Ratings: This Is Us Hits Series Highs, Flash and Legends Hit Lows

NBC’s This Is Us this Tuesday drew 11.2 million total viewers and a 3.0 rating (per finals), rising 20 percent from its previous outing to deliver its largest audience yet (and outdraw CBS’ Bull for the first time ever) while matching its demo high (set by its post-Obama farewell address outing).

Opening the Peacock’s night, The Voice (11.6 mil/2.6) was steady week-to-week. At 10 pm, yet another episode of Chicago Justice did 6.1 mil/1.3, dipping from its Sunday airing.


THE CW | The Flash (2.5 mil/0.9) slipped 14 percent and two tenths to hit series lows. Legends of Tomorrow (1.54 mil/0.5) dipped to its own lows. (Got Flash Qs? I’m heading to the set this week; EMAIL InsideLine@tvline.com!)

CBS | Both NCIS (14.2 mil/1.6) and Bull (10.4 mil/1.3) held onto their demo lows. NCIS: New Orleans (9.1 mil/1.1) dropped a few eyeballs while steady in the demo.

FOX | Bones (2.9 mil/0.7) was steady.

ABC | The Middle (6.1 mil/1.5), American Housewife (5.2 mil/1.4) and Fresh Off the Boat (3.7 mil/1.1) were steady, while Real O’Neals (2.9 mil/0.9) ticked down.

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  1. kate says:

    I’m not terribly surprised about the Flash (and honestly, maybe I should be worried about Supergirl and Legends next year, this might be indicative of a third season problem across the CW universe, given that was probably the worst of Arrow too, which while much better, hasn’t super recovered in the ratings). I even missed New Girl last night because I actually usually watch that live.

    • Jerry says:

      I am disappointed that we have gone further into mopey territory on Flash this season after all of it in season 2. Is it too much to ask to have The Flash be happy and optimistic? Confident and not cocky?

      Oh and you know, not keep secrets from one another?

      If they can do that with season 4 I think it might be a good breath of fresh air for the series

      • Wildsubnet says:

        Right? Having Wally basically tell Iris about the ring just because he’s sad is terrible writing. Having him even notice it while seeing his sister get murdered is even worse.

        • Patrick says:

          Comedy is hard to write. Drama is easier. Melodrama is simple. It is indicative of a not talented writer room. Making a good show that is bright and fun (if not funny) is hard. Gloom and doom is easy.

        • Asia says:

          Ah yes. Wally was so messy in last night’s episode. Anyway, we know Barry wants to marry Iris (everything he does is for her) so this proposal drama is so contrived.

          • herman1959 says:

            I know. Greg Berlanti, you can do better than this (I know you’re busy, but PLEASE).

    • Steven says:

      New Girl was a repeat last night if it helps. Doesn’t make last night’s Flash any better, though.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      I wonder why Flash and Legends dropped this week. Supergirl actually went up slightly in the unrounded numbers. Was there some event that drew viewers away Tuesday?

      • Mo says:

        Given the previous ep with Grodd only got a 1.1 viewers probably decided back to the grind wasn’t for them? And it dropped .2 whereas LoT dropped .1. Flash isn’t looking good for the rest of the season if viewers aren’t there for the whole defeat Savitar save Iris arc.

  2. God says:

    Total Viewers don’t matter. At al.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Records are records, though. (And This Is Us also hit a demo high, so…?)

      • herman1959 says:

        OK then, shouldn’t The Real O’Neals be headed to certain death per the demo AND total viewers. If it isn’t cancelled after this season, it would be difficult for me to take any of this ratings stuff seriously.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          I didn’t say total viewers “mattered” much, just that superlatives are superlatives — especially a rising freshman show in this dire, dark, gnarly TV landscape.

          To your point, The Real O’Neals is averaging a 0.9 in the all-important demo, tying Dr Ken as ABC’s lowest-rated comedy.

    • Billy Bob Johnson says:

      Any chance the industry gets away from the “All Important 18-49 Ratings”? For those of us just outside of that range, it’s insulting. CBS would barely exist in the ratings if it were not for the 50+ audience.

      • Steven says:

        Not as long as 18-49 (people with growing families and expendable income) are the main people buying what advertisers want to sell. Don’t take it personally.

      • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

        With the $billions advertisers spend on TV ads I’m sure they did some sort of market research to find their target audience and that is why the advertisers settled on the 18-49 age range. Blame the people outside that age range for not being more flexible in their spending habits, not the advertisers.

    • you are right and this site must stop posting them. Why does this site post them. Posting them makes them look like total ignorant people when it comes to TV

  3. Eric7740 says:

    Not surprised by The Flash numbers at all. I haven’t really been enjoying this season and it seems I’m not the only one. I have the past 5 episodes sitting in my DVR and I’m not the least bit interested in watching them. I am however (and probably in the minority) enjoying Arrow this season. I never miss an episode of Arrow!!!

    • michaelA says:

      Hi Eric….don’t throw the Flash out yet. The last five episode haven’t been bad. Like you I have never missed a single episode of Arrow. Arrow started these superhero shows and for the most part I do watch them all. Arrow has really gone through major changes since the beginning! One thing do think that Arrow is at the end of the flashbacks. BUT in saying that, they sure have played a major part that has gotten Arrow to where it is today.

  4. Karen says:

    Shocked you actually mentioned Bull! Of course it was in a negative light but I guess now we know you know it exists. :)

  5. JC1 says:

    That’s actually a series low for Legends, isn’t it? Ouch. :(

  6. herman1959 says:

    While acknowledging the recent renewals and that an additional show is to be added, I feel like I have to ask THE question. Is it possible that CW has reached its saturation point for super hero shows, and might it be better to cancel one (not The Flash) before adding another?

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      Arrow is the lowest rated one so it’s possible Arrow only goes to seven seasons. But the plan is to only have four superhero shows on during a week, so Black Lightning will air after another one’s season finale. Probably Legends of Tomorrow.

  7. Tamara says:

    The Flash writing is so tragic: inconsistancies, plot holes, lack of characterization. Why was Barry so harsh on Wally but not Caitlin? Inconsistent-feels off. The contrived engagement drama–totally out of character for both. Barry wouldn’t ask Joe for permission?! Then Barry just stands and does nothing as Wally is sucked into the speed force?! Can they hire one team of writers? It would make a world, and ratings worth of difference. :)

  8. Vanna says:

    Crossing my fingers…. next season, keep the same day and time. Learn from your mistakes NBC!

  9. cuius says:

    NCIS seems to have lost it’s way, and needs a reduction of the cast. It’s become a bit like “Major Crimes”; we’ve got all these characters and need to give each of them something to say each week, however irrelevant to the story

  10. Diana says:

    I hope Grant and Candice are there for your set visit! I’m going to need all the info on this new development for Barry and Iris’ relationship. I’m irritated with myself that it’s hurting me so much. There are much more important things to discuss, but if you get a chance, tell them how much that relationship means to me (I know it’s not just me, but I don’t want to speak for anyone else) :)

  11. Lynn says:

    Glad I’m not the only one not liking the Flash this season. It really hasn’t been the same since season one. It just seems repetitive, oh look here comes another evil speedster. I really have no idea why advertisers are so hung up on 18-49. How many 18 year olds do you know or for that matter even people in their early 20s that are making decent money. Most of then are still living with their parents for goodness sake. You think their the ones making purchasing decisions of the house? Really? And who do you know in their early 50s that’s retired? That’s when you’ve finally made it in your careeer usually, they’re the ones with the most money. What are these people thinking?

    • herman1959 says:

      Ditto, and may I add that for the last generation or two, people have been having children later – in their 30s and 40s – which means that they still have children at home when they are in their 50s and even 60s, AND they are in their peak earning years. THEY SPEND $$$.

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      It isn’t based on who makes the most money. It’s based on how loyal someone is to a brand. Or actually disloyal. The point of an ad is to get someone to switch brands. And 18-49 year olds are the age range least loyal to any particular brand and thus easier for an ad to influence. If someone is going to buy a Ford anyway it is a waste of money to run an ad to try to get them to buy a Ford. And people 50 and over that have been buying Fords all along will probably keep buying Fords because a Toyota ad probably won’t change their minds.

  12. kmw says:

    Wow just great for This is Us. They are going over a 3 next week. my poor Bones is going to really get it next week, but nice that they were steady last night

  13. James Moore says:

    Why would Ron Howard phone someone up at, what, 4:00 AM? That was ridiculous. Same with making William, bi, which contributed nothing to the organic flow of the series and just seemed forced and contrived because that is in the political agenda Hollywood wishes to force on us. PS As an aside,I admit I might be wrong on this but did William’s boyfriend suddenly get an English accent?

    • Christian says:

      Why have any diversity in tv series? White and straight all the way! Damn Hollywood and their liberal political agenda! /s

      • James Moore says:

        I clean accept diversity but at least make it natural so it flows with the storyline, In the case of William it was not and obviously forced upon us so the writer/series producer could have his PC Hollywood Cred.

  14. michaelA says:

    Well the Flash is trying to evolve. Trouble is, is that like all shows as the series continues they add more to the stories. BUT…….they have gone overboard with the speedsters. I mean they have had and still do have a multitude of people that run like Barry. What gave the Flash an audience was his running ability. Now it seems like every other week another character shows up and speed is once again the power. They have succeeded in making the speed angle normal and almost second fiddle. Not to mention all the different ways that people have developed the speed power. All and all….last nights episode was still pretty good! But I can understand an attitude that while watching it, people would say, “oh well another person that runs fast”. Seen it before. Hopefully they will start whittling down all the fast runners and for the most part Barry will once again actually be what he is supposed to be……the fastest man on earth!

  15. michaelA says:

    As for Legends. Out of the four CW shows Legends has been the hardest for me to get into. Although since they moved it to it’s new time after the Flash I have been watching it more consistently. But here again how many more times can the stories revolve around going back in time? (we seem to have a going back in time theme this season) Haven’t we seen enough over the past several years of going back in time stories. The 30’s, the 40’s, the roaring 20’s. Last night Legends went back to dinosaur days. There’s almost no place back in time that’s left to go to that we haven’t seen 100 times before. But again…..last nights episode was pretty good!

    • Rex the Wonder Dog says:

      I think an upcoming story will take place during World War One. I don’t think they have gone there before.

  16. T.W.S.S. says:

    NCIS’s smallest audience ever is 14 million!

    • Christian says:

      Nah.. Matt is terribly mistaken. NCIS was seen by under 14 million quite regularly in its first couple of seasons. It didn’t explode til it hit syndication after season 4! For the record, NCIS’ lowest total viewership is 10.13 million for episode 1.22 “Missing.”

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Yes, that “series low audience” note has since been (terribly) stricken. It wasn’t until Season 3 that it started regularly clocking 14-15 million.

  17. Mo says:

    Flash is finally getting the ratings it deserves. I get the sense the whole production is a little too cozy so there’s no one who can objectively see & point out the problems they have since last season. LoT is the opposite this season has been SO GOOD, it’s so much better than CW’s no. 1 show & deserves better ratings than it’s getting. :(

  18. Kim R says:

    We are enjoying Bull the more we see. We have also watched NCIS since the beginning so on last night’s Bull we got to see a “reunion” of Tony (while undercover) and the prisoner he was handcuffed to on the run. :D