The Vampire Diaries Caroline Wedding Dress

Vampire Diaries Photos: Get a Closer Look at Caroline's Wedding Dress

Stefan and Caroline’s wedding will almost certainly go down in flames on Friday’s Vampire Diaries (The CW, 8/7c), so let’s take a little time to appreciate all the effort that went into the bride’s look — before you-know-who comes along and mucks it up.

The CW has released new stills from the series’ penultimate episode, “We’re Planning a June Wedding,” which give us a closer look at Ms. Forbes — or is it Mrs. Salvatore’s? — attire for the big day:

The Vampire Diaries Caroline Wedding Dress


As revealed in the trailer for Friday’s episode, the “Steroline” wedding is orchestrated as a trap for Katherine — hence Caroline wearing Kat’s necklace during her walk down the aisle — and it looks like the new Queen of Hell is foolish enough to take the bait.

(I’d also like to take a moment to ask the question on everyone’s mind: Why the heck is Damon officiating this wedding?)

Browse the new batch of wedding photos — you can click here for direct access to the gallery — then drop a comment below: Is Stefan and Caroline’s big day everything you hoped it would be?

  1. Ella says:

    I’m not a fan? I get that it’s supposed to be a rush job but her hair’s kinda flat. I like the headpiece but the dress is weirdly matronly. Caroline’s 24 and forever 17 and that dress is something a 40 yo would wear to her second wedding.

  2. Fabrizia says:

    The dress makes her look fat, then again she had a baby last year.

  3. Chris says:

    Poor Caroline. Not only does she have to wear the ugly dress but now she has to have her rapist officiate her wedding

  4. Hanah says:

    Not a fan of this couple or her hair or outfit. She doesn’t look happy in anything I’ve seen? How cool would it be if it was actually Katherine travelled into Caroline?

  5. Linnay says:

    I like how Caroline literally can have nothing that’s about her. Its all about Stefan/Damon/Katherine. But of course, I don’t like her after she took Stefan back after what he did to Bonnie. I would never, ever forgive my best friend.

  6. Jess says:

    I have been dreading this wedding all season. I love Caroline and I mostly love Stefan, but I hate them together. Is it weird that I’m actually rooting for Katherine to mess it up?

  7. Gilded Lady says:

    I…like the dress?

    Also, I assume Damon officiates because if this is a trap, do you really want to throw an innocent into the line of (probabale literal) fire?

    • Ella says:

      Yeah, but they’re still aparently inviting guests and have Caroline and Alaric’s daughters involved. So really, what would one more innocent officiant be on top of the already existing pile of possible canon fodder?

      • Gilded Lady says:

        I couldn’t tell if they were or not. Maybe they’re doing it because Damon’s his brother? I mean, internet certification is a thing and not everyone wants/needs a man of the cloth to host it!

      • Fabrizia says:

        They always have guests for these things but I’m pretty sure Stefan doesn’t have friends. I guess Caroline knows people from childhood or friends of her family, but everyone she ever interacted with in the last years is dead. She must had co workers from her anchor job in Texas but they woudn’t have with such short notice.

  8. momof3 says:

    Geez…can you let those of us who still enjoy the show enjoy the last two episodes and stop being so negative? Don’t like it? Don’t watch!

    • Kinz says:

      You and your fans can. Maybe people are negative because more people dislike rather than like? It’s been such a weak season and this couple has had 3 years to garner more interest and it just ruins both characters.

      • Stacey says:

        I am with you Kinz, but don’t worry, I read the spoilers, it will be a satisfying finale for us. And you’re right, for the record the majority of fans can’t stand SC together!

        • Viv says:

          Well, I love ’em! I’ve watch the entire show a couple of times and recently watched the pilot. I encourage you guys to do the same — EVERYTHING we’ve had the pleasure of viewing on TVD is in that 1st ep: Caroline sees Stefan for the very first time and says, ” Mmmm… I see a June wedding…” She finds out everything about him and pretty much worships him the entire show. I love their relationship bc SHE is the strong one. Just like Damon made Elena a stronger vampire. Caroline makes Stefan a stronger human.

          • Ella says:

            Right, but then we had seasons of Caroline developing, realizing that she was better than the things she prioritized as a human. All pretty much wiped away once she and Stefan became romantic making her a bland bystander in her own life. That’s what people object to. And I’m confused about how she makes him a better human? He’s been human for a couple days and avoiding her for most of it. And in that time he’s almost dies several times so he’s not exactly great at the whole mortality thing.

          • Jane says:

            She worships a reaper and kids murderer, who lived for 170 years and has achieved what in his long life? Nothing. He kills hundreds of people, then bewails, then kills some more. Caroline said she was too smart to be seduced by Klaus, and I liked that kind of Caroline. But then she was “seduced” by a younger mass murderer like no big deal. It didn’t even take seduction on Stefan’s behalf, every time he calls for her, she runs and every time he breaks up with her, she waits.

          • Gift says:

            I did go back to watch season 1 yesterday nd realize the same thing.

    • Gift says:

      thank u

  9. Selena says:

    People criticizing her dress, do you have any sense to think it could possibly be her mothers?

    • Laura says:

      Liz and Bill would have been married in the 80’s or very early 90’s. And that dress is most definitely not from that time period, there’s no way that it’s Liz’s dress.

      • Ella says:

        Yup, sleeveless wasn’t really a thing until the late 90’s long after Caroline would have been born. You sometimes saw puffy cap sleeves but I’d bet in small town Virginia, from founding families, Liz’s dress would have had full sleeves and SERIOUS volume.

    • Sharon says:

      That’s even worse that she would wear Liz’s dress to her fake wedding, where it will probably be destroyed.

    • Jane says:

      If she’s using her mother’s dress for a staged wedding than this dress has lost its value

  10. Annie says:

    Poor Caroline, about to wed a guy who was going to skip out on her again, while using her big day to lure Katherine and likely it will end in disaster. Plus getting married at her murdered ex-bf’s house BY his murderer? Who thought that was a good idea? Caroline Forbes would never allow any of that for her wedding.

    • Chrissy says:

      I think Katherine travelled into Caroline. Would be a great twist!

      • Ella says:

        I’ve read that a few places and think it would be AMAZING and very season 1. Kat would be human and could have traveller abilities, right? It would also kinda explain why they totally glossed over all the actual problems SC has.

    • Ange says:

      Well she slept with her ex-bf’s mother’s murderer. I don’t think she cares

      • cj says:

        Now she’s marrying her bff’s true love’s murderer! But since Bonnie gets to visit Enzo in another dimension….

  11. Sharon says:

    You can tell this is a rushed wedding because that dress is awful. It’s not flattering at all. She looked much better on prom day than her “wedding” day. I can’t wait for Katherine to come blow this wedding up.

  12. Val M. says:

    “Is Stefan and Caroline’s big day everything you hoped it would be?” No, because Caroline should be with someone who always put her first and being the one for this someone, and we know that person isn’t Stefan (Damon >Elena >Caroline) and sadly she already accepted that, which is funny because if this episode is supposed to be an accomplishment of what she said in of 1×01, well she also said about be the one for someone.

  13. Jason says:

    I say they make it through the vows just fine. They already pulled that with Alaric’s nuptials. Whatever goes down, I’m betting it’s during the reception.

    • Jane says:

      Yes they’ll make it through the vows – there are promo pics where they lean for a kiss, which is a next step after “pronounce you husband and wife”

  14. Stacey says:

    Lol, just what I want, to be married by my raptist (and killer of my first love) and married to a man who is a killer (of children, women, and men alike) and of my best friend’s love. Plus being married to a man who will leave her and never put her first. If you’re a true Caroline fan, like me, this is sad for her character who had such big dreams. I’m glad I read the spoilers, it’s what will get me through these last 2 episodes! Burn it down Katerina!

  15. Sara says:

    They should not have given her Katherine’s necklace to wear. Why would anyone want to wear jewellery that belonged to the ex of the guy they’re marrying? If Damon told her to do so, she should have told him no and had the wedding she wanted from the start.

    • Jane says:

      At this point who cares if she’s got to wear what’s left after Stefan’s ex, should be grateful he doesn’t call her Elena, or Katherine, for that matter

  16. Gift says:

    Everyone give it a rest already!!! My word, u guys are being inconsiderate to the characters becos u don’t like them but they made the show great too nd since when did Stefan become a rapist? I couldn’t bear to read some people ‘s comment. He becomes a riper when his humanity switch is off. He only did that twice in the show minus the back story of their past. pls don’t destroy the characters becos u hate them. Make comments on facts or what u think should happen not put the characters down. it doesn’t matter how we feel, these wedding is happening nd what happens if Stefan survives the blast? wasn’t Tyler a friend nd Damon killed him why isn’t anyone talking about it? it’s clear that Enzo will be brought back one way or another. Get over it already! I think Caroline looks very pretty in the dress. Her is perfect nd so is her happy faces.

    • Laura says:

      The fact is that Stefan doesn’t need to have his humanity off to be a ripper, it’s canon (fact) that he turns his humanity off because he can’t deal with the guilt of being a mass murderer – see him writing the names of his victims in that closet.
      Also, the comments above that you’re talking about are saying that it’s gross and inappropriate to have Carolines rapist (Damon) marry them, this is also fact even though it’s been brushed under the rug by the writers. Not that she’s marrying her rapist.
      It is also the general belief that Caroline has changed over the past three seasons, she’s reverted back to the insecure teenager she was at the beginning of the series (like when Stefan said ‘it’s never going to happen Caroline’) when they had spent seasons maturing her and strengthening her character. All we want is for her to choose herself, she doesn’t need a man to validate her existence, unfortunately that’s how she’s written now and it’s sad and hard to watch. Interestingly, Caroline wanting to be chosen first was one of her biggest things in the first season, it was not a small comment about a June wedding.
      Caroline is, and always has been my favourite character, and it’s devestating to see what’s happened to her. So please don’t tell me to get over the destruction of one of my favourite characters, especially when it’s clear that you’re a Stefan stan and not a Caroline one.
      Oh, and I’ve wanted Damon to die since the beginning so I’m not over what he did to Tyler at all. And the same goes for Stefan after what he did to Enzo – and no, he’s probably not being brought back, he’s in Bonnie’s heaven world now.

      • Jane says:

        Agree on many of Laura’s points and pulling a reaper twice plus one humanity off switch (Caroline’s orders) in what 8years + a few time jumps is a lot. Because when he is a reaper he kills tens hundreds of people

  17. Gift says:

    Her hair is perfect so is her happy face.

  18. Amoy lily says:

    She is not bad in this dress but the hair is actually too flat. Maybe tie up her hair is better than now. And I also want to know why is Damon officiating this wedding?

  19. Gift says:

    I’m also Caroline’s fan. And I misunderstood with the rapist thing. yes I am a Stefan fan nd he, Caroline, Bonnie re my favorite. The show is about to end, all I want is to see Stefan nd the rest have their happy ending. with Stefan, Caroline is his happy ending while Caroline may have options to her happy ending, they used one stone to kill two birds ,that is if it ends them being together till the end. we have to wait nd see if they bring Enzo back. I’m still very much hope that Stefan gets his happy ending.

  20. Kate says:

    LOL. I love how some are saying Stefan would be terrible for Caroline, but then say Klaus would be a much better choice. Isn’t that like saying that Jack The Ripper would be terrible for her, but Genghis Khan would be perfect ?

  21. Jenny says:

    Caroline looks so beautiful ! Stefan and Caroline are going to be so great together ! And finally the show has killed off the whole klaroline ship. About time !

  22. Steroline Endgame says:

    Oh thank you, show ! Steroline endgame is now canon. Klaroline is now a dead ship. All’s right with the world !

  23. Jan says:

    Steroline Endgame

    It won’t last. Katherine will stop the wedding. Stefan will probably die. And Caroline will be off to NOLA. We win. You lose.

    • Stacey says:

      It’s looking that way. This Klaroline fan is excited for the finale. I’ve read some promising spoilers!!

  24. Caro says:

    So, will the klaroliners now all just shut up, now that their ship is well and truly dead ? Pleeeeese

  25. Nelly says:

    If I recall correctly, isn’t the dress suppose to be her mother’s? It is sentimental.
    All the people I know love this show and can’t wait for the wedding. It’s going to be a BLAST, literally. Hate that it is coming to an end.
    Katherine will diffently make it interesting and especially once she realizes that Stefan is human.

  26. Wow. What’s with all the negativity? It’s a TV show. I read these articles and enjoy the conversations because I actually like the show. If you don’t like it, or don’t watch it anymore, why comment just to talk crap? And also dissing the dress and I think someone said it made her look fat? There’s no reason to body shame.

    Caroline and Stefan aren’t my favorite and there are better ways to end it but whatever. I love the show and I’ll watch down to the last episode and probably rewatch the entire series a few more times in my lifetime–but it’s a guilty pleasure, a mindless tv show to help me de-stress after work.

  27. Wow. I thought the stydiots were bad. But they are sweet and sane compared to klaroliners.
    Glad that the ship is canonically dead now.

  28. Teyla says:

    I take it that no one is actually monitoring these comment sections anymore ?