Chicago Justice Recap

Chicago Justice: Will You Add the New Windy City Spinoff to Your Lineup?

Judging the #OneChicago franchise’s latest entry, Chicago Justice, off Wednesday’s special preview feels a bit like cheating. After all, the hour was part of a crossover, not a regular installment. But the Chicago shows are always intermixing, sometimes casually, sometimes meaningfully. So in a way, Justice‘s premiere was a normal episode.

Chicago Justice RecapBefore you tell us if you’ll be making DVR space for yet another spinoff, let’s recap the plot and players: The arsonist responsible for killing 39 kids, including P.D. detective Olinsky’s daughter Lexi, is now in custody, but the work has only just begun. It’s up to prosecutor Peter Stone (The Player‘s Philip Winchester) to put the criminal behind bars. Despite his lofty position at the D.A.’s office, Peter sees himself as an underdog with a strong moral compass, especially when it comes the arsonist’s confession. See, his investigator Antonio (P.D.‘s Jon Seda) didn’t hear it himself, but Voight and Olinsky did. When Voight insists on his right to tell his story in court, Stones responds, “Having a right and doing what is right, they’re two completely different things.” Even Peter’s adversary, the defense attorney, notes his “ineffable morality” is reminiscent of his father, Law & Order‘s Ben Stone.

But maybe Peter is not all good? When a journalist threatens to spill the sordid details of the lawyer’s affair with a married (but separated at the time) woman, Peter considers letting him go through with it for the sake of his case, even though it means ruining his ex’s life. He doesn’t actually pull that card though, because some fake news and social media twists later, he gets his guilty verdict anyway.

Chicago Justice RecapRounding out the D.A.’s office are Cook County State’s Attorney Mark Jefferies (Rocky‘s Carl Weathers), who has a formidable presence (“You win this one, it could make your career. You lose, it could destroy mine,” he warns Peter); Assistant State’s Attorney Anna Valdez (UnREAL‘s Monica Barbaro), who will probably be a love interest for Peter, if my years of TV watching have taught me anything; and investigator Laura Nagel (Justified‘s Joelle Carter), who is having some kind of child issues that require a domestic monitor. At this point, Antonio is also fully settled in at his new job, where his partner Laura insists, “I’m a team player. I’d just like to know which team I’m on before I start playing.”

Chicago fans, what did you think of Justice? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. sweetrupturedlight says:

    The Player was awful but I love Philip Winchester so much, I watched it anyway. Thankfully, CJ is better. It has the formula we’re used to, but I’m sticking around. Welcome back to my screen Philip!

    • LolaHaze says:

      Same here! Love Philip Winchester and happy to see him back on my TV! I actually had never watched any of these Chicago programs before and only tuned in for the crossovers because I saw that Philip will be in Justice. Between him and Carl Weathers I’ll definitely give Justice a DVR slot.

  2. Billy meacham says:

    So it’s a premiere of a premiere?

  3. Jill says:

    How they transitioned into each hour was done incredibly well. I thought the Justice hour was the weakest, but I will give it a chance. It wasn’t as suspenseful and lagged at points, compared to the others. But, like I said, I’ll give it a chance.

    • Sally McLinn says:

      Me too. I thought Justice was weak.

    • christine harris says:

      Not impressed; fell asleep….it’s not as good as Law and Order. They need to add more action to it. The other Chicago shows are better

    • Jamie says:

      Agreed. It was definitely the weakest of the the three, and I only felt compelled to keep watching to see the outcome set up by Fire and PD. I would have turned it off if I were watching it by itself, but I’m wondering if I should give it another chance.

  4. Wrstlgirl says:

    That was really well done. I felt like I was watching a really long movie, lol! Justice has a major Law & Order feel to it. Right down to the music.

    • JustMeMike says:

      I liked it but I also believed it was given a strong leg up by following the lead-ins established by Fire and PD. Not saying there’s anything wrong with a helping hand as it does provide more context.

      But as far as the Justice segment itself = I thought that the perp would crack at the trial as soon as the trial began. He was simply too smug, and it seemed obvious that he would cave under the pressure of being belittled publicly.

      I may have missed it but exactly when did the perp ‘confess’ within earshot of Olinsky and Voigt. I thought that Voigt’s police report was a lie or imagined or made up – especially since, as the Defense Attorney Forest played by Bradley Whitford made an issue of Stone not using the confession that Voigt had included in the report..

      • Lily says:

        There was no confession. Olinsky, the grieving father, made it up to be sure he didn’t walk. And Voight being Voight went along with it. Led to Antonio being caught in the middle between his old boss and new boss.

        • justice says:

          Yeah, that was good. I just hope the show isn’t about catering to the criminals. I really like the way Chicago PD is about going over the line to serve justice and playing by the criminals rules. I’m not interested in watching Chicago Justice go after the police or dealing with police shootings and protests.

  5. Bigdede says:

    Chicago Justice was super boring.

  6. westwingwolf says:

    It will probably never be the show I choose to watch first, and will always be fourth in my interest of the Chicago franchise after Fire, PD, and Med; but I’ll stick with it for awhile to see the other characters crossover from time to time. Maybe like with PD and Med I’ll grow to like the show on its own merits. But it will probably always be second or third choice to watch on an already busy Sunday night of television for me.

  7. D says:

    It was a little boring for me. Not enough Antonio!

  8. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband ended up watching the whole episode, and boy did he flip out that one of his PD characters was going to be on trial next week. It looks like the show’s dynamics has grabbed him…so far. He got tired of Law & Order’s preachy mood, at the end of it’s run. They had better throw in some Chicago Fire/PD exciting scenes to keep him. I’ll check in because I love Winchester. The Player was great for the action, at the end of it’s run. They should have started with that action its first half hour. I hope they don’t make that mistake, here.

  9. Lily says:

    Chicago Justice episode was well done and served the purpose of introducing the new players. Not enough of the investigators’ work for me but hopefully will see more in future episodes. Need my Antonio being-a-cop fix : )

  10. Morgan Lee says:

    More Antonio PLEASE!! And I liked his partner, Nagel. Hope to see a lot more of them to come.

  11. Ruby says:

    Chicago Justice, PLEASE NO relationship between Stone and his assistant prosecutor, Valdez, other than professional. It is silly and diminishes the quality of the show. Just ask Chicago PD!

  12. James D says:

    it was okay. I don’t think it is fair to judge it on a crossover event where things have to move little quicker. It was pretty standard legal drama fare which felt a little underwhelming to me, I’ll give it some time before i decide. It was great to see Captain Janeway as the judge though :)

    • Dysturbed says:

      I see the resemblance, but that wasn’t her. Captain Janeway was played by Kate Mulgrew. The judge last night was played by Tovah Feldshuh, who was reprising her former character from Law and Order.

  13. pAloma says:

    bah. I will give it a pass much as I was hoping to like it (I miss Antonio). I will check in only if there is an interesting crossover with other Chicago shows. Too much like Law & Orde and if I never see L&O again it will be too soon. This show was just boring and predictable.

    What I did like was the opening sequence of Chicago Fire. Did they get a new director and editor because there were different camera angles/techniques and a lot more edits that made the whole sequence more tense and editing. So good job there and do more of that more often.

    • donholley77 says:

      Nope. Joe Chappelle, who directed several CF episodes directed this 1 too. Same Editor. I noticed this season, they have been shooting the action scenes more like a big budget film!

  14. Sally McLinn says:

    I love the crossover shows and this one was seamless. However, the Justice segment began to get tiring and boring to me. I didn’t last the whole hour. It probably will not be a MUST see for me.

  15. Cordell says:

    It felt like Law and Order to me. That hunky Carl Weathers is one of the main reasons I am watching it. I would Set my season pass but since I’m moving I got to wait until Sunday after I get to my new provider but yes and I was disappointed that Peter’s dad did not get mention but I will be tuning in

  16. Jess says:

    I’m going to watch Sunday’s instalment before I judge it but the court room scenes in SVU and other shows were always my least favourite parts of the episodes.

  17. donholley77 says:

    I’m still reeling over the crossover! Very well done all the way around! Will watch Justice!

  18. jj says:

    Definitely. Watching because of Philip Winchester, plus it comes on at 9pm on Sunday (regular schedule) which is perfect as it is right after NCIS LA.

  19. herman1959 says:

    I’m only going to discuss the Justice hour; I thought it was good and gave it a B. They really went out of their way to make it feel like the original Law & Order, including the conversations between the prosecutor and his second. They also used the “ripped from the headlines” thing that Law & Order did so well. My one gripe is when it came to formulating a motive, the ADA jumped on the the fake news item immediately and it sped up the chain of command like a rocket. Stone’s father would never have bought into something like that so fast. As it turned out, the defense was playing Stone, but that piece of writing still didn’t feel right. That said, I will watch on Sunday.

  20. Tom says:

    Seriously, do there need to be four Chicago shows? If you must have multiple Chicago, combine Justice and PD, and then Fire and Med. Or, just combine them all into one. Do you want Chicago Sanitation? Because that’s how you get Chicago Sanitation

  21. Lisa says:

    Dick wolf is just a genius……Absoulute GENIUS…….. Love all his shows……..Chicago Fire Chicago P.D Med & Now Chicago Justice……

  22. justice says:

    The main attorney was good, not enough Antonio though. If this show delves into the whole “black lives matter” are the good guys crap then I’ll stop watching.

  23. Gerald says:

    Wow, How crappy for the Chicago PD team. Another murdered child of one of the main characters? Is that what they have to do to get drama on these shows.For what happened didn’t think there was enough outrage. And Wow the trial. There was not enough real evidence so they just pissed off the plaintiff enough that he basically just confessed in the courtroom with the psychotic outburst? I felt that was a poor conviction. And I don’t think it was a satisfying conclusion for Olinski who just had to sit at the back of the courtroom for all the scenes. Maybe I’ll check it out again on the next crossover episode.

  24. liame says:

    Strike Back was a good show, The Player sucked, but this looks promising. Just don’t muck it up by making his assistant his love interest, don’t need to see that being the focus of the show.

  25. Christin says:

    I think what made L&O successful is the fact that both the law and order parts were in the same show. So you saw the police action and law. With the Chi shows, they are separate entities that I’m assuming will cross over 2-3 a season more or less… so I’m interested to see how they keep it from being boring. Maybe I’m alone, but I think Med is boring too.

    I really want Jon Seda back on PD.

  26. Kenny says:

    Law & Order: Chicago aka Chicago Justice was AWESOME!!!

  27. Steph says:

    I thought it was the weakest of all 3 shows but I will stick with it and see how it stands on it’s own. I quit Med because I personally felt there was no real character development. Loved Oliver Platt but he wasn’t enough to keep me watching. Will give it till the end of the season and make my decision.

  28. Dev says:

    Haven’t decided if I’ll watch SqaureJaw Chicago Pants yet. I’ll probably give it a couple eps but doubt I’ll be in it for the long haul.

  29. Debbie says:

    Why can’t Antonio and Brett get back together.

    • Morgan Lee says:

      Agree! Hope they get back together too before end of season. They made a great couple and more realistic since they are NOT partners in the same unit or station!

  30. Sarge says:

    Outstanding story line as continuation of Chicago P.D.episode..excellant , riviting dialog. very up to date on current social activities in realationship to real-life surroundings & trends (fantasy -vs -reality) people are obsessed with Cyber world as opposed to outside (actual) happenings…the world outlined by frames of screens of computers,cell phones ,& other electronic often hand held devices…!

  31. Brenda says:

    Great to see Carl Weathers looking healthy and I hope this show revs it up, cause I want to love it but I don’t think I’m going to be able to.

  32. monica Fernandez says:

    Chicago Fire, PD and Med have been fantastic but the spinoff for Justice seems slow and boring; Law & Order had better scripts that had more of a punch, picking up pace with the story line, and the cast characters gets into it more feisty; if pace doesn’t pickup it probably won’t make it

  33. I love Chicago fire the best

  34. Had it not been for the supporting cast of the other 3 series in the franchise, this would have been unwatchable. Winchester’s holier-than-thou portrayal of ADA Stone is preachy and not credible. Carl Weathers is a competent one-note-Johnny as his boss. The posturing and melodrama of the script as well as most of the performances is just plain awful.

  35. Darlene Shively says:

    No because all of the chicago shows seen to be on 1 week then the next week they are not on very disappointed. I would rather watch a show on another channel who is consistent. Week after werk

  36. Chickiet15 says:

    Chicago Justice is unrealistic. Prosecutors do not talk or interview defendants as shown on this show. The state’s attorneys office in Cook County has their investigators for that reason.
    I worked for the Cook County court system for 27 years and never saw what is on Chicago Justice. I probably could be a consultant with my experience.
    I love all the other shows from Wolf productions.