The Walking Dead Recap: Hide and Eek!

Seven seasons into The Walking Dead, there are a few things that we all know about the show: 1. If a character who rarely has lines suddenly has a bunch of ’em, they’re toast. 2. If Daryl is in danger, we will worry as if he’s going to be killed off, even though he’s never going to be killed off. And 3. no matter how well-laid a plan is, it’s going to go awry. So it wasn’t humongously surprising that in Sunday’s episode, Sasha and Rosita’s plot to do away with Negan hit a snag before they’d gotten to execute it. What happened? Read on…

‘IT’S A LONG LIFE, AND THEN IT ISN’T’ | Early on in “The Other Side,” Jesus confided in Maggie that, until she and Sasha came to the Hilltop, neither had he really felt like a part of the community nor had he really gotten close to anyone, whether “neighbors, friends, boyfriends.” In response, the widow told him that he should “try it sometime, even if it doesn’t last.” (Does anyone at this point not assume that Jesus will get together with Aaron after Eric’s inevitable death?) Later, Jesus caught Sasha stealing bullets that he’d hidden in a book. She was welcome to them, he said. But he wished she and Rosita would reconsider their suicide mission. At least let him and Enid act as back-up. No, Sasha replied. Maggie was going to need them for “what happens after” Negan’s assassination. Once alone with Enid, Sasha made the teenager promise to protect the mom-to-be. “She’s the future of this place,” she said. “So are you.” Honoring Sasha’s request for secrecy — at least in a way — Enid gave her and Rosita a 10-minute head start, then she was going to blab to Maggie. Only, before she could spill the beans — and before Sasha and Rosita had even skedaddled through the hole beneath the Hilltop — the Saviors arrived. As Daryl and Maggie hid in a fruit cellar, Gregory was informed by Simon that they had “no need to talk” (gulp), he was just there for a “certain somebody.” Runaway Daryl, perhaps?

the walking dead season 7 episode 14 recap‘I’M NOT HERE TO PLAY GET-TO-KNOW-YOU’ | En route to the Sanctuary, Rosita continued to be so nasty to Sasha that I half-expected her to snap, “This is not RuPaul’s Best Friend Race!” Finally, Sasha gave in to her companion’s demand to talk about the mission or nothing at all, and explained that Jesus had told her about some buildings from which they might get a clear shot at Negan in the compound’s rear courtyard. Using this approach, they might actually make it out alive. (Naturally, this was of little interest to Rosita, her death wish practically tattooed across her forehead.) Once the Bickersons made it to a building from which they could see the courtyard, they got an eyeful of Eugene barking orders at the Saviors like he owned the place. He’s just “playing some angle,” Rosita assumed. (But was he?) Eventually, Sasha’s questions about where Rosita had picked up all of her impressive skills softened her up enough that she revealed that she’d used the men she’d been with to learn how to protect herself, then bounced when there was no more to learn. Was that how it was with Abraham? Clearly not. Rosita admitted that, when they first got to Alexandria, she’d been strong for him when he wasn’t… even though she hadn’t been strong, either. Then, he adjusted; she didn’t. Couldn’t. So she’d thought she hated the woman for whom Abraham had dumped her. But “maybe,” she allowed, “I just hated that you figured out his s— first.” In any case, she was bummed that “I’ll never get to tell Abraham I’m happy he was happy.” Off this hard-won bonding, the coconspirators agreed that, no matter what went down, they had each other’s backs.

the walking dead season 7 episode 14 recap‘WHY DOES NEGAN NEED TWO DOCTORS?’ | Back at the Hilltop, Enid bravely did her damnedest to distract a Savior who seemed unusually concerned with whether she’d called vegetables “veggies.” But her efforts were to no avail — he still headed down into the cellar where Daryl and Maggie were hiding. Though Daryl was at the ready to kill the grammarist, he and Maggie went undetected. Once they exhaled, she noted that he hadn’t said a word to her since he arrived at the Hilltop. “I’m sorry,” he said, barely able to look her in the eye, he felt so guilty about Glenn’s death. In response, she not only assured him that that hadn’t been his fault, she told him, “You’re one of the good things in this world. That’s what Glenn thought. And he would know, because he was one of the good things, too.” While we were reaching for a Kleenex — sniffle — Simon congratulated Carson on being relocated to the Sanctuary by Negan. That was the “certain somebody” he’d been sent to fetch. When Carson asked why Negan needed two doctors, Simon let his expression (see above right) answer that, of course, he didn’t need two doctors. Carson’s brother — am I the only one who didn’t realize the docs were sibs? — was ashes. Mind you, the Saviors weren’t leaving the Hilltop without medical care — Simon had a crate of aspirin for them. (D-bag.) Off this, Gregory warned Simon that, if he lost his people’s trust, he could wind up being replaced by a leader that Negan might not, er, like so much. Simon’s solution? He’d put Gregory’s name on a list at the Sanctuary so that he could gain admittance to report any such problem anytime he felt the need — “as long as there’s no shenanigans afoot.” Later, feeling empowered, Gregory threatened Jesus for mouthing off, and Daryl showed up at Barrington House looking for Rosita and Sasha. Speaking of whom…

‘WE’RE BREAKING YOU OUT’ | With their bird’s-eye view, Negan’s would-be assassins spotted Simon & Co. returning from the Hilltop  with Maggie’s ob/gyn. Negan came outside to greet him, but dammit, someone was always blocking the shot! After hearing Eugene over the radio talking about the need to beef up fence security, Sasha and Rosita decided OK, they’d have to go in. That night, no sooner had Eugene shown the fence guard to the, er, fence than the guy was shot down where he stood. Rosita and Sasha were quick to explain that they were rescuing Eugene, but freaked out and sobbing, he replied, “No, I’m not going with you.” When he ran inside, terrified, Sasha went through the fence and… what the? Locked Rosita out. “It’s not your time,” Sasha said. “They need you.” As you’d expect her to be, Rosita was horrified. But when Sasha entered the compound by herself, Rosita did the sensible thing and ran. Once she was a ways away, she broke down in tears, only to be interrupted by a man with a crossbow appearing in the shadows. We’re meant to think that it’s Daryl (I think), but since Dwight is currently in possession of Daryl’s crossbow (isn’t he?), it’s likelier him (er, right?).

What did you think of “The Other Side”? The revelation that Jesus is gay? The big Maggie/Daryl scene? Sasha’s sacrifice? Hit the comments.

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  1. Roy says:

    Another boring, wasted episode about people that nobody really cares about.

    • Michael Bailey says:

      Maybe you’d be happier watching znation

      • jerzygirl45 says:

        Why can’t somebody enjoy both?

        • Haaave merrrrcyyyyy!

        • Brian says:

          I watch em both but I actually enjoy “Z Nation” a bit better. I care about all of the characters on Z Nation, even (especially) Murphy. Here on ‘Walking Dead’ I’m finding myself caring about fewer and fewer characters. I’d follow Roberta Warren before Rick any day. Here, when they took the doctor I could have cared less. Now had someone taken Doc, ,which seems to happen a lot on ‘Z Nation’, I always care. Can’t lose the most quotable character.

          You can enjoy both.

          • Lilly says:

            I’ve said it a hundred times: They have too much going on and spread too far apart, with too few episodes. We have to wait weeks for 5 minutes with Maggie and Daryl!! Problem is, it’s getting easy to forget our beloved favorites any more!

          • Wrstlgirl says:

            I think we all get what you’re saying Lilly but the thing is not all of us are feeling the same way. There’s really not to much going on, not having a problem following the story at all. I’m loving watching how all of this is playing out. Do I want things to get moving, sure I do, but I can still enjoy it the way it is. But reading all of your comments here it’s pretty clear you are not. And there’s no possible way I’m going to forget my “beloved favorites”. Never in a gazillion years.

          • Lilly says:

            You make good points. I really am not one of those whiny folks who “hate” this season. I LIKE the episodes with character development – even new people – though I do wish they could follow multiple story lines at a time. (Now FearTWD … THAT’S a bad show!) But I am frustrated this season for some reason, and I come here to try to figure out why. Honestly, I just think the traditional TWD storytelling style (which is as good as it’s ever been, IMO) just isn’t working as well with everyone spread out so far and we have to wait weeks between seeing what’s going on with many of the characters. One hour a week for just 16 weeks a year has ALWAYS been unsatisfying for me. It just seems more so this season. *still scratching my head, but NEVER leaving…!

    • AngelWasHere says:

      I sorta feel that way, but I’m trying to be patient. It did have some good bits sprinkle in there that’s going hopefully pay off.

  2. JM says:

    Stupid actions made by stupid characters. Half these characters need to be nuked and the show revamped.

    • R.O.B. says:

      I was thinking exactly that. Sasha and Rosita know that the various groups are training and planning to fight. That being the case, everyone needs to be smart and make sure the Saviors keep their guard down. Anyone with a brain knows you don’t go in guns blazing by yourself ahead of time. I half thought they were going to run through the gate in broad daylight yelling Leeeeroy Jenkins!!!

  3. The revelation that Jesus is gay?
    >> Meh. *shoulder shrug* It’s no longer a novel thing. I’ll have someone get you the memo.

    The big Maggie/Daryl scene?
    >>They were sure talking loudly. I’m surprised the grammar police officer who *just* exited the not-remotely-soundproof-door didnt hear them.

    Sasha’s sacrifice?
    >>They coulda/shoulda took the shot at Negan. Who cares if they took someone else with him? Bigger picture, ‘n stuff…

  4. Ian says:

    I thought it was as lovely a send-off for Sasha and Sonequa as could be expected. An unnecessary death, but the bonding and the sacrifice made it touching. Really highlighted her and Christian’s acting abilities. And Sasha got to go out in a fabulous jacket.
    Also, Eugene’s gotta die now.
    And I’d bet more on them bringing a new boyfriend character in for Jesus. Wouldn’t be too sympathetic if it were Aaron.

  5. AngelWasHere says:

    >Hmm….so Eugene is living up to his slimy coward role I see. Interesting. I love his character, but if that’s how it is he can die now. lol
    >Sucks Sasha has to go out on a suicide mission.
    >We might finally get some action next week. Yay!

    • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

      I like the way they’re taking Eugene. It’s interesting to see someone actually tempted by the relative safety offered by the Saviors. I am sure he’ll redeem himself at some point, but I would like it if he stuck with Negan until the bitter end.

      • Lilly says:

        I agree – though I don’t think he’s accepting Negan fully. He just wasn’t prepared to take the risk of leaving with the girls right then. I think he knows reality (or he’ll have a wake-up call soon). I just think Eugene is a lying survivor. He meant what he said when he bravely drove the SUV as a distraction to the saviors at the end of last season. But he meant what he said to Negan too. He’s a scaredy cat who lies to survive. But when push comes to shove, I honestly don’t believe he would dishonor Abraham by selling out any of his former family to Negan. At least, I hope not.

        • AnnieM says:

          This, I hope. Actually, I hope he’s secretly working out some sort of plan for Negan’s defeat.

          • Lilly says:

            I’m afraid I don’t have such high expectations for Eugene. Until I see otherwise, I think he’s doing what he thinks he has to do to survive (would have have refused to leave if Daryl, Rick and Carol were at the fence??), and that means going along. In the end, he will choose his “family.” I refuse to believe he’s already forgotten what Negan did to Abraham. Even a weasel has to care sometimes….

      • Shadokat says:

        I don’t think Eugene is “playing some angle.” He’s a huge coward and I don’t think he would dare to try anything like that. The fact that he saw what happened to Glen and Abraham just strengthens my belief. He’s reacting to his circumstances and lying to make himself seem more important than he should be, just like he did with Abraham. How would Negan ever prove that Eugene’s only PhD is in bullsh*t? He’s been unexpectedly taken to a place of safety and given a high ranking role in the organization. That’s what Eugene has always wanted. Safety and respect. Even from “the enemy,” he’s willing to accept his ideal circumstances in the new way of the world. He was a nerd sitting at home playing video games before the apocalypse, and if Negan will let him do that now he’s all for it. Cowards hate change. I think he’s going to be tested in a major way. Negan will want him to do something to betray the Alexandrians to prove his ultimate loyalty. Negan isn’t stupid, as much of a d*ck as he is. Eugene is going to die during this event, whatever it is and whenever it comes. Shame because I love geeky weirdo Eugene and his mullet.

        • Lilly says:

          I actually think your assessment is correct. I do believe they will give Eugene the chance at redemption at some point. We’ll see what he does in that moment and whether he lives through it. I know I’m hoping he rises to the occasion….

  6. Ws says:

    Which character that rarely has lines are you talking about? Rosita has had plenty of scenes this season and Sasha certainly has dialogue usually.

    • Charlie Mason says:

      I didn’t mean either of them, it’s just a TWD truism. For instance, Eric had more lines in a recent episode than he’d had in all his previous episodes combined (therefore, his days are, based on that, numbered).

  7. JP says:

    That scene between Maggie and Daryl was everything… I understand the need to go bigger, but this show is ultimately about the core group (I don’t mind adding a few here and there, but this show has expanded so much)… I just hope the last season of this show doesn’t go from group to group… it’s the core group to then end

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      I finally got my Maggie/Daryl moment. I thought at this point they were just gonna skip it. Not being able to see/hear their conversation regarding Glenn’s death was bugging me.

      • Lilly says:

        More evidence of why this season is so frustrating. We have to wait all this time to get this conversation (and yet only maybe 2-3 weeks has transpired in TWD time). Everyone is too spread out. It makes the traditional TWD storytelling not work. It’s frustrating and feels like we’re moving at a snail’s pace.

        • Wrstlgirl says:

          I’m not frustrated. They are telling a story and I’m fine with it.

        • AnnieM says:

          The time jumping around is a little hard to follow sometimes. For example, last week we saw Rosita at the Hilltop. Last *night*, we saw her arrive there…huh??? Maybe I’m being nitpicky, but can anyone give me a potential reason for the scenes being done this way?

          • Lilly says:

            I didn’t have a hard time following that, but in a show that is creeping along at an agonizing pace because they have so much story to tell and so little time … do we have to relive the 3 minutes of Rosita’s arrival?? I mean, in real time, I’d guess only 2-3 (maybe 4) weeks have gone by since Glen’s & Abraham’s death! Heck, I’ll bet good money we’ll have to re-watch that scene of the doctor’s arrival at the savior’s sanctuary that Sasha saw through her gun sights next week. Gotta listen to that annoying Negan rub the death of the doctor into his brother’s face before escorting him into the building!

        • Here I AM says:

          Maggie did mention though that Daryl had not talked to her and has been avoiding even looking at her since he got to Hilltop from Sanctuary. So that’s a valid reason why this conversation is happening now – I’m ok with the timeline as explained on the show.

  8. Brian says:

    Sucks we’re losing Sasha like this.

  9. Lilly says:

    I would call this episode … anticlimactic.

  10. Snow says:

    I liked the epsiode.
    Glad that Rosita and Sasha had some bonding time, and I like knowing where Rosita got her skills from.
    I don’t care that Maggie gave Daryl a pass. He is still to blame for Glenn’s death.
    I’m on the fence about Eugene. I’m not going to toss him into the flames yet. I’ll wait and see because some character arc take time. I mean I had to put with Carol’s downward spiral, so I’ll give Eugene some patience as well.
    Now next week my favorite characters will be back in action can’t wait. I gotta go find the spoilers

  11. Wakie says:

    If the goal of the show is to make the audience wish for Rosita’s demise, you have succeeded. The character has become unwatchable.

    • Best season says:

      The funny part is how many characters have told us how important she is. They really want us to believe in her higher purpose.

    • Lilly says:

      OMG yes. I desperately want to like her and forgive her for acting like a 13-year-old in her grief. Tonight was some redemption as she forgave Sasha and acknowledged her shortcomings. We’ll see if she bounces back – similarly to Carol – and I can stop rooting for her to get bit….

    • Shadokat says:

      I completely agree. I’m sick of her and her lousy attitude.

  12. LAwoman says:

    I liked this episode, especially the scenes with Maggie and Daryl and Maggie and Jesus. At least Sasha goes out fighting. I am looking forward to the demise of Gregory. Eugene made his choice, he can never go back.

    • kort says:

      It’s funny that several people think Sasha is dead. On the contrary.

      • LAwoman says:

        I really hope she’s not.

      • Kennedy says:

        Well if she is playing “holly”‘a role on the show..hmmm

        • AnnieM says:

          For awhile I’ve been thinking they’d give that to Rosita (since she seems to be so unliked now anyway), but after last night, maybe Sasha. It’s certainly memorable enough.

        • t86blog says:

          Sasha die in this episode, and if they give her Holly’s death in the comics, things will go brutal in the finale. “it’s not your time. they need you”. RIP SASHA. Rosita won’t probably die until the whisperers appear, so that gives her until S8 finale (probably), if we take the timeline on the show and the comics. They already gave lots of hints that Rosita will have her comic death, same as Glenn had his.

      • KLS says:

        You do realize that the actress got the lead in another show, right? We all expect her to leave TWD soon.

        • Wrstlgirl says:

          Sasha could go out the same way Heath did. That way they can bring them back later if their schedule permits.

          • AnnieM says:

            I was just saying that to my husband last night – “Wouldn’t it be nice if for once a character just decided to LEAVE, instead of them dying?” It would be a nice change.

  13. Jean says:

    Confused. Thought Daryl was hiding with the king. That he was offered refuge there?

    • Cassie says:

      He decided not to stay. I think he wanted to protect Maggie. Some kind of a “I blame myself for getting your husband killed, I need to be there for you and the baby” thing.

  14. Lance says:

    Boring! I understand the need for some shows like this but geez, let’s get going. I have a big booooooo for how long it’s taking to move forward!!

  15. John King says:

    This whole gay thing is a distraction. Obvious pandering to the far-left gay agenda, as pretty much every show is doing these days, but it alienates more people than it attracts. There likely wouldnt be many gays left after the zombie apocalypse anyway; there’s no musical theatre and Madonna didn’t survive. And most gays are urban dwellers; most wouldnt have the survival skills to make it more than a few days or weeks. Concentrate on the story…sexual orientation has no place in a zombie epic.

  16. Gift says:

    They re so stupid! what makes them think they will succeed. Many people must have tired but failed. why can’t they just wait. They re so stupid.

  17. Sam says:

    Im just ready to see Carol kick some ass
    again and I believe the saviors will kill Sasha and allow her to turn and bring her back to either Alexandria or Hilltop and then there will be hell to pay I liked Sasha though I hate to see her go

  18. Wrstlgirl says:

    I don’t blame Eugene for not going with Rosita. He knows she’s reckless and has a death wish. He’s safe right now and if he takes off he knows he’s a dead man. A lot of great conversations in tonight’s episode. And I finally got my wish of seeing the Daryl and Maggie moment.

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Eugene is planning something. Right now he’s playing into the whole ”I’m Negan” to get more info and seeing how the people operate…..he’s scared Sh*tless, I don’t think Eugene has crossed over to the dark side. He’s playing his coward/lying/manipulated self to survive that place. As for Sasha I HOPE she’s not dead I like her character and i’m glad they FINALLY show the Maggie/Daryl moment that was very much need.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        I don’t think he’s gone to the dark side either. I’m just saying that he’s smart enough to know that taking off like that with Rosita is a really bad move.

        • KLS says:

          Glad that Eugene didn’t leave. I think he kind of likes his position in Negan’s group, even though he’s scared. He’s finally respected, but he’s cautious.

          • AnnieM says:

            I just had a thought; the longer he’s there, the more people will trust him, putting him in an easier position to find out just how many of the Saviors might not be so loyal to Negan after all?

  19. George Gray says:

    You can kill off Daryl anytime you want. He has become a useless character and not worthy of any fan loyalty.

    • Lilly says:

      How so? Daryl hasn’t had a chance to DO anything … except defend Carol and find her. Most of the main characters this season have had about 20-30 total minutes on screen each. There’s been precious little satisfaction from most of the beloved characters this season. IMO.

  20. Here I AM says:

    I’m not exactly sure if I missed something but all that anger that Rosita has been carrying around lately boils down to ‘it’s because she didn’t get a chance to tell Abe that she was happy that he was happy’? Totally confused on that. This epi was sad. They may have as well had one of the characters tell Sasha she was going to die. The signs of her demise were all over the place – Enid crying over Sasha going after Negan when she didn’t cry when her boyfriend (Carl) did the same thing was a dead give away. I’m not even sure these two characters are that close to warrant Enid crying.

  21. dsrbroadway says:

    At what point can we admit no one really cares about Rosita, or Tara for that matter. Honestly, until this season, I never even bothered to remember their names. I was so bored most of the episode I didn’t even notice Jesus came out. Thank god for that last scene with Eugene and Sacha, or else I would’ve really dozed off…

  22. R.O.B. says:

    The title of this episode should have been “Leeeeroy Jenkins!”

  23. Faithtoo says:

    I love Sasha and don’t want her to die. It’s breaking my heart to think that she’s closing the loop. Everyone that she loved, that was her family, is dead and now she’s Making this her time. Heartbreaking.

    I wasn’t surprised at Jesus being gay but was a little shocked that Eugene is for real Negan. Wow. He meant it.

  24. Shadokat says:

    The only thing I was sick of was Rosita’s crap attitude. I’ve always liked her before but if she’s going to keep acting that way I’m ready to write her off. Want to be a stupid b*tch? Fine, go get your dumb self killed. They can’t focus on the same three characters every single episode. You people complaining about people and storylines you don’t care about would be complaining that it was boring and predictable. Some people can’t be pleased.

  25. Jack says:

    Oh boy! Another character comes out. Gay Jesus? Of course.. how very pc. I guess one obvious effect of the zombie virus is turning still living people gay. Since 85% of the characters have now come out as gay, thus reflecting the true
    demographic of our society.
    So stupid.

    • Just Curious says:

      I only know of 4 characters that are gay and that doesn’t equate to 85% of the characters. Who are the other characters besides the 4 (Tara, Eric, Paul & Aaron) that are gay? According to your calculations there would be only about 5 characters only on the show [your quote – 85% of the characters have now come out as gay] and we know there are more than 5 characters on the show.