

  32. buttercupscarlett95 says:

    I love the show, but at this point I just want to see Hook and Emma get married and everyone live happily ever after. I see rumors Jen might leave, also maybe Bobby, Ginny, Josh. There’s no point to the show without Emma, and she’s earned her happy ending at this point. I would hate to see her killed off or exiled in some way. I want her to have a long, happy life with Killian, Henry and her parents.

  33. Johnny Gink says:

    We lost interest and stopped watching a season or so ago, during the whole Underworld/Hades adventure. If they cut it now, we might actually pick it back up just to finish what we started. If it doesn’t end at this point, we’ll be dropping it for good as it’s obviously just stuck in an endless repeating loop of recycled plots points.

  34. if they could salvage the mess they have made, get rid of the filthy pirate, quit screwing rumple/rumbelle, and actually write REAL scripts with STORIES then i say keep it.

  35. tamim says:

    I used to like watching shows that just continued, but I have gotten where I like having a completed arc more than just watching the show plow forward. Doctor Who manages to keep things mostly fresh because there is a built-in reset, but I’m not sure how a reboot of ONCE would work. Maybe if they ended this round of stories and then came back to it in 5-10 years with new tales and new people, but to just reset now? I don’t think that will work. Yes, there are a lot of fairy tales and stories out there, but a lot of those stories are just regional variations of the same. The show is basically a modern fairy tale, I think it’s time for “and they lived happily ever after”

  36. Damon Paneczko says:

    Once upon a time is my favorite show. You have to give us at least one more season after the curvy season. Please & thank you

  37. S says:

    CUT. Let Lana be free to find a show worthy of her talents. OUaT show shot itself in the foot a long ass time ago.

  38. Hannah Wattie says:

    I think should end. Season 1 was great and Season 2 1-10 was also but after that it got messy. The only reason I’m still watch is because of Snow and Charming.

  39. Nicole says:

    I voted cut. I can’t realistically envision a scenario where this reboot works, especially with Adam and Eddy at the helm, as they have systematically run a good show into the ground, ignoring years of viewers’ pleas for a course correction away from Once Upon A Hook. The only shot OUAT’s reboot would have, and it’s still a small shot, is ABC replaces Adam and Eddy, change much of the writing staff with people who can actually write character driven plots well (like the writers of BBC’s Merlin, Person of Interest or Scorpion), get rid of Hook, and make Rumple the central figure, but let’s be serious, they are not willing to do that. So it’s done.

    • Kay S says:

      Hook is not the problem. The uneven, retconning writing is.

      Honestly, he’s the only character worth watching lately. Two others are sharing a sleeping curse (though I did love Captain Charming working together) and the show has ignored exploring that. They don’t seem to know how to use Henry who is like 12 show age but 16 (and looks it) in real life. Rumple has no pattern of any growth or character development since he went “dark” with his pure heart and became the poster child of abusive spouse in 6A to the point I NEVER want him to be happy (talk about blowing second/third/fourth chances). Bae was supposed dark and wanted magic? WHAT??? Talk about being the complete opposite of Bae’s core character values. Belle finally became likable in 6A but now she’s backsliding with Rumple after fighting to be free of his abusive control. Regina never seems to learn her lesson, and how the EQ IS her and that she has to deal w/ her past and inner demons, not try to kill them. And Emma has been mostly wasted w/ prophetic visions over and over.

      Archie has been entertaining, however. I miss the town feel you had in S1, where the characters were really reoccurring, not just occasionally showing up but otherwise completely gone. I’d rather have had more of them instead of guest stars we saw once and never again.

      And let’s not forget that there are apparently no rules (anymore) with magic, so it’s an easy fix/curse/hindrance for no reason at all whenever they can’t think of a better storyline.

      THAT is the problem. If Hook hadn’t been on it (and watching Emma learn to be happy and let down her walls), I’d have stopped long ago.

      • Nicole says:

        Yeah, the retcon writing infuriates me beyond measure. That’s why I was like get rid of Adam, Eddy and some of the other writers and get some people who can write good character driven stories. Writers who are good with character driven stories tend to actually keep track of character’s pasts and motivations, so you don’t get a ton of absurd retcon. Belle became an abusive, despicable, dimwitted one-dimensional character in recent seasons, especially this season. Emilie de Ravin deserves better than the drivel they’ve written for her. Belle used to be my favorite female character, but she’s become a whiny shrew hanging around Hook the abusive guy who tried to kill her four times and just tried to kill the whole town last season, and Belle screwed everything up with that obnoxious man-child son of theirs by trying to steal Rumple’s child, even plotting with Zelena, the woman who killed Bae and abused, caged and sexually assaulted (and possibly raped) Rumple. It’s this kind of horrible writing and focus on only pandering to CS that has caused ratings to plummet in the last several seasons. Most of people that still watch are the CSers, because every other character and ship has been sacrificed (and most of those characters and ships fans have left) because of the absurd OOC writing of every character in order to desperately try to make CS not look like the text book case of an abusive relationship with a enabling stepford wife Emma, who used to have self-esteem, but now lets Hook lie to her repeatedly and overlooks every evil thing he does.

        • Kay S says:

          Okay so while we agree on a few things, such as A&E abilities to keep characters consistent without retcon, your comments definitely have some taint to them. You are clearly only viewing things via Rumple’s eyes if you’re viewing the abused (Belle) as the abuser, when her actions were made to escape the abuse and lies of Rumple and have your facts a bit twisted because of that. You cannot steal a child that is your own. Hook only truly tried to kill Belle once (in her cell, and really, that didn’t fit the character’s motivations so even though it was an early flashback it felt like retcon), but not 4 times. If you want to blame Hook for “killing the whole town,” you have to give him credit for saving it too (unlike Rumple in helping the Snow Queen make the town “destroy itself” via shattered sight spell).

          If Belle can forgive Rumple why can’t she forgive Hook? If you judge a person by their actions, Hook has changed since whatever crap past A&E keep throwing at him (as well at the other characters). And I hated Belle in the show since S2 (I did like her initial episode of Skin Deep) and it bothers me because she was my favorite Disney princess. It wasn’t until she kicked Rumple out finally and showed a spine to escape the abuse I finally saw the stronger Belle I’d wanted. So we completely disagree on Belle’s actions.

          And you also have a taint in viewing the CS relationship if you see their relationship as abusive. Killian/Hook is pretty the only character that has never given a crap about Emma’s Saviorness, he just see her. He’s never tried to control her, even as her parents and Regina wanted to, when she was the Dark One. Heck, he even tried suicide via Rumple when he was the Dark One to stop himself (because other the scene of him fighting Rumple makes no sense). Other Dark One actions aside, he’s always let her lead where their relationship goes, and really, the CSers are just as sick of the retcon and this tired “someone is keeping a secret” crap which seems to be their secondary form of drama on the show next to “someone is destined to die.” (sigh) And it’s a plot line for CS that typical resolves in a few episodes as they trade off (Emma lies about visions, finally tells Hook and family; Hook lies about hiding shears, tells her next episode when we learn that hey, she kind of wanted that option anyway–and technically he hasn’t lied to Emma about killing David’s dad, because he only just found out, and if she hadn’t found the ring and completely thrown him for a loop, he’d have told her then… and again, it’s worthless angst because we know he’ll tell her based on his previous actions.)

          I don’t like what they’ve done with Rumple either. The plot line to channel the Dark Ones into him was random, didn’t work plotwise, and while they had so much fun showing the former Dark Ones talking to the current Dark One (because Bobby loves to play GlitteryRumple compared to Good Rumple), they have never shown Rumple getting talked to. His actions in 5B and 6A (where the motivations weren’t clear), made him nonredeemable in my eyes. Then trying to anti-magic Bae go dark…

          Honestly, I think the show went into trouble when they allowed magic to work in Storybrooke in S2 when the curse broke (remember how magic didn’t work the right way at first? They forgot that rather quickly…). By doing that, whenever there was a big bad being in town (or even Rumple and Regina), you had to give the “good guys” a reason not to imprison or destroy them, and it began this wishy-washy redemption arc they flip-flopped between for 5 more seasons because they didn’t want Regina and Rumple dead, but they wanted to see Rumplestiltskin and The Evil Queen in their full glory. When they couldn’t do it present day, they overdid it in the flashbacks.

          That is what truly (I believe) sent the show slowly rolling down the spiral–there was no plan how to deal with the villains, how long their redemption would take, what magic rules were, so they flip-flop the villains actions based on what they’ve decided the plot needs to do because they can’t finish off the villains but they love Rumplestiltskin and the Evil Queen at their most evil/bad. Then they sacrificed all of the other characters (yeah, all of them) at one point to make their convoluted plot (that was then likely dropped and never continued) try to fit.

          It if wasn’t for those rare, beautiful character moments that sometimes make it through (and in the last 4 episodes, it’s done to minutes in an episode), I’d have stopped watching.

          • 221bsam says:

            Here, here!

          • GM says:

            I disagree with almost everything you say about Hook and Rumple (and you’re flat wrong about the number of times Hook tried to kill Belle: have you forgotten the episode where he tried to murder her in the library and then shot her when she got Rumple to show him mercy?). But one point: Rumple doesn’t abuse Belle and hasn’t lied to her since mid-season 5 (and then it was only twice) and almost never did before season 4; lies and secrets are a constant hallmark of Hook and Emma’s relationship. And ugly custody battles between couples, while OOC and zero fun to watch, are not abusive; attempting suicide for attention very much is.

          • 221bsam says:

            Um, what?!

      • Irene Fox says:

        Thank you,great post. Agree w/ everything.

      • GM says:

        Hook is the biggest problem, since most of the retconning and rewriting characters is to prop his character. Rumple’s redemption was undone to prop him, Snowing became babynappers so that Emma would have to lean on him, and Emma herself has been reduced to a selfish, blackmailing, Stepford shell of herself with no moral fiber and no ambitions except to be his barefoot and pregnant happy ending.

        • 221bsam says:

          I think that’s unfair, Emma & Killian didn’t exactly have a whirlwind romance, I mean talk about a slow-burn.
          I can really relate to Emma, she can be selfish but so can we all, it’s human nature.

  40. I think it’s time to keep the storyline of once upon a time and keep continuing the storyline of once upon a time # onceuponatime

  41. I think it should be renewed for another season or more. I really like the show, the fantasy, and stories. It still has more to tell. I’m sure ABC can refresh the fairy tales that has not yet been told. RENEW IT!!!!

  42. Renew it, please!!! It’s a great show.

  43. ALM says:

    I have watched from the beginning, but imo it is definitely time to end it. I agree with the others who are saying the show is getting so repetitive now. I will confess I preferred Emma with Bae, as it made more sense storywise, but ok with what has happened. And this is not why I think it should end. What has ruined the show the most for me is Rumple. He reminds me of Sylar from “Heroes,” going back and forth from bad to good to bad to good. What happened to characters growing while changing and staying with the change? And *SPOILER ALERT* from Sunday night, Hook killed Charming’s dad? And we find this out after we find out that the dad was actually good? This is just sad to me as it is so contrived. Just another way to put a problem in their path. There were so many good characters that were never really used well from season 1 like Cinderella and Blue and others. Enough with Emma and whatever man it is. It was more interesting when she and Regina were struggling over Henry even as Regina was changing. So now Regina is a part of the “family” after killing how many ( and I do like her but…) and Hook is going to be even though he killed the grandfather. Really? Please give us a wrapping up two part episode to give everyone HEA and end it already. It is time!

  44. Amber says:

    I absolutely adore this show, and I always have, but I think it’s time is up. It’s been six amazing seasons, but they are running out of stories to tell and the characters have been through enough, it’s time to hopefully give them their happily ever afters and close the storybook.

  45. Stacy says:

    After the show came back from that ridiculously long “break,” I found myself getting bored and checking out about 15 minutes into the big exciting “Return.” And so far, I don’t feel compelled to race to hulu to see what came next, like I used to do in passed seasons. I don’t know if that reflects on the show itself, or just my attention span. But if there were a “Don’t dislike it, but wouldn’t miss it if it were cancelled” button in the poll, that’s the one I would have clicked.

    I don’t know… maybe with this “reboot” they’re talking about for next season (if it happens), it might get interesting again. I’d watch an episode or two to find out. But for now, it really does seem like they’ve run out fresh ideas.

  46. Damon Paneczko says:

    I know this last season of once upon a time could be a little better, but it still has potential. Why all the negativity. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t. But come on, don’t ask them to cancel it

  47. Agent 86 says:

    I’d be open to a hard reboot. I don’t want to see any more of the existing core cast of characters (i.e. Regina, Henry, Emma, Hook, Zelana, Snow, David, Rumple, Belle, etc). Their stories are done. They were done a LONG time ago. But, I like the idea of OUAT and I think there is still some potential to explore other stories. IF it continues, I’d like to see each new season as a self-contained story, similar to the Alice spin-off.

  48. Livyz says:

    I don’t Care what’s in the possible next seasons as long as Jen, Colin, Lana, Ginny, Josh, and Jared are included. If they leave or are planning to leave then I don’t think I could watch. :( It makes me really sad, I really want the ending of ouat to be planned and not rushed.

  49. Janine says:

    This should not be a question KEEP IT! It’s fun, unique and a twisted look on things we think we are familiar with while exploring issues we all deal with every day, trust, love, friendship, past transgressions and the path to redemption. I love this show, still one of my favs.

  50. Shar says:

    Time to cut it, Once is a broken record, same plots all the time, no originality and I’m sick of the Hook propping, Belle’s whining,and stupidity and never admitting to her own wrongs while constantly reminding Rumple of his and I’m sick and tired of the writers using Rumple as their punching bag, enough is enough.