Oscars: Jimmy Kimmel Shreds Trump, Mel Gibson in Monologue — Grade It!

Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time in addressing the tense political climate in his monologue… and taking a swing at a controversial nominee.

Talking about how divided we are as a country, Kimmel admitted he wasn’t brave enough to try to unite anyone: “There’s only one Braveheart in this room,” he said, pointing out Best Director nominee Mel Gibson. “And he’s not gonna unite us, either.” He also complimented Gibson: “Mel, you look great. I think the Scientology is working.”

Kimmel went on to say he wanted to “bury the hatchet with someone I’ve had issues with”: his longtime nemesis, Matt Damon. While throwing out a few choice insults — “When I first met Matt, I was the fat one” — he gave Damon credit because he gave away an Oscar-caliber role in Manchester by the Sea to his childhood friend Casey Affleck “and made a Chinese ponytail movie instead. And that movie, The Great Wall, went on to lose $80 million. Smooth move, dumbass.”

More quality zingers from Kimmel’s Oscar monologue:

* He offered thanks to President Trump: “Remember last year when it seemed like the Oscars were racist?”

* He marveled at the progress we saw in Hollywood films this year: “Black people saved NASA, and white people saved jazz. That’s what we call progress.”

* On baby-faced La La Land director and nominee Damien Chazelle: “If he wins, he’ll be able to go to any college he wants.”

* On the notoriously depressing nominee Manchester by the Sea, produced by Amazon, Kimmel joked that when people searched for the movie, they were told: “Customers who bought this item also purchased Zoloft.”

* Channeling President Trump, Kimmel called out Meryl Streep for her “uninspiring and overrated” performances: “Meryl Streep has phoned it in for more than 50 films over the course of her lackluster career.” He also asked the crowd to give her a “totally undeserved round of applause” — and they, of course, obliged.

What’d you think? Press PLAY above to watch Kimmel’s monologue, grade it in our poll, then drop your thoughts in a comment below.

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  1. Lee Bryan says:

    Jimmy Kimmel killed it. The Meryl Streep bit was amazing.

    • Kim Alfonso says:

      Pathetic- Kimmel couldn’t make it through a monologue without focusing on Trump. He’s got to have someone writing FOR him that won’t piss off half the nation. When will actors/actresses understand we don’t give a crap about their politics??? They don’t have the capacity to run for office- go make a movie or a commercial.

      • SG says:

        He’s a comedian. It’s easy and funny to make fun of Trump because he’s a buffoon with the vernacular of a child and obvious deficiencies in intellectual acumen. If comedy about Trump pisses you off, I guess you need a safe space for your special snowflake conservative views.

        • Eric says:

          It’s not that. It’s the lefts obsession with him. Do you think he would be going after Mrs Clinton if (god forbid), she had won. No it would be “Let’s spend a minute to celebrate our great president.”…then one email joke, then more jokes about how republicans are the devil.

          • SG says:

            Yes, they would have, because that’s what comedians do. She lost. Get over it. She is irrelevant now. Trump is disgustingly the President. So now he has to not be so thin skinned. GWB literally had an impersonator at one of his WH correspondants dinners, making fun of him to his face. Trump couldn’t even handle 1 joke from Seth Meyers at one without rage quitting. He’s like a toddler. He deserves every ounce of ridicule until he grows up. And note, I’m not even mentioning his politics, just his character as a person.

          • Angela says:

            If Hillary were president and had pulled even half the crap Trump’s pulled thus far, I would absolutely expect them to mock her for it.
            People really need to quit framing the reaction to Trump as a “liberal versus conservative”/bitter Hillary supporters thing. There’s plenty of Republicans and conservatives out there who can’t stand him, either. Everyone who’s angry at him has plenty of good justifiable reasons to feel that way, political affiliation be damned.

          • Litz says:

            Honestly? I think they would have made a crack or three about her, but that’s it. And you know why? Because she’d be able to take it. She’d smile, nod and then gotten back to the business at hand. You make a joke about Donald and he spends the next three days whining about it, giving the comedians even more ammunition.

            It’s a simple case of “Don’t feed the trolls” and Donald does it all the time.

        • Semper Buckeye says:

          your attempt at lifting the snowflake term aint working .The snowflakes are the loopy libs who seek refuge and safe spaces from words that are hurtful .Nice try snowy , now go pickup your participation trophy

      • Maybe if republicans want entertainers to stop talking politics then they should stop electing them… Just saying.

      • Angela says:

        Hillary won the popular vote, and Trump’s approval ratings are currently in the 30s. Doesn’t exactly scream support from “half the nation” to me.
        If Trump supporters are tired of people taking potshots at Trump, instead of yelling at Kimmel or any other celebrities who mock and criticize him, maybe they should try asking Trump himself to, y’know, actually act like a mature, decent, respectful, intelligent person and take the job of the presidency seriously.
        Until then…truth hurts, guys, sorry. Deal with it.

        • 55% dumbass , Rassmussen Poll,Feb 16 , need to seek your news sources from places other than CNN .

          • Angela says:

            1. I don’t watch CNN.
            2. Either you misread that or it was misquoted or something weird is going on there, because every other poll I’ve seen recently has put him in the 30s and there’s been plenty of talk about his poll numbers dropping in general. He is rapidly losing support.
            3. Calling somebody a “dumbass” does not strengthen your argument in any way, shape, or form. Just saying.

      • J.B. says:

        “They don’t have the capacity to run for office- go make a movie or a commercial.”

        George Murphy
        Al Franken
        Rex Bell
        Alan Autry
        Arnold Schwarzenegger
        John Davis Lodge
        Ben Jones
        Will Rogers Jr.
        Clint Eastwood
        Fred Grandy
        Albert Dekker
        Morgan Mason
        Fred Thompson
        John Gavin
        Kal Penn
        Helen Gahagan Douglas
        Jack Kelly
        Sheila Kuehl
        Jesse Ventura
        Shirley Temple Black
        James Stephen Peace
        Wendell Corey
        J.G. Hertzler

        Just a few. And there was another one…hrm, let think… on the tip of my tongue… OH YEAH!

        Ronald Reagan!!!

        • Angela says:

          Great response with this list. And now Kid Rock and Ted Nugent are considering running for office in Michigan as well, so we can potentially add them to the list, too.

      • javier trevino says:

        We love Trump!

      • Douglas Christenson says:

        They lost me 15 minutes into the show. I changed the channel and did not go back to it.

    • Klarm says:

      Ellen would have been funnier.

  2. Renate Greenfield says:


  3. Eric says:

    Please liberal hollywood, stop with the Trump jokes. We get it you hate republicans. How about actually trying to not be an asshole to the other side FOR ONCE. I may not like Trump but I hate your arrogance more.

    • OhMy says:

      You forgot what you people said about Obama.

    • Ben says:

      If you think they ‘hate Republicans’ then you don’t get it. I don’t hate Republicans. I can, however, read Hitler’s speeches of the early 30s and the similarity to Trump’s rhetoric and behaviour now is uncanny. It’s time to ditch partisanship – the whole country should be standing up against this man. It has nothing to do with ‘Democrat’ vs ‘Republican’.

      • Michaela says:

        Oh please. You’d be doing the same whining regardless of who the republican pesident was. Because anyone who doesn’t want to keep illegal immigrants, who commit crimes and are CRIMINALS, in our country is a racist and a nazi.

      • National Socialist Party aka Nazis were very similar with today’s Democrat progressives, . Hitlers nazi party were : anti capitalist , strict gun control , nationalized healthcare, anti christian, high taxation , belief in a strong centralized government and an obsession with race.

  4. mikeam1978 says:

    Jimmy Kimmel, always proving himself one of the unfunniest people in the business.

  5. Charles says:

    Most republicans (Trump voters) are boycotting. Thanks for the great efforts in splitting my country.

  6. Drew Mack says:

    What the hell is wrong with him! You democrats need to accept that your ‘Messiah’ isn’t president anymore. Get over it!

  7. Sandra says:

    I think no matter who we voted for, Trump won and he is our President and showing disrespect for him constantly is just sad. Actors using their fame to do such is the lowest form of humanity…

    • Charles says:

      Agree 100%

    • And it was okay when it was Obama? Oh the hypocrisy.

      • Charles says:

        Not me. The Commander and Chief always needs support. I’m an American.

        • Scribe says:

          Then you Sir are in the minority. Remember that time when Michelle was compared to an ape in heels? I’ve seen worse than this. Perhaps if they’d showed one ounce of respect to Obama when he is in office, Trump might be getting the same.

          • Lucifer says:

            That reporter was fired. The same cannot be said for the reporters who talked about assassinating Trump or condone violence towards Trump supporters. Nor can it be said for the reporter who said Melania was a hooker.

          • justsomeguy says:

            Or the dozens of times elected officials got caught spreading their racist garbage about Obama through e-mail, get caught, then lie about not meaning it and it’s just a joke. Trump’s birther-movement garbage is in there too. I for one am enjoying the 24/7 roasting of the Republican party because quite frankly it isn’t enough. A decade of pure hate for Obama because he’s black. Trump’s been in office 1 month. In one month, he’s managed to piss off just about every country on the planet, including his own, a seemingly unending amount of scandals about his Russian ties, Russian involvement in the election, selling off cabinet positions for cash, his unending war against the press and the truth, and a billion more lies to go with all of that, but Obama was the embarrassment of the United States? LOL

      • Charles says:

        Always respect my President. Always wil. Commander and Chief needs support. They will always be scrutinized by thier political opponents.

      • Lucifer says:

        When was Obama bashed by everyone in Hollywood constantly? When did we see many reporters from news outlets talking about assassinating Obama? When did we see ads specifically made just to “fight back” at Obama? When did we see many people in all different fields of work talking about having a military coup against Obama?

    • anon says:

      Nope. I didn’t vote for him and I’ll start respecting him once he decides to start respecting others.

    • Ben says:

      You don’t get respect just by being the President. You have to govern fairly and responsibly, something almost every President manages to do no matter which party they come from. This one has not shown that capability yet.

  8. monologue ok i was hopeful it wouldn’t turn hateful and divisive. misleading and misinformed on so much. too many lies. ruins the event- turning it off.

  9. Lorri says:

    I was so excited to watch the Oscars as always, I wanted to enjoy an evening of entertainment, and there was amazing talent! After over an hour of watching and listening to Jimmy and others speak in opposition to our country and its laws I finally had to turn the channel because I’m done with celebrities thinking I care about their political views, if I wanted politics I’d have been watching a news channel!

  10. c-mo says:

    Meh. Glad Disney is playing an HSM…it might be my least favorite, #2, but it’s still better than Hollywood’s love affair with itself. Awards shows are boring when the acceptance speeches are political, if I wanted an actor’s opinion on politics I’d ask…I didn’t ask for your unsolicited opinion so please take your statue and sit down. Thanks!

  11. To encourage division of America does nothelp anything🇺🇸
    You could tell he was high/drink! To have a top class awards does not help with a high/drunk announcer! It takes away any class!
    Hopefully next year will be class in all areas!

  12. OhMy says:

    Horrible opening song by the way.

    • lizzy says:

      I hated that song too! Her voice and song were so nothing? I hated Kimmel too, he was so desperate and boring that he had to use our new President Trump as a punching bag to get attention. It didn’t work, I feel now that Kimmell and all the so-called Hollywood elite are really hateful and dumb tonight? Streep ruined another show for me with her obsessive, ugly, viscious speech about Trump and when she went off on him, she reallooked like a mentally ill person! And now Kimmell, vomiting up disgusting lines about Trump, again ruining another awards show? Nothing but low class idiots on these shows now. Trump has never done anything to these overpaid and under educated anti-American morons and constantly Trump is new fad in Hollywood. Freedom of speech is one thing, but disrespecting and dishonoring the President and the Office of the President should be stopped once and for all. We have lost thousands of lives in New York because of Islamic terrorism and America doesn’t need to have dumb spoiled celebrities diss our President with lies about him.

  13. Jeff says:

    Typical Hollywood hypocrisy, start a monologue saying we all need to come together then make snide, devisive comments for the rest of the show. This is especially hysterical since Jimmy Kimmel got his start on the Manshow, a beer guzzling macho man act with girls in bikinis bouncing their boobs up and down on a trampoline each show.

  14. Richard Improta says:

    We tuned out right after his anti-Trump monologue. When will celebrities learn we don’t want to know their politics.

  15. Marthann Kohl-Fuhs says:

    Jimmy Kimmel is why I did NOT watch

  16. Cynthia says:

    Next year’s Academy Awards should be cancelled due to the fact that the program has become unnecessary and boring like all the other award shows!!! Basically, these telecasts have become platforms for the self-indulgent idiots that we call celebrities. There are no real MOVIE STARS any more and no more real musical entertainers as we used to know. As far as I’m concerned, these people are third rate wanna be’s who do not merit my attention! Also, these stupid individuals have become so arrogant that they seem to think that everyone should think the way they do. They think that they are so important when in reality they are clueless. Well, I think that I have made my point but as far as Jimmy Kimmel’s performance goes, I used to actually like him but like all the others, he, too, has gone that way so I can’t say that I like him any more!

  17. Glory B. says:

    Political statements & disrespectful comments towards our president (whomever it may be) don’t have any business in this venue. Shame on him!

  18. Douglas Christenson says:

    I watched the awards for 15 minutes. I couldn’t stand the Trump bashing from Kimmel. The lowest rating in 9 yrs should show you America does not want your political views. I watched him on the bachelor once. He was so unfunny and so inappropriate I lost all respect and liking for this so called comedian. I thing his show sucks too, I won’t want it.

  19. Charlene Mateus says:

    Hollywood has no respect. No respect for the American people no respect for our president just no respect and people are fed up . They should be grateful your average American will never be able to walk down the runway or wear a $50 million pair of earrings – we have 47 million people living in this country that are homeless and cannot put food on their table what does Hollywood say about that !

  20. Susan says:

    Oscars will continue to fail due the arrogant condescending attitudes of the actors, their over the top political correctness, always finding a way to prove themselves jerks to their viewers.

  21. Al Cata says:

    Making stupid jokes about the highest office in our country is very disrespectful, unpatriotic and divisive, regardless of one’s ideology. We need to work together to make our country a more wholesome and safer place to live in. The host is shallow and has no class. The Academy should pick a more intelligent and appropriate host befitting its prestige.

  22. I think jimmy did great ! He was soo funny doing what he always does ! Bringing in surprises ! He brought in a bus full of tourists ! Lol can u imagine their surprise when they walked into the awards ceremony and got to meet everyone! As for his funny comments! They were funny ! Everyone loved it except a few I will not mention their names!

  23. Stahld says:

    Venom towards the American President Trump was vile and disgusting….

  24. Wobegon says:

    Kimmel did a great job and his jokes were all good natured. All you Trumpsters are way too uptight about everything said regarding your president…need to laugh more at yourselves and not take things so seriously starting with Trump and Bannon.