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Vampire Diaries Series Finale Recap: Heaven Is for Real — Grade That Ending

When it was teased that the final scene of The Vampire Diaries‘ series finale would take place in the Salvatore mansion, a crucial piece of the puzzle was missing.

The CW staple indeed dropped its curtains Friday on a shot of Stefan and Damon embracing in the doorway of their childhood home, but not all was as it appeared. Following a whole mess of CGI shenanigans — which we’ll break down in depth, I promise — the brothers were reunited in some sort of heavenly afterlife, one where everyone looks eternally as they did in Season 8. (Or in the case of the special ghost stars, including Uncle John and Aunt Jenna, they look however they did before they died.)

OK, time to hit the rewind button…

Following a brief encounter with Elena (and Enzo!) in the spirit realm, Bonnie returned to the land of the living — thanks to Stefan, who channeled his inner Tom Avery and performed CPR on her — just in time to witness all hell break loose in Mystic Falls.

While Matt (sort of) attempted to keep Vicki from ringing the bell, Damon and Stefan returned home to find an empty coffin waiting for them, along with… Elena? (Yeah, you wish.) While I’ll admit to being tricked, Damon knew fairly quickly that the woman he was swinging in his arms was actually Katherine Pierce.

And our girl has been busy since being sucked into hell back in Season 5. As Katherine explained — somewhat ham-handedly, but whatever, I’m just glad to have Nina Dobrev back —  she’s had Cade wrapped around her finger all along. In fact, the only reason he sought out the Salvatores in the first place was because of her. This led to the reveal of Katherine’s “perfect revenge”: Burn Mystic Falls, burn Elena, and burn… well, whichever brother decides he can’t live without Elena.

Stefan eventually tracked down Elena’s body in the boiler room of Mystic Falls High School, but when he discovered that a spell (courtesy of Kai!) was preventing her from leaving, it was time to move on to Plan B. Also known as “Project Hail Mary,” the plan would require Bonnie to redirect the hellfire through the tunnels to the Armory, where she’d be waiting to send it back to hell. Then came the catch: Katherine would need to be in hell when the fire returned in order for it to destroy her, which meant someone had to stay behind and stab her with the hell knife. (Does that thing have a name? Does everything always have to have a name?)

Damon, naturally, volunteered as tribute, insisting that he needed to “pay for [his] past mistakes.” And while Stefan offered a decent counterargument for sacrificing himself, Damon compelled his human brother to leave the tunnels and never look back… or so he thought! Stefan, who has apparently been taking vervain since losing his vampirism, stuck Damon with his own blood (aka the Cure!) at the last minute, before grabbing Katherine and jumping into the path of the flames. (For those of you keeping score at home, that meant Damon became a human and Stefan became… obliterated.)

But before we arrive at the truly heartbreaking portion of our recap, I feel like we should discuss something that reduced me to instant tears: every single interaction between Stefan and Caroline. I didn’t think it could get any sadder than their farewell in the hallway (“Family first!”) until she left him that devastating voicemail: “I love you. I will love you forever. … I understand.”

She wasn’t sure if Stefan received that voicemail, but he did, as he explained to Elena while their spirits crossed paths. (“I heard her, and I will love her forever too.” Boom. Heartbreaking.) He then crossed over to his own heaven-like plane, where good ol’ Lexi was waiting for him with arms wide open.

What came next was equal parts sad and confusing: We saw Bonnie wake Elena up — a feat she could have apparently performed this whole time — paving the way for a “Delena” reunion, as well as a relaying of Stefan’s message to Caroline. Then… pretty much everybody died. I mean, it took a while, but after a long life together, Damon and Elena ascended to that heavenly plane I mentioned earlier, where they were reunited with the family members they’ve lost.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? | Like any good series finale, the closing moments of Friday’s episode revealed what happened to everyone after the battle against Katherine. Y’all ready for this? … Still a sheriff in Mystic Falls (with his own damn park bench!), Matt is considering running for mayor; Bonnie is living life to the fullest, traveling the world with Enzo’s ghost by her side; Elena is doing the medical thang in Mystic Falls, living out her days with a now-human Damon; and Alaric and Caroline are transforming the Salvatore Boarding House into a haven for supernatural kids, with a little help from Jeremy.

And how are Alaric and Caroline keeping their new venture afloat? A generous donation from a certain Mikaelson is certainly helping them out. Read Klaus’ letter to Caroline in full below:

Dearest Caroline, I have often imagined the paths your life might take, but your chosen future is more noble than I ever fathomed. Please accept this contribution to your virtuous cause. I do look forward to thanking you in person someday… however long it takes. Yours, Klaus.

I’ve got to say, I’m just as surprised as anyone that the TVD finale featured such a strong nod to Klaus and Caroline’s relationship, especially after making her a widow. If you’ve been following my coverage over the past few seasons, you’ll know my position on this pairing has shifted a bit. Though I was initially baffled by the alleged connection between them, I came to appreciate their unique chemistry — so, yeah, I loved this little moment.

And there you have it, friends — The Vampire Diaries is over. What did you think of the finale? Any favorite moments? Least favorite? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sam says:

    I wasn’t mad. Stefan ended up with Lexie as it always should have been. I cried some tears. They gave me Klaus and Caroline, as it should be. The only thing that made me sad was Bonnie did not get to live with Enzo. Otherwise, it was pretty satisfying.

    • wgsecretary says:

      They didn’t show it, but I like to think she wound up with him in the same heavenly plane as everyone else got. I think they just wanted to end on her living life and we were left to assume it was a good and long one. I wonder what happened to Alaric in the end and how long Caroline ended up alive as she would be able to outlive everyone now that Stefan was gone and everyone else was human.

      • I guess she’s kept alive for one simple reason – Klaus

        • Jane says:

          And that’s a perfect ending! Absolutely amazing finale, I couldn’t asked for more. Klaroline is my forever OTP and I was happy for Delena. It’s good that they didn’t kill Bonnie just for her to be with Enzo, she will live full life first and it’s good she can’t really see him, because otherwise she’s be held back. But she feels his presence and one day they’ll meet again. I had a strong feeling Stefan is the one who will make sacrifice because the plot falls in line well in this case – cure passed to Damon, so JP can deliver Delena, Caroline is free in case the Originals go on, so Klaroliners finally got what we wanted and more. I didn’t even expect Klaus’ letter to have this “However long it takes”, I thought it’d just be condolences letter (in which case he wouldn’t be able to put anything romantic in it), but it’s so so so much better. I’m sad for Stefan, but I’m so so sooooo happy with the finale, JP delivered 10000%!

          • Gift says:

            Yea I feel ur excitement but I feel really hurt.

          • Jane says:

            Yes I understand, that finale wasn’t for everyone, just like Julie said. I honestly don’t know how she decided between Stefan and Damon, must have been really hard choice to make

          • loca says:

            oh my god yes,- I dont understand that either how she decided between Damon and Stefan.. but you see, the clear love Damon had for Elena lasted through almost the entire show,- so he deserved to live to see her again.. and Stefan suited to be the hero after working for the Devil.. poor man he didn´t have any choice….

            the show was full of evil hell and burn fire and gross scenes and personality changes for damon and stefan at times.. :( and I must say – it was good to have a LOOOOONG brake from elena!!! :P hahaha..

  2. Cheryl says:

    I was sad that Stefan died. I didn’t want either of the brothers to die, but at least it wasn’t Damon. He was always my favorite…even in the books. I would have liked a more emotional reunion between Damon and Elena. It was a little stiff. All in all, it was a good ending to a great series.

    • Evelyn says:

      yes! it wasnt much of an emotional reunion at all, which is very disappointing. I get that Damon just lost his brother and in real life ‘Damon’ and ‘Elena’ had broken up but I wished Damon put more effort into that reunion. I felt that Elena looked like she tried but Damon was stiff in his expressions.

      • Lou says:

        I didn’t see much effort, happiness, love or compassion in Damon and Elenas reunion. Wonder if Ian Sunderhalders wife had something to do with that. Lol. Saw articles saying she wasn’t happy Nina was returning for finale.

        • I was thinking the same

        • Kepler says:

          That’s ridiculous. Ian’s wife tweeted a picture of her and Nina, saying they had no problems with each other, and that, as women, they think we need to do away with this idea that women can’t get along because of a man. So, no, actually, there were no problems behind the scenes. Don’t try to start trouble where there is no evidence of any.

          • wgsecretary says:

            I was going to comment the same thing, bu you already had, Kepler. I saw an article about this as well. Maybe the actors were uncomfortable due to their history, but I think they broke up and continued acting together for a while before Nina left the show. At any rate, Ian’s wife, Nikki Reed, had nothing to do with it.

          • Ben says:

            The true is more simple.. bad direction and poor acting!… both are just bad performers… HOT, but still bad performers, period :P

        • liame says:

          Fake news.

        • Kristie says:

          I get its tv, and we all love Damon and Elena together, but put yourself in Nikki’s shoes if that did have anything to do with it. Would you really be ok with your husband hugging and kissing all over his ex? It does make tv and movies hard, but I can’t say I blame Nikki for not wanting some sort of heart-wrenching reunion. Especially when supposedly Nina and Ian broke up in real life because he wanted to settle down and get married, and Nina didn’t. I know I wouldn’t want my man kissing on his ex for any reason what so ever. Just saying..

    • JJLantern says:

      I agree both that it was sad (but right) that Stefan died and that Damon and Elena’s reunion was far from epic. Let me explain why one was good and the other a terrible decision on Julie’s part.

      I agree Stefan was the better choice since he has felt guilty about making his brother a vampire since the beginning and needed the redemption. I am glad that Damon was willing to be the sacrifice as well – clearly shown in his choice to sacrifice himself last week with Cade and his attempt to compel Stefan away to safety this week. But, Stefan knew Caroline was strong enough to handle his death. She had her children and Alaric, plus she said she understood. On the other hand, we saw how much Elena needed Damon when he was on the other side and Stefan knew his sacrifice for them was for both Damon and Elena’s sake. It was a beautiful ending (even if I didn’t understand why they couldn’t just stab Kat and throw her in the fire without holding her).

      As for the Delena reunion, people’s speculation about Ian not being committed is based on fake news and gossip sights, not reality. I have looked at the kiss several times now on the YouTube clip and they are both equally committed. Yet I agree there was a big problem. It was an ok kiss for the measly 4 seconds allowed it, but they have never had such a rushed kiss in the history of the show. Their entire reunion was only 10 seconds long! The nice hug between Caroline and Damon before that was twice as long as the kiss. Plus, after the kiss they never showed Ian’s face so we couldn’t really see Damon’s emotion. That kind of decision is up to the director, not the actor. Ian would have every incentive to make his fans happy so they stick with him for whatever he does next.

      (NOTE: I do think Ian is a decent actor, especially seeing him playing much different characters in other shows/films, but I will admit his acting this particular season was not as good as all the others with a few great exceptional moments. But even admitting that, I still don’t think he was at fault for this Delena disappointment.)

      The problem wasn’t the acting, it was that Julie, as both writer and director, did not allow the time needed for the emotional weight of their reunion. Especially with Stefan’s sacrifice allowing for them to be reunited, it deserved more time and development. (And, in my opinion a more epic song.) Then, to make matters worse, their entire life together was reduced to a short bit of hand-holding? How could we not feel short changed?! Every thing else in the finale was fine, even if rushed. But their reunion was not epic because it wasn’t written that way. Normally Damon and Elena are allowed lots of longing looks with close ups of both their faces, great speeches and long smoldering repetitive kisses. (All of which happened with great emotion even AFTER Ian was with Nikki.)

      Only writing in one quick kiss and hug wasn’t the actor’s choice. Plus, with all the conversations they had about their life together and Elena’s desire for children I felt especially robbed that other than her going to medical school there were no details. It would have been worth the time for Julie to show a brief shot of Damon and Elena older, making out on the couch (or even just him rubbing her feet) and then their children running past just like they talked about more than once. They had done flash forwards of them that time Stefan got in Damon’s head so it only made sense it should happen again. I am confident both Ian and Nina would have been happy to spend more time on Delena since they BOTH talked about how important it was to end this epic relationship well in recent interviews. Think about it – we didn’t even need to see the actors actually kissing to show more of their reunion and their life. No, I don’t think we can blame Ian’s wife for what wasn’t written in the script. Plus, showing more of a their life would have also allowed more of a transition to their “death” scenes where they are reunited with their families too. It was weird that they were so young at the end if they had a, “long, happy life.”

      For not giving Delena the treatment they deserve after spending all these years building up to it I will always feel a lack at the way TVD ended. For creating an amazing show, allowing the characters to find redemption in the end (no matter how big the plot holes), and for the final loving reunion being between Damon and Stefan I will always be grateful.

      • JJLantern says:

        Have to add:
        To make my case, and for everyone who felt short-changed by the Delena reunion, go look at a fan YouTube video by Fortheloveofvampire called: Damon & Elena – Hunger (Series Finale tribute S1-8). Simply by using the right song and including their history the reunion is improved by 1000 percent!

        And again, Julie never actually gives us a close up of Damon’s face after the kiss which was a mistake. Normally you would get to see both reactions and Damon’s is honestly more important since he has been waiting for this moment, so I actually feel sorry for Ian because he was cheated out of ending this ship well. Thanks to fans I am hoping we will get some great videos to fill in all the gaps of this final season.

        Wishing all fellow TVDers no matter what your favorites or opinions the best!

        • Laura says:

          Perfectly said! I agree with you 100%. I, too, thought it would be nice for them to show a montage of them growing older, with children, etc. I do feel that this season was more about Caroline than any other character and that shows in how much focus was on her and her relationships in the finale. Maybe that is because we will be seeing her on The Originals. Or, maybe a spin-off with the boarding school is in the works. It’s a shame to have invested eight years to a show and, while the ending wasn’t bad, it was disappointing.

        • Leona says:

          Completely agree that they should have shown Damon’s reaction as well during their hug, it would have made a greater impact & been a lot more emotional! It was just such a highly anticipated reunion that the lack of emotion just sort of fell short for many of us. From Damon’s point of view it was a very bittersweet moment for him; he had just said goodbye to his brother so it’s possible the writers felt that it would be wrong to have a very passionate moment right there & then. But I think we as the audience needed to see his relief that she was back. As I said previously, a single tear on his face would have fitted in perfectly & shown how grateful he was that Elena was back. This would also have been a nice link back to when he compelled Elena to forget that he told her he loved her in S1.
          it’s the only thing I was disappointed over in the whole episode, just for the sole fact that they had geared us up so much for the reunion at long last with promos etc it just lacked something.

        • Leyanne1982 says:

          I just hope when Alaric (confirmed) and Caroline join The Originals, JP would at least somehow include scenes of Delena and how they are living their human lives.

  3. Dominique says:

    that was.. interesting, to say the least.
    nothing made sense to me, they rushed everything so much and now all of a sudden bonnie could wake up elena even though kai made sure she couldn’t?
    it was an okay episode, but for a series finale it was just downright terrible. i’m glad delena reunited and got their happy ending, but i feel liek there was hardly anything to enjoy at all before they moved on to “and now everybody’s dead and in heaven.”

    • Ben says:

      Interesting?…It was AWWful. They completely waste the characters (they waste the villain as usual.. and bring back fan favs just for lame 3 seconds cameos) and even bother to ruin old plots with BS coming from nowhere!. Such a disappointment… all the psycho vampires in heaven, no closure for beloved characters like Bonnie… why they couldn’t give us something like Buffy fans got in the past?. I really hope that they don’t commit the same sins now in T.O., specially the one of keeping the doors of the other world opened preventing characters of moving on with their lives (please.. DO NOT RUIN T.O. too).

  4. Robert45 says:

    Have to be honest, I haven’t watched the show since the third season but I had to check in to see how it all ended. I thought that they did a great job on it – judging by the lump in my throat especially when I realized that Stefan had sacrificed himself. A lot of people died died this time and got some redemption and a chance to reconnect with the ones they loved. It was nice to see pretty much all of the cast reunite one last time. I also liked that the ending shot was with the two brothers and in hindsight had they made their relationship the core of the show and kept the shipping side as the B story I probably would have stuck around to watch the intervening seasons. Also loved seeing Katherine strut her stuff one last time.

    Either way – farewell TVD – looking forward to seeing where all the actors turn up next.

  5. Malachi says:

    Words can’t explain my feeling toward this finale. Julie Plec did ANYTHING she could to make delena endgame. Damon? Damon? Are u serious? Also, how is everyone alive? Elena Clear was able to touch and even hug her parents so they’re alive so why not Stafan? If anything, EVERYONE should be alive cause hell doesn’t exist anymore. Oh wait, who cares about consistency? Not this show. God The Originals is gonna be in the same place Katherine is in right now with Julie PLEC taking the lead. At least Alaric and Matt got a happy ending. D+ this finale. Completely pathetic.

    • Gospino says:

      What do you mean, everyone was alive because Elena could touch her parents? That happened in the afterlife. They were all dead!

      • Malachi says:

        So then how did Matt died? Not cause of the fire cause Bonnie stop it. She also started packing to live and Enzo is in spirit. So Bonnie’s alive , and the spell is apparently broken. So why not Elena.

        • wgsecretary says:

          Matt wasn’t dead yet. I think you need to watch it again and listen to the narration too. Elena specifically mentioned something about “after our long life together” in reference to her and Damon. Caroline hadn’t died yet either and neither had Alaric. But, at the point Elena was with her family and Damon was reunited with Stefan, they were all dead and found each other again. You’ll notice Jeremy wasn’t there, indicating he hadn’t died yet. We got to see how the characters ended up, but not everyone’s entire lives were ended yet.

          • Jane says:

            Exactly, Elena and Damon are shown after they died so in the afterlife they were reunited with their families. The only thing I didn’t get, if they died and looked like they looked, does it mean they died young? Because if they died old why would they look like they’re in their twenties and not like old people? Her parents or Sheriff Forbes died in their forties or smth and they look this age and not like they are again in their twenties or something.

          • Gift says:

            not really in some theories, when one lost a loved one when they die to reunite with that person they returned to their young self. I think in the episode the part they showed them holding hands showed that they grew old after they crossed, they returned to their young self again. that’s what I thought.

          • wgsecretary says:

            I agree with Gift. I think that they grew old together, as mentioned in Elena’s narration. But, then perhaps when they were at peace/in heaven, they returned to the form of themselves that made the most sense there. Damon and Elena met when they were younger and started their lives as humans at the same age as they showed up at peace/in heaven. Elena was young when her family members died and perhaps she went back to a closer age. Damon had been that age for centuries and maybe his soul (or whatever the VD equivalent is) wanted to be that age again since he was so used to it. I think being at peace/in heaven meant different things to different people. I also didn’t analyze it too much. But, maybe Sherriff Forbes stayed at her age because she was happy with that age, having watched her daughter grow up.

          • M says:

            and the close up shot of Damon and Elena holding hands was two old people. Those were elderly hands! Further proof they lived their long lives together. Also I think Elena died before Damon because he is wearing different clothes when they show him reuniting with Stefan. That’s why he disappeared from elena.

      • Kevin says:

        Are you sure that they are all dead and in heaven, because from what I got in the finale is that the characters reached a state of bliss and ‘peace’ and everyone they’ve lost live on in their memories/minds, supporting them in life.

        Pretty epic ending, the only bit that I was iffy about was bonnie suddenly breaking that spell, but I want bonnie to be happy and not dead, so oh well.

        • wgsecretary says:

          Yes, they were dead. Well, most of them were. Elena talked about “after our long life” when discussing her and Damon in her diary narration. Some characters hadn’t died yet in their last scenes. I think this is the case because Damon and Caroline had been discussing the afterlife in the mausoleum and Damon commented that they’d probably reopen hell for him and Caroline disagreed. Then, we got the short reunion with Damon and Elena and immediately into the stories of what happened to everyone. In reference to Damon and Elena, it was through their deaths and we saw Elena reunited with her family, minus Jeremy (who I assumed hadn’t died yet) and Damon with Stefan. I think it’s meant to show that they all were eventually able to find peace, but I don’t think it means that everyone who had died was literally able to interact with the living again. In the scenes where the dead were watching over the living, like with Caroline and her mom or Alaric and Jo, I think it’s meant to show they are watching over the living and waiting for them. Let’s not forget that they destroyed hell. Some have commented that shouldn’t everyone be alive again since they destroyed hell? Well, I don’t think that Sherriff Forbes and Jo were in hell to begin with. But, since we saw Damon and Steffan and Elena and her family, I think it’s meant to show that after death, they got to be together again. I suppose we could interpret the scenes with the dead watching over the living as them just living on in their memories. But, since characters who had died were reunited with others who had died, I think it’s meant to show that they were watching over them, unseen, and waiting to be reunited later.

          • Jane says:

            But then doesn’t it make Peace work exactly like The Other Side? Where they don’t really move on, they stay around and watch the living and watch over their living family members if they care. Because if Liz Forbes has been watching Caroline going through all of that and Caroline’s journey is far from over (Delena died while Caroline lives on), there is very little peace in this state: watching and not being able to help or comfort your loved ones

          • Gift says:

            I think she made peace with it knowing they would die one day.

    • Alan says:

      That was Elenas version of peace after she died (how ever long it took) so she was reunited with her family in her idea of heaven.

    • Jenn says:

      Lol Elena’s parents are not alive now- she’s dead too! Although I can get how you missed that since the whole wrap up occurred in about two seconds. Elena and Damon got their happily ever after as humans, grew old, and died. Then they showed up in heaven looking exactly like they did throughout the entire show despite having died old (makes sense?…) and got to hug all their old dead chums in a heavenly reunion. Apart. Wth, couldn’t they at least have all gotten to have their little family reunions in heaven TOGETHER? Seems messed up for how supposedly epic Damon and Elena’s relationship was for them to not end up together in heaven…

      • Jason says:

        Heaven looks like mystic falls to everyone, so you can kind of assume they’re all there together, even if they’re not in the same scene. Damon and Elena would have died at different times (presumably), so their entry points would be different. And their first reunions would be with the people whom they’ve been separated from the longest. I’m really curious whether ghost Jenna and ghost Jo will argue over Alaric when he gets there :)

      • Malachi says:

        So heaven is basically their life story? Yeah no still lame .

      • Deb says:

        That was EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT!!! Here Elena and Damon were supposed to have this EPIC love story yet they didnt end up in “heaven” together? And I was disappointed in their reunion on the show, it looked very forced and stiff. I wish they allowed the characters more screen time for Elena and Damon. I missed their chemistry and we are fans waited years to see this reunion and it fell flat.

      • Thankfully Elena and Damon are more than just their relationship with each other and can go five minutes without seeing each other. More than satisfied with Delena/Defan joint ending.

        • Jane says:

          Yes plus heaven seem to be kind of customised… It’s your ideal place where you can be in peace, if Elena needs Damon for that, then he’s automatically part of her afterlife world. Like a perfect dream rather than like the other side. And she looks the way she looks because, once again, she can make it all just the way she wants. Same for Damon and everyone else

          • loca says:

            Yah cuz like one said longer above here, that the dead watching over the alive,- if you just put a bit mor thought into it,- during the half episode we saw the dead Elena say “No this is not how it was supposed to be” when she saw Bonnie, right before her boyfriend pushed away to awakening. So the dead Elena was watching over them the whole way,- I mean from since she died in season 6. I did actually NOT know that THIS was the LAST episode! And I who was telling everyone that this show NEVER ends!! And it ended today!

            I loved the brother-scenes so much… so indescribable. SO epic. I am disappointed in Elena and Carolines fake tears,- there were BARELY any tears when Stefan died …
            The total ending with them all dying reminded me SO MUCH about the Lost TV series.. except of that I was TOTALLY concentrated and actually UNDERSTOOD every clue from the TVD, and I knew what was going on during the last episode..

            But I agree, the reunion seemed forced. NO happy-time between Delena, as they were sick of seeing each other again, like it´s all normal. (I hope it doesn´t have to do with them actually not being together anymore as a real couple outside of the show that the director didn´t wanna create any more intimate scenes between them cuz they didn´t want to.)

            Well, thank god we still have The Originals…! That show has been on a LOOOONG pause.

          • Jane says:

            Haha well then Friday episode must’ve been even more shocking for you than for the rest of us! Yes, the finale felt a bit rushed and apparently even some of Delena fans are disappointed even though Damon and Elena got happy ending. But yes, maybe Delena reunion could’ve been a bit of a bigger moment after 2 seasons of waiting.

            I agree completely that Damon, Caroline and others took Stefan’s death kind of too well, I mean I expected them to be completely heartbroken but maybe that too was left behind the screen.

            And I didn’t actually consider an idea that Elena was watching over her loved ones while she was under the spell. Technically she wasn’t dead so why would she be in the afterlife? But to be honest JP got me a bit confused with all that sleeping spell that got broken even though Kai said no loopholes and the whole afterlife thing was kind of left to interpretation.

            It’s nice that they ended TVD with a tie to the Originals. For too long they kept them as pretty much two separate shows, but in tvd finale they kind of acknowledged that TVD characters go on and can be seen on TO, as it is actually one big TVD Universe. Anyway, I can’t believe after this loooong break, the Originals are finally coming back on Friday!

    • t says:

      when elena let go on damon’s hand it was her dying and going to be with her family. later on damon died and as soon as he crossed over he was reunited with his brother. they ended it there because it was always about the brothers but if they had added like one more minute I’m sure it would have shown all of the characters happy together in peace (aka heaven)

      • loca says:

        oh my god, you´ve wrapped it all man! there you have it! when elena let go of damon´s hand it was her dying and going to be with her family! and damon to his brother!! I LOVE THAT! that´s true!! because they were never supposed to BE vampires !! and now see – they all died as human!! also Elena but not Caroline. :P …

        omg i love you TVD fans.. i love this forum… I haven´t been sharing my thoughts since maybe season 3 or 4 …

    • tete says:

      It was a great ending. Stefan couldn’t forgive himself for Enzo and at the end Stefan and Lexi together was “epic”..
      Damon got his girl. And they lived a happy life. And hopefully in the afterlife they are causing mischief.
      Bonnie little sad she lived her human life without Enzo but she lived it to the fullest. Caroline and Klaus ( though I never thought Klaus was good enough for her ) hopefully I get to see her on the originals.. I guess the time jump between VD and the Originals caught up with each other. So that means CKaus is doing good to write a note. I guess he not chained up by Marcel anymore.

  6. Gospino says:

    Stefan’s sacrifice killed me a little, but it was necessary, I guess. Loved the letter from Klaus–I hope some of the characters can cross to The Originals next season, assuming it gets renewed. I’m a bit confused on how Damon became human. I missed some episodes. I know that Stefan was human, but was it as simple as just giving Damon his blood? Which seems too simple. What am I missing? Loved the cameos from Jeremy, Jenna, and all the others. Bonnie turning back the fire was awesome. All in all, a good ending.

    • Fe says:

      Stefan’s blood contained the cure originally created for Silas, when Bonnie injected him with Elena’s blood, which contained the cure, it in turn caused Stefan’s blood to become the cure. When he took a syrenge of his blood from an abandoned ambulance and ran back into the tunnels where Damon had Katherine, Stephan injected Damon with his blood and it cured Damon and his blood is now the cure.

  7. V says:

    Trash lol.

  8. Mike says:

    The one question I had from the beginning of the episode was, how was Bonnie going to die so that Elena could live? And they skimmed right over it. Seems like a cop out to me. Otherwise, I truly enjoyed the episode. All the callbacks. All the former family members. I hope Caroline isn’t the only Mystic Falls visitor in New Orleans.

  9. Ellen says:

    I made a raspberry vodka martini because I knew this would be tough to watch but I loved it just the same. I was a bit confused labour what Stefan had injected Damon with but that is now cleared up by this recap. I also realized I have missed a few episodes before the finale so I will watch them. I loved this show because it did reflect life and relationships and this cast was the BEST !

    • Jessika Kolvis says:

      Ha! Funny i had to make me a drink as well to get through the final chapter. Good to know I’m not the only one emotionally torn

  10. gloria j lukachik says:

    I thought it was well done and gave closure as well as hope for happiness. Stefan’s death was sad but having Lexi meet him made me smile. I was at the edge of my seat when the fire started moving . I love the ending showing peace after death. This was a great finale honoring a beautiful series.

  11. Jason says:

    I’m surprised to say this, but I found the finale genuinely satisfying and moving. And I’m saying that, even as a die-hard Steroline shipper. Everybody gets their happy ending, even if it’s in the hereafter. I can see Caroline going off to have some Klaus related adventures, but her heart will always belong to Stefan, who’s waiting for her, even if it takes a few hundred years. It sort of gives both ships what they want.

  12. KLS says:

    I won’t say it was the worst tv show ending, but…

    I’m too frustrated to organize my thoughts, so here you go:

    What was that? Like, honestly? I will admit that I teared up during a few scenes, but I feel like they were more obligation tears than any actual emotion being felt. I am so confused. I thought there were no loopholes? How was Bonnie able to break the curse? How was she able to save Mystic Falls, bring Elena back, but not bring Enzo back? Why is Bonnie always the one having to sacrifice? Are they saying the Other Side is back now? Ghost people are just walking around? The witch scene was cheesy to me. Katherine is back for two seconds…disappointing. Too much hype built up for nothing. How was Stefan able to talk to Elena?
    There was so much talking and not enough action. I feel like everything was so irrelevant. What happened at the end? Did they die? Why are they still the same age? Why am I supposed to care about the Donavons all of a sudden? Stefan’s sacrifice? I felt nothing, It was another passive aggressive move, I’m sorry.

    Whoever was in charge of editing did a crappy job. I don’t know if they were rushed or what.

    I don’t know whether to be grateful for the moments this show has given me, or mad I invested years of my life into it. When this show first started, I was only eight years old or something. I started binge watching a couple years ago and caught up in time to watch Season 7 and 8 live. Season 7 sucked, but I was excited for Season 8 because it would provide a comfort to me in my first year of college, a constant. At some point the characters I fell in love with disappeared and left me with these hollow shells. It feels like every episode since Nina’s exit has just been filler for her return, like every storyline was created with the option to bring her back. If she was open to it, I bet they would have made Sybil another doppelganger.

    Positives: Caroline choosing her kids over “love,” remembering her vamp speed and, of course, Klaroline. The only time I smiled was when she read his letter.

    Can someone compel me to forget I watched this?

    Fingers crossed The Originals is better.

  13. Lou says:

    I was disappointed. Expected to see a lot more. Barely saw Damon and Elena together. Would have like to see their life together as Damon being human. Didn’t like the very end with them going their separate ways after death. That was an odd ending. It was a great sacrafice Stephan made for Damon. Because of that Damon and Elenas life together should have been made a bigger deal instead of just a pass over. So much more could have been done for all the characters. Seemed rushed. Made me sad

  14. Gospino says:

    I forgot to single out that final scene–Damon and Stefan, “Hello, brother.” That has to be one of the best final scenes ever. <3

  15. Tommy says:

    Overall it was a satisfying ending. One thing that has been bugging me since Stefan turned human is why isn’t he rapidly aging like Katherine was in season 5. Same Should go for Damon. The cure turned Elena human and she was 18 again. Katherine’s body was centuries old so once she was human it started to deteriorate fast. Shouldn’t the same have happened to the Salvatore’s? Or did I miss a loop hole somewhere?

    • Jmc0218 says:

      They only age if their blood is drained. As long as the cure runs in their body, they age normall

    • ejdax37 says:

      They are fine as long as the cure stays in their body, Silas sucked the cure out of Katherine which is why she started aging, the 500 year or so started to catch up with her. Elena wouldn’t have this problem, she was only a vampire for a year or 2 her body just went from frozen at 18 to 20ish which isn’t that much of a transition. Stefan might not have aged as fast as Katherine did after the cure was taken out, but the 150+ years would have caught up in a few months if he lived. I have watched to much of this show…

      • Tommy says:

        Thank you. I knew I must have missed something somewhere. I’ve seen the first few seasons of this show numerous times but have only watched seasons 5-8 once so I don’t recall all the events as easily lol

    • Zara says:

      Katherine only started getting old and deteriorating after the cure was taken from her body. As long as it stayed in their system they didn’t age. That’s why Stefan mentioned that he would start to grow old after he took the cure from his body and gave it to Damon. I assume Damon had it in his system till he died

    • NZNY1998 says:

      Vampires don’t age when they take the cure. They start ageing normally from that point on from the age they were when they were turned. It’s when another vampire drinks their blood, and thereby takes the cure from them, that they start to age at an accelerated rate.

  16. DeAsia says:

    Wait please explain what happened when daemon dissapeared frol elena’s side? Did they become eternally seperated? Like- like they no longer are together?

  17. Jessika Kolvis says:

    I didn’t see Stefan being the one to sacrifice himself and it wasn’t the ending I was picturing but it could have been worse. I actually pictured them all being together living happily ever after instead of a part with their own families and the end and Caroline is the last vampire left so what would happen to her next? would she be crossing over to the originals? would she be alone with her kids her grandchildren…xcetera

  18. Jessika Kolvis says:

    I didn’t see Stefan being the one to sacrifice himself and it wasn’t the ending I was picturing but it could have been worse. I actually pictured them all being together living happily ever after instead of a part with their own families and the end and Caroline is the last vampire left so what would happen to her next? would she be crossing over to the originals? would she be alone with her kids her grandchildren…xcetera. but after eight year I think it did end well. Not what many of us would have been expecting but it was good.

  19. Kepler says:

    L-O-V-E-D IT! Oh man, as a diehard Delena shipper, I went into the finale very worried. There were spoilers floating around everywhere about a last minute Stelena scene, about Damon and Caroline compelling them to forget the vampire life, but I’m glad they didn’t go that direction. I thought that final bit with Stefan was inspired, I was mystified as to how he wouldn’t have been taking Vervane. And even though I do love Steroline, I am over the moon excited about the possible return of Klaroline.

  20. I think that was a very good finale! I called Stefan’s dying years ago as a ultimate sacrifice and for a redemption arc. In the end, they still all were together. Elena and Damon together in the end was good too, since Elena and Stefan ended their story a long time ago. Caroline with a Klaus letter? AAHHH, oh booy, i’m excited for this! I knew they wouldn’t forget at least a letter of Klaus.I actually cried seeing Lexi and Stefan’s hug, and Bonnie was badass until the very end!

    Katherine, was nice to see the baddest crazy one more time!

    aaah eight years! Next will be PLL finale and Teen Wolf finale! 2017 is a emotional year!!!
    P.S: Started and ended with ‘Hello Brother’

  21. JJ Padilla says:

    It was Rilly good could have made the ending a little clearer and a little more action. But I liked it any way. Sad to see it end after all these years .One of the best shows of the 2010s

  22. Christina Brown says:

    I am pissed! First off, Stefan wasn’t my favorite character but it always seemed like he got the short end of the stick. Why give him and Caroline a tiny shred of happiness to rip it all apart?! And then the Delena ending we have been waiting for over with years was summed up with a quick hug, kiss, hand-held ing, and Elena sporting a wedding ring. I get they lived a “long, happy life” but couldn’t we see a glimpse of it?! The bar the talked about owning? The two kids, with a son named “Stefan”!!! It just seemed like one hour wasn’t long enough and it all felt rushed.

    • Deb says:

      I was hoping for a two hour finale so that we as fans could really get closure. I thought the reunion between Elena and Damon was stiff and awkward and I was just hoping for so much more. I too would have loved a glimpse into their future with seeing their grandkids playing and Damon and Elena growing old together. The end episode just seemed to rushed for my liking

  23. Lori says:

    CW better re air this episode. I had it DVR and the first half hour was girls basketball. Why to they continue to air a stupid basketball game when the series final is on. Now after never. Missing an episode I miss the finale over a basketball game. You better re air CW. I’m pissed

  24. Stacey says:

    So happy Bonnie lived and Klaroline is endgame!

  25. Harmony says:

    I am so sad. I can’t believe Stefan is freaking dead. That is not okay! Are you serious!

  26. Red Snapper says:

    I thought it was a great finale! Stefan had a great death and got to be with Lexi in the new afterlife. Damon and Elena got to grow old together and were reunited with their loved ones when they died. Bonnie decided to fully embrace life and I assume she sees Enzo again when she dies. Caroline accepted Stefan’s sacrifice and will love him forever but that doesn’t mean he’ll be her last great love. I’m happy that they left the door open for Caroline and Klaus since I always thought they belonged together. They both fully embrace what they are. They skipped over how Bonnie created the new afterlife and how she was able to wake up Elena. We already knew she could create a new plane of existence from what she did with Enzo and I think when she destroyed Hell she created the new heaven like place. As for Elena, to me it seemed like she was now a stronger witch and found some way to break it with info she got from the Armory. I will miss The Vampire Diaries but am looking forward to The Originals and really hope Caroline shows up at the end of the season.

  27. Fe says:

    I’m ok with how the stories wrapped up and excited to see a Klaus Caroline reunion (fingers crossed) but I am not happy about Stefan Salvatore. He was the embodiment of good and love. The romance he had with Elena was so strong and right down to the travellers prophecy they were destined to be each other’s​ epic love. Don’t get me wrong I love “Delena” but I just think the writers/actors made Stefan and Elena’s love so strong that no one was ever going to truly replace her, not even the amazing Caroline Forbes. I have felt from the begining that she got cheated out of happily ever after and Stefan settled on 2nd best because the first choice was no longer an option. And now he’s dead, waiting on his brother and I’m sure eventually, Elena to show up, but even in death and peace Stefan will be alone, on the outside of a love that could have been his. That is utterly tragic. Even if Caroline dies somehow I feel like her story will end with a proper wedding to a certain Mickelson and finally getting the love and devotion of her soul mate, even if he is the most evil man alive.

  28. Maxine says:

    I’m confused why Stefan decided to inject Damon with the cure. At that point, he wouldn’t have known Bonnie could wake Elena up. Seems awful risky to force a human life on his brother that he would have to live out before Elena woke up. Luckily she did wake up shortly after…but why did Stefan take that risk??

    • Red Snapper says:

      I think it was because it would have been Damon’s only chance for the cure. It was inject Damon or have the cure die with him. I guess he could’ve gave him the syringe but he had to act quickly. Also, Stefan knew that since Bonnie had her magic back she would do everything possible to wake Elena.

    • JJLantern says:

      I agree this was a big plot hole – there were so many of them this season. I thought at the time, “What? Oh no! That means Damon could be dead before Elena even wakes up! Is Stefan saving his brother or torturing him?!” Then there is the plot hole of how Bonnie woke Elena. (Then there are the other seven or eight plot holes….)

      I am forgiving all the holes since it worked out (and Red Snapper’s explanation helps.)

  29. Lynn says:

    I liked it. No ending is going to be perfect but I thought it was good. And seriously do some people need everything spelled out for them? The ending was pretty easy to understand so I’m not sure why some are having a problem. If you didnt just watch but listened to what was being said at the end it explains it. Elena said her and Damon grew old together and eventually they died. The scene with Elena and her family is “heaven”, they are all dead and together once again. The last scene with Damon and Stefan, again both dead and together once again. Lexie wasn’t in either of those scenes either but we know she’s there with them because her and Stefan also got to be together after getting died so I’m not sure why people are thinking Damon and Elena are separated in eternity. They just showed them right after they died. These are the first people they see, not the only people they’ll ever see. As for Bonnie breaking the spell, well she didn’t have magic, she just got it back in the last episode or so and even in the previous episode she wasn’t that strong, she almost died from using it. I took it as now her grandma and all the others were kind of helping her and she got a lot stronger bad that’s why she could break the curse now but couldn’t before. I also thought it was pretty funny how they kept stabbing Katherine.

  30. The only thing i did not get, or couldn’t remember, was how elena can live without the cure in her blood (since stefan apparently can’t) and why she was human anyways and shared the same lifetime as damon.
    i rooted for bonnie and enzo and was a little disappointed about them not getting quite the happy ending i had hoped for.

    • Hallie says:

      Elena was only a vampire for a few years so when the cure was taken out of her blood it sped up so she was her actual human age which was a lot the salivator’s were over a hundred years old so it surpassed there natural life so it aged them rapidly

  31. Christy Lewis says:

    This show kept me interested for the entire 8 seasons..I watched it from the beginning..it’s sad to see it go. Really gonna miss watching .. Congrads to 8 great seasons Vampire Diaries

  32. Christy Lewis says:

    Going to miss watching the show..it kept me tuned in ..Really loved the entire 8 seasons! Congratulations

  33. Cari says:

    TVD – thought the last episode was so so and would have enjoyed a 2 hour ending. I needed to watch the ending twice to figure it out. Damon disappears while walking with Elena which seems to imply he died after living a long human life with Elena. Fans did not really need to see him grow old and die of old age….or did we? When Elana turns to see her family, it seems like her life has finally ended too …. again seeing Eliana old is not important or is it? As much as Elena always wanted to be human in other seasons, I assume she took some of Damons blood/cure eventually so she could grow old with him and die after saving lots of peoples lives in Mystic Falls as a Doctor. Since Caroline is the only Vampire left, she will raise the twins until they take over the school. Then Carline will move on to bigger & better thing in New Orleans — because her circle of friends have all died including Matt & Bonnie —- nothing tragic just their time.

  34. Trogdor777 says:

    I thought it was cool how many actors returned for an appearance to wrap things up. (Jo, Jenna, Lexi, etc)!! Seems like the show sincerely meant a lot to this ensemble. Nice dose of nostalgia for a show ending an 8 year run. I’m not a ‘shipper’, so I actually appreciated that there were a number of heartfelt scenes that didn’t revolve around strictly romantic angles: Elena’s scene with Bonnie, and Caroline (her 2 life long friends) / Bonnie with Grams and the Bennett witches (ancestors) standing together, /and Stefan and Damon’s final scene “hello brother” with them both meeting again, and at ‘Peace’. Nice call back to the pilot. Thought they had to obviously accelerate some plot points to fit everything into 40’sh minutes of content (Bonnie just breaks the sleeping curse-haha)? but thought they did a good job of bringing it back to the central themes of family and friends and living this “weird, messy, complicated, sad, wonderful, amazing, and above all epic” life.

  35. Leandro says:

    Please can someone explain to me the ending? Because i was like wtf… i liked it but i didt get it….

  36. Isabella says:

    It was the perfect ending in my opinion. Heartbreaking and satisfying at the same time to see that everyone was right where they were supposed to be, in life and death. It was the right call not to make the episode centre all around Elena but more about the Salvatore brothers devotion to each other. Loved the moment between Damon and Caroline. They really are family and I hope to see Caroline move to The Originals. She’d be a great addition. Or they should do a spin off for the supernatural school. Mystic Falls has to go on in some shape or form.

  37. Tracy says:

    Been a huge fan since day 1. This will always be my favorite show. Just disappointed about the ending of Stephan and Enzo. Also there should have been more passion and longer scenes with Damon and Elena. Stephan and Caroline should have ended up alive and happy too. Wished everyone would have all ended up together. And wished the ending could have been 2 hours of show. I will miss this show more than any show ever! This is the best show! Can’t wait to continue with the Originals. It’s the only good vampire show left!

  38. K.D.S. says:

    This series finale was perfect. Not many tv shows get an ending that makes the show feel so…complete. I loved all the throwbacks to the first episode. It was so nostalgic and beautiful.

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m mad that Katherine died again, but i’m glad that they really focused on her in the first half of the episode and not Elena. Katherine will forever be the best character on the show. The only thing i hate about this is that Katherine is now in hell or destroyed and Damon got his peace, even tho Nina Dobrev said herself in “Forever Yours” that Katherine is the female version of Damon. She’s not worse than him.

    I LOVED that Stefan finally admitted that he is responsible for his actions.

    Lexie reunited with Stefan. <3 They really thought of everything and everyone. The Donovans got to say goodbye after all these years and even Jenna came back, which made me really happy. And even Klaus was mentioned. :) But i don't get the ending. Did they flash forward to their dad and that's why Elena reunited with her family and Damon with his brother?

    I never was a fan of Steroline, but Caroline's phone call was really heartbreaking.

    That Delena kiss was disgusting. She didn't take a shower or brushed her teeth for like four or five years.

    And is it just me or does it sound like Bonnie uses the same spell for 8 years now? I also liked her ending. Even if she didn't reunited with Enzo, it still felt peaceful and happy.

  39. Toya says:

    Why why why why why? In gonna miss my favorite TV show. Miss seeing Damon

  40. Remmy says:

    Okay. A lot of guys are confused here.
    I ain’t Julie but I think I understand what went on.
    Damon and Elena never died, the hugging and reunion with her family was just like the future ahead, or something imaginary. Just like Zach roerig acted the role of his ancestor George, just like Ric saw Jo again, like Stefan hugged Damon in the last scene, like Bonnie coincidentally took her visa when Enzo asked her to.
    These things never occured. It was just what a joyful ending would look like when it eventually occurs. So totally, I think it was a sweet finale even though Delena reunion wasn’t what many thought it would be. All good. Still my best show ever.
    But Klaroline reunion should never occur. It would be as foolish and useless as Jesse coming to Earth 1 because of Wally west. Goodbye VD. Surely not everyone can be satisfied.

  41. Debra says:

    How sad I am it had to end. Wanted Stephan to become a vampire again. So him and Caroline can stay happily married to the end together. Elena and Damon stayed vampires and bad to the end together. With Bonnie power back she restore Enzo. They all stay in Mystic Falls forever.

  42. Remmy says:

    I loved this finale because of the references and Easter Eggs to the first season.
    E.g. Katherine saying what Damon said to Stefan in S01:- ”That is for me to know and for you to DOT DOT DOT.

    Also, the Hello Brother thing used by both Katherine and Damon. Although when Damon used it first, it didn’t create a smile on Stefan’s face, but this time Stefan smiled and even hugged.

    The song used at the end of the First ever 42minutes, ; ”NEVER SAY NEVER by THE FRAY” was also used when Stefan found his joyful ending with Lexi.

    The Crow that signifies that Damon is around, scared Elena in the first 42 mins but this time in the finale at the same cemetery, it signified DELENA.

    Also the diary writing thing was also something to make viewers feel nostalgic

    klaus’ statement in Season 4 to Caroline was rehashed in his letter; ”I INTEND TO BE YOUR LAST”.


    Stefan and Elena’s last conversation started out the way they first met on the show; colliding with one another at the hallway.

    Damon throwing Vicki from the Clock tower shows how Katherine should have fallen and died before Stefan caught her in Season 5.

    When Elena reunited with her family, the Camera shifted off of them and became more focused on Elena’s formerly burnt house.

    Grams showing to assist Bonnie is what we have seen a few times on the show and it was lovely to see such again.

    Seeing Bonnie doing magic again was also wondeful. Also going to Africa

    Katherine behaving as Elena reminded us of the many times that has occured.

    Comment with other EASTER EGGS YOU NOTICED.

  43. Linda Larson says:

    My favorite moments were when Damon and Stephan were in the tunnel making amends with each other and ready to die to save Mystic Falls. I cried over that scene. I also cried when Damon and Elena were reunited and the scenes with Bonnie and Enzo. Going to miss the vampire Diaries. Good luck on your new adventures guys!

  44. Okay, Vampire Diaries writers gave us something that I didn’t think existed anymore….a satisfying ending that left me feeling good about the whole series.

  45. Ana says:

    That was one of the better series finales I have seen in a while. Stefan’s sacrifice for Damon was beautiful, and those reunions of Elena with her family in the afterlife and Damon with Stefan in the end was just beautiful. Well done to all involved.

  46. Wew says:

    Did anyone not notice the thing that she took the cure out of Elena when Bonnie gave it to Stefan and then from Stefan to Damon so if without the cure Stefan would rot away why is it that without the cure Elena didn’t?

    • Sara says:

      When the cure is removed from your blood stream you don’t rot away because you’re dead, you rot away because you begin aging to your real age. Eg. Katherne 200+, Stefan 150+
      but Elena became a vampire when she was around 18 so she would really only be aging to 25 max.

  47. Raito Yagami says:

    My favorite moment was Stefan’s reunion with Lexi who, by the way, was my favorite role, even though she only appeared a few times.

  48. Lucinka says:

    I love that Nina came back for the last episode, it made saying goodbye to the show much easier. But basically everything else about this episode was a disappointment to me. Like the Donovan family thing. I don’t really have any relationship with Viki’s character, so the whole family reunion was a bit unnecessary in my opinion. However, Matt’s story is one of my favorites. Bonnie suddenly has her magic back…well, I understand that she kinda had to got it back in order to safe Mistic Falls but seriously? She’s so strong now she can wake up Elena? The only reason I forbid the writers is that scene with all the Bennet witches…that was powerful. Killing Stefan was, in my opinion, necessary to let him end the series in peace with what he has done and Caroline’s goodbye to him was heartbreaking, but not enough for me, I need an epic kiss or something to be happy.
    And last but not least DELENA! I LOOOOVE that they are growing old together, but I wanted to slap the screen when Damon decided to kill himself even though it would mean that Elena will wake up one day in a wold without her love…asshole… Never mind, they’re together and that’s all that matters. Elena’s reunion with her family and Damon meeting Stefan again was nothing but confusing for me. And the most confusing part was the shot on Elena letting go of Damond hand and him disappearing. I mean…did she die, did he die, did they both live happy lives and then died? But they both look so young.
    The ending was confusing and I think that they could have made two episodes out of this one, but whatever, it wasn’t that bad.

  49. Melissa says:

    I liked the finale. I thought it was a little rushed but it had to cram a lot into 45 minutes. I got emotional over Stefan’s death, but I thought he was the appropriate choice. Considering they spent most of the season focusing on how he was the one who made Damon become a vampire, he became the ripper again, and then became human, I thought the writing was on the wall for Stefan. I also liked the Stelena goodbye, I thought it was better than the Delena reunion, to be honest. But I thought they owed that to stelena since delena got a lifetime together. And the Lexie/Stefan reunion was perfect.
    I agreed with Caroline being the last vampire standing. She was always strong as a vampire and they brought that up throughout the season. .. I love klaroline so I can’t complain about the possibility of their relationship. I always thought it has so much more potential than what was given to us.
    And of course, the final scene had to be Defan. Family first.

  50. Epic just epic a fantastic ending to a fantastic show I have grown up with this show and this is an ending I am amazingly happy with. Now all that is left to say is that it has been an incredible ride over the years I have learnt so much and that I will never forget the vampire diaries goodbye everyone.