Flash Recap: Who Made a Sacrifice? Who Left? Plus, More 'WestAllen' Woes

This week on The Flash, Barry braved the Speed Force to save Wally (and in doing so take his place trapped in a personal hell), but in the end it was someone else who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Determined to this time willingly merge with the Speed Force, Barry entered with some new precautions, in the form of a “tether” created by Cisco, while Julian monitored his vitals. Vibed into the “negative world,” Barry first encountered an Eddie avatar, followed by one of Ronnie  — both of whom served as examples of lives that might have turned out differently had they not supported The Flash’s mission. After Barry eluded Black Flash’s clutches, a faux Leonard Snart entered the mix as someone who was inspired by Barry to do good things with “bad” results, such as sacrifice his life to save the Legends.

Barry remained steadfast in his mission to not just extract but replace Wally (who has been damned to watch his mother die over and over) as the imprisoned speedster, but he was informed that it’s not so simple. The lesson here is that Barry and only Barry can save Iris, that his decision to task Wally with the future rescue played a part in Iris’ brother’s grim fate.

When Barry struggled to accept this lesson, Snart went in for the kill, but Jay Garrick stepped in to intervene. Barry used Jay’s helmet to reflect Snart’s cold ray back at him, after which Jay revealed that he will stay behind, to take Wally’s place in the Speed Force prison. Barry objects, especially since Jay already has lived as a prisoner (of Reverse-Flash Zoom, in the iron mask), but Jay explained that “every marathon has a finish line,” and he is ready to cross this one. Using Jay’s helmet as a “tether” of sorts, Barry is able to exit the Speed Force, with a shook Wally in tow.


* Once the team got the idea to use the talon that Barry sliced off Savitar as a means to tracking the speed god, Jesse became determined to do just that and confront him herself — even KO-ing H.R who stood in her way. Finding Savitar, Jesse indeed got her ass kicked, until a frantic H.R. surmised that if their foe wears armor, he must be human inside — so Jesse uses the talon to stab him in the neck, allowing for her escape. Once Barry came back, H.R. shared this new intel, that Savitar is not  any”god” but “a man, baby!”

* With Jay now trapped in the Speed Force, Jesse bid Wally a “see you later” — punctuated by sweet, shared ILYs — before relocating to Earth-Three, which is now down a speedster. (Earth-Two meanwhile must be like, “Um, hellooooo?”)

* At episode’s end, Barry and Iris rehashed their recently complicated dis-engagement situation, with Iris affirming her wish to be Barry’s wife. Bar, though, acknowledged that he did propose “because I thought it would save you. But I was wrong. I alone have to save you, not by changing [the future] but embracing it.” And somehow that means needing “space” for now, staying with Cisco, as he moves forward with his grand plan. As a gobsmacked Iris streams all of the tears.

What did you think of  “Into the Speed Force”?

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  1. peterwdawson says:

    Everyone is dumb and I hate them. I think I’ll just read the recaps for the rest of the season because it may affect the DC shows I’m actually still invested in.

  2. anon says:

    Oh Barry. Good thing you’re so good looking. I’m still a little mad at you though, at least until you make a giant love declaration again. Poor Iris! But damn, that Speedforce was brutal with Barry!

  3. ToyCannon says:

    I swear, they better not reveal that Wally West is Savitar. I have a bad feeling about this.

  4. Mo says:

    Are you @#$%^ kidding me?!?!?!? The writers needs to be FIRED last season for this lame@ss ‘hero’. Also, great big sincere thank you for the recap. You’re my hero saved me from watching this garbage.

  5. James D says:

    um… What? I fail to see the logic here. You want to embrace the future but do it without the woman you love? Wow CW needs to desperately hire new writers, Arrow is bad enough we don’t need Flash to plummet down the drain. And if Wally or Jay are Savitar I’m going to be pretty pissed.

  6. oddlybeck36 says:

    i honestly think Savitar is Malcolm Thawne [i.e. Cobalt Blue] it would be great to see Grant play someone completely opposite Barry… and it helpthe running theory that its a future version of Barry.

  7. Agent 86 says:

    So, Jay Garrick is Savitar? Isn’t Savitar’s whole beef with Barry that Barry “at some time in the future” trapped him in the Speed Force? And that’s exactly what happened in this episode – Barry made a foolish decision (yet again), which resulted in Jay being trapped in the Speed Force.

    And poor Earth 2. I guess it must have Superman, Batman and (most importantly) Wonder Woman to keep it safe from evil metahumans, etc.

    • ndixit says:

      Jay Garrick made the decision, not Barry. So, no, I don’t think it’s Jay. Plus Savitar was going to kill Jay in the mid season finale.

  8. Ash says:

    Anyone else think Savitar is actually Barry that disappeared in the future?

    • Liz says:

      Oooh I like that theory

    • dummy101 says:

      why the hell would Savitar want to kill Iris if he were Barry?

    • SARath says:

      I too think it that way.
      Where is Future barry,
      And savitar always says that he is the future flash.

    • Agent 86 says:

      It makes sense. Barry is already the greatest villain ever seen on The Flash. All of his selfish, time travelling decisions normally cause great pain and suffering to others.

      Or maybe it’s somehow a version of Flashpoint version of Barry who realised that he was being wiped from existence by *our* Barry and somehow escaped Barry’s re-writing of the timeline to become Savitar?

      Red Sky Barry potentially makes sense, although I thought the “Flash MIA” headline was from the … first (?) time that Barry chased Reverse Flash back in time to the scene of his mother’s murder (i.e. the first time that his mother died, because in the “original” timeline, which we’ve never seen, Barry grew up with both parents).

  9. herman1959 says:

    Oh, get out of here! This back-and-forth romantic thing is what killed the ratings for Arrow.

  10. DAMN says:

    We are all assuming Savitar is a man, but what if Savitar is a woman? Could be Jesse.

    Just a thought since Grant was saying that there are no hints leading to the Savitar reveal. So it got me thinking of other possible candidates besides Future Barry or another Earths Barry as there have been possible hints with the whole ‘I am the Future Flash’ line.

  11. Lily says:

    Um, WHY did Barry dump Iris? I don’t get it. At the beginning of the episode he’s worried she’s having doubts, and then all of a sudden at the end when she’s not, he’s all, well, I need space now. I like the shade in the recap too, lol. That didn’t make any sense! Embracing the future means needing space? What? Even Grant didn’t look convinced why he was saying the words he was saying. He’s gonna stay with Cisco and leave her by herself while Savitar’s out and about? Sorry but this was some really stupid writing. Unless he changes his mind in like an episode or two, this didn’t make ANY sense at all.

    • Leo says:

      Maybe because in the future, Iris isn’t wearing her ring so Barry embracing the future means he won’t try to change the future by getting back together which means Iris will start wearing that ring again.

  12. sladewilson says:

    Message to Flash producers and writers – fix this hot mess. No seriously. You are about to lose a majority of your faithful audience with all this nonsense. Fix it, and lets move on. Bring back the show we all fell in love with. This ain’t it. Tonight was depressing. Leave that to Arrow.

  13. Unknown says:

    I don’t see the logic of taking time apart from Iris so Flash gives us dumb reason for a break just like Supergirl this is actually the first time Flash has made me go WTF and not in a good way

  14. ndixit says:

    Honestly, if Barry needs some space to just get his head straight after his experience in the speed force so he can be more clear minded in his decisions, then that makes sense. Otherwise it doesn’t. I liked the ep overall, but they really need to stop being so downbeat. It’s like the writers are insisting on being morose.

  15. Sharon says:

    I am mad Barry and Iris broke up. That is one of the reasons I like the show. Get it together.

  16. Sean Parsons says:

    Really, is every CW show a juggling act of ‘Hero finds love, hero loses love, repeat ad inifinitum’? People in reality do not put up with that s%#&, on a constant basis, seriously, do they?!

    • TODD says:

      You nailed it. Do the writers really have nothing else but breaking couples up for stupid reasons??!! It is consistent with Arrow… Flash… Supergirl.. Legends. All great shows except for that! Put a couple together… leave them alone and then think of something else they can do.

  17. Maranda says:

    First Oliver and Felicity now Barry and Iris. I’m not saying these couples are the only reason I watch Arrow and The Flash but they definitely help keep me interested in the story. I am losing interest in both shows which makes me sad because I really want to enjoy them. I hope the writers are paying attention b/c I know I’m not alone in feeling this way.

  18. Diana says:

    I’ll probably leave more comments later, but for now: Why!! Hope Barry and Iris solve their issues soon!

  19. Jason says:

    Does Violett Beane cost so much per episode, that they can’t keep her around for more than a handful of episodes at a time? Or maybe there’s a rule, that more than two ladies on the show for any extended period, is overwhelming for the audience. I mean, come on!….This isn’t Supernatural!

    • Jim says:

      Well when u look at it: Wally is out for a while, Jay is out for a while, jesse is out for a while, there is only Barry. The focus should be on him, not the other speedsters. So yah…it makes sense for Violett to leave storywise.

      • KCC says:

        Even storywise she was only there to stab Savitar, which any of the characters could have done. Her romance with Wally seemed to be of the summer love type. Go away from your home, have a brief fling with a local, promise it’s not goodbye but see you later, then back to school. Gidget goes to Earth 1. Can’t wait til spring break.

    • Stan says:

      I agree. She shines every time she is on. I could watch a show about her character.

    • “This isn’t Supernatural!”

      The shade of it all.

  20. Lily says:

    Okay, you know what? These shows need to stop thinking that they have to break couples up for no reason. There was NO reason for what Barry did in this episode. It left the entire audience baffled. There was no logic to what he said, it didn’t even match what he said at the start of the same exact episode. I mean, why did that happen? There was no build-up to this, all they had done was say how much they loved each other for how many months in a row? And now he needs “space”? Come on, show. Do things that make sense, please. That was so contrived. I would have loved it if Iris got angry and immediately said, “No! You’re not going anywhere. You think you’re going to leave me here by myself while Savitar’s on the loose? We can put our engagement on hold until this is over but If you love me you will not abandon me like this.” Now that would have been awesome.

  21. Julian says:

    Jay Garrick wasn’t Reverse-Flash’s prisoner. Was Zoom’s prisoner.

  22. Bruce Wayne says:

    Future, older Barry is Savitar!

  23. Mo says:

    OT: The Flash should be embarrassed & ashamed after tonight’s LoT. Commander Steel was the definition of a hero while Barry is just a dilettante. Ray & the team v. RF > than anything on Flash this season or last. The only excuse is all the writers left Flash to go to LoT.

  24. atrail09 says:

    I am done. They break up over some crazy reason like Barry needs his space, Then there is a musical ,singing and dancing next week 😲

  25. Stacey says:

    Barry wanting to distance himself from Iris makes zero sense! And what about Earth 2 Jesse? My money is still on Future Barry or Wally being Savitar.

  26. Wez Za says:

    What a load of cheesy Bollocks im done with these crap shows im just sticking with netflix

  27. Amah Lydia says:

    this “i need space” thing does’nt make sense. some evil goodspeedster wants to kill your GF,and u are leaving her to be on her own?when savitar was trap in the speed force,you were with her and now that he is out there and can come for her at anytime??no need for space barry. but i think the writers know what they are doing and they well connect the dots during the up coming episodes

  28. KCC says:

    Generally I like to go with the flow and see how things end because when a story is on-going, as things are revealed, you get to understand why they developed the way they did. But HOW the characters got to where they’re at now is baffling. I don’t like using the term lazy writing but in this case it’s kinder than the alternative which is dumb writing. Why do all the characters have to be so stupid? They could be at the exact same spot in the story and in their relationships without all the cliches and poor motivations. Barry needs “space” really? That’s what you say when you don’t have the guts to break up and you’re trying to get your partner to put their life on hold for you. Jesse goes to take on Savitar on her own. Which speedster hasn’t? Having HR stab Savitar would accomplished the same thing story wise and would have been more fun to watch. At least we get a reprieve from all this nonsense for a week and get to watch Barry and Kara sing and dance while Iris waits to die. What fun!!

  29. Sonyie says:

    Makes no sense for Barry to break up with Iris. The writers messed up! Get it right …. Not every relationship has to have conflict

  30. Gift says:

    I feel Berry felt a little judged, left out or something this episode by the people he loves. Joe didn’t care what really happen to Berry if he went into that speed force, he showed concern for a second nd then didn’t convince Berry not to go in. All he wanted was Wally being saved at all cost. And Iris didn’t even try to talk him out either. They didn’t say it but they were all judging him. when Iris said I love u, she didn’t mean it there. Berry saw that nd that hurt him. He returned, after Jay sacrifice himself and suddenly Iris was OK with he decision, I don’t think so! He was right calling off the engagement nd every other thing for now. what made Lois nd Clark the best love couple was how they worked together. Iris needs to trust Berry nd be ready to stay nd support him at all difficult times. I was hurt when Berry called things off but for now it was the best because there was bad blood between them. of cause they will work together it’s her life he is trying to save. I just hope next time she doesn’t over reacts or turn away from Berry.

  31. Brigid says:

    I’ve never complained about The Flash…EVER. I adore this show but Barry breaking up with Iris was so ridiculous that I complained right away. It doesn’t make any sense because no one would break up for that reason. These DC shows break up for the truly dumbest reasons that make zero sense. This is why people get tired and stop watching. Enough with the stupid made up drama, it makes your characters look ridiculous! Other than that it was good seeing those dead characters again.

  32. Gina Horne says:

    Is anyone else tired of Iris West? She is so temperamental and doesn’t deserve Barry. I wish they would find Barry a new love interest.

  33. Amah Lydia says:

    i agree iris well always be the woman he loves and he will always be the man she loves.no one can ever come between them not eddie, not caitlyn nor patty hell no!!!.they love each other till the end.savitar is future barry.

  34. Lydia Amah says:

    she never choose Eddie over Barry.she just stood up for their relationship. because Barry told her he has feelings for her does not mean she should throw everything back at Eddie’s face just like that.even though she realise she felt the same way as Barry, she still stood by Eddie’s side and that showed how matured she was.And remember she admitted her feelings for Barry when she was with Eddie just that Barry erased that timeline.Also because Barry was too slow to tell iris how he felt about her,was the reason Eddie came between them.so Barry has been her first love not second.

    • coffeebean1985 says:

      Nope, she choose Eddie. I mean, seriously, if you are in love with someone else, you would be a huge idiot to go with a person you don’t love, not to mention, that you’d be an asshat, too, because you’d lie to that person – Eddie would certainly not go along with the whole marriage thing if he knew that Iris really loved Barry more.
      And is deciding to marrying one man instead of another not choosing him over the other? Or how is that working?

      She did not love Barry first, she saw him as a brother, and maybe there were budding feeling, but she did not start to consider him as anything but a dear friend and brother *shudder* before he confessed to her. Barry, whether you like it or not, is only ol number two, and he will always stay that, which is something I really hate about the show, because Barry and Iris’ relationship really had weight to it in the comics, it meant something, not they are on and off lovers, depending on how much drama the show needs.

  35. Lydia Amah says:

    Barry is not her second choice.!!!!!

  36. Lydia Amah says:

    well same here.!!!!

  37. So what the hell is wrong with the writers of this whole DC tv universe? Every show, they’ve made the stupidest, STUPIDEST decisions in relation to relationships. They come up with the dumbest crap to break up couples. Like, seriously, if you are going to break them up, at least come up with something realistic. What will it be on the next show… “Oh, I love you, we are destined to be together, but you ate the last pop-tart. I can’t be with you any more. Boo-hoo-hoo! *runs out in tears*. Oh, wait! Look! I wrote it for them – where’s my writer’s paycheck?