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Arrow Duo Break Down the Prometheus Reveal, Big Impact It Will Have on Oliver

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Wednesday night’s episode of The CW’s Arrow.

Arrow finally unmasked Prometheus — the Big Bad who has been pointedly tormenting Oliver all season long — during this Wednesday’s episode, revealing that Oliver’s seeming ally in the mayor’s office, D.A. Adrian Chase (played by series regular Josh Segarra), is the evil, avenging archer.

Arrow RecapIn the comics, Chase’s alter ego is Vigilante, but the producers chose to flip the script “because everybody would be thinking, ‘Of course he’s going to be Vigilante,'” executive producer Wendy Mericle explains. “We thought it would be a really fun twist to… take the comic-book mythology and turn it on its head and see what kind of story we can mine from a surprise like that. It was also something different for this season. We wanted to change up how we introduced the Big Bad and when we did it.”

Fan speculation about Prometheus has run the gamut — it’s Susan Williams because of that thing on her wrist! Lance has gone dark! Tommy Merlyn is back! — but “we always knew that Adrian Chase… was our Big Bad,” Mericle says.

Segarra confirms that after he landed the role, co-showrunners Mericle and Marc Guggenheim said, “‘You’re going to be the Big Bad of the season, and you’re going to play this guy,’ and they described Prometheus to me.” (When his casting was then officially announced as Adrian Chase/Vigilante, the actor started studying up on Vigilante, thinking that’s who he was instead portraying. Thankfully, the producers cleared that confusion up for him.)

Although viewers are now aware of Prometheus’ true face — he exposed his mug to the audience when he took off his mask following a fight with Vigilante — Team Arrow will remain in the dark for the time being. As a result, the show gets to have “fun” as the characters continue to “interact with Adrian Chase in City Hall and elsewhere without knowing his real identity,” Mericle describes. “We’re going to play around with that for a little while before we let Oliver and the team find out.”

And find out they will, possibly sooner rather than later. “We’re not going to leave it to the end of the season,” Segarra promises. “We’re going to get to watch the pot get stirred a little bit. It’s hard because I already know how [Oliver] reacts, and I love the way it goes. You’re going to see Chase just kind of trying to burn the world around him.”

Mericle hopes that the “really strong” bond between the two men will “create a much bigger impact on Oliver when he finds out down the road who Adrian really is, and that this is the guy who’s been really messing with him all season.”

Arrow RecapIn the meantime, Prometheus will continue to make life hellish for Oliver by kidnapping his ex, Susan Williams.

“We really wanted to build him up as someone who is extremely good at being 10 steps ahead of Oliver, really being psychological in the way that he manipulates him,” Mericle shares. “One of the ways he does that is by going after the people that Oliver cares about… He really has no drive to kill Oliver. It’s purely based on torture.” Taking the reporter captive is “part and parcel of this drive to break Oliver down psychologically, as opposed to physically.”

And now that the series doesn’t have to tiptoe around Prometheus/Chase’s secret, “we will get a lot more sense, going forward, of why he has become so evil, why he’s so bent on revenge,” Mericle says.

Arrow fans, what did you think of the Prometheus reveal? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Linda says:

    Wasn’t everyone guessing he Chase was Prometheus since the beginning? I sure was.

  2. Ally says:

    I liked the episode…did not see that coming, so who’s Vigilante then? And why are they so bent on getting rid of Thea.

  3. bob says:

    its starting to feel more and more like season 2 i still believe he gets outed mayor or quits

  4. Gary says:

    Sadly this was my number one suspect. He was new and way too good for someone in the district attorney’s office. I hope Prometheus is around longer since he has been a great baddie on the show.

  5. SUSO says:

    I’ll take “the most obvious answer” for 2000, Alex

  6. nate says:

    So who the hell is vigilante??

    • clintbrew says:

      my money is on Konstantin Kovar unless he dies in flashback

    • Chad says:

      I’m wondering if it is also Adrien Chase. We saw prometheus push him off a building and he just vanished.

      What if that fight was all in his head? There was a version of Vigilante in the comics who didn’t know he was Vigilante. If prometheus is hell bent on Oliver’s torture then why has this been the first time we saw the two fight? Vigilante keeps trying to kill Arrow and Oliver and prometheus knows they are the same person. How did the two of them end up on the roof fighting? They don’t seem to be the kind to “patrol” the city. They seem like they are in specific spots for specific reasons so hoe did they cross paths?

      • jj says:

        your theory doesn’t work. How was Adrian standing next to Oliver during the press conference while the team were fighting Vigilante? Adrian and Vigilante can’t be the same person as shown in this episode.

      • Mike says:

        I was thinking split personality too, but during the press conference Chase was by Oliver’s side when Vigilante was in the building across the street aiming for him.

  7. Lex says:

    That was the most underwhelming reveal. The theory’s been floating around for a while. So when it happened… nope.
    The rest of the episode was a hot mess. Please, everyone reading this comment, tell me honestly: do you care AT ALL about Susan? I really want to know if she’s made any impact or endeared herself to anyone, because I think she’s a waste of screen time. Are we still supposed to pretend she’s a good person, and wasn’t going to expose Oliver as the Green Arrow? Are we still pretending Thea is horrible for watching her brother’s back? Please, anyone make a case for Susan, or explain why she is there at all.
    Oliver’s back to being a dick. Diggle thinks a good pep talk about Billy’s all Felicity needs to get back to her empathetic self. Well, I’m all out of empathy too.
    The only good news is Felicity’s joining Helix. Burn the city to the effing ground, girl.

    • Carla Krae says:

      I care about Susan.

      • Lex says:

        Please explain why, if you don’t mind. I’m now going in researcher mode, because I really can’t believe this show has declined so much. Now I’m just intellectually curious instead of emotionally invested.

        • Gary says:

          For emotional impact? Who knows why writers do the things that they do.

          • Lex says:

            But that assumes we care about Susan. Do you care about Susan?

          • Justin Ryan Thomas says:

            I agree with this guy she is there for emotional impact and yes she has made mistakes but she said now she will keep it a secret cause how oliver helped her get her job back

    • Lizzie says:

      Susan is the worst and actually turning me off the show.

    • Lysh says:

      I liked the episode, but I’ll agree about Susan. Not even just because Oliver was engaged like a minute ago, but she was at odds with him since the beginning and the quick relationship just seemed shady. Also she and Dinah look a little alike, I keep mistaking who I’m seeing.

    • Oscar Alfaro says:

      That was freaking awesome I like your reasoning for each one of those issues, and nope don’t care much for Susan since she was digging into the green arrow. Thea had every reason to do what she did anyone who has a sibling or just a family member would understand that. Being the younger sibling and having your brother watch your back is cool but we finally saw it flip to her and if the shoe was on the other foot Oliver would have done something way worse if Thea’s alter ego was put on the line, he is of course back to killing. Felicity is going down a dark path but it’s been over due since everyone but her has gone down that dark path we finally get to see her evolve into her own superhero.

    • Stacey says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly Lex! I had a laugh at Prometheus and Vigilante fighting over Oliver.
      I love Thea, she is chaotic neutral, nothing wrong with that! And I can’t stand Susan, I just want her go, come on Prometheus!
      And good for Felecity, her SL seems interesting!

    • kath says:

      Thea tried to save Oliver and failed. Now I’m hoping Prometheus succeeds by taking out Susan because she’s making Oliver so stupid I can’t stand him any more. This is worse than the terrible Baby Mama storyline from last season.

      I’m sure Susan will end up just fine and Oliver will continue to put her ahead of Thea, his Team and his job as mayor.
      It’s not a good idea to make the hero of your show look so stupid the audience is rooting for the villain
      Oliver and Diggle both tell Thea and Felicity respectively that they (Thea and Felicity) need to be better people than the men are. STFU, Oliver and Diggle. That masive sexism you’ve got going there.
      Now I want Thea and Felicity to run the team.

    • Charley says:

      I agree. So far I like this season better than last season…but the ‘Susan story line’ has lost me. It feels like the movie when the person walks past 3 light switches in the dark spooky house… WTH??? TURN. ON. THE. LIGHT. As for the Thea interaction…it would have been MUCH more ‘believable’ if Oliver said “…thanks for having my back little sis…but ruining her life was overkill…please do whatever it takes to make sure she can still have a career…far, far away from Star City.” But an oblivious, selectively unsuspecting Oliver Queen (regarding the chick who has the dossier on him/Russian vodka etc) is as frustrating to watch as the idiot who doesn’t turn on the light.

    • KT says:

      Love this, Lex! Couldn’t agree more!

    • you are the first person who thinks just like me …. Thea and Felicity rulled with their decision and I am usually against women being so bad ass on superhero tv shows … but in this episode Oliver was just plain stupid to me … his decision made no sense and Thea was right 100% . And yes I hate Susan too … she is a bad person and Oliver it’s just an idiot at this point.

  8. Erica says:

    Wait — ANOTHER woman is going to be targeted just to hurt Oliver. Never change, show.

    • SUSO says:

      For the record, the show has always been an equal opportunity targeter — placing its male characters in danger to hurt Oliver just as often as the female ones.

  9. Stephon JS says:

    I’m shocked with the reveal…
    Minor note: anyone catch that possible error in the flashback: the bank statement said 8/5/2016. why?

    • M says:

      I noticed that too. I rewound it to double check. No idea if it’s relevant at all, but seems odd that they would show that with the date clearly being wrong. Maybe the Russian wording around it makes it clear what it actually is, that maybe the dates are correct. No clue though

  10. Jennifer says:

    It is awesome Chase is Prometheus but I don’t not care about Oliver relationship with Susan Williams it just doesn’t do it for me and I didn’t like that Oliver ask his ex girlfriend to help him with his new girlfriend he didn’t think about her feelings when he asks her and now that Prometheus kidnap Susan Williams the fans should like her now that she knows that Oliver is the green arrow and that she not going to tell one Still don’t like her

    • Kelly says:

      But Felicity broke up with him, and had her own relationship since Oliver. She started dating Billy way before Oliver started dating Susan. I think it’s good for him to date a little instead of just mooning over Felicity. I’m starting to get used to them as just friends again.

    • Kelly says:

      Plus he was just asking Felicity to undo the damage she and Thea had done, which didn’t bother me.

      • Lex says:

        Oliver is certainly more concerned about Susan’s career than he was when Felicity was pushed out of Palmer Tech. And are we ever going to acknowledge the fact that she was continuing to investigate him while she was dating him? Thea Queen just saved Oliver’s ass, and she’s being sent away for it. Sorry if I’m not weeping over Susan being targeted by Vigilante because I really don’t give a crap about her.

        • 134sc says:

          See this is wat bugs me about the Susan Williams thing. She never once said she was going to out him. She had the info and went straight to Oliver with it…twice. Wen she was fired, she says of course she cant go public cuz she was discredited, but again she never said it was her intent all along. Finally she didnt have to go to Oliver she could have reported it behind his back, just as in this episode where she couldve outed him, but again she goes straight to him and even tells him she will keep it quiet. Im pretty nuetral on Susan, but all the negativity i find really unwarented.

          • Brenna says:

            But Susan was secretly investigating him while in a relationship with him and Oliver doesn’t even question that! Makes no sense to me. I like Oliver and would rather see him act intelligently.

          • kath says:

            After Thea forestalled her, Susan went to Oliver and said “And now I can’t go public with it.”
            If it was never her intention to go public with it, why would she even think that she can’t go public now?
            She went to Oliver and asked him if he was the Green Arrow to get a quote. She even told him that it was “on the record”, meaning that she wanted to use it in a story.
            Why did she keep investigating his Bratva connections after she got into a relationship with him? If she had real feelings for him, she would have stopped investigating him.
            Everything points to Susan getting into a relationship with Oliver so get the dirt on him, and continuing to investigate him for an expose even after they were sleeping together. She really does make Samantha and the Baby Mama mess from last season look good.

          • Lex says:

            She never *said* she was going to out him; sure. She just paid off a source and slept with Oliver to confirm the story. Maybe she was doing all that out of innocent curiosity. Sure. However we *know* she’d already used what Thea said off the record, taking advantage of her trust. Past history shows her being untrustworthy, and I haven’t seen anything to suggest she’d changed. She hadn’t exposed Oliver… yet. Would you trust that she had perfectly altruistic reasons to have an entire file of research on Oliver/The Bratva/Green Arrow?

  11. Celina says:

    I liked Chase, so I didn’t like this…
    He should’ve been Vigilante, so he could stay longer in the show.
    Plus, everybody was saying he was Prometheus….

  12. Rob says:

    so we have next big Q who to hell is vigilante ??

  13. Rob TO says:

    I HATED this reveal. It came at such a random moment and the reveal of who it was is just so stupid. If Vigilante turns out being a nobody too, then I’m going to be hugely disappointed with this season especially considering how good it has been for the most part.

  14. MB says:

    They totally got me with this. I assumed Chase was going to be the Vigilante like he was in the comics. Never saw the Prometheus reveal coming and now I’m really curious to see who Vigilante is.

  15. Sam says:

    I don’t give a rat’s butt about the reporter. They beat us over the head that Oliver suddenly cares deeply about this woman who was prior to going to expose him as GA. And she only made nice again after she got her job back even though Oliver told her repeatedly he had nothing to do with her firing. I’m rooting for the villain’s success in this one. Seeing her in the next promo makes me decide I’ll not be tuning in for that one. Show me people I actually care about Arrow. The core three, Lance, and Thea. That’s who I want on my screen, and who care about.

  16. Lizzie says:

    I guessed Prometheus ages ago. Not surprising at all.

    Am I supposed to believe Oliver genuinely cares about Susan? I don’t at all. She’s awful and I can’t stand her. The fact that Oliver doesn’t care that she was investigating him while sleeping with him is truly confusing.

    I actually can’t stand Oliver now. This season has really removed what I loved about him. He’s unrecognisable. And going to his ex fiancé and asking for help with his current girlfriend was the lowest of the low, even more so after he’s apparently forgotten that he KILLED HER BOYFRIEND. Awful! Who is this guy?! What have you done with the real Oliver?

    The only good thing that happened was the couple of Delicity scenes – lovely to see that they still know and care about each other, wow! And Felicity joining Helix. Maybe they’ll show her more respect than Oliver does.

    Poor Thea though. I was actually totally on her side. I don’t want her to leave at all.

    • ndixit says:

      I find it funny that people find it so awful that he’s forgotten that he killed her boyfriend. The more amazing part is that even she barely behaves as if her boyfriend just recently died.

      • Lex says:

        Well, it’s not like they gave us much reason to care about Billy. They’re trying with Susan, but its a complete failure.

      • Lizzie says:

        Billy was barely on the show and I never saw Felicity invested in him. She couldn’t call him her boyfriend, didn’t introduce him to anyone she cared about. Couldn’t say she loved him. So her behaviour seems normal to me, especially as Felicity is the type of person to bury her emotions and carry on and get stuff done. Oliver, however, has displayed so real sense of remorse outside the episode he actually killed him.

  17. M says:

    Now that I’m past the whole being duped into the Vigilante being Adrian Chase mislead, there were certain points after the reveal that he’s not Vigilante, when Vigilante was fighting Diggle/Mr.Terrific/Wild Dog that I thought Vigilante was walking a bit effeminate, that maybe it’s a woman. Vigilante obviously uses technology in the mask, so maybe a voice changer that makes a woman sound like a man is in there too. No idea what woman it could be. I thought maybe Susan Williams, but she was at the press conference when Vigilante was fighting, so I’m stumped. Anyway, just my two cents.

    • M says:

      Could be Talia, but can’t imagine her switching from a bow and arrow to guns, assuming she’s still alive and randomly in Star City. No other relevant or already revealed female characters (that are still alive) come to mind. Maybe I’m just way off base. We shall see.

  18. wwtbd12 says:

    Anyone saying that they knew Chase was Prometheus must not have known who he is in the comics. Anyone saying they knew, but still called bait and switch, I don’t buy it. It was a well done twist for anyone who knew the Chase/Vigilante connection.

    • Lizzie says:

      I knew about the comic connection but I guessed he was Prometheus purely because the actor was given a season regular contract and we’d not seen him much on screen. It was more dot connecting than anything.

  19. Diggory says:

    The last time they twisted comic mythology we got Laurel. This is much better!

  20. Mike says:

    Chase was speculated to be Prometheus at the beginning of the season when the actor was made a regular and all of the other newbies signed on just as recurring. This isn’t a big shock. It sucks though because I was hoping he would be someone we’d recognize from season one (like Pike, who a commenter suggested last week), but it turns out the big bad is just some rando that they’re going to retcon in. Let’s hope Vigilante is someone recognizable at least.

    I liked everything about this episode except for Oliver, who is increasingly becoming really hard to root for. He actually asked his ex to help fix his relationship?? And why is he suddenly so invested in shady Susan? That came out of nowhere. I don’t get it.

    I feel bad for Stephen Amell though. He’s currently defending the show in the visitor post on his Facebook page because people hated this episode. It’s not like he wrote it.

    • Kelly says:

      But he only asked her to undo the damage she and Thea did to Susan. It’s not like he had her plan a date or something! :)

      • kath says:

        At a time when he should have been worried about being impeached, his concern is all about the woman who said she wanted to out him as the Green Arrow, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her back.
        At the beginning of the season, he killed to keep his secret but now he’s more concerned about his relationship with Susan WHO HAS SAID SHE WANTS TO EXPOSE than his secret identity or protecting the Team.
        There has never been such a blatant example on this show of a man made an idiot by his man parts and it’s the supposed hero of the show. What are the writers thinking?

  21. Kevin says:

    I haven’t seen the episode yet but If Chase is Prometheus, could Lance be Vigilante? Again I didn’t watch yet tonight, but have Vigilante and Lance been onscreen at the same time? I can’t recall offhand and Vigilante seemed to disappear when Lance was in rehab. Lance could be donning the Vigilante role as a split personality to cope with all his pain. Both are good with guns so I assume that could be the case. Thoughts?

    • SG says:

      Yes. Tonight’s episode.

    • Calista Flockhart says:

      Not sure…but I like it.

    • Riana says:

      Lance was at the press conference

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        OMG IT’S PAUL

        • M says:

          I honestly don’t know whether you’re saying this as a joke or something, but as I said above, I thought Vigilante was possibly a woman because I thought they were walking sort of effeminately, and I don’t want to imply that all gay men are effeminate, but man Paul would kind of fit that perfectly, especially with him actually being in this episode. Maybe he decided to file for divorce now because he had just gotten into an actual fight with Curtis (as Vigilante). I can’t say for certain, but I wonder if when Paul first broke up with Curtis it was not too long after Curtis had a run in with Vigilante previously. Hmmmm

          • s says:

            Ha, that actually makes so much sense!
            And I would feel really sorry for Curtis if Paul was the Vigilante especially because of the divorce papers and everything. But I’m gonna take a moment to laugh at the fact that Curtis threw his “balls” at his (ex-?)husband’s face if it’s true that Paul is the Vigilante. ;P

        • bt says:

          I was honestly thinking the same thing at the end of the episode

        • Luis Roman says:

          I . . .just . . . can’t . . . even . . .

  22. Mike says:

    I’m confused about the rooftop fight during Oliver’s public address. Chase is standing right next to him. How is he fighting with team Arrow on the roof then?

    • Stacey says:

      That was Vigilante not Prometheus. Chase is Prometheus. Hope that clears things up!

    • kath says:

      I was confused because no one at the press conference seemed to hear the shots and explosions from the building across the street. It seems the citizens of Star City are deaf as well as blind.

  23. drb999 says:

    i should’ve realized that Chase was not Vigilante because a few episodes back they introduced his wife after he was shot at City Hall. His wife’s death was why he became Vigilante in the comics. It confused me. I just assumed that they changed his origin for the show. I never considered him being Prometheus.

  24. Sharon says:

    I thought Oliver had some nerve wanting Felicity to help him fix things with his girlfriend, who I really am not a fan of.

  25. Robert45 says:

    Not sure that reveal blew me away….we already that Adrian was moonlighting as a vigilante of some they changed the mask. So who is the vigilante? Is this a bigger reveal?

  26. i swear i was thinking Paul is vigilante at the end. hes like the only new character this season besides adrian.

  27. Michael says:

    You’re once again putting AutoPlay video ads into your site’s content. Please stop wasting my data plan or I’ll no longer be able to visit.

  28. peterwdawson says:

    Well that’s disappointing. “So we’ve got it narrowed down to the new guy, the old character who did disappear for months, and the new lady.” Probably the most boring answer of the three possibilities.

  29. Cordell says:

    I was busy watching the nbc crossover so I got to go back and fully watch the episode but oh man is Oliver going to be pissed when he finds out

  30. The Carpooler says:

    Paul = Vigilante. Mark my words. You read it here first. Unless someone else wrote it elsewhere and you read that. But I didn’t read that, I wrote this. So yes. Paul = Vigilante.

  31. Lucia says:

    Maybe is because I have not read the comics. But it was SOOO obvious is not even funny. I’m starting to think tv writers don’t know what twist means.

    • Lex says:

      Go watch Legion in fx. It makes me believe in television as a medium again, after the crap we’ve seen on Arrow this season.

  32. rekubuculo says:

    Maybe is because I have not read the comics. But it was SOOO obvious is not even funny. I’m starting to think tv writers don’t know what twist means.

  33. Joey Padron says:

    New episode was good. So surprised that Adrian is Prometheus! It will be interesting to find who Vilglante is. Can’t wait for next episode airing in 2 weeks!

  34. Unknown says:

    I thought he was Vilgilante but later started to change my mind my guess is the Vilgilante is the son the are looking for unless they are doing a switch and Adrian Chase is not really Adrian chase especially how he said that line about how important family is

  35. Chance says:

    Dumb, dumb, dumb. It should have been Tommy.

  36. Brigid says:

    Lamest reveal ever! I knew he was either Prometheus or Vigilante, that wasn’t hard to figure out.

    Thea was so wrong in what she was doing, I can’t believe anyone is defending her actions. Susan is an investigative reporter, she investigates people. She started with Oliver before she started dating him and found some things out, that’s her job. Thea and Felicity destroying someones career because they want Oliver to stay in office is sickening. Thea wanting to use Billy as a scapegoat for Oliver killing him was even worse. Oliver asking Felicity to right her wrong was completely acceptable, she was wrong!!!!! The best thing Thea did last night was resign her job, she needs to fix herself before she becomes the very thing she fears. Turrible!

  37. BMac says:

    The reveal felt underwhelming… I didn’t feel surprised at all, but maybe that’s because I felt that Adrian was involved in some way. I can’t stand Susan. I don’t care for her or her storyline and I can’t believe that the writers think we should feel something for her other than contempt. The woman had no issues with sleeping with Oliver to confirm her theory that he was Green Arrow – and she was going to use that to expose him. You don’t do that to someone you care about. But has she ever stated for sure that she cares about him? I don’t care enough to even remember that. Oliver’s head is so far up his hind parts concerning this woman that I don’t even feel like he’s the same character that I used to like. This episode made me feel contempt for him – especially after asking Felicity to make things right with her. Give me a freakin’ break. And don’t even mention taking Susan’s side over Thea’s. Are you kidding me? Yes, I get that things need to scrape rock bottom before they can get better, but when they make me not care about the main character… I’m anxiously waiting for more of what’s going on with Felicity. I wonder if Helix may have contacted her because of Prometheus, but at this point I’m clueless. I just want to see what happens. Loved the scenes between Diggle and Felicity but it almost feels like too little, too late. (And don’t even mention that it feels like Oliver has just turned a blind eye towards her. They’re still friends – she has his back but it certainly doesn’t feel like he has hers in the least). Poor Curtis! That scene with Paul felt needlessly cruel on Paul’s part, but now that I see that a lot of people here think that Paul could be Vigilante – I’m really liking that theory! Anyway… just my 2 cents. I’m with Arrow ’til the end, but I’m ready for May so we can find out what the heck’s going on.

  38. Liz says:

    I still can’t believe I’m supposed to believe that Oliver will psychologically break down because Prometheus took Susan. Are they kidding with this? He’s been dating her for a couple of weeks, maybe a month. She’s a horrible person who was sleeping with the subject of her investigation and was even rude to him in this episode until she got what she wanted – her job back. She’s the worst. Why does Oliver suddenly care so much about her? It just doesn’t add up. If Prometheus took Thea or Felicity (and the show remembered Oliver loved her at all) I’d understand Oliver going crazy to find them. But taking Susan is a real stretch. This is laughable.

    • aolani08 says:

      I agree with you it doesn’t add up

    • Lex says:

      We’re being asked to care about Susan, to worry for her safety, for the simple reason that she’s boning Oliver. Boo effing hoo. There have been no efforts to give her a personality outside of cutthroat reporter, no reason to endear her to the audience. She’s given the audience reason to *not* trust her by her betrayal of Thea, and there’s been nothing to convince me she wasn’t going to do the exact same thing to Oliver. Forgive me if I’m rooting for Prometheus this time.

  39. Ceylan says:

    Anyone else notice that CC Jitters pulled double time as the restaurant Paul and Curtis met at?

  40. aolani08 says:

    I knew he wasn’t the vigilante because he was in on the plan to cover up detective Malone’s death. He automatically blamed Prometheus so that should have been my clue but his character pulled me in with how he was so helpful to Oliver. I had to rewind my DVR twice because I thought my glasses was playing tricks on my eyes. I don’t want to address how bad I felt for Felicity when Oliver approached her to fix his and Susan’s relationship. Susan was planning to out him and he’s still chasing her around he let Felicity walk away

  41. kath says:

    What I really liked about this episode is the reveal that Chase is Prometheus and the strange, twisted relationship he has with Oliver. Did it start when Oliver took his girlfriend when he was still a douche before the island? Or only after the Hood killed his father? What is his relationship with his father that he goes to such lengths to avenge him? (And how does his wife feel about all that time he takes off?) This could be such a good, twisted psychological drama.

    Less good is Oliver and Diggle doing the madonna/whore simplistic stereotying and patronizing Thea and Felicity respectively. Why shouldn’t Thea protect her brother the best way she knows how especially since he is being such an idiot right now? Why shouldn’t Felicity get to acknowledge the darkness of everything that has happened to her in the past two years? Diggle killed his own brother so that makes his speech even more hypocritical.

    I think the biggest problem this season has been the lack of heart on the show. They’ve been going through the motions of seasons 1 and 2 but it’s all been hollow. Felicity gets a boyfriend for plot purposes, check. She mentions Havenrock, check. While I’m happy that Diggle and Felicity finally had a chance to talk, Diggle never once talked about her feelings or what might be going on inside her right now. It was all tell and no show. I’m expecting the Dark Felicity arc to be as superficial as everything else this season.

    The absolute worst is the Susan storyline and how she’s sucking out every single brain cell that Oliver possess. Others have commented on it, and I agree whole-heartedly, so I’ll just say that WTF? Is the show trying to turn people against their titular hero?

    I know the show has been renewed for another season but with Oliver so stupid and not worth rooting for, how many people will still be watching?
    Why is Legends of Tomorrow so good t his season and Arrow so bad?

    • Lex says:

      Oh, ALL of this. I’m getting so irritated with this pedestal Felicity’s stuck on, where everyone else can give in to their dark natures and be bad, but she has to be “better” for Oliver? He’s a grown-ass man! I have a feeling we’ll be told (TOLD not SHOWN) Felicity was wrong to partner with Helix, and she should never stray away from her sunny personality again. She’s gonna get *burned* and learn a tough lesson, isn’t she? Meanwhile Oliver continues to be validated for having the mental capacity and self-control of a thirteen-year-old boy seeing lady parts for the first time. So bad girl, Felicity! Yet Susan gets vindicated. When did Oliver give a crap about Felicity losing her job at Palmer Tech?
      The writers are banking on this idea that the audience cares about Susan, and it couldn’t be farther than the truth. This is why Thea’s leaving; because she was mean to Susan? This is why Felicity has been ignored for most of the Season? Right now I’m hoping Felicity goes all F Society and burns this mother to the ground.

  42. mike says:

    By making him the big bad we lose the motive of it being because Ollie killed his father. Or I guess that’s just a red herring. In the long run, it makes absolutely zero difference which villain he is. Although next season we are going to have to deal with a thoroughly EMO Ollie dealing with the whole “my friend betrayed me, how can I ever let anyone get close to me again” schtick.

    Cringing already

  43. Christina Brown says:

    It seems to me like Oliver has not changed or grown when it comes to his love life, the fact is Susan was trying to find something, anything to make him look bad so he thinks it’s best to get involved with her. How does that make sense?! And once she had suspensions about him being the Green Arrow, he should have found a way to break up with her. He can’t trust her nor would he tell her his secret so why continue being involved with someone you can’t be truly honest with! It was not a good idea to pursue her, he brought this upon himself.

  44. grys03 says:

    Don’t think there was single moment when Prometheus was anyone but Chase.
    Though I am getting tired of Arrow & his whole team being beaten up by every single bad guy that turns up. Until the finale of course.

  45. Gift says:

    I got sick of Oliver trying to plead with Susan. I don’t know what his issues are. she is bad news! Thea was only trying to help in her on way. I think why team Arrow get beaten up is to make us understand that they re just human being guidance. They have no special abilities like the Flash where everyone has a super power except for the new black canary. This episode was fun nd I suspected chase long before now, he seemed to be too good to be true. Sometimes u have to do what it takes to protect the people u love, Oliver of all people should get that nd stop being all righteous with Thea.

  46. Justin Ryan Thomas says:

    I was surprised love how they made chase prometheus. Great idea

  47. Luis Roman says:

    I’m good with Chase being Prometheus – the show has never been wedded to comic book canon, anyway, and I’m looking forward to Chase’s back story.
    How does Dinah go from being sworn in to the SCPD last week to being on the mayor’s security detail (or being his security detail, since I didn’t see anyone else) this week?
    Oliver went to Felicity because she was the only one who could undo the damage she did to Susan; it wasn’t about Oliver’s relationship with Susan, but the responsibility he felt for what Thea and Felicity did.
    “Balls-” that may have been my two favorite minutes of Rene this season. Immediately going to the ball joke, and immediately realizing he crossed a line with the crack. Nice job introducing the T-Spheres, BTW, speaking of canon.
    I’m sorry, but the headline of this episode for me came in the coming attraction – has Oliver had a way of contacting Talia all this time and is only doing it NOW?

  48. Flashrow says:

    Well Rene and Curtis officially are getting a thing for sure. The divorce is just the way to no introduce a cheating storyline. I ship them

  49. Mina Davies says:

    So Susan is now the love of his life? The writing of this show is just so bad…..

  50. Black Belt Jones says:

    Yer it just had to be Adrian Chase I mean really being so close to Oliver to be able to suggest so many things and watch them being played out it just had to be Adrian.