The Oscars' Epic Envelopegate Fiasco: The Real Winners and Losers

While the accounting firm of PriceWaterhouseCooper has taken full responsibility for the scandal now known as Envelopegate, the fact is, there’s plenty of blame to go around in the wake of Sunday’s epic Best Picture blunder, which saw La La Land get awarded Oscar’s top honor instead of the actual victor, Moonlight

At the same time, out of the ashes of one of Hollywood’s biggest controversies ever emerged several unlikely winners (yes, we’re looking at you La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz).

Scroll through the gallery to the right — or click here for direct access — to see who’s stock is surging on the heels of the Oscars’ #epicfail and who likely chose to sleep in this morning.

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  1. Fred Berger clearly said “No” twice when asked to say a few words. Finally, I guess he said, well, they keep asking me, so at least I’ll get to thank my people. And he said, at the end of his speech, “By the way, we lost.” Wouldn’t call him a loser.

  2. vegwell says:

    Warren Beatty should have verbalized his confusion about what was in the envelope, instead of expecting someone to read his mind. Faye Dunaway should have noticed something wasn’t right, although she can’t read Beatty’s mind either, she did see the card. At least Beatty stayed around to take the heat and I appreciated his explanation since I was all WTF? and baffled, as were most everybody else, I suspect. So I don’t agree that Dunaway got away there…it would have been classy to come back out with Beatty and apologize for her part in the confusion.

    • Tim says:

      Fay Dunaway is just as much at fault. She didn’t use her brain at all. Completely glossy-eyed.

    • NP20 says:

      Agreed – Dunaway was more at fault than Beatty. He was trying to figure out what to do and she went ahead and read it. And he stuck around to try to explain

    • The Beach says:

      Dunaway has been known for years as an extremely temperamental and difficult personality. That’s why she hasn’t worked in years. Other actors refuse to act with her. TMZ reported that she refused to even walk out with Beatty at rehearsal and demanded that she be the one to read the winner’s name. Well, she got her wish. I’m not surprised she took a powder so fast.

    • maggie says:

      Beatty was the one who had the envelope and card, and knew that it was wrong. Instead of saying something, he handed it to Dunaway to announce. He should have said something, instead it looked like he was doing some schtick.

    • JM says:

      I think Faye Dunaway thought Warren Beatty was just prolonging the suspense because she said something like “you’re impossible”. Then when he showed her the card she said “La La Land” so fast, I don’t think she even read the card. It was Warren who thought something was wrong and he should have had the presence of mind to ask for verification or help. He could of handled it appropriately and didn’t. He’s a director and producer and knows full well that the Best Picture Oscar is won by the producers , not the lead actress.

  3. Britta says:

    I think everyone shouldn’t be so quick to judge. God knows how we would handle ourselves on a stage like that in front of so many people in a situation that’s frankly never happened before.
    Personally, I don’t think Warren Beatty is to be blamed at all. He just showed it to Faye Dunaway, probably to get her input, not expecting her to take one glance at it and announcing La La Land.
    And give poor Jimmy Kimmel a break. He handled it as well as can be expected, considering that he was shocked as well and somehow felt responsible too.

    • CIP says:

      Agree. Our culture has become so critical and unforgiving. It was a mistake done on an awards show. Easy to say what I/we should have done differently from the comfort of our couch. Let’s move on.

    • Brock Hard says:

      The same thing happened at the Daytime Emmys a few years ago. Except Aisha Tyler handled it with dignity and asked for the correct card, she didn’t throw he co-presenter under the bus.

  4. I agree somewhat with your winner losers list. I would add Faye Dunaway to the losers list though – she actually declared the winner La La Land. If she had read the card she would have seen Emma Stone’s name. She took a powder and poor Warren at least faced the cameras. Yes, Warren should have asked for help, or whispered to Faye that they had the wrong card. For all his mistakes, Warren Beatty didn’t actually declare the winner. I can understand being flustered though, I mean aren’t the accountants suppose to know what they’re doing. And I wouldn’t put Jimmy Kimmel on the loser list. He was having a good night before the disaster. I think he was just trying to make light during a bad situation, sort of like the band on the Titanic. What else is there to do but play.

  5. Eli says:

    LaLa Land was a far better movie than Moonlight. #notmyoscarwinner

  6. Mike says:

    Warren Beatty is SEVENTY NINE years old. He may not be sharp enough at 79 to be able to cut through a confusing situation quickly. Faye Dunaway is the one who made the mistake. Warren at least knew something was off – he showed the card to her, to get a second opinion, and she just blurted out the name on the card!

    • Terry Hokett says:

      I agree, he hesitated and knew something wasn’t right. I dont blame him at all. Actually it was a mistake. everyone is human. but Warren Beatty wasnt at fault.

  7. Kevin Tran says:

    They should’ve let the presenter show the real winner in front of the camera once he or she opens the envelope.

  8. This was NOT Warren or Faye’s fault. The show was running over and they were under pressure. It was obvious everyone wanted to get on with it… he realized something was off. They did not make the envelopes or take them – they are handed them by an accounting firm who royally screwed the pooch. This is solely and strictly on them and them only.

  9. Sara says:

    I don’t think Beatty is to be blamed at all. He clearly knew something was off, but was on live tv on a live mic and had about ten seconds to do something about it. He tried to stall while he thought it out, but it just made it look like he was doing a bit and Dunaway clearly got impatient.

  10. Lizzie says:

    This would not be a case of all publicity being good publicity, for PWC. They are supposed to be accurate, accounting and all that.

  11. newlori6 says:

    Enough with the drama! It happened, it was acknowledged, it was embarrassing for all – now how about just moving on?

  12. Leanne says:

    just a conglomerate of errors. The presenters don’t know what’s inside. the behind the scenes giving the envelopes to the stars don’t know what’s inside. Whomever stuffed the envelopes made a big error but you know what, everyone makes mistakes. Warren knew something was wrong but Dunaway barely glanced. she just wanted off stage. Maybe plastic in face was melting under the lights. Kimmel terrible host. I thought for a moment he was going to show class and take the high road. HOW wrong I was.

  13. ToyCannon says:

    Is it just me, or did the PriceWaterhouseCooper guy who was on stage trying to sort everything out look like Matt Damon’s twin?

    • maggie says:

      There have been Oscar related stories the last few years about the “Matt Damon-lookalike” who is in charge of the envelopes. He’s also the guy who gave out the wrong envelope. He’s a managing partner of the accounting firm who tallies the votes, so he isn’t going to be fired. But, look for someone else at the Oscars from that company next year.

  14. Cool says:

    Faye Dunaway was too busy thinking about her next plastic surgery appointment, she couldn’t pick up the social cues regarding Warren Beatty’s shaky mannerisms or the fact the card she read said “Emma Stone” on it. I’m pretty sure she should know her name just didn’t happen to also be in the movie she was in. Beatty should have made that all a moot point saying, “I believe I have the wrong envelope” while showing it to the audience and TV audience.

  15. pAloma says:

    Warren Beatty: “If you see something, say something.” It’s really that simple.

  16. pAloma says:

    This was an honest mistake. Stuff happens. It’s getting far too much of the news cycle. What is a bigger question is how such a mediocre movie as LaLaLand won so many awards and got so many noms.

  17. LynnS says:

    Now that the accounting firm has explained HOW the mistake happened, I have to say that I appreciate them taking full responsibility. Wouldn’t it be a much better world if everyone who screwed up just admitted it and took responsibility?

  18. Bark Star says:

    Maybe this would not have happend had they spend one minute introducing the accountants as they have done all the years before.