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The Vampire Diaries Series Finale

The Vampire Diaries Series Finale: More Burning Questions Answered (Including Who Bonnie Almost Ended Up With)

If you’re a die-hard fan of The Vampire Diaries, there’s a good chance your brain is exhausted right now.

Friday’s last hurrah went full throttle for an entire hour, throwing endless twists — some wonderful, others devastating — at confused fans, leaving a lot up to interpretation. And while we’ve already shared insight into Stefan’s death and Klaus’ letter, there’s always more to be mined.

Because everyone loves leftovers — my two favorites are Thanksgiving food and cold pizza, in no particular order — here are a few more assorted answers we got from executive producer Julie Plec:

TVLINE | I love that you got Tiki’s grandad back! What’s the story there?
That Twitter handle brought me so much joy over the years, so much hilarity and laughter, that when we made our list of characters that never died, we realized Tiki’s grandad was still alive — very old, and probably senile, but still alive! As we were trying to figure out how we could layer in fun little Easter eggs, that was one of them. And it was actually on the cutting room floor temporarily, but it made its way back in. We could afford two seconds to honor Tiki’s grandad.

TVLINE | Were there any cameos you simply couldn’t make happen?
We had an availability conflict with Joseph Morgan, which is how we ended up with the letter. We were also hoping to see Emily Bennett again, Bianca Lawson, but she also had an availability issue. And Malese Jow was in New Zealand working. There was definitely a pitch that we might see Anna and Pearl at peace, but I think that was made pretty obvious in Season 3. We’ll let them be.

TVLINE | I half-expected Bonnie to end up with Jeremy, years after losing Enzo. Was there ever talk of giving her a new love interest?
Ever since Episode 305, I’ve quietly shipped Bonnie and Matt. Linking the Donovan/Maxwell bloodline with the Bennett bloodline in the flashback episode we did earlier this year was my effort at trying to make — what do we call them, ‘Monnie?’ — happen. If you lose your epic love, you’re not meant to go without love. You can still be happy, have a partner in life, have children, have a family. I thought, “The two people who have fought so hard to save the town and these people should get that.” I thought it would be nice if they had each other. There was a pitch on the table where they had kids and a white picket fence and everything was dandy. Ultimately, everybody else thought it was sexier that — with Enzo being her ultimate soulmate — that she could just go on and take dozens of lovers and enjoy the world until it was time to move on.

TVLINE | We didn’t get to see how Damon reacted to being human. A bumpy ride, I imagine?
I think there’s some terrific fan fiction to be written about Damon’s first years as a human, but he was ready for it. He wanted it. He wants her. And when all is said and done, after going through such a trauma, to be able to grow old and die with your one true love is a beautiful solace in an otherwise difficult time.

TVLINE | Speaking of being human, was there ever a plan to use prosthetics to make Damon and Elena look old in the finale?
The pitch was on the board, but Kevin Williamson — who knows a lot and is very brilliant — walked in and was like, “Over my dead body.” To be fair, he said, “I like stories that end in the here and now. I don’t think you need to rely on 50-year flash forwards to deliver the same emotional closure.” And he was right.

TVLINE | I know this show is about more than just ‘ships, but there were a lot of references to past relationships in the finale. Was that your goal, to acknowledge all the important ones?
The couples that we loved, whether we broke them up or let them live happily ever after, were all important to us. We wanted to give a nice, respectful nod to each of them and say, “You are as important as the next one.” It was important for us that Stefan and Elena got a proper goodbye, but also that Stefan and Caroline didn’t get overshadowed by Stefan and Elena. It felt like the right thing to do.

What did you think of the finale, now that you’ve had some to reflect? Do you wish Bonnie had ended up with Matt? And do you wish you’d gotten to see old versions of Damon and Elena? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mark says:

    What was the plan b if Nina Dobrev hadn’t come back considering the last two episodes were quite dependent on her being around what was the alternate ending thats a question that hasnt been answered.

    • JJLantern says:

      I know Kevin and Julie said the original idea in the early years was to have both Stefan and Damon die and watch over human Elena from an after-life so the triangle continued forever. Once Stefan loved Caroline that wouldn’t work. Presumably they would have kept the same lame story as this finale with Katherine having to be held in the fire (really?) and Damon would have been the one to die.
      We could have heard Elena was sad but so proud of his sacrifice when she woke up at the end of Bonnie’s full life in a voice over and never have to see her at all. That way we could still end with Stefan being reunited with his brother at the end of his happy human life with Caroline. Maybe he would be the one to say “Hello Brother.”
      That version would make more sense, really. It made no sense to me that Bonnie packed a bag to leave but then we see her right away suddenly able to defy the rules and wake up Elena. Damon’s death would be more epic than the lame Delena reunion they filmed. (Especially since they apparently cut the good stuff like the proposal and his rebuilding her family home for her.) The thing is even though we end with Elena writing in the diary Julie and Kevin thought this was primarily Stefan’s story and wanted him to have an epic moment with Elena so I guess that is why he died.

      You know, writing this in answer to your question I realize I actually wish Nina couldn’t have made it back and it had gone down this way. I would have been a lot less disappointed!

      • JJLantern says:

        OOPs, I didn’t mean Katherine held in the fire since that requires Nina. I guess they could have had some other big bad we already met like Silas. He would make more sense than Katherine since he actually had powers and she was just human. They wanted to feature redemption and the idea of finding peace so not much else of the story would have probably changed. (Unfortunately.)

    • Shapinaa says:

      I ship Stelena all the Way. I wish that Elena had either ended up with Stefan or none of them, meaning that they would both die…!!!

  2. Dominique says:

    the one thing that i truly missed from the finale was a damon/alaric scene. these two were best friends once upon a time an di know season 8 definitely tore that apart.
    but come on we couldn’t have at least a hug or something?

    • JJLantern says:

      I totally agree. I wanted a Dalaric hug as well. They rushed everything so much that Stefan’s funeral was lame compared to every one else’s all series long. That would have been a great time for everyone to come together. Alaric could have hugged both Elena and Damon, Elena could have hugged Matt. They could have all comforted Caroline and we could have had some more precious moments with Damon and Elena.

      • Kelley Sigond says:

        I loved the finale. I watched it twice in a row. I would have liked to have seen if Damon and Elena had the children they always talked about having ( if they were human ). I one thing I can not reconcile with is if anyone deserved to have a long human life it was Stefan. It broke my heart when he said to Damon he wanted to be with his wife. Stefan and Caroline didnt even have 24 hrs of husbsnd and wife. After all the brothers went through with Katherine they deserved to live out their lives with their soulmates. I am very happy they all found peace and each other. I would have liked to seen Stefan and Damon with Elena on the porch. I did find ” Hello brother” exremely fitting.
        Thank you to the cast and writters for all the wonderful years.

        • Lisa says:

          I am still confused as heck regarding TVD finale. I know Stefan gave his life for Damon but did Damon also die? At the end you saw Damon and Elena holding hands and they separated. The next thing you saw was Elena on her porch without him.

          • Lorenzo Brent says:

            Damon and Elena lived a full life as humans. Then they walked into the afterlfe together where they got to see their families again. At peace.

          • Lisa says:

            Thanks for responding to my question. I was going crazy trying to figure out what happened.

    • Kelley Sigond says:

      I agree. I would have also loved to see him with Jo and everyone else in the end. He was Elena’s stepdad which also made him Dsmon’s father inlaw. How many people are best friends with their father inlaw?

      • jbj says:

        How was he her stepdad? At best he was Jeremy’s foster father, but Elena was made a legal adult in the season premiere following her Aunt Jenna’s death, so really he was just their “adoptive” uncle-type friend. Moreover, Dalaric pre-dated Alaric taking responsibility of the Gilberts.

        • Lauren says:

          He is technically her stepdad because he was married to Isobel, Elena’s birth mother.

          • JJLantern says:

            LOL, thanks for pointing out that Alaric was ‘sort of’ Damon’s father in law. That is hilarious!

            It made me so mad I could spit that Julie decided to “break up” Dalaric in season 7 and we never really got them back. Damon did say they could share bourbon and apologies but we never saw that happen as they got interrupted by Kai. It stinks we didn’t even get a hug between them at Stefan’s funeral or something. Just another of the many relationships left unresolved.

    • Karen says:

      I have been thinking the same exact thing all night! I liked the finale, I really did. But the Damon/Alaric friendship was actually my favourite of the series. I was let down by that part of the ending. I was looking forward to some sort of emotional scene. But all we got was Alaric’s saying something along the lines of “I really care about Damon too, but family first”. For a friendship that (in my opinion) was a big part of Damon’s transition from an uncaring vampire to the ultimately human man who cared so much–it just wasn’t done justice.

    • Desiree says:

      I agree. They spent too many episodes this season focused on the whole Damon and Enzo/Stefan are crazy murderers…it would’ve been nice to have this last stand storyline a little more fleshed out. Of course, they only had Nina for that one episode…which explains why it felt a bit rushed, I guess. But I wish Alaric had been given more to do…not just this episode, but the whole season.

  3. cici says:

    Why spent so much time with Katherine, the vilain and so little with Elena the protagonist? Why tell us about Damon and Elena happy end and not showing us? 1 minute showing them together would be enough. I’m desapointed.

    • Brandie says:

      Agree big time!!!

    • JJLantern says:

      Exactly! Kevin was wrong, it was stupid not to have Damon and Elena age. Not only did they not get more than a few seconds for their reunion, we saw none of their happy life which should have definitely included kids. Plus their death and move to “peace” while looking so young was confusing.

      I am extremely disappointed that they couldn’t give a minute or two to the relationship that they spent the entire series building up. Damon paid his dues to earn his life with her and to cut it short robbed me of the emotional fulfillment I paid for by watching every darn episode over and over again. Now instead of thinking of TVD as a positive experience I will forever think of the disappointment at the end.

      • Ma says:

        I agree fully!! I wanted to see how they where yrs later with kids and a normal life! I also would have loved to see the love and chemistry they use to have! To me their 2 scenes seemed very forced! I was very dissappointed! Plus after death did they go their own ways?? When I did I want to be with all my loved ones! I did love ” hello brother”!

        • JJLantern says:

          I agree that the “Hello brother” at the end was great but just about everything else was ridiculous. Each time I think about the finale even more plot holes come to mind! And more instances where they didn’t resolve relationships. They say they cut about 20 minutes because it ran over so it is crazy they didn’t do a two hour finale. Clearly they cut the Damon/Elena proposal which could help explain why the brief kiss was so weird. If the actors knew they were going to have this whole proposal to show their emotions it made sense they could hold back a bit at Stefan’s grave. Still, dumb decision on the part of the director Julie! Why reunite them at the grave? Why is it in this creepy yellow color and slow motion? Damon and Elena are known for crashing together when they kiss. Why only one quick smooch? Why not show Damon’s face? We got to see how happy he was when he though Katherine was Elena earlier so it had to be Julie that thought his reaction should be limited since he was just mourning his brother. I think Damon’s sad expression later when they are walking is because the voice over is saying he is worried he won’t find peace with Stefan. I guess Julie just didn’t get that means we never actually got to see Damon really happy with Elena. Her saying they were happy in the voice over didn’t do it.
          I could go on forever asking why about everything. Don’t even get me started on the unresolved relationships. One example: Jeremy is back and doesn’t even see his sister much less Bonnie? He would have been at Stefan’s funeral too.
          And then there are the super duper plot holes. They are overwhelming! They range from small but significant (like if Elena was trapped in the boiler room by a spell Kai cast in one scene how did she get free to talk to Stefan in another?) to gigantic – how could HUMAN dead Katherine be the biggest baddest ever?! (Of course she was pretty tricky to have time to change her clothes and curl her hair like that…)
          Most ridiculous: clearly they could have had her chained up, stabbed her and thrown her that short distance into the fire without anyone having to die!!!!!
          I hate to think that Kevin and Julie didn’t care enough about their fans to do better than throw this mess they call a finale together at the last minute, so I have a new theory. You know how Elena and Jeremy got high together before he left? I am thinking maybe KW and JP based that on their own lives because somebody had to be smoking something to write such an awful finale!

          • Ma says:

            Yes I agree fully!! We all watched for 8 seasons we deserved a great ending!! It just left us with more questions!! My favorite of all was when Elena died/slept and they danced! You could see their love that was what I was expecting in the final show! They keep saying they are great friends in life well it sure didn’t look like it! Elena tried she emailed Ian barely smiled! He use to look at Elena with such love and in the finale nothing! Ruined it for me!!! They needed to at least say how each character ended up in their life!! But they stayed in the same time. I’m
            Very disappointed!

    • Kelley Sigond says:

      I would have loved to see their wedding. I always thought we would. They should have made the finale 2 hours.

      • Yvonne says:

        I completely agree! The love that conquered all didn’t have the wedding scene… 2 hrs at least!

      • Vanessa Maharaj says:

        I completely agree!

      • JJLantern says:

        If we could only get Ian and Nina to make a movie of Damon and Elena’s human life! Of course they barely got Nina back for an episode so that isn’t looking too possible. Besides, it might feel good to say they settled down in Mystic Falls but that too is full of holes. As they mentioned several times before Damon now has the cure in his blood and every vampire who wants it will come looking for him. First stop would be Mystic Falls!
        Plus all the people in that town both Damon, Elena and Stefan have compelled suddenly have all their memories so it won’t just be the vampires coming after them!

    • Linda says:

      I also totally agree. I found the final episode very disappointing. After investing so much time and emotion in the relationships, I thought it was like “lets just get this finished quickly”

  4. padraicjacob says:

    I am lapsed in my viewing and it’s been awhile since I watched the early seasons, but was it weird that Alaric’s first wife wasn’t there? Just Jo? Did he get closure with her when she came back in season 1 or 2?

    • Nathan Everett says:

      That’s what I was thinking but she was a psycho bitch. So I didn’t care.

    • Klaroline says:

      I thought the exact same. I thought she might have been with Elena’s family.

    • JJLantern says:

      Alaric and Isobel did get their closure. She admitted she loved him and she shouldn’t have chosen to be a vampire. BUT she never actually showed remorse for killing people.

      In the finale we wouldn’t see everyone knew finding peace. It was reserved for those who were sorry and wanted redemption. Katherine, Kai and Isobel did not. Uncle John got his redemption, for example, by dying for Elena. That is why he is there and Isobel is not. Alaric could see Jo since there is no reason she wouldn’t have found peace.

      Even if you just interpret the “peace” as being a fond memory instead of an after-life, Isobel was not remembered fondly by anyone.

  5. Swiftie says:

    It was a very well done Finale… probably one of the most satisfying series finales!

  6. Jane says:

    I don’t understand that since Bonnie got her magic back, she was no longer able to see or be in contact with Enzo like she was the last few episodes?

    • Heather Martin says:

      I think that Enzo had prace and moved on. He wasn’t trapped in the psychic relm she had him in. So it was like they all were ghost just watching in… is my only explanation

    • Gift says:

      Maybe because she was now at peace, her emotions were settled nd she finally let Enzo go. she was ready to start over. It seemed everything was in reset now. Her psychic world no longer existed, she was no longer in control.

    • JJLantern says:

      In the previous episode, when Bonnie and the twins are walking through the fire, we are supposed to realize that the magic the twins were siphoning off Bonnie to save their lives was the magic Bonnie had been using to see Enzo. He told her she had to let him go in order to live. After that she could no longer meet with him and touch him in the physic world she had created with her magic because it was used up. However, she could “see” him the way all the other characters saw their loved ones watching over them at peace.

      (Which makes me realize yet another weird plot thing. While Ezno may have been reformed the three years he spent with Bonnie, he had killed without remorse all the rest of the series and killed for the siron just like Damon. Damon and Stefan only killed like Enzo with their humanity switch off, but most of the time they felt guilt and remorse for their actions and were good much more than Enzo. How come they had to worry about finding peace but Enzo found it without having to do anything for redemption? Just thinking about Julie’s rules again…)

  7. Mel says:

    I wanted Isobel back.
    Kind of wanted Elena to end up with Matt

  8. Mel says:

    And what was the deal with Elena’s family back including Jenna who died as a vampire who was at peace

  9. Stelios Touchtidis says:

    I thought the finale was spot on. But yes, I would’ve liked to see *graceful* aging of Damon and Elena. And I love the idea of Caroline as Professor X :-)

  10. Brandie says:

    I just wish we could have flashed at least a little bit forward to see if Damon and Elena had kids and stuff like that otherwise it was great! But I do kind of feel like when they were showing them finding peace that they’d been together because they were separate.

    • JJ says:

      Apparently they shot a proposal but cut it and Damon rebuilt the Gilbert house for Elena and I think it’s reasonable to assume they had kids because Elena seemed like she really wanted them and Damon said in season 6 he wanted to be the father of her children. Hope the dvd has a bunch of good deleted scenes.

      • JJLantern says:

        I read that they cut the proposal but thanks for including the news Damon rebuilt the house for Elena – that is cool! I still feel they could have at least mentioned something like that and that they had a house full of children (esp son named Stefan) in the voice over even if they didn’t want to show them age. Yes, I hope someone is paying attention – we definitely need those deleted scenes on the DVD!!!

  11. lockzonez@yahoo. Com says:

    First time every like the vampire diaries but how can you not see a relationship between Bonnie& Damon after all they been thur. They would be one tiff couple

    • maroshay says:

      They would have been.

    • Honestly Bonnie/Damon made a lot more sense than Elena/Damon, I never really understood the Elena damon relationship because it always felt like Elena never really accepted the wild side of Damon except when it came to her advantage and the other characters were like “you don’t deserve Elena…” and stuff, isn’t a relationship supposed to be accepting of flaws. And besides Elena was by far the most boring of all.

  12. Erin says:

    I’m just disgusted that after everything it was Stefan that had to die I mean if anything it should’ve been Damon who died but its whatever.

  13. Remy says:

    What scene was Tiki’s grandad in? I missed it.

  14. Remmy says:

    What is the deal with everyone asking for Kids- Damon’s kids? As nice as it would be to see Delena’s babies, you can all agree with me that it would have been overdone and quite exaggerated for that finale. Doing that would have been off the rails. The whole idea was that they all found joy in reunition.

    I agree the reunion wasn’t a hit for Delena fans but come on, the whole idea was quite good and interesting.
    I don’t see why we should see Damon’s grey hair and Elena with a walking stick. Yes, like Kevin said; ”Over my Dead body”.

    Guys, just quit hating. If you don’t like the finale, its all good. What is done is done. I myself couldn’t have asked for more other than a longer or like 2hrs finale with more action (At least, Katherine still had her arm to throw a few blows and her long legs and whittled heels). But all in all, I felt and will continue to feel Great or what the title of the finale says.

    • Dominique says:

      clearly people feel differently about it than you so no, we can’t agree with what you’re saying. delena’s reunion was incredibly rushed and quite frankly, boring. combine that with, sorry to say, the terrible editing that took place in the final 5 minutes and you have yourselves a few things people really looked forward to, and became a huge disappointment instead.
      after everything delena’s been through and all the talks they’ve had, their fans deserved more than a quick kiss and hug and some handholding.
      great that you were content with the finale. others weren’t.

      • KLS says:

        Exactly. I`m tired of people shutting those down that don`t agree. Anyone can see that the finale was rushed, and most everyone was confused by the ending, so maybe they should have done some aging or something to make it clear. And we wanted to see kids to know that Elena got everything she ever dreamed of. And a lot of people aren`t content with the finale. Just because it`s over, that doesn`t mean we still can`t be upset, especially with something we`ve dedicated years of life to.

    • Nope. Aging can be done gracefully, and well, Charmed, etc, was great, Dr Who. Can’t agree with KW here.

    • I totally agree, the finale was just what it was supposed to be, quite alright the Delenas wanted kids and aging but truth be told not everyone favored delena so I think the way it was left open is adequate, if you want to imagine kids, fine, if you want to imagine that Damon broke it off and ended with Bonnie (which is by far a better/more interesting relationship than delena) still good. All is left to imagination

      • Deb says:

        Eiana always said she wanted to have kids w Damon . Damon said that he couldn’t have any because of who he was. He wanted to be able to have children with Elena. So that’s why everyone is asking about their kids! Your must have missed that episode

  15. DELENA FAN says:

    Omfg that was an epic fail building up DELENA the whole darn time episode after episode THEN NOT EVEN A MINUTE OF DELENA MOMENT IN THE FINALE!!!! THAT WAS NO EPIC KISS!!!!!! that wasn’t an epic hug either!!! DO ANOTHER SEASON FINALE AND PUT MORE DELENA IN THIS!!! omg i was so disappointed. too much katherine and damon but not elena and damon. EPIC DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

    • KLS says:

      Totally. They didn`t even share a line of dialogue.

    • Ma says:

      Agree fully!!! The way they ended it ruined who Elena and Damon where together!!! Just my opinion ! There was no passion nothing! And she wrote Stephan gave her life back well it would have been epic if she said through Elena she found her epic love DAMON!!!

    • Sabrina says:

      I completely agree. I was disappointed also. I really hope that there will be a special DVD extended ending because I feel that the ending should have at least been 2 hours long. I would have loved to have seen Damon and Elena get married, their honeymoon and how their lives together as humans would be. Did they have children? I feel like for a final ending the episode was too short and didn’t show major parts that people would have loved to have seen. I also would have liked to have seen Damon and Elena together after they died as well.

    • Kelli carr says:

      True, and could Stefan & Carolina not have gotten to be happy. I mean damn, every guy has broken her heart, they killed off her mom, and for years she lived in a “roommates” almost marriage…. so she had to break rics heart…. I mean damn. Did they hate Caroline? I loved Stefan & Caroline as much if not more than I loved the old delena… (before real life killed their chemistry)

    • Kelli carr says:

      True, and could Stefan & Carolina not have gotten to be happy. I mean damn, every guy has broken her heart, they killed off her mom, and for years she lived in a “roommates” almost marriage…. so she had to break rics heart…. I mean damn. Did they hate Caroline? I loved Stefan & Caroline as much if not more than I loved the old delena… (before real life killed their chemistry)

  16. Emily says:

    bonnie and matt ending up together would have been nice. they’ve been good friends all their lives. i could see it happening. but it would have felt too random to see a flashforward of that. they would have needed to built it up. and with enzo being bonnie’s true soulmate, matt would have felt like a second choice. and he deserves better than that.

    I’m sad Malese wasn’t available. Anna was always one of my favorites. But i guess it would have just been for a split second anyway. Since that’s all most of the other guest stars got.

  17. I was so excited for the finale and so looking forward to it,buuut then when I watched it I expected so much was really good, buuut the downplay of excitement that there should have been from Elena and Damon was so calm and boring that it was almost boring and sad to see them back together .It was a very confusing finale too it jumped around too much u didn’t have enough time to put in it what u needed to I think. And that’s a shame as it should have been spectacular I am such a fan I’ve loved this show religiously but I was disappointed at how her and Damon never kissed and we’re never like they should have been so glad to see each other that they were never appart in any of the end scenes.but I’m sure it was done tasteful as to not disturb the fact that he’s married and they’re no longer a couple.just felt I should say how much more exciting I expected it to be as most finales felt like u could see the strain between Elena and Damon and too many shots from the backs of their heads like it wasn’t really them in the scenes.i was left kind of empty wanted to see so much luv from them 2 but it wasn’t there.but it’s ok now we know it at least ended happy even basically for Stephen.thanks for one of my favorite and best shows I’ve ever enjoyed watching on TV, so sad to see it end.

  18. I cry though the whole thing it was so GOOD and so touching. All yhe case came back. And then Stefan died for Elena to come back to Damien so beautiful. I also cry because i never be able to see it nomore on Friday that was my Friday night i looked forward to seeing that EVER Friday Night nothing came before that and also when it came on Thursday night too. Sexy Damien Pretty Boonie Handsome Enzo , Cute Tyler & Nasty mean Kathryn was my favorite ones. I will miss them All.

  19. Goldenvibefan says:

    I was able to make it through most of the finale without tearing up, but once I saw Lexi cameo, I lost it. I always loved Stefan with Lexi, so it was great that it happened, but I became a mess. Haha.

  20. T says:

    I’m just glad that there is still a chance for Klaus and Caroline!

  21. Kelley Sigond says:

    I loved the finale. I watched it twice in a row. I would have liked to have seen if Damon and Elena had the children they always talked about having ( if they were human ). I one thing I can not reconcile with is if anyone deserved to have a long human life it was Stefan. It broke my heart when he said to Damon he wanted to be with his wife. Stefan and Caroline didnt even have 24 hrs of husbsnd and wife. After all the brothers went through with Katherine they deserved to live out their lives with their soulmates. I am very happy they all found peace and each other. I would have liked to seen Stefan and Damon with Elena on the porch. I did find ” Hello brother” exremely fitting.
    Thank you to the cast and writters for all the wonderful years.

  22. Rich Guagliardo says:

    I honestly would not have changed anything. It was a brilliant, well thought out and performed ending. I never stick with shows this long, but I sure did for TVD. I will miss it, but it was the right time to end it.

  23. Klaroline says:

    I was surprised they didn’t have Nadia come back with a Katherine. Am I the only one that never considered Katherine to be a Big Bad? She was just irritating more than anything.

  24. Rachel says:

    I think they had a lot of opportunity to keep the show going….. 😞

  25. Cassandra says:

    I wish Them all Well, And they did a darn Great Job keeping us Wanting More Each week, All I can say Now Is I Truly Loved the TVD Show🎆

  26. bri says:

    why wasn’t there a elena and jeremy reunion?

  27. Loved the finale, Bonnie and Matt never occurred to me!I didn’t mind how it ended for them though,I like Bonnie finally taking on the world!Am pretty glad I didn’t see Elena /Damon flash forwards, I loved how they walked together into their respective share of peace. The Klaus letter was brilliant, Klaroline someday please :D. And she needs her best friends to help her celebrate it too. Cried so much, and was glad I could see Stefan waiting for Damon and really glad Lexi was there for Stefan as per usual. :D

  28. Gift says:

    I liked the way it ended with the here nd now. I saw what they did pitching Matt and Bonnie but it was too late. Bonnie will fine love or happiness on her journey I have to believe that. so it’s cool.

  29. TanyaLeigh says:

    It was so stupid that Elena and Damon hadn’t aged! Did they die in a car crash a year after the events ? So stupid!

  30. Katiefanatic says:

    The stelena ‘closure’ was BS. Paul and Candice lost their chemistry when their characters got together. We should have AT LEAST gotten an ‘I love you’.

    • Diana says:

      I totally agree. We watched the first few seasons of Stelena falling and being in love with each other. Stefan even questioned if Elena was going to be his one epic love when he lost her and Caroline just didn’t have that same connection with him once they got together. I would have liked Stelena to have more of a moment together

  31. Alex says:

    I don’t understand how hell was destroyed by hell fire in this episode. It just doesn’t conceptually make sense. Also, Vicki, Katherine, and Stefan were all killed by the same fire at the same time and Vicki and Katherine were the same life state, yet somehow Katherine stayed dead while Vicki and Stefan continued to exist in some form. Again, this doesn’t make sense.

    After Anna died in season 1, Katherine was always my favorite character. I had hoped that they would bring her back in a way that would do her justice as a character. Instead, it just seems like she was a lame caricature of her former self. All her previous schemes seemed unreasonable to Elena and friends but from Katherine’s perspective they all served some greater purpose that benefited Katherine in some definitive way. She never did anything in previous seasons simply because she was vindictive, although she tended to give the outward appearance that she was. It feels like they either changed her character or that something was really missing in this last episode.

    I am also disappointed that Katherine was portrayed as getting her just desserts for being irredeemably evil in this last episode but then the most genocidal characters got a happy reunion. I mean, the very worst thing that Katherine ever did was try to blow up a mostly empty town. Elena knowingly committed genocide by killing an entire sire line of vampires she didn’t even know for her own petty selfish reasons. Elena’s parents (who were both in the happy reunion at the end of the episode) tortured and experimented on random people that they kidnapped, which they justified based on the race of their victims. John Gilbert (who also got a happy reunion) was part of a racist hate group and burned 20+ people alive because of their race. He also personally stabbed his nephew’s girlfriend (who at the time was my favorite character) to death. If there was any justice than the Gilbert family should be the ones to burn in hell and their victims should get happy reunions. This episode was very disappointing.

    While I doubt that this will happen, I think it would be cool if Katherine somehow survived. She could have used her traveler ability to passenger into Damon (who was nearby at the time that she appeared to die) just as she did with Elena after Elena twice helped facilitate the death of Katherine’s body in season 5. I really like Katherine as a character. I think it would be great if she turned up on Originals, even if it she did as a different actress like Rebecca did.

  32. Emma says:

    i wish we got the scene where damon proposed to elena

  33. Kate says:

    I honestly wished Caroline had ended up with Matt (that always seemed the most logical couple) and Bonnie ended up with Jeremy (after he grew up a little….) SO….I thought it was an OK ending…but I never liked the Stefan-Caroline couple.

  34. Romi says:

    Not happy with the finale, it was too happy. I kept waiting to see if Katherine fooled them once again and was still alive. Expected more from Katherine.

  35. Sandra Carson says:

    I woukd have liked to see that both stefan and damon were human again. They said cure would keep you young looking. They culd have said the because stefan had a pure heart kept him from againg…

  36. Kim says:

    I too would be interested in knowing what was Plan B if Nina couldn’t come back at all. I’m glad she was able to come back for a little bit, anyway. I think her limited availability as well as the limited amount of time for the finale was probably the biggest reason why there were not more scenes of Damon and Elena together. I can understand their frustration, but at the same time, they did end up together, and not everyone was their biggest fan (including me)! The finale was the best of all possible worlds, and very well done, especially considering the show hasn’t been at its best for a long time now. I really appreciate how they tried to reward long time fans. However, I am very sad that they ignored Bamon fans, yet glad they gave Bonnie her due and didn’t kill her off!

  37. Tilla Middleton says:

    I kinda think none… i would of like to see a flash of how damon and elena’s human life was happy living normal.

  38. Pamela says:

    I feel the finale should have been a two part episode that was filmed all at once for availability reasons so it wouldn’t have felt so rushed. Unless the writers slowly progress towards the ending through the later part of the final season one episode is never long enough for a finale I feel.

  39. Meg says:

    I’m glad they didn’t go with the last minute Matt/Bonnie ending. I adored their friendship but we would’ve needed some actual build-up if they were going to become a couple. And even then, it would’ve just felt like they were settling since the show established Enzo as Bonnie’s true love and Matt’s had a trail of failed relationships.
    There were a lot of things I disliked about the finale but I could’ve forgiven most of them if we’d had one scene at the very end of the entire group reuniting in the afterlife. I would’ve loved a shot of the whole main gang (Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Elena, Jeremy, Matt, Tyler, Enzo, Alaric) hanging out at the Grille and then Caroline walks in. Bonnie and Elena freak out and run to embrace her, babbling about how it took her SO long to get there, essentially telling us that Caroline out-lived them all. They could’ve left it vague as to couples/ships and just shown everyone happy together at the end and I would’ve felt like it was a satisfying ending. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

    • Lizzy says:

      Yes! I absolutely love your idea. Plus, how brilliant would it have been if you then saw Damon and Alaric sitting at the bar, old drinking buddies reunited?!

  40. Bonnie and Matt was an awful idea. **shudder**. I actually reflected that I thought she and Jeremy might have some kind of moment in the end.. that at least makes a little more sense than Matt.

    • jbj says:

      Julie really side-stepped that Beremy question. It drives me crazy because it seems like they are pretending that a four-year relationship never existed! The characters never actually got closure because they had no idea what the other was doing during their big “farewell” scene. I’m really starting to believe that there were some Alicia-Kalinda-type shenanigans, and the actors cannot be physically in scenes together for whatever reason. Otherwise, it makes no sense that they never interacted the two times he returned…like, not even for Elena’s memorial-type thing!

      I did know that Julie had a sweet spot for Bonnie and Matt, and enjoyed the few moments she gave them over the years. On top of the pool scene she was referring to above, I really liked the scene is S5 when Matt found out that Bonnie had been dead for months and they grieved together. My hear broke last season when Slayer Bonnie left Matt for dead in his truck, because briefly beforehand I had begun to ship Slayer Bonnie with Matt. That said, I cannot see the Bonnie who’s obsessed with Enzo and Damon falling for Matt no matter how much of a community leader he becomes.

      I had to admit I did find Maxwell and Beatrice kind of hot in a Jane Austen meets Brown Sugar kind of way. I’m really curious about what both their diaries have to say.

  41. Christina says:

    so i dont get it.. does katherine’s daggered body in the mortal plane need to be burned in hellfire for it to work? why dont they just stab her and throw her body in the fire afterwards whilst stefan and damon are safe in that room?

    • JJLantern says:

      Apparently we shouldn’t try to use logic when it comes to an “epic” finale, but of all the many plot holes I agree this one made me rant the most. It made no sense at all that they couldn’t just stab Katherine at the last minute and throw her in the hellfire. After all, human Damon was just a few feet away so clearly Stefan could have jumped out of the way in time. Obviously they wanted to give Stefan the chance to be a martyr for his redemption. I think it was great that both brothers showed they were willing to die for each other at the end (and that they allowed them redemption at all) but it wasn’t necessary just to hold Katherine!

      (Then my ranting was taken over by the very NOT epic reunion of Damon and Elena that Stefan sacrificed his life for! It was partially made up for by the brother’s reunion at the end but it makes me sad to think I ended my favorite show disappointed.)

  42. Lizlem says:

    GOD BLESS YOU, “everyone else” for believing Bonnie & Enzo are after-life soulmates…and giving Bonnie the best wrap-up, not shoving her together with Matt or whoever but with a life of travel with a string of lovers before the ultimate reward. I am so sad (I will miss these two so hard! & would have loved to see their final reunion!) but I can really live with this as the kinda canon way things play out for them. Thanks.

  43. Riana says:

    I do wonder how they would have shown Pearl and Anna.

  44. Lizzy says:

    What I absolutely loved about this finale is that it lived up to what a finale is meant to be-closure. And in more ways than not, we got it. I HATE that Stefan died, but seriously, this show has bled drama from the first sixty seconds of Season 1, episode 1. Some one was going to die, that’s for sure. The final episode brought us back to the days when TVD was fresh-faced, full of forbidden love, high school drama and #TeamStefan or #TeamDamon. What I did hate? That it wasn’t longer!! Come on, CW! You could have given us one hour and thirty minutes to say a proper good bye to these beloved characters that we’ve laughed with, hated at some point and grieved with much too often. You could have given Stefan a proper kickass soppy funeral. You could have given us wome insight into Damon’s adjustment as a human. You could have shown us more of Jeremy and Matt! My goodness, did Matt ever find love?? You could have given us a Damon and Bonnie moment, then a Damon and Alaric moment, then a Damon and Donovan moment!!! Oh and, come one, you could have read that freaking Klaus letter out loud! Okay, so maybe I have more issues with the finale than I previously thought. But still, I love that Damon and Stefan found each other. I’m thrilled that they found peace. And now I wait…ORIGINALS SEASON 4!!!!

  45. Lila says:

    Manon is Matt/Damon just FYI Julie.

  46. Debra Tocco says:

    I disagree with keeping Damon and Elana because since she was reunited with her family and Damon with Stefan it would have been nice to see Damon older because he and Elana had a long life together. Also, did they have any children together. Also, there was an episode where Klaus told Caroline that he would be her last love. Does the letter and check that Klaus sent mean that Caroline will be with him on The Originals? Will any of the Vampire Diaries cast members go over to The Originals?

  47. Debra Tocco says:

    I disagree with keeping Damon and Elana young, because since she was reunited with her family and Damon with Stefan it would have been nice to see Damon older because he and Elana had a long life together.
    Also, did Damon and Elane have any children together?
    Also, there was an episode where Klaus told Caroline that he would be her last love. Does the letter and check that Klaus sent mean that Caroline will be with him on The Originals?
    Will any of the Vampire Diaries cast members go over to The Originals?

  48. Rick says:

    Finale worst ending for this great show. So stupid. Story full of holes. Damon and Stefan did not think to dismantle bell to keep it from ringing? Wow how about Bonnie locking Katherine and Vicki up witk Kai in prison world? Hmm wow so Bonnie could wake Elena all along? I guess unbreakable spell is breakable. Oh how did Elena body get out of school boiler room? I guess that was a breakable spell also. So since Stefan was human he was able to hold Katerine down and stab her…hey here is a thought how about Damon stabbing her and tossing her in tunnel of flame since it did not flow toward him? Well since Stefan decided to be hero why not dust of the resurrection ring Alaric use to wear and put it on? Ok so Stefan died. How could he pop up in Elena dream state for good bye chat? LAME. Oh what I also thought was so stupid was for Tyler and Vicki to walk off together….Really? he tried to rape her in episode one. They hated each other. Go walk off with your mom Tyler. Ok so Vicki was in hell I guess for being a drug addict. I don’t remmber her killing anyone. YET she in hell and we to believe Elena, Damon, Stefan, Enzo would all get a ticket to heaven for murdering so many people. All in all LESSON learned. I WILL NEVER watch another JULIE PLEC show again and I urge you not to either since she kicked all Stefan fans in the teeth. Finale ruined entire series.

    • JJLantern says:

      Wow! I agree witb your analysis of all these plot holes and am now even more disappointed with tbe finale. Not that I wasn’t already upset about the weak story, but I know I could have forgiven all of the holes if the finale hit tne right emotional tone – it missed too often – or at least let all the major relationsips get closure – huge miss there. It might be true that I am holding TVD to a high standard because of such great writing in the past, but this finale was just sloppy and careless. I feel like they decided the fans weren’t worth the effort. It is no excuse to say they were rushed when they knew way before the season started it was the last. So disappointed. Now if I tell anyone sbout TVD I will have to say it was a high quality show until the end when they clearly didn’t even bother.

  49. I definitely prefer the not-quite-attached, series of lovers plan for Bonnie…she doesn’t have to rack them up like crazy, but a few over the years…men in a few different ports, so to speak, as she continues her travels. :D

    I could deal with the idea of her settling for a Matt or a Jeremy, I suppose. BUT…really big butt, for me…then you get into the whole debate over what “true love” really is…is it that epic romance that shaped you in a big shift, or is it that mundane day-to-day partnership that she and Enzo wanted, but never got to get, though they came sooo close…I would think it would be hard to have that without the person you really thought it should be with, and I’d find it hard to have to picture her love with Enzo ending up subordinate to a “settling” partnership with someone else. I’d think it’d be hard for everyone involved. But maybe that’s just me. And I am definitely still grieving Enzo/Bonenzo a bit, so we’ll see.

    There are SO many ways to have a family, anyway. She could even end up with a child, but not a partner… #lifehappens ;)

  50. Melissa898 says:

    I loved this finale :) so sad to see the end of this show. I would of loved to see a bonnie and Jeremy reunion at the end and a Jeremy and elena reunion would of been cute. Also, can’t believe how the Damon and Alaric storyline ended they were best friends before this season they should of been a scene with Alaric and Damon at the bar remembering Stefan with the ghosts of Liz sat next to them. Overall amazing finale but think they missed some ship :) can’t wait to see who will show up in the originals I’m hoping Caroline and klaus cross paths and maybe see bonnie on the show