Emerald City Cancelled Renewed

Ratings: Emerald City Hits 6-Week High With Finale, Sleepy Eyes New Low

NBC’s Emerald City wrapped its run on Friday night with 2.9 million total viewers and a 0.7 demo rating, rising 21 percent and a tenth to mark 7- and 6-week highs.

Opening the Peacock’s night, Grimm (4.2 mil/0.8) added a few eyeballs (to its best audience since Jan. 27) while rock steady in the demo.


THE CW | Vampire Diaries (1.17 mil/0.4) had a few extra viewers RSVP for the wedding while steady in the demo. Reign (660K/0.2) was steady.

FOX | Leading out of a Rosewood rerun, Sleepy Hollow (1.9 mil/0.4) dipped a tenth in the demo to a new series low.

ABC | Shark Tank (6.1 mil/1.4) led the night in the demo, while drawing its most watched episode of the season. When We Rise‘s final two hours averaged 2.2 mil/0.5, ticking up from Night 3.

CBS | A Hawaii Five-0 Blue Bloods rerun drew Friday’s biggest audience: 6.9 mil.

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  1. Kevin Tran says:

    More bad news for Sleepy Hollow.

  2. Tracy288 says:

    I’ll be very surprised if Sleepy Hollow survives to another season.

  3. Wendy says:

    Really enjoyed Emerald City – hope we get more!

  4. KLS says:

    Blue Bloods (repeat) won the # of viewers: 6.93 mil. (demo .7)
    H50 (repeat): 6.67 (.8)
    Guess Tom Selleck doesn’t count :).

  5. delorb says:

    Sleepy Hollow and series low seem to go together these days. Couldn’t have happened to a worse show. They had lightning in a bottle but decided to chuck it all to look like every other TV show out there. And to think, someone thought it a great idea to de-fang Headless…and no one corrected him.

    • Anne says:

      Well said. They had something fantastic on their hands that people LOVED. Shows only wish for that sort of reaction. And in response, the showrunners started dismantling it piece by piece, destroying the very elements that people loved. They have only themselves to blame

    • Sam says:

      THIS!!! Making the headless horsemen a jilted best friend was the beginning of the end. Sleepy Hollow a master class on how to destroy a great show.

  6. Helen Cannon says:

    Emerald City has more to offer. Ok, we have the ‘Tin Man’ , Will, the ‘Cowardly Lion’, the hunky Scarecrow, Dorothy, ToTo, Glinda and the Wizard. I like the way they are working in the flying monkeys, the writing in the sky. It will be great to see them bring the ‘misfits’ together to continue their journey.

  7. sunshine says:

    Grimm had one of the best episodes ever this week. Just terrific in every way. Lots of running around the forest chasing the monster of the week who was hilarious and very little of the ongoing dark story of Juliette and death or Reynard and whatever his problem is.

  8. Debbie says:

    Don’t cancel Emerald City, surely they will renew it or give us a 2 hr wrap up movie. Dorothy and Lucas has to be together with no Glenda in the mix. Jack and tin man has to be put back together. Witches are working together along with the new Queen and the Lion is trying to redeem himself. Maybe they need Dorothy with her gauntlet to combined to defeat the beast.

    • Max says:

      Yeah, Emerald City needs to be renewed. If cancelled, there better be a TWO NIGHT wrap-up movie. :) NBC has gotta give this show a better night than crappy Friday if it wants to see the ratings soar. Get a couple of better writers, too. Everything else on the show totally rocks. Intense actors with chemistry, epic locations, and a remarkable director.

  9. kmw says:

    Wow poor Sleepy Hollow. FOX cannot justify renewing with those numbers no matter how close to syndication they are. Faint praise for Emerald City, at least it went up the same for When We Will Rise.

  10. DIANA GUZMAN says:

    Reign, Grimm, Sleep Hollow and Emerald City best shows on TV

  11. Sharon says:

    Not sure why Sleepy Hollow chose to essentially remake a previous episode. It was better the first go round.

  12. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    Grimm and Sleepy Hollow until the bitter end. Too bad all the Crabbie worshippers abandoned the show this year. Then they come on here complaining how bad it is, without watching it.

    • yay says:

      LOL yes too bad..we also come here to see other ratings..it’s so funny you’re so obsessed with people who shipped them. Why aren’t you worried about Big Star? Looks like he needs your attention. Also maybe you should try to scare up some more viewers. Next stop…0.3!

    • Bobbi Showah says:

      Well if the show was any good you wouldn’t have to rely on “Crabbie” shippers to keep that steaming pos disguised as show on the air. Fox took a gamble and figured that Tom Mison was a big enough star to carry the show no matter how much they retooled it, and they were wrong. Dead wrong. Don’t blame Abbie’s fans for this, blame the writers. They destroyed the show in season one when they made Henry Ichabod’s and Katrina’s son and made headless a jealous ex. All the signs of this show impending doom was written on the walls and everyone saw it but those who refused to accept the truth.

      • KLS says:

        I agree. My enthusiasm for the show waned at Henry’s backstory and Headless’s love triangle as well. I’ve tried to get back into it, even this new edition, but I didn’t have it in me to continue. Why are the shows that have the most creatively initially fall the hardest?

      • delorb says:

        That is so true. They have been trying to lay the blame on Abbie fans ever since the ratings took a nose-dive. That whole ‘are shippers to blame?’ article was a blatant try. But last I checked, no Abbie fan has ever written an episode. No Abbie fan has ever gotten what they wanted, even though they’ve asked. It wasn’t an Abbie fan who told them to abandon the whole Moloch, four horseman storyline and to replace it with Pandora. I don’t think there is one Abbie fan who said, ‘you know what this show needs? more Henry and his daddy issues.’ Or, ‘I’d like to see Katrina and Ichabod iron out their shattered marriage one more time.’

    • delorb says:

      Oh boo, the Ichabbie shippers abandoned the show well before this season. Most left when Abbie was sidelined season 2. And I don’t have to watch an episode to know how bad it is, the numbers say it all. LOL

  13. T.W.S.S. says:

    Emerald City reminds me of the first season of Wayward Pines. Both were vaguely interested and more convoluted than necessary. As with Wayward Pines, if Emerald City is renewed, I won’t be watching.

  14. Toby says:

    Can anyone please tell me what the beast forever was? I watched the whole season to see some skinless person rise, get new skin and become a flying beast… but, uh, what/who was it? The ending seems bizarre for something that was deemed a limited series.

    • mblessedmother says:

      It’s clearly meant as a cliffhanger to get you to watch next season. We don’t know who/what the beast is yet.

    • Shelley says:

      I think the beast forever is meant to be the Nome King, a frequent antagonist in the Baum books. He is also the Big Bad in “Return to Oz”.

  15. grys03 says:

    Final episode of Emerald City had more story, fun, action than pretty much all of the previous nine.
    Would like at least a shortened second season to resolve all the plot lines – rescue her mum, what happened to Tip/Ozma, what happens between Glinda & West, the cowardly lion & the storm brewing…etc.
    Not sure I agree with all nay-sayers but I’m enjoying the current season of Sleepy Hollow, more than the previous two. If only Sleepy Hollow’s version of history was the real one…

    • Fan says:

      I completely agree. I was really worried about the new season of Sleepy Hollow to the point where I almost gave up and didn’t watch it, but I have been pleasantly surprised that it has been much better than expected, and much better than the last two seasons. As for Emerald City, I will be pi**ed if they cancel it. I love it!!

  16. Justin says:

    Why the crapping on Abbie’s fans? What are they supposed to do? Continue to watch a show which hold no interest for them? What sense does that make?

  17. GeoDiva says:

    Really enjoyed Emerald City. Wish it got more support from TVLine, EW, etc…

  18. I am obsessed with Emerald City! The first half of the season was a little clumsy and disjointed but it really started to come together in the 2nd half. The buzz around the show was growing online every week. Plus the ratings were on the upswing. I really hope NBC takes these things into account and renews it. There is so much to still be resolved in the land of Oz!

  19. Emme says:

    I have to say, I really enjoyed watching Emerald City. I feel pretty ambivalent in my hopes of it getting renewed, though. The production values of the series have a pretty price tag on it. Spain and Hungary might be the less expensive parts of Europe to film in, but likely a much bigger price tag than filming in, say, Vancouver. I would say the only plus going for Emerald City is the fact that Grimm is ending this season. Grimm came along just after Chuck ended, perhaps this can replace Grimm. Of course, NBC could just decide to go with a reality show for Friday evenings and give me yet another reason to completely kiss off tv for Netflix or Hulu.
    If it doesn’t get renewed, I’m pretty happy with the cliffhanger it left on. Perhaps because I think Dorothy had the original scriptwriter on her side (L Frank Baum) and even though the show has deviated in some of the character portrayals from the books, I can’t see Emerald City’s TPTB deviating from the book to the point that the series would be unrecognizable from the books. At least as far as a second, maybe third, season would go.

  20. Shiraz Kingdom says:

    I Can Not Wait For Emerald City Season 2

  21. James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon says:

    Emerald City would have been great as a six episode mini-series. As it is, it drags along stretched out as a story so long it loses its way in meaningless dribble and detail. Many cancelled shows should have never been pitched as having no end in mind. That’s why I think so many fail … people just get tired of a story that runs with contrived direction after a certain point.

  22. Chris says:

    I didn’t know Emerald City was a series, I thought it was just a mini series, that was only going to run for a limited time. If I had known it was a series, I would not have bothered to watch it, as these kinds of shows very rarely get re-newed for a second season, and when they end after one season, you are lleft hanging. I would rather watch a mini series, that just runs for a limited time, ends and that is it.