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Peak TV Treasure: Lethal Weapon

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CREATED BY | Matt Miller (Forever)

NUMBER OF EPISODES | 16 of Season 1’s 18 episodes have aired; the season finale airs on Wednesday, March 15


PREMISE | An updated reboot of the 1980s-’90s film franchise of the same name, Lethal Weapon follows cocksure detective Martin Riggs (Rectify‘s Clayne Crawford) and his nearing-retirement-age partner Roger Murtaugh (My Wife and Kids‘ Damon Wayans) as they solve crimes and engage in an unconventional bromance in the Los Angeles Police Department. We soon learn that Riggs’ willingness to throw himself into life-threatening situations is neither bravery nor stupidity: After his pregnant wife died in a car accident on her way to give birth at the hospital, the young police officer has a very real death wish but can’t bring himself to do the deed. Murtaugh, meanwhile, has just returned to the force after a serious heart attack and frequently must reign in his daredevil new partner. Kevin Rahm (Mad Men) plays their frequently vexed captain, Keesha Sharp (Girlfriends) is Murtaugh’s awesome lawyer wife Trish, and Jordana Brewster (Secrets and Lies) plays police psychologist — and possible future Riggs love interest? — Maureen Cahill.

WORTH YOUR TIME IF YOU ENJOY… | Police procedurals that don’t take themselves too seriously, moments of real emotion — as well as much levity — sprinkled over cases of the week, manpain doled out in small-yet-regular doses, visually impressive stunts

YOU SHOULD PROBABLY ALSO KNOW… | What truly elevates Lethal Weapon to treasure status is the casting, particularly its central pair: Crawford and Wayans bounce off each other in a way that is equal parts silly and touching, and show is smart to play up their partnership as much as possible. Also, Crawford’s Season 1 hair/facial hair game is kind of epic.

IS IT COMING BACK? | Yes. Fox renewed the show for a second season in late February.

WHERE CAN I WATCH IT? | All aired episodes are available On Demand and via the Fox Now app; some episodes also are available on Hulu.

Press PLAY on the trailer below for a taste of what Lethal Weapon is all about, then hit the comments: Will you check in with the show?

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  1. Andrea Gimblett says:

    This was a great surprise of the season, I feel in love from day one. Clayne Crawford is the hottest bad boy on TV at the moment. They must never touch the hair! The show has done a great job balancing sweet, with silly and serious with humor very well.

    • GregJ. says:

      I have truly enjoyed this show. I’m a huge fan of the franchise and I wasn’t interested at first, but I’m glad a gave it a try.

  2. Charissa29 says:

    It would be nice if just once the female psychologist isn’t set up as a potential love interest for her PATIENT! sheesh, it is actually against the code of ethics!

    • Carla Krae says:

      It won’t happen until next season at least. She’s been completely professional with Riggs, and would refer him to someone else the second she couldn’t be.

    • PatriciaLee says:

      But with the DEA agent Karen Palmer, recently, there appears to be a shift away from that.

      • tjchurch2001 says:

        Shift away from Palmer, too, to the point every time I heard one of the 2 guys say her name, the show lost my attention while I racked my brain to remember who he/she/it was!!

  3. skrable2 says:

    We’ve really started to enjoy this. But we miss the dog Riggs took care of in one episode

  4. Penny says:

    My favorite new show of the season! I didn’t know what to expect and was pleasantly surprised how awesome this show is!

  5. SUSO says:


  6. Csr says:

    Totally agree. One of the few shows in which the actors are engaged and obviously enjoying it.

  7. Carla Krae says:

    Love this show. We were wary and thankful the pilot delivered something we enjoyed. Now the mister looks forward to this the most! He says “boooooooo” every time it’s not on.

  8. Haz says:

    I really expected not to like and was pleasantly surprised. It’s sometimes a little unbelievable however the leads pull it off. The other issue I have is Jordanna Brewster is being under utilized. I enjoyed the episode with her stalker, I also enjoyed the the chemistry with Hillarie Burtons character. A part of me wants to see more of the supporting characters but I really enjoy Crawford and Wayans chemistry. I also hope Thomas Lennon pops back up I really enjoyed him and why not since TOC probably will not be back. I do hope Fox strikes a deal with Hulu or Netflix to stream the entire first season because it would be a good show for people to catch over the summer and build its fan base.

  9. Sarah says:

    One of the best new shows this season. I love the casts chemistry, you can see the developing relationships and you actually care about the direction of the story while building on the original films stories. The humour is well done as well.
    Clayne is an abolute joy to watch, you feel for his portrayal of Riggs, I constantly want him to progress (I even shouted at the tv when he started back on the drink) and he damn well better not cut his hair!.
    It’s a win in our household, the hubby loves it as well, it deserved a second season and fox really did hit the jackpot on this one.

  10. Stacy says:

    Probably my favorite new show of the season, and definitely underrated for a well balanced comedy/drama/crime show. I hope FOX decides to work with HULU and stream the full season. I think it would be a smart move for gaining new viewers going into season 2.

  11. Lauren says:

    Yes. A show my husband and I both enjoy. Not always easy. Particularly with a 1 hour drama.

  12. Red Snapper says:

    This was one of my favorite new shows. I was surprised with how much I liked it. I was expecting it to be like most of the failed movie to tv reboots but its so much better than any other reboot and most other shows. Wayans and Crawford are so well matched, their chemistry is great. They are one of the best duos on TV. I agree that the best thing about the show is its casting. If anyone was were playing Murtaugh or Riggs it would not work nearly as well. I grew up on the movies and they will always have a special place in my heart but this might be the rare time when I prefer a reboot to the original.

  13. Pure says:

    The sweetest thing about Lethal Weapon’s success is that it’s showrunner is Matt Miller – the creator of Forever.

    I am so happy for him – it’s beyond words.

    ABC’s loss is FOX’s gain.

  14. Karen says:

    I was surprised that I liked this although I do find Murtaugh to be a bit whiny at times. The first few episodes were weaker but enough to keep watching and now it’s getting better with each episode.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    I love this show! It is just so fun. One of those shows that never sits in my DVR for more than a day.

    • MMD says:

      Mine either – I usually watch it first thing the next morning. It is the 2nd of only 2 shows I have EVER watched on Fox and it genuinely makes me laugh out loud. The casting is superb and makes you forget all about the two who were in the movies. Clayne Crawford is an absolute gem and this character is such a switch from what he played on Rectify. I hope they don’t mess with the show as it is great as it is although I would like to see Thomas Lennon back on a fairly regular basis. I wouldn’t mind a longer season though.

  16. MLPR says:

    Yes! It’s so refreshing to find a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a little bit of light escapism in today’s intense world. It has just the right balance of humor and heart. Love, love, love it.

  17. Lame says:

    This series is as much as the movies and much more intimate

  18. tjchurch2001 says:

    I loved the show when I first saw it despite having never seen the movies (& knowing nothing of them outside of the “Murtaugh” episode of “How I Met Your Mother”). Also, for a few weeks, I swore “Riggs” was Depp coming to TV after a few big-screen failures, maybe to lower spousal support from his then-current divorce proceedings.

  19. Eric H says:

    Probably the best TV reboot of a film. Didn’t think it’d work but Crawford and Wayans have such great chemistry together. I’ve missed a few episodes due to it being up against ABC’s comedy lineup so I’ll try to catch up on them whenever they do some reruns.

  20. Fairmont1955 says:

    The cast chemistry is fantastic I really like the show more with each episode.

  21. John NYC says:

    Surprisingly fun find. Heartfelt moments are special balanced by a well crafted humorous bent.

    Glad it’s coming back

    And Trish IS awesome.

  22. Gwen says:

    My husband was really excited for this show and I was not. But I decided to “keep him company” while he watched the first episode, and after 10 minutes I was hooked. We really enjoy the chemistry between the two leads. I had never seen Clayne Crawford before but he is really enjoyable to watch. I agree that the balance between serious and fun is well done.

  23. Luis Roman says:

    I was bound and determined to hate this show, but I just couldn’t do it. The humor and heart underlying all of the ridiculous action make the show irresistible. This may be the warmest, cuddliest action show in TV history..

  24. Gabrielle says:

    This show is legit! One of the best on tv for sure right now. Perfect casting, storylines that have you on the edge of your seat. Never have missed an episode! Season two renewal news was the best news of my year so far!

  25. Troy says:

    I also enjoy how the show itself is shot. The colors, framing and general quality of the material is visually enticing.

  26. shar says:

    this is the best new show of the season. The chemistry between the main characters is a amazing. Love ths show.

  27. Sarah says:

    This show’s success absolutely hinged on the casting of Riggs, in my opinion. It had to be someone who could be believable and who wasn’t doing a Mel Gibson-as-Riggs impression. They absolutely nailed it with Clayne Crawford. I wasn’t familiar with him before, but man is he good. Every risk he takes is believable and understandable. And when Crawford plays Riggs at his lowest, it actually hurts to watch. So so good. Obviously Damon Wayans is great, too, but I wasn’t worried about that. When they announced his casting, I thought “perfect”. This show quickly-and to my complete surprise-became one of my favorites. So happy it was renewed!

  28. Ashley says:

    Thanks so much for recommending this! Never having seen the Lethal Weapon films, I assumed I wouldn’t be interested in the show and therefore never gave it a chance. However, after coming across this article, I figured I might as well give it a try. What a pleasant surprise! 16 episodes later, I am hooked! The show has dynamic characters, interesting storylines, and a lot of heart – all things I love. Thanks again TVLine!

  29. WLee says:

    Good show, great chemistry, play more music by lesser known artist .

  30. Sarah Denney says:

    Love this show, action is outstanding! NCIS used to be my favorite, kept replacing favorites, now is not good. They are trying to elevate Quinn to top spot she is terrible! Lethal Weapon is. Now my favorite! Please more episodes, if over 3/15 what are we suppose to do til Fall???

  31. Kevan Poulin says:

    Thought the last of the year- end, was one of the BEST ones yet. you guys have put together the best remakes yet. Great actors and writing, keep it up,….