Supernatural Recap

Supernatural Recap: Eye See You

The treasured sight of Dean and Sam in glasses couldn’t quite rescue Thursday’s Supernatural, which felt a little too familiar, what with yet another power play for Hell and one of the Winchesters lying to the other. Sam tells Dean that he’s been using an algorithm to find their recent plethora of cases — “Computers,” Dean marvels — when he’s actually been getting leads from the British Men of Letters. To Sam’s credit, he confesses the truth by the end of the episode.

“I don’t like them either, but if we can save people…” he trails off before apologizing for the lies.

Surprisingly, Dean accepts the truth with very little anger. “Do I like it? No. Do I trust them? Hell no,” he responds. “But you’re right. We work with people we don’t trust all the time,” like Crowley, who this week partnered up with the bespectacled brothers to put down a hellhound. (They needed the glasses to see the beast.) Dean agrees to give the Brits a shot, but the second things start to feel a little off, they’re out.

Down in Hell, Lucifer is mighty defiant for someone who’s chained up. “I’m still going to peel off your skin and eat your soul,” he says to Crowley.

Supernatural RecapWhile the King’s away helping the Winchesters, two of his minions discover the fallen angel’s hiding spot, much to their delight. Many of them don’t like Crowley because “he’s very prancy,” they explain. So they released the hellhound to create a distraction and free Lucifer — but they have some demands first. Or at least one of the minions does. The other only cares about “making Hell great again.” Alas, Lucifer makes them both go poof, and then takes his spot on Crowley’s throne. Little does he know that Crowley warded his vessel with spellwork.

“I own you,” Crowley declares, snapping Lucifer’s bones like twigs.

Up in Heaven, things are on the mend. Lucifer’s spawn has united the angels, who even extend an invite to Cas to come back. All he needs to do is help them track down the baby mama, Kelly. Joshua’s back in the fold, and he has a plan, his messenger reveals. So after giving Dean and Sam the latest intel on Kelly and her Prince of Hell defender, Cas heads back upstairs.

What did you think of “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”?

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  1. Gail says:

    Really! No mention of the Walking Dead/Lucille/JDM shout out?!?

  2. cathy says:

    was so not expecting Crowley to get the upperhandbon Lucifer. When Luciger spread those angel wings I am thinking all over vfor Crowley. I couldnt have been more wrong. As for Sam and Dean as soon as girl starting telling Sam how she should have just been honest with her boyfriend I knew he was going to tell Dean. Disapppointed in his replay

  3. Jane says:

    Really they do one of their rare recaps of Supernatural and this is the best they can do? No mention of Lucille? No real discussion of the Hell Hounds. The Lucifer wings? Crowley smacking Lucifer around? Makes me wonder if they actually watched it or just read another recap by someone else.

    • Serena says:

      I feel like that’s the case with their Supernatural recaps. Never the entire story, or at least the more important details. After all, they did try to do photo recaps, which was worse.

  4. Michelle says:

    I usually love your recaps, but this one makes me wonder if you watched the whole thing… no mention of Lucille????? Or the Dean/Crowley conversations? Or the hellhound?

  5. Mailer says:

    I loved this episode. Probably my favorite of the season. I hope the rest of the season is this good.

  6. Funny, Dean lied to Sam to save his life, and it took more than half a season and Dean *dying* for Sam to forgive him (after saying things to cut out his heart along the way). Mary lies for months about everything, Sam ‘chooses a side’ and lies about it, and Dean… apologizes to both of them. I’m really beginning to wonder what issues this show runner has. They have neutered Dean to the point he’s almost unrecognizable, and that’s when they aren’t openly mocking him or having him play a bumbling fool.

    I didn’t think it was possible to dim my love of this show, but Dabb & company (especially the abominable writer of this episode) are doing their best to kill it. Little respect for the history of the show (chasing off a hellhound with a hatchet? Seriously????) and zero respect for the character of Dean. It’s a shame.