Supernatural Recap

Supernatural Recap: There's Something About Mary Winchester

Did Wednesday’s Supernatural do anything to help you understand Mary’s actions?

Mama Winchester certainly tried her best to get Dean and Sam to see that she’s only working with the British Men of Letters because their resources help foster “a better way” of hunting. She just wants to rid the world of monsters for her boys! But Dean’s not having any of it.

“You didn’t need just space. You needed space from us,” he argues. “How about for once, you try just being our mom?”

“I’m not just a mom, and you’re not just a child,” Mary replies.

By teaming up with the Brits, Mary chose the Men of Letters over her family, Dean posits. To add insult to injury, he calls her Mary, not mom, and declares, “There’s the door.”

Dean then ignores Mary’s calls, while Sam tries to play peacemaker by arguing that Mary is family and they owe it to her to hear her out. That doesn’t sit well with Dean, who wants Sam to pick a side. When Mary reaches out, Sam meets up with her at the Brits’ shiny, temporary headquarters, where he gets a sneak peek at how the MOL intend to take out all the vampires in America.

Mr. Ketch, meanwhile, goes to Dean with a bottle of scotch. He doesn’t care about recruiting Dean, but the old men back home want the Winchester boys because where Dean and Sam go, the rest of the American hunters follow. Ketch drops a tidbit about a nest of vampires, and Dean bites. But when interrogating one of the bloodsuckers, they discover that the Alpha is back and the others have gone to hunt the hunters at MOL HQ. The Alpha was well aware of the Brits’ handiwork overseas, but he didn’t “get involved because, well, it’s England. But America is my home. I think it’s time you get off. My. Lawn!” he exclaims at Mick.

Supernatural SpoilersWith vamps descending on the outmanned heroes – the MOL’s one hunter outside of the Winchesters is not exactly a pro – Mick is forced to bring out the Colt. Several Brits are lost during the fight, but Sam is able to kill the Alpha with the gun. (That silly hunter? He had an arrangement with the Alpha.) The younger Winchester is so impressed that they managed to take out the Alpha, he decides to enlist. (Hey, Sam, they couldn’t have done it without your bullet spell!)

“You’re changing the world, and I want to be a part of it,” Sam tells Mick. And what about Dean? He implores Mick to “give me some time.” Oh no, please don’t let this turn into a family war.

Speaking of Dean, he does eventually make peace with the fact that Mary is an adult who makes her own choices — whether he likes it or not.

Supernatural fans, what did you think of “The Raid”? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. I lost all my comments, if they come back… apologies for the duplication:

    A+ on the cathartic argument at the start. “I was never a child.” was painful.
    A on the overall plot of the vamps handing the BMoL their asses.
    A+ on “GET.OFF.MY.LAWN.”
    A on Sam Winchester, BAMF. JP did great with that AND the scene where he looked gutted when he saw the Colt.
    B- on Mary’s rationale. This was the obvious thing IMO and she didn’t sell it well.
    D- on killing the Alpha Vamp. I LIKED HIM.
    C- on Sam saying “I’m In”. I’m thinking that doesn’t mean he accepts all the BMoL’s methods but we’ll see.
    D- on the Winchesters signing off on killing the cylon (aka the stooge).
    C on Dean’s apology. Great with him having a relationship with Mary and accepting her hunting while disapproving her BMoL choice. But felt his earlier anger was justified. Would have liked him to at least say “lying to us is NOT OK” before he started in with the rest of it.

    Overall B+: The catharsis helped. I reserve the right to downgrade if Sam doesn’t shape the BMoL to a better organization with less sketchy morals.

  2. cathy says:

    no sam but I think you are more like your mom. ugh dont like men of letters. for some reason didnt mind if the alpha beat then

  3. Shelby says:

    You left out Dean’s response to Mary, that he never was a child. Go, Dean!

    I thought this episode was pretty bad, and waste of a good character, the Alpha Vamp.

    I agree with Dean, they shouldn’t work with the BMoL. The BMOL will kill anything and everything, even humans. And now both Mary and Sam are lying to Dean.

    • Shelby says:

      You left out Dean’s response to Mary, that he never was a child. Go, Dean!

      I thought this episode was pretty bad, and waste of a good character, the Alpha Vamp.

      I agree with Dean, they shouldn’t work with the BMoL. The BMOL will kill anything and everything, even humans. And now both Mary and Sam are lying to Dean.

      I hated Dean’s apology. He didn’t need to give one. And where was Mary’s apology?

      • June Bug says:

        I detested Dean’s apology with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. But that’s the show’s usual MO – let Dean the chance to stand up for himself, then have him roll over and take it all back by the end of the episode.

        And all it did was make me hate Mary. Now I just want her gone.

  4. The Men of Letters storyline is so much better than all of the demons and angels and Lucifer stuff. I hate how those once-scary elements of the show have been so overused that they’re just comic relief now. I like the more personal, more human, more grounded stories. I love having Mary back on the show, since she provides another point of natural Winchester conflict. I like that the MoL had their snobby asses handed to them. It will be cool to see where this goes. Maybe someone can finally use the tablet ritual to close the gates of Hell and banish the demons… but not Mary. They kill human characters too quickly and easily on the show, and they should be building up more regular hunters and focusing less on the angels and demons.

  5. liz miles says:

    I liked this episode, but I gotta say, my personal favorite scene was Mr. Ketch bringing Dean a bottle of scotch, and the two of them drinking it together in the Men of Letters bunker. It was reminiscent to me of that scene from Season 3, when Dean brings Rufus a bottle of scotch, and the two of them sit and drink it together, and Rufus basically tells Dean that he’s going to end up like him one day, if he doesn’t die first. In this scene with Ketch, Dean’s world-weary demeanor reminded me so much of how Rufus came across back in that season 3 ep. I wonder if that parallel was written in purposefully by the writers. Either way, really cool scene.

    • Susan Lowe says:

      Mary has been betraying her sons for months in true Winchester fashion. It’s too soon after her character was reintroduced for me to give her a break.

      When did Bobby come up with a bullet spell for the Colt?

      The actors hired to play the BMOL characters have no charisma. I couldn’t care less which of them get killed off. Introducing the backstabbing American hunter was a good move. That was a true surprise.

      Killing off the Alpha Vamp was a terrible mistake. Rick Worthy oozes charisma and it’s great to have some continuity with enemies besides Lucifer.

      Shame on Sam for being taken in by the BMOL who have treated the American hunters as disposable.

      Shame on Dean for being seduced by a really good bottle of Scotch.

  6. Jones says:

    The only thing I didn’t like in the episode was Dean not standing his ground at the end of the episode. His anger was completely justified and Mary should feel guilty and given a chance to redeem herself in her son’s eyes. The whole scene relieves her of her wrong doings which felt extremely premature. we have 7 episodes left in the seasons, a little more family drama wouldn’t have been so bad. I get that he was worried about her and all but you can be worried about someone AND be angry with them at the same time. Whatever she did wasn’t right, not by a long shot and scenes like those are actually making me hate her more.

  7. Mary still sucks and Dean should have never apologized to her. Worst episode of the season by far. Can’t wait till this shiny BMOL apple blows up in Mary’s face.

  8. Jimmy says:

    This is, perhaps, the worst episode of Supernatural that I have ever watched.

    Mr. Ketch was made out to be someone really scary. He isn’t played that way.

    Mary Winchester is supposed to be “the best Winchester” yet, she is only a Winchester by marriage.

    The vamps are totally overacted. Enough with the hissing and showing of teeth. We get it. Stop.

    Dean and Mr. Ketch can take on a nest of vamps by themselves with machetes, but, Sam, Mary, a few Men of Letters and several guards can’t even hold them off without nearly everyone getting killed? They have tons of impressive tech and an armory and spellcasters. Okay.

    • Maura says:

      Mary is a Campbell as well as a Winchester and she is badass. I don’t really get all the Mary hate. She is doing the “greater good” thing same as Sam and Dean and others have done through all 12 seasons. Dumb/bad things for good but often misguided reasons.

      Ketch seems to be looking for a kindred spirit- first in Mary and now in Dean. Now I am wondering if they’ll bring back Lady Toni for a little redemption. She said back in the beginning of the season that he was a psychopath.

  9. Ninamags says:

    The episode was good. I was glad to see the Alpha Vampire, though I hated the fact that they killed him off. The actor is spectacular. Mr. Worthy is a bad-ass.

    I, too, was gutted when Dean said that he had never been a child. :'(

    The BMoL are rather an incompetent bunch when the time comes for actual fighting, huh? No wonder they need all those spells and artifacts.

    Also hate the fact that Sam and Dean will, once again, be at odds.

  10. Maura says:

    Loved the episode but I hate when Sam and Dean are at odds and I really hope the writers don’t go there again.

    Still- I really love the Sam-centric episodes when he takes charge and shows that he is brainy and tough at the same time and the BMOL got nothing on the Winchesters.

  11. Terry Mcclure says:

    I don’t like Mary, I wish they had brought Bobby back instead of her. I don’t like the men of letters and where the heck is Castiel? I prefer episodes with Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley and Rowena. I hope they don’t drag out Mary’s story too much longer.

    • tvloverSA says:

      I for one love Mary she has more hunter history than Bobby …..and she is really awesome as a hunter

    • Stephanie Gotts says:

      Same! I wanted bobby, or honestly it would have been cool to bring back Jessica because we don’t know that much about her, and I wanted to see sam have to go through that and see their relationship some more. I don’t hate mary, but I’m not a big fan

  12. Everybody:Dean is so repressed, never opens up
    Dean:Opens up
    Mary:You’re not a child
    Sam:*kicks in balls*
    Dean:Okay, good talk

  13. Gift says:

    a nice episode! though the men of leathers re doing something good, I still think they re bad news for the boys I mean their methods goes too far with no loose ends. can they really achieve killing all the demon nd monsters in the world?

  14. Debbie says:

    I like Mary. She’s a character that was drawn larger than life because she was drawn by a four year old and now they are seeing her life sized. Coming from a family of hunters, she wanted more for herself and her boys and still does. That’s what drives the character and rings true from what we’ve seen of her from the past. Ketch is a psychopath who tried to find a kindred spirit in Dean. Each year some new psychopath attempts to hold up that mirror, but you could see by the expression of revulsion on his face, that Dean isn’t the psychopath they want him to be.

  15. DnaCowboy says:

    What was with the alpha vampire and his ‘well, that’s ENGLAND’ in such a derogatory way? I’ve visited England and it is an awesome place.

  16. Alex says:

    This episode annoyed me because Sam and Dean are one of the best, if not the best, hunters in America. I think they’re way better than Mary at hunting and I don’t see why she is held in such high regard. Sam and Dean think quick on their feet and have been hunting for longer than Mary has. Kind of sad they axed the Alpha, he was a great baddie, but the fact that they took him out with Colt was great. I’m happy that they finally showed that the British Men Of Letters aren’t all that. The relationship between the heartless Ketch and Dean was one I would never have predicted but worked really well – especially in the shots of the bike and Baby.

    I also feel like Mary seriously needs to recognise what happened to the boys after her death. I feel like she doesn’t understand how much they’ve done, how good they are and what they’ve been through. Mary only seems to know the John Winchester prior to her death, the nice one. It should probably be emphasised that Mary was willing to let them all die before she would let Ramiel get his hands back on the Colt. Surely, the Men of Letters can’t be more important than Sam and Dean? Would be interesting to explore.

  17. Stephanie Gotts says:

    Sam and Dean have always been pegged as a eat of two, here and there they let people in, after a time. I think it’s stupid that Sam so easily wants to join even though they are going to be the reason the MOL succeeds in the end. I think that the writers portrayed mary as really slefish. I understand her need to adjust, but she also has to understand that they don’t know eachother. They barely remember her and she doesn’t know them. They need that time to even really become family. And it’s weird that she is all of a sudden considered the best hunter. She barely hunted before she died. As she grew up she hated hunting and didn’t practice very much, only when she was forced. And she never hunted once she met John. So she would be a decent hunter but no where even close to Sam and Dean who are the best hunters in at least America seeing as they are famous among the monsters. She should really be more like a garth and booby mixed together because she should be really rusty and not have a lot of experience, only enough to not get killed as a teenager. She is in no one realistically better than Sam or Dean and certainly not then together. Honestly I would’ve loved if the writers brought back Jessica. I would live to see more of that relationship. I wanted for Sam to tell her the truth and have her become a awesome hunter with them. Even though Sam has alays even “alone” in a sense since her death minus that random girl from like season 8 or whatever, I think he is the kind of character who should end up with someone in the end. I would’ve loved to see more of that relationship and bring back glimpses from season 1 sammy.

  18. Oliver says:

    Uh, am I the only one who remembers something about how killing the Alpha wipes out ALL vamps forever, or did I make that up? Based on the end, seems like vampires are still around…

  19. Vampire_Diaries_Suck says:

    Mary is one big idiot. I wondered who the boys inherited their stupidity from and it seems they got it from Mary. C’mon, how dumb and blind can you be. Then you find out all this secret intel on your boys and you try to hand-to-hand fight the guy? Then you knock him down and turn your back to him for what?? To get tasered in the back. Then you get his gun at a later time and what do you do? Try to kill yourself instead shooting the bad guy and escaping. The brainwashing hadn’t taken full effect yet so no excuse except poor writing. And how come the winchesters always get caught by surprise. They never pay attention to what’s going on around them such that anyone can just walk up and shoot them in the head. Dumb dumb dumb