Scandal Recap

Scandal Recap: Who Killed Frankie?

Scandal did the time warp (…again) on Thursday in order to unravel the big mystery of Season 6: Who killed President-elect Frankie Vargas?

The short answer, as many fans suspected, is Rowan. But since Scandal has never been about short answers, let’s break this down step-by-agonizing-step:

During the election, Rowan reconnected with Sandra, an old flame from grad school who was heading up a high-profile new project at the Smithsonian. (Something about… fossils? Honestly, my knowledge of the prehistoric era is limited to Dinosaurs and The Land Before Time, so most of their conversations just sounded like Charlie Brown trombones.) Anyway, Sandra offered Rowan a position on her team — and in her bed — both of which he gratefully accepted.

Then came trouble: Rowan started noticing cameras all over their workspace at the museum. I hoped this just meant Sandra was a closet freak, but after a little digging (pardon the archaeology pun), Rowan figured out that his old pal’s mysterious benefactor was an organization headed up by the same lady we saw put Rowan in his place last week. The Shadowy Organization used Sandra to get to Rowan, whose help they needed in rigging the election against Frankie.

Rowan did as he was told, working his magic on the machines in San Benito County — until Olivia caught wind of his activity, at which point she had Huck seal the machines’ backdoors so hard that even he couldn’t re-open them. Olivia wanted to win the election on her own merit… but this, as we already knew, is exactly what caused Mellie to lose. What we didn’t know, however, was that the Shadowy Organization ordered Rowan to kill Frankie and frame Cyrus for his murder, a feat he accomplished (sloppily) with a last-minute assist from Nelson McClintock, the man who agreed to take the fall.

Rowan then tried to give the “I’m not your little bitch baby” speech to the Shadowy Organization, which continued to make demands of him. Rowan was accused of having an emotional weakness — in this case, Sandra — though that theory was pretty much snuffed out when, moments later, he pulled out a gun and delivered a fatal shot to her forehead. (So, as far as Rowan’s weaknesses go, I guess that just leaves… Olivia?)

OK, let’s get your thoughts on this week’s revealing — but, let’s be honest, not entirely unexpected — episode. Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. N!loofar says:

    really? 😐

  2. fernando933 says:

    Boring!! Scandal started this season strong but is starting to become a train wreck again.

  3. Al says:

    I actually felt sorry for him

  4. Bill says:

    So Rowan forgot about Olivia when he shot Sandra believing he had nothing else to lose? And wouldn’t the Medical’s examiner be able to determine that the bullets were at a different trajectory in Frankie or even a different caliber?

    • mrmcgee says:

      I wondered that as well as how did they explain the officer and the secret service guy they killed in Philly.

      • Fabrizia says:

        It was meant to look like Cyrus was behind it. First a lone gunman is blamed, then the whole thing unravel after a closer look. Cyrus did the same thing last season, including blaming a guy that hated the goverment, so it is his style and Olivia thought that as well (which was the plan).

    • April Stevens says:

      Bill: You posted the same things I was going to say! Great minds think alike:)During the episode I must have asked 100 times (and was told to shush a 100 times lol)how the Medical Examiner did not figure that out. You have Vargas who was killed close range from below him. Them, there’s the sniper who they believe did it from a million miles away, straight on. Makes no sense. Unless, the ME was paid off. Side note-was that not crazy how Vargas and Rowan made eye contact?

      #2- During the scene where Rowan shot Sandra…. About 3 minutes before, I half kidding said imagine Rowan shot Sandra and said I have no weaknesses? Then bang! My jaw hit the floor. I was so mad because I kept thinking with or without Sandra, Olivia is his big weakness too, so why shoot her and lose her when they will still have a hold on him because of Olivia anyways? He could have avoided killing her if he was thinking straight. For such a smart man that was a stupid move. I think this is the 1st time we saw Rowan actually have feelings for a woman. I liked her.

    • Fabrizia says:

      The plan was to have the guy take take the blame first, then make it look like Cyrus organized the whole thing, so it works.

    • Lisa Echerd says:

      Exactly! The implossibility of Scandal’s storylines increases every week. Next, the mysterious woman pulling Rowan’s strings will morph into an alien.

    • fiberlicious says:

      Exactly what I was thinking about Olivia.

    • George A Hunt says:

      Exactly but in a frantic rush that maybe D discovered after the smoke clears

  5. Lindsay says:

    Really? That was a total clunker of an episode.

  6. Devil says:

    My thoughts are that Scandal needs to be canceled yesterday

  7. Jeff says:

    It was a good episode. Not boring at all. And regarding the bullet trajectory, I’m pretty sure there’s a possibility of it looking as it came from where the “patsy” was.

    • Cheyenne says:

      How? He was hit from below. The patsy was stationed on a rooftop. No way they could fake that trajectory. The whole premise is stupid.

  8. Gospino says:

    Dull episode. I like the actor, hate the character.

    • Brian says:

      Just wish that they hadn’t made me so tired of Rowan. Makes it harder to follow a storyline once he gets involved.

  9. Claire says:

    Didn’t basically everyone think it was Rowan? This was boring, he needs to go. Would love to see the actor move on to better things, the character has overstayed his welcome.

  10. Robin says:

    Hi Andy, like the shadowy organization trademark.

  11. Suz says:

    I miss the days when Scandal was good. I hung in throughout the B613 years but I’m done. The actors deserve better than the recycled drivel coming from the writers’ room.

  12. neetztalks says:

    I think this is where I quit Scandal. We had a good run guys.

  13. mrmcgee says:

    Despite how much I tire of Papa Pope and dislikes the reveal of his role in the assassination, that was one if the best written episodes of Scandal ever.

    I’m a bit in the fence about how they are structuring this season – all the different perspectives – but this was the best use of putting all the pieces together from what we have seen so far.

    On a related note with this season, like with Walking Dead, these big ensemble shows are really trying to save money but not using the ensemble right? Portia De Rossi is a series regular and has been in, what, two scenes? No real Fitz for several weeks either.

    • Miranda says:

      This is not an ensemble show. It’s supposed to be about Olivia and the people she’s connected with.

      • quang says:

        Scandal is very much an ensemble show, just like Grey’s Anatomy is an ensemble show despite Meredith being the title character.

        • Miranda says:

          Except it’s not like Grey’s. Olivia is similar to Mer in that they are both the centre of their prospective series, but whereas Grey’s is an ensemble series, Scandal has always been about Olivia Pope and the world she thrives in – politics. Otherwise they would’ve been able to shoot episodes while Kerry Washington was on leave due to her pregnancy, which they have been able to do with Ellen Pompeo on Grey’s. You’ll see an episode of Grey’s without Meredith, there has yet to be an episode of Scandal – to my knowledge – without Olivia.
          At least that’s my perspective, but maybe we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  14. mrmcgee says:

    Tonight’s special guest star: brain matter. Did we really need to see two different characters brains blown out?

  15. fatalsin says:

    well i didnt think I could hate someone more than eli… but that $%@#$ right hand of that guy she needs to catch a bullet…

    • April Stevens says:

      Fatalsin LOL! She does need a bullet. She is such a corny character. I feel like they added comedy to the show bc of her. The way she talked and some of the things she said had me and my son cracking up!

  16. April Stevens says:

    Wow, so many people disliked tonight’s episode. I thought it was really good. I figured Rowan took some part in it but not to this extent. Then shooting Sandra shocked the hell out of me. He’s Savage!

    • Casey says:

      This is my first time ever commenting on this site, because I just wanted to say thank you! I’m so sick of coming here and reading people complain about this show. If you don’t like it anymore, then don’t watch! And don’t read a recap about it and comment on said recap. I thought this episode was excellent. Joe Morton’s acting is so good. I’ve really loved the present day and flashback storytelling this season, I think they’re knocking it out of the park!

  17. N says:

    The show really blew it on this one. I was really into this season so far, hoping for a big reveal/ twist as to who was the mastermind behind it all. Was it Jake, Could Mellie be somehow behind it all, could it have been Fitz. No, it was, like it always is, Rowan. Even worse is the show went out of its way in the first episode of the season ti tell us it wasn’t, only to tell us 5 episodes it was. To make matters worse the episode didn’t make a lot of sense. Did Rowan really need to go to all that trouble, going to Olivia’s for a rare record,, just get Sandra in the closet? Did Rowan really not think they’d pull the Olivia Card after he shot Sandra? Did no one notice A. the holes in the floor near Frankie’s Body B. Wouldn’t the Bullets fail to match the Rifle they thought did it. C. The trajectory of the Bullets and the fact they were close range. This just made no sense whatsoever. Finally, after everything this man has done, why do the show runners all of a sudden want us to feel bad for him, and why does he all of a sudden have a conscience. Just last season he was threating to kill Jake if Jake didn’t follow orders. I also have this really bad feeling Cyrus will somehow be president by the end of the season. Side note: Despite being innocent of Frankies murder, Cyrus was an accomplice in the prison guards death in the last episode and thus should be locked up. Normally id let this stuff go, but i’m so disappointed in this episode that i cant. I actually thought fir a minute the Scandal i once knew and loved was back.

  18. Autumn Cyler says:

    I’m a loyal, die hard Scandal fan. I thought the episode was superb. I don’t mind the flashbacks because they’re giving real feelings and emotions.

  19. Lina says:

    I knew Rowan was behind Frankie’s murder but I right he had Jake do it. Ask of this shady organization and Rowan killing Frankie himself totally caught me off guard. Can anybody tell me who are these people that desperately want Mellie in the white house?

  20. I thought it was good. Scandal is one of those shows where you kind of suspend relief about a lot of things. Case in point a few seasons ago when Olivia was living in the White House with Fitz. That would never happen today. Especially with a republican President. So to me it’s just a nicely done fairy tale. It will have to end next year because this is Fitz last term unless they come up with some weird angle to keep it on.

  21. ella jasper says:

    Okay, this is just my opinion. What has happened to the Scandal that we couldn’t wait for Thursdays to get here? Can we not get the whole cast together anymore? One whole episode about Cyrus, now an episode about Rowan, and both about who shot a character that none of us knew or cared about? I think it might be time to give up the ghost on this one. Obviously, it isn’t getting the attention it deserves. I really loved the actors in this show, how sad they have to play this out.

  22. Shar says:

    Would the ballistics from a hand gun & a long range rifle not be different? Was this explained?

    Am I watching too many cop shows??

  23. katsssblog says:

    God that was boring. I literally watched April the Giraffe at the same time while I was listening to Scandal.
    Why, but why they always have to go back to papa Pope. B613 was so boring to watch all this time, and now they are doing it again but they are just going to give it a new name.
    I loved Scandal once upon a time. First season got me hooked pretty fast.
    I don’t want to give up, but they must do something. They are loosing viewers.

  24. George A Hunt says:

    I just wish daddy Pope pride wasn’t so strong because him thinking that they only had one thing only killed the love of his life unnecessarily. Anyway it goes they had a Trump card on him. Instead of thinking it through he just reacted and will regret it for the rest of his life.

  25. KP MOM says:

    I wasn’t the least bit surprised that Rowan killed Sandra like that. I AM surprised though that he’s allowing these people, whoever they are, to control him, threaten him and Olivia and live to see another day. That’s not the Rowan we know. He is command. And he better start acting like it again.

  26. angela says:

    So another out-of-left-field conspiracy. That whole B613 was bad enough. Maybe it’s time to pull the plug on Scandal if they’re starting to rehash plot lines.

  27. Victoria says:

    So lots of people assumed it was Rowan but it’s really some no name organization we only met last week? Seems like a cheat.

  28. Karen says:

    I used to love this show–now it’s Sunday night and I’m just watching Thursday’s episode and thinking that I may be over it. Although, I did feel a little sorry for Rowan. Even though I know he is evil incarnate.

  29. bchaaraoui says:

    It always seems the Villains are the smart ones, why make the main characters look and sound so dumb, only by chance they come on the top. Olivia and her team should’ve been always step ahead, they supposed to be the king makers of the storey instead with all the twist and turns they’re Always been played,,,,, interesting!!!