Time After Time Ratings

Ratings: Time After Time Opens Low Leading Out of Once Upon a Time Lows; Little Big Shots Dominates Night

Coming off a three-month hiatus, ABC’s Once Upon a Time resumed Season 6 on Sunday night with a hair over 3 million total viewers and a 0.9 demo rating (and an average reader grade of “B+”), hitting and matching its series lows.

Leading out of that, Time After Time debuted to 2.6 mil and a 0.7, with its second hour dipping to 2.5 mil/0.6 — at or below what Secrets and Lies and Quantico most recently did in those time slots. Readers gave the series premiere an average grade of “B.”


CBS | NCIS: LA (9.3 mil/1.2) ticked up, while Madam Secretary (7.4 mil/0.8) and Elementary (4.3 mil/0.6) each dipped in the demo while delivering their smallest audiences ever.

NBC | Little Big Shots opened Season 2 with 11.7 mil and a 2.0, on par with its freshman average and dominating the night. Chicago Justice (7.3 mil/1.4) was down from its crossover launch (8.7 mil/1.7) but placed second in the demo for the night. Shades of Blue (5.2 mil/1.0) ticked down from its finale/freshman average.

FOX | Making History premiered to 2.2 mil and a 0.9 (and a grade of “B+”), improving on time slot predecessor Son of Zorn‘s most recent numbers. Leading out of that, Family Guy (2.5 mil/1.2) rose two tenths and Last Man on Earth (2.2 mil/1.0) was up a tenth from its midseason finale. The Simpsons (2.6 mil/1.1) was steady.

As always and forever, cable ratings (e.g. FX’s FEUD) come in much, much later and as merited are reported under separate cover.Want scoop on any of the above shows? Email InsideLine@tvline.com and your question may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line.

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  1. kate says:

    I have an awkward issue I try to deal with on Sunday nights, I drag through OUAT and then the Walking Dead, but then I like the beginning part of Talking Dead, and by the time that is done, I can’t start anything new before missing any of Last Week Tonight. Then HBO doesn’t help my sleep patterns starting Big Little Lies again right after.

  2. Brian says:

    The big problem was there’s about 8 notable shows airing in each of the 9 and 10pm slots including cable shows.

    • Andrew says:

      @ Brian – Exactly!

      I watched OUaT, but didn’t watch TWD until it encored at 11:32 last night because it cut into Feud, which started at 9.

      Also, in the case of OUaT, it doesn’t help that it’s been off the air since December of last year. I don’t know what ABC (or any other network) expects. The previous episode had 3.27 million. So, it’s not a big dip. ABC should be grateful it even managed 3 million.

      There are WAY too many shows to keep up with on Sundays, though. I’m tired of trying to keep up.

      • Fabrizia says:

        ABC knew that OUAT was no longer a good lead in but it didn’t move it at 9, therefore killing any chance Time after Time might had (and it looked decent enought), which should have aired at 8.

        • Andrew says:

          @ Fabrizia – America’s Funniest Home Videos only did a 1.0 in the 18-49 demo. OUaT only went down 1/0th (0.9). Not a big difference, so ABC gave the new show the best chance it had. It’s not Once’s fault that TAT shed so many viewers across the two hours it aired.

  3. I wish there was somewhere they could put Elementary to save it. It’s such a good show.

    • Fabrizia says:

      It always had poor ratings but it was still renewed because CBS wanted it to get to a number of episodes. It got many more chances than others. It’s time for it to pay its dues.

      • Actually, it’s been renewed a season past syndication because its syndication pays a lot. I’m not comparing it with any other shows. I’m just saying I wish it would live up to its true potential.

        • Chris says:

          As the other poster pointed out it is, they’ve tried it in many places clearly the audience it has is its potential.

          • Boiler says:

            They have tried it in 2 places the current Sunday night set up and Thursday, where it performed better than other crap that is there. With the way working people are now(re:Demo) many are asleep by this hour to get up for work early the next day.

  4. Teresa says:

    I don’t see OUAT getting renewed with those numbers. At best they might be renewed with a shortened season and premiering midseason.

    • Saynay says:

      I think it depends on how many holes they have to fill and what’s on tap for pilot season. I agree, though, at best they should get a shortened final season.

      • Fabrizia says:

        ABC’s Sundays are a mess. Both shows at 9 this season age getting cancelled, and so will Quantico. OUAT can’t lead the night anymore but it can air at 9 or even 10 for a final season (even a short one).

    • Fabrizia says:

      They absolutely will.

  5. kmw says:

    Well that’s too bad for OUAT Even worse for Time after Time. Chicago Justice did decent considering where it got moved to. LBS still going strong for NBC. Shades of Blue not really surprising. Nice that NCIS LA inched up but MS and Elementary not good. Really not a great night for most shows

  6. Wrstlgirl says:

    There was a lot going on in TV land last night but I’m betting Time After Time will go even lower next week.

  7. justice says:

    Walking Dead was a very strong episode last night. I don’t watch Talking Dead anymore it’s so boring and without the writers on it’s just the actors and D-level celebrities talking about what they think the writer meant with a scene or character.

    OUAT … how is that show still on?

    Chicago Justice… I’d rather have a show with that attorney who defended Atwater. I’m very concerned about this show going with the whole criminals are the good guys, police are the bad guys angle. The lead attorney was way too quick to jump on that bandwagon.

    • Wrstlgirl says:

      I agree about Talking Dead. Depending on who the guests are I record it and only watch certain parts, like the next week’s preview and actor interviews. And I think it’s fun taking the quiz. I can’t stand Yvette Nicole Brown and her stupid little book, lmao!!

    • Lily says:

      I actually thought Chicago Justice did a fairly decent job of showing both sides of the story (taken from the Freddie Gray incident in Baltimore). It was not just an attack on the policeman involved. It did show a sensitivity to the family of the victim but also highlighted how extremely hard it is for police when responding to calls. They do not know what to expect except that the individual(s) involved are likely NOT to be cooperative. The prosecutor not caring about the toxicology report was far-fetched but otherwise I thought it was riveting tv and worthy of a civil discussion.

  8. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    “Time After Time Opens Low Leading Out of Once Upon a Time”. I’ve got too much Time on my hands.

  9. Haz says:

    Shades of Blue just popped out of nowhere. Last week was the first I heard of it coming back and was suprised to find out how soon it would be back. Maybe it’s because I don’t watch NBC that much however I watch USA and a few of other channels in the NBC family and seen a number of promos for Taken. I’m sure Lopez is being paid a pretty penny to lead a show so I’m a little surprised they didn’t promote it more. I hope Making History does not drop a lot. I enjoyed it however it didn’t seem like a pilot episode it came off as if the characters had already been fully developed.

    • Steven says:

      I’ve seen a lot of commercials for Shades of Blue and it had a surprisingly large segment in NBC’s 90th Anniversary special a few weeks back.

  10. drb999 says:

    Ouch! Those Time After Time numbers are painful. I wasn’t able to watch it yet but with those numbers I may just delete it from my DVR. It’s totally DOA so it’s just a waste of time to watch it.

    Looks bad for Once Upon a Time. I don’t think it’ll get another season or at least a full season.

  11. mia says:

    maybe OUAT shouldn’t be off the air as long as it does between December and March…it is no Walking Dead-Game of Thrones-etc…
    Plus I preferred Mercy Street on PBS …which only has 6 episodes a year, but are far more superior to what OUAT dishes out.

  12. Boiler says:

    ABC drama in the crapper. Where is Castle??

  13. Superwoman says:

    Why have OUAT be a lead-in to a new drama….how is that helpful to TAT?

  14. Ninny says:

    I couldn’t watch any of it because of DISH not carrying this channel anymore, that could be a huge issue for ABC

  15. A. Johnson says:

    Weird question…does the same person develop comedy and drama at ABC? They could teach a course on how to build, launch, and schedule comedy but can’t figure out drama. Maybe it’s because their dramas skew a little close to their comedy side? It’s a mess. I say game shows on Sunday next fall season. They can’t go up against football and the other networks are covering drama and comedy. Seems a waste of resources to keep developing failed pilots.

  16. Tom Straley says:

    That’s not good to hear about Time after Time. I was looking forward to it, and it lived up to my expectations. Good story and cast.

  17. ninergrl6 says:

    OUAT was good last night, much better than 5B and 6A in my opinion. It’s too bad the show is so inconsistent, both in storytelling and in airing. I enjoyed Time After Time too.

  18. Ruby says:

    NBC Sunday night seems solid. I really like Chicago Justice and hope it continues to perform well (in spite of TWD as stiff competition in the demo rating). Not following Shades of Blue but it did OK in a tough time slot.

  19. J Ritty says:

    This was a really good episode of OUAT and this season KILLS last years silliness. Had this show not gone so disney with Frozen and then wandered off into Hades… Once the main story really finished up rumple – everything afterwards was hit or miss. Season 1-3 is dynamite though and the Pan thing is my favorite Peter Pan…loved what they did. Originally tying in all those fairy tales was genius. I like the Aladdin stuff this season and sadly this is what I was always waiting for – an aladdin call back. I would have loved to have seen how Robin Williams became the genie and the nod to him was a very nice touch. It’s a shame OUAT is leaving now – much like Grimm season 6 has made up for a disasterous fifth season with a pretty decent 6ht – and I’m sure by the time they’re both done I’ll be sad to see them go.

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      You don’t actually know yet if OUAT is going bye bye. Stop jumping to conclusions that may end up wrong.