Seth Meyers Blasts Trump For Proposed Meals on Wheels Defunding: 'How Dead Do You Have to Be Inside?'

Seth Meyers served President Trump a fresh plate of Whoop Ass Thursday night for unveiling a budget blueprint that, if approved, would defund one of the country’s most revered charities, Meals on Wheels.

“How dead do you have to be inside to not want old people to get food?” Meyers wondered aloud in the latest segment of his Closer Look series. “Your heart is so small it makes your tiny hands look like catchers mitts.”

Meyers took to Twitter to offer some context to his latest rant, revealing that his mother “who is also my hero” was a Meals on Wheels volunteer.

Press PLAY above to watch Meyers’ latest takedown (the Meals on Wheels stuff starts around the 8:21 mark).

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  1. Hey, dude, you rake in at least 4 million a year. Buy a minivan and out your husband to work cooking meals, then get out there and deliver.

    This is why liberals like big government – they don’t have to get their hands dirty….

    The fact is, there was no epidemic of starving old people before ‘meals’ and various other government sponsored charities (and more and more independently driven programs are being forced out of the charity business because big government programs are in competition with them and no one wins when it comes to slimming down the budget – as Trump will on find out).

    • Clinton Payne says:

      Actually, the old and poor used to starve on a regular basis in this country, some still do. Read a book?

    • Lynn says:

      As a volunteer, I know a lot of like-minded volunteers, and while I don’t know the politics of all of them, I do know for a fact that a lot are relatively liberal Democrats. They’re happy to get out to get “their hands dirty,” no matter who sponsors the charity. The bottom line is, Meals on Wheels does indeed help a lot of elderly citizens of this country, whether with their nutrition or just with the chance for them to see a friendly face several times a week. No matter how big or small the federal cut may be, it touches a nerve with people who actually have compassion for their fellow human beings. And before you start screaming that family should take care of family, I agree with that, but not everyone has family who lives close by . . . or even family at all in some cases.

    • maggie says:

      handsomesmitty has to be one of the most clueless people in the US. There were many elderly people starving before Meals on Wheels, and even that doesn’t get to everyone who needs it. Go to the website for the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger for information.

      Government programs aren’t putting charities out of business due to competition. The government, no matter how much it spends on programs for the needy and disabled, has never provided enough to make problems go away. Instead of cutting, they need to be increasing programs.

      They aren’t “slimming down the budget” but are redistributing the money. Defense will get a huge increase, which will primarily benefit defense contractors. Spending money on planes and tanks the military doesn’t need or want, isn’t practical or efficient. Spending money to keep Melania in New York is extremely expensive. Spending money on Trump’s weekend holidays to Mar-a-Lago is extremely expensive. Presidents and their families live at the White House, and if the Trumps didn’t want to live there he shouldn’t have run. If Trump stopped taking his weekend vacations, and Melania moved to the White House, it would save enough money to restore those social programs that Trump wants cut.

      Government money is OUR MONEY, paid for with our taxes. It’s supposed to be used to benefit the people.

  2. Haz says:

    Thank God for Seth Meyers! I’m so glad you have schooled us on how to feel about a proposal that hasn’t even passed yet. I’m so glad Hollywood and these talk show hosts have their priorities in order, let’s denounce this proposal and ignore Lil Bow Wows tweets about pimping out Melania Trump.

    • Clinton Payne says:

      Yes, a crap rapper talking about pimping out the first mail order bride is far more important than letting old veterans/teachers/dads/moms starve. You’re so right. Thank you! Thank you so much.

    • Joey says:

      You probably don’t know that the President’s budget proposal never gets passed. Obama’s never did. As far as I know, Bush’s never did. It’s simply how the President wants to allocate money, and Trump’s idea is utterly horrendous.

      • maggie says:

        Trump has the majority in both houses, and his budget follows what the GOP has been advocating for years. He has a better chance of getting this passed with little changes than any President has in decades.

    • Mary says:

      No, I think it is Trump who is trying to deflect another one of his lies that he can’t get out of, you know about wire tapping. This is what happens when desperate people vote for an clueless inexperience man.

    • maggie says:

      A budget proposal needs to be talked about before it’s passed, so that people can comment on it to their representatives.

    • Jamie says:

      Well now the fact is that Bow Wow won’t actually pimp out Trimps wife but the defunding of the program will……… maybe people want to live in reality.

  3. Brent says:

    Meals on Wheels only gets 3.3% of their funding from Government sources. Seth Meyers traffics in overblown hysteria, as usual.

    • Marie58 says:

      Yes. And the San Diego field office gets 1.5% from government grants. Meals on Wheels is mostly funded by corporate and foundation grants. Put the word out and those grants will increase their funding to compensate. Hysterical (and dishonest) headlines are claiming, “Trump Budget Would Cut Meals On Wheels!” Well, not by very much. No seniors will starve as a result.

    • peterwdawson says:

      Can I get a citation on that? Just trying to fathom the costs here, as the federal government has formally been stated to have spent around 150 billion on the program since 1974 per an end of 2016 report from the CBO, which averages about 3 billion a year in federal funding. The average senior under the program costs around 2,500 a year, meaningly roughly 1.2 million seniors benefit from federal funding. That’s a lot of seniors at risk.

      • Brent says:

        That $3 billion per year number is for the entire Community Development Block Grant, of which a very small portion goes to Meals on Wheels. The Meals on Wheels 2015 IRS filing (which is available on their website as they aren’t actually a government program) shows the majority of their donations coming from corporate and foundation grants, with Government programs only being the fifth largest source of income.

    • Mary says:

      Don’t agree, it is pointing out the stupidity of him even proposing it. Seriously people, what will it take for some of you to open your eyes.

    • Joey says:

      Correction: Meals on Wheels receives roughly 35% of its funding from the Administration on Aging, which is overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services, which under this proposal would have its funding slashed 17.9%. The rest of the program’s funding comes from donations.

  4. Tyre says:

    Bravo to Seth for standing up for the poor and needy and offering to give his salary to fund the program. What’s that? He’s not offering that? Instead he’s going to finish his lecture, drive his fancy car to vallet park and get some sushi and a Starbucks coffee, do a little yoga and then a massage, then drive back to his multimillion dollar home and pretend those poor people don’t exist until his next lecture. Give me a break.

    • Clinton Payne says:

      Pay oodles in taxes to support things like MOW.

    • Mary says:

      Quite hypocritical don’t you think. Ironic you attack a comedian for pointing out the obvious and yet you elected a clueless self center inhuman man who lives in a GOLD PENTHOUSE with a private jet. The cold hard FACT is if he would actually skipped one golf trip to Florida every weekend, it would pay for MOW program. If his wife lived at the White House, which is part of the requirement if elected, then the MOW program could be funded for a lot of years. Yes please give me a break and educated yourself on why comparing the two is ignorant at best.

    • maggie says:

      You aren’t writing about Seth Meyers, but about your fantasy of Seth Meyers. You have no idea about his charity work or his lifestyle.

  5. Kepler says:

    People insinuating that Seth Myers is just as amoral as Trump because he didn’t offer his salary for his cause, please try to think like you’re not in the second grade anymore. It’s not Seth Myers responsibility to take care of the country, it’s Trump’s! That is his SPECIFIC job. Trump is literally so evil, it has me truly question how any Christian could vote for this man.

    • truthinlove712 says:

      “It’s not Seth Myers responsibility to take care of the country”
      Disagree. It is his job. It’s all of our jobs. As citizens we should be walking out of our own homes, whatever our incomes, looking our neighbors and those in hard times in the eye and helping. With our own hands and feet, with our own money. Diffusion of responsibility because we pay taxes for the government to care for people through programs is a huge problem. It leads to apathy.
      I don’t necessarily agree that it will work, but it’s an interesting theory to think about how it would create change on the ground level of society if we couldn’t depend on the government (which I might argue we already can’t) to take care of these things so we don’t have to think about it ourselves.

  6. Jim Williams says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. The purpose of the federal government is not to fund a program like meals on wheels. The purpose of the federal government can be boiled down to handling national defense, international relations, and immigration. Everything else should be left to the states. But, hey, keep giving us your outright biased and slanted “reporting.”

    • Mary says:

      Well that’s a bust also. Fine let it go to the States, and see how many of his sheep will suffer the most. Fact is those Red States receive more Federal Funds, so in essence they voted against their best interest.

      • Jim Williams says:

        You have proof of this?

        • Mary says:

          Proof of what? That Red States receive more federal aid? Google is your friend type it in. Immigration ban – both a bust. International relations, well not many are praising him. National defense – oh let’s see how long before we are in a war.

          • Jim Williams says:

            “Google is your friend.” Nice way to try to provide proof of your claim without actually providing proof, and a veiled attempt to make me look like an idiot. If you do Google it, you’ll find articles supporting your position and articles contradicting it. I fail to see any definitive support for your claim. The rest of your statement misses the point. It is irrelevant whether you, me, or anyone thinks the President is doing a good job on these issues, the fact remains it was never the founders’ intent for the federal government to handle much beyond these issues. Meals on wheels is not the responsibility of the federal government. Neither is NPR or PBS for that matter.

        • maggie says:

          I can’t put links here, but can lead you to the information. Google the story: 2016’s Most & Least Federally Dependent States from the site WalletHub.

          The top 10 states MOST dependent on Federal money are: Mississippi, New Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, Montana, South Dakota, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Missouri.

          The 10 States LEAST dependent on Federal money are: Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, Kansas, California, Illinois, Nevada, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and New York.

          The article says that that Blue states are less dependent on the federal government. You can easily check which states listed voted for Trump or Clinton. The Most dependent states largely voted for Trump, while the Least dependent states primarily voted for Clinton.

  7. Mr. Smith says:

    Seth Myers needs to check his facts.

    The Federal Government only gives 3% of its budget to “Meals on Wheels.” 97% comes from private donors.

    President Trump didn’t defund Meals on Wheels.

    • Mary says:

      Wrong go to the MOW site it will tell you that 35% is from the Federal Government. Never trust Fox news go directly to the source.

  8. Shane Waidner says:

    Everyone here knows that Meals on Wheels is NOT government funded right? This is completely fake news!

  9. Mamacita says:

    Seth Meyers is douche. Most of the money & by most I mean 97% is from private donations. He just wants some to rant about like the rest of the typical liberal elite.

    • Clinton Payne says:

      No. 35+% comes from the federal government.

      • Mel says:

        No, it’s 3%. Just because you keep posting the same lie doesn’t make it true.

        Liberals: you lost. You are out of power. If you want to fund Meals on Wheels yourselves, then pony up. Of course, everyone knows that Republicans give more to charity than Democrats. Hypocrites.