Ratings: Once Upon a Time Dips to New Lows, NCIS: LA Ticks Up

ABC bubble drama Once Upon a Time this Sunday delivered 2.7 million total viewers and a 0.8 demo rating, dipping 11 percent and a tenth to mark new series lows.

Leading out of that, poor Time After Time (1.8 mil/0.4) dropped another 22 and 33 percent, while American Crime (1.9 mil/0.4) slipped 30 and 20 percent from its season opener.

Over on CBS, NCIS: Los Angeles (9 mil/1.2) ticked up a tenth, while Madam Secretary (7.2 mil/0.8) and Elementary (4.6 mil/0.6) were steady.

NBC’s Little Big Shots (9.3 mil/1.5) dipped 8 and 12 percent, placing second behind CBS’ post-NCAA 60 Minutes (10.6 mil/1.7) in the demo. Chicago Justice (5.7 mil/1.0) continued to wane, while the already-renewed Shades of Blue (4.1 mil/0.8) slipped 15 percent and a tenth.

Fox’s Making History (1.6 mil/0.7) dropped a few more eyeballs but stabilized in the demo. The Simpsons (2.3 mil/1.0) and in-limbo Last Man on Earth (2 mil/0.8) each ticked down, while everyone else was steady.

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  1. kmw says:

    Poor ABC they just aren’t having a good year with dramas besides Grey’s. just awful numbers and even more pathetic is NBC crowing about how well Shades of Blue is doing. Just an all around bad night for television numbers

  2. Brian says:

    What’s the possibility NBC pulls an HBO and reverses the Shades of blue renewal?

  3. Stacie says:

    Wow. Those are some atrocious numbers. But there was a lot of March Madness going on yesterday. But still, as someone that going into this season had seen every Once Upon a Time episode, and has 3 saved on the DVR… it’s time to end the show. They lost focus, they repeat themselves in different forms and it’s boring. It stinks because I used to like this show a lot, but this season has been bad. I do hope that if the show gets cancelled (and at this point I think it should) they at least get a proper send off. I always thought, just like Lost, the show should have set itself up last season or even two seasons ago and give itself a number of episodes to gear towards as the last one. But they kept pushing it and renewing it and now when it does end it will end not with a bang, but apparently from the ratings, a wimper. And that’s unfortunate.

  4. Wrstlgirl says:

    I’m enjoying American Crime. Any theories why people aren’t watching?

    • Eric7740 says:

      I’m guessing since no one knew what this season was going to be about, unlike like season when people new what the story line was and was able to grab peoples interest. And also ABC hardly did any promotion for this season like they did last season.

    • Robert says:

      Plain and simple: Short attention span. Instant gratification. Time after Time and American Crime are good shows.

    • I can tell you why I’m not. American Crime is a wonderfully intricate show and it’s impossible not to get emotionally involved, at least for me. I liked season 1. I loved season 2 and found it emotionally exhausting in the best possible way.
      The season 2 finale however was infuriating and I don’t see the point in investing all this time and feeling in characters and their stories if the writers are going to pull a artsy fartsy, borderline freeze frame you make your own ending conclusion out of their hats.
      It’s not about the ending being wrapped up in a tidy bow. Lord knows season 1’s finale wasn’t easy. It’s about giving the viewer a reasonable amount of payoff for the time and emotion they’ve invested in your story, I know others who dropped American Crime for the same reason. There’s simply too much TV out there and not enough time in the day to spend it on shows that are going to leave you hanging.

  5. liame says:

    This is what happens when you aren’t prepared for a show lasting far past your expectations. Kick it to the curb unless you can find some writers who are invested and want to make improvements.

  6. Boone says:

    Time After Time is so dead ! :( Love that show.

  7. Kevin Tran says:

    What are the chances OUAT gets renewed for a seventh and proper final season?

  8. Ana says:

    It’s sad, OAUT can’t even keep eyeballs anymore, not only are they dropping in demo, but they didn’t even hit 3M viewers. So much that can be done with those characters, but unfortunately they are in the hands of awful show runners.

  9. Penny says:

    A Captain Swan engagement couldn’t even save that episode. I just think the show has gotten to the point where so many have tuned out that even giving people exactly what they want won’t bring them back. It’s just too little too late

  10. fernando933 says:

    Once needs to wrap up this season and be done. Those are terrible ratings and ABC does not need that next season. They really should start Sunday’s with comedies and do two family shows after them for Sunday’s fall

  11. Sophie says:

    Poor ratings are only the reflection of the previous episode. Just as the new season’s ratings are mostly based on the previous season-which was far worse than this one. S6 is brilliant. I hope OUAT gets renewed and rebooted cause there aresome things that need correction badly and are one of the main reasons why OUAT has lost viewership last season.

  12. sunshine says:

    I gave American Crime one more try but I bailed about half way through. It’s just so dull and plodding, no one has any life and there’s way too many close ups. I don’t like seeing the facial close ups as a story telling device this time around, it’s claustrophobic.

  13. Jen says:

    I am loving Making History, hope it hangs in there!

  14. Max says:

    Time After Time lost me after last night’s episode. Once they started introducing all these conspiracies, it lost its appeal of the Wells vs Ripper storyline. Also, the instant love interest for Wells turned me off. A slow burn would’ve been better. Either way, it’s off my DVR schedule now.

  15. Boiler says:

    The Elementary ratings are frustrating. I bet at least half the episodes have been delayed somewhat and people I assume do go to bed. Hopefully CBS keeps it around as viewers aren’t terrible or perhaps ABC should pick it up as its new Castle.:)

    • Boiler says:

      Also why was Mysteries of Laura cancelled when most anything new, except the one big hit, as well as stuff they renewed performing much worse.

  16. Haz says:

    I’m truly baffled at some of ABCs decisions. Why didn’t they schedule Time After Time or Crime after DWTS? Are they still trying to make Quantico happen? I know they want to try to keep Shonda Rhimes happy but maybe they should consider breaking up TGIT next season and use those shows as lead ins. If people tune in to those shows based on Rhimes involvement alone that might be the only savior for them. I know many of these shows were put into production by Paul Lee but I honestly wonder if Dungey will last till next year if this isn’t turned around?

    • A. Johnson says:

      Agree. I think scandal or htgawm needs pushed to Tuesday’s at 10. Greys needs a spinoff on Thursday’s at 9 (it’s ratings are at a 2.0)!!! And ABC needs to focus on COMEDY, the only genre they know how to develop. And while we’re at it, why not switch bachelor and dancing and give bachelor a fall start. It’s demo is incredible and could launch a show at 10. And whatever they do, leave designated alone.

      • Haz says:

        Yeah there only miss in terms of comedy these past couple of seasons was Real O’Neals…ratings wise that is. I kind of wish it would have been cancelled after its first season because I watched the second season and became attached to the characters but I cannot see it getting a third season. Also I’ve sadly dropped Modern Family and while I do not find it as funny its still strong enough to launch another show next season. I will say I’m not very optimistic about Jenna Elfmans new show.

  17. N says:

    Loving Time after Time

  18. andrew says:

    Went back and looked up ratings for previous seasons. OUAT’s ratings always take a hit the first week of the NCAA tournament. The drop is just more pronounced this week because the ratings were already so bad imo.

    • Penny says:

      You just said it, “the ratings were already so bad”. They aren’t going to suddenly jump to amazing after the NCAA tournament is over, they were bad BEFORE it.