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Why Was This Is Us Lover MIA? How Many S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Went Boom? TV's Weepiest Week? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Timeless, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Chicago Fire and How to Get Away With Murder!

1 | TVLine HAwaii Five-0reader KLS asks of Hawaii Five-0, “Was I the only one who screamed ‘Don’t give him the pen!’ when Steve gave the inmate a pen to write down the name of his accomplice?”

2 | Can we just skip ahead to the Vampire Diaries series finale?

3 | If Grimm was going to do a love-potion-gone-wrong episode, couldn’t it have at least included one same-sex pairing among the gang?

4 | Britney Ever AfterBritney Ever After probably made a ton of stuff up, but was its worst offense including an HD flat-screen TV on Spears’ tour bus circa 1998?

5 | What was Shades of Blue — which has only aired one, middling season — doing in NBC’s 90th Anniversary special?

6 | Since The Walking Dead‘s Richard had to realize Daryl knew Carol (since Daryl knew Morgan, and Morgan arrived with Carol), why didn’t he simply lie about the identity of the “loner” he planned to sacrifice, to push Ezekiel into a war with the Saviors? Why does everyone in the junkyard collective seem to have a wacky name like Tamiel or Brion (not a “Joe” among ’em!)? And how on earth does Jadis maintain that sharp, two-tone hairdogood-fight-1 in a post-apocalyptic garbage dump?

7 | Is Scotland-born Rose Leslie’s Good Fight character supposed to be American, Scottish… a hybrid…? Should we just give up on trying to figure out her accent?

8 | Why would Homeland‘s Carrie be the target of protesters, when she wasn’t even the “suicide bomber’s” lawyer? Shouldn’t they have been yelling outside Reda’s apartment, or Sekou’s, if anywhere? Also, do the producers really expect us to believe that paranoid Quinn wouldn’t have password-protected his iPhone?

9 | Speaking of cell phones: To echo NCIS: Los Angeles‘ NellDefiance Irisa, who uses their ring finger for a Touch ID?

10 | Did Supergirl‘s Lyra — both in look, and temperament — slightly evoke Defiance‘s Irisa (right)?

11 | Was this week’s Jane the Virgin the first time Petra and Rogelio have had a scene alone together?

12 | Who on 24: Legacy has a more resilient noggin, Aisha or Drew?

13 | How did gunshot Timeless pilot Rufus go from dramatically unconscious at the close of the previous episode to “You did it, Rufus, you got us home!”?

14 | Was how Chicago Fire changed things up this week — separating the 51 crew — a welcome chance of pace? Do you wish the reassignments had lasted longer?

15 | How much money do you think The Flash saves by having CGI’d Grodd this-is-us-old-age-make-upoften talk through a human host?

16 | On This Is Us, how odd was it that William’s pre-death life retrospective featured nary a glimpse of his longtime love Jessie (played by Denis O’Hare)? And did the show do a better job with Brian Tyree Henry’s old age make-up than it ever has with Mandy Moore’s?

17 | Which has worse security, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. base or S.T.A.R. Labs? (And might acronyms have anything to do with it?) Also, just how many random agents were left behind to perish in the base explosion, while a handful jetted off to safety with Jemma and Daisy?

18 | Watching Legends of Tomorrow‘s episode-ending swordfight, we wondered: Does this Damien Darhk not have magic? Was Ray’s high-tech “saber made of light” exactly as strong as a regular ol’ sword? (And speaking of swords, which Once Upon a Time fans out there half-expected Amaya’s Excalibur to have “Rumplestiltkin” engraved on it?) Lastly, how cool is it that Sara just flits through time, “awakening” assorted women?

19 | Which of Carly Pope’s Wednesday-TV romances is going through the roughest patch: Arrow‘s Susan and Oliver, or Suits‘ Tara and Louis?

20 | On the Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce season finale, can Jo and Albert meeting cute mean anything other than what we think it will?

Nashville21 | Does the bathroom at Nashville‘s Hillwood Hospital bear striking similarities to the loo at Daphne’s school? Why didn’t anybody mention calling Tandy when her sister was admitted? And at what point in Thursday’s episode did you realize it was the end for Rayna?

22 | Can we officially declare Riverdale‘s Blossom clan the new Addams Family, now that we’ve seen their spooky haunted house, complete with its own graveyard?

23 | Did How to Get Away With Murder‘s Laurel really never notice that the papers her father wanted her to sign were actually an affidavit?

24 | If The Blacklist: Redemption wants us to believe that Scottie is Tom’s mother, perhaps it can stop alluding to serious sexual tension between them?

25 | For those who this week watched This Is Us, Nashville and Annalise’s HTGAWM breakdown, do you have a single tear left in your body?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. M says:

    17. Daisy and Simmons told the others to bring anyone who was unconscious onto the Zephyr, so I’d figure everyone who was not an LMD was taken to safety before the explosion

    • Wordsmith says:

      Also, I don’t think May blew up the whole base – that was a big pile of explosives, but it probably just took out the airlock corridor.

      • jr. says:

        In The Real Oneals, did you think Kenny made a mistake, in not saying I love you back?
        In The Big Bang Theory, don’t you hate that Raj gave up his money. And are the BB
        writers running out of material, with the episode ending joke Sheldon told Amy, about changing her mind with what he had in his pants( i.e. as an example )?
        What about those poor bunnies in The Mick?

        • George says:

          I’m afraid the BBT writers ran out of material some time ago. At least, material that could consistently make me laugh.

  2. skrable2a says:

    5. It was in Jennifer Lopez’s contract.

  3. 16. You know how This Is Us works, they can revisit William and Jesse’s goodbye in another episode. They made it clear that William knew he would not return from Memphis, so I’m sure he previously had a special goodbye with Jesse.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      No, the question is about the flurry of images before he passed. –Mgmt.

    • Amanda says:

      I was bothered that William’s father was not with his Mother on the “other side.” Even though William never got to meet him, he should have been there.

      • grazelled says:

        Me too. I was waiting for the 3 to be united. Even if William said the 2 most important people in his life were his mom and son, he was singing the song his father sang to him when he was a baby during the trip. Would have been great to see the dad who loved him.

      • TMJ says:

        Unless they were trying to imply that he went elsewhere.

  4. Jill says:

    8 The media and reporters were purposely tipped off about Carrie. Presumably by the man across the street or whoever is involved with that. They wanted a scene to be caused at her home.

    • Daisy F. says:

      I completely agree. On theory on who the mysterious man across the street is working for is Dar Adal who wants to discredit Carrie and her influence on the president-elect.

  5. aria says:

    23. that kidnapping affidavit Laurel signed were when she was younger, not that papers she signed for him to find Frank.

  6. Leona says:

    5. And with 90 minutes, couldn’t they manage to squeeze in even a short segment devoted to soap operas?

  7. #3 Well, there was a little self-love going on with Hank & his reflection.

  8. Luis Roman says:

    17. At least the SHIELD base was populated. How big is STAR Labs to have, like, three people working there?
    18. Next Arrowverse spinoff – “Sara Lance, Time Traveling Sex Therapist”
    23. Recognizing Legal Documents is a third year class

  9. N says:

    3. Also didn’t hank take 2 potions?
    10. They did look alike. I miss defiance.
    23. I’m tired of crying.

  10. aria says:

    Another question: Meredith has 3 kids but has no milk for coffee?

  11. SB says:

    1. 100% yes! Also, how is it that Alicia Brown went directly to the cabin (with several hours head start), but McGarrett and Chin had to first figure out where Alicia was, fly to Wyoming, go to the prison, talk to the convict, search his cell, figure out who the accomplice was based on the letters, track down the accomplice, and yet they (McGarrett and Chin) arrive at the cabin MINUTES after Alicia – just in time to save the day? And if Alicia had been searching for the accomplice for years – why is it that the guys figured out who it was after search the convict’s cell for a few minutes?

    • Stacy says:

      H50 is the kind of show that would turn a drinking game into an alcoholic, lol. They have some of the worst TV logic ever, repetitively.

  12. pattyg says:

    6. Weird garbage dump people are weird. of course they have weird names!

  13. A says:

    2. I agree the final season of VD is being dragged out. It just needs to end.

  14. Marco Piazzo says:

    25 Between those and Cardinal (Poor Keith) no, no I haven’t.

  15. mooshki says:

    “Also, do the producers really expect us to believe that paranoid Quinn wouldn’t have password-protected his iPhone?”

    If it’s like my iPhone, the password protection only works about 10% of the time.

  16. Mary-Megan says:

    #14 – Yes, I wish the reassignments lasted more than one episode. As much as I’ve always loved Chicago Fire, it’s getting a little tiresome with the same old stories. Every single season there’s someone trying to get rid of Boden. The whole ending was way too convenient. There needs to be a real shake up on the show because I’m losing interest.

    • Roxie Hartline says:

      I agree, the shake up was refreshing.
      That issue could have easily spanned over a few episodes if not a whole season.

  17. Wordsmith says:

    18) I think Legends has chosen to ignore Dahrk’s magic powers – maybe this version of him is from before he recovered that idol, so he’s just a garden-variety immortal. Ray’s not-a-lightsaber was pretty but totally useless (not unlike him, much of the time).
    Really, though, the ENTIRE episode was just a setup for the punchline “I will miss you, Sara Lance – alot.”

    • shunda1177 says:

      It’s before he got the idol. The idol was lost and buried until ARGUS dropped Oliver back on the island in Season 4 and that crazy army guy found it. So, we can assume that it somehow ended up in Damien’s hands after Oliver left the island to go to Russia.

    • Jay Byron says:

      I thought that the idol was destroyed by vixen #1.

  18. Bosco says:

    16. Mandy Moore’s makeup is okay- it’s Jon Huerta (Miguel) that doesn’t look right to me as an older man.

  19. funnibone31 says:

    8. Because the demonstration was planned, probably by the guy whose watching her from across the street or whoever hired him to watch her. Remember the reporter said that someone called into the station and said there would be a demonstration? It was planned.

  20. fatalsin says:

    24: Yes please it was super creepy…

  21. neaorlean says:

    21. When they played The Wayfaring Stranger the first time. Then the second time, I knew.
    25. I don’t even watch HTGAWM and I have none left, after I watched Nashville a few hours ago I’m just staring at the wall and crying on the inside, and I didn’t even like Rayna. It’s been tough two weeks for TV lovers.

  22. Jason says:

    2) Skipping ahead would be nice. I’m feeling very pessimistic about how Vampire Diaries is going to end and I’d like to get these last few miles down angst road, as quickly as possible.

    3) It was a small price to pay for such a hilarious episode. Hank’s self adoration was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a year.

  23. Dryheat says:

    14. If NBC wanted us to care about Chicago Fire and take it seriously, they would work on their lack of continuity in their multiple show universe. If the reassignment is to be believed, then the crew wouldn’t have been together on the next Chicago PD or Med episode. Continuity is everything.

  24. kirads09 says:

    #24 – “It is imperative to the mission that Scottie Hargraves not know you are her son”. But yeah, it’s kinda ewww.

  25. Carlie says:

    25. 2 out of 3 for me…. but if you add Agents of Shield… I am all cried out!

  26. Larc says:

    13- Rufus’s quick recovery was caused by a famous fix-all potion called “Magic of Hollywood.” It can make the miraculous, even the impossible, happen with no apparent cause.

  27. Jen says:

    21: At what point did I realize it was the end for Rayna? Hmmm… it was before I even watched the episode, and tvline’s 8 billion articles about it popped up in my facebook feed with her picture and saying someone died. Had to unfollow you guys. I can’t have you spoiling stuff like that! I’ll come on and read later, but that was SO not cool.

    • Donna says:

      Totally agree! We knew before the episode even aired in west coast time zone because TVLine spoiled it on Facebook. Shame on you.

  28. Rick Katze says:

    Same thought about Damien Darhk. I think they toned him done or maybe he no longer has his “doll” to give him his powers.?????

  29. Kaya says:

    25 – Does no one care about poor Max Keenan?! I mean, I know technically he died last week, but Brennan gave a beautiful eulogy this week on Bones and there wasn’t a dry in *my* house. Tough week for tv watching…

  30. 3 | If Grimm was going to do a love-potion-gone-wrong episode, couldn’t it have at least included one same-sex pairing among the gang? They did! Hank & Hank! :D

  31. Cate says:

    18) Hmm, which other historical ladies could Sara Lance romance? Boudicca? Elizabeth I? Pocahontas? Amelia Earhart? Marie Antoinette… so many possibilities 😀

  32. Alichat says:

    3) I really didn’t enjoy this episode. It wasn’t funny at all, and I can only assume it was meant to be funny. Plus the pairings were off. Who got Wu and Adalind? And who else was Hank obsessed with? He drank two glasses of champagne. And Wu got a glass that had the waitresses hair and someone else’s. So, both Wu and Hank should have been obsessed with two people. And why did no one think to be very specific with Diana? Don’t talk about it with Daddy means don’t mention it, don’t draw it, don’t tell him you have a secret you can’t tell him. Oh, and regarding Diana, why has no one told her that her other mother, Kelly, was Nick’s mother? And shouldn’t she know that Eve was responsible for Kelly’s death? I mean, she can sense how many babies are in Rosalee, make her eyes all glowy and see the symbols, know when Eve is in the tunnels, and control people from miles away. Seems she would have been able to sense why Eve felt guilty at the mention of Kelly.

    8) Thank you! How did they get her name and address? Why wasn’t Reda targeted? Why had no one called the police when the press converged on her house? Why didn’t anyone call the police when protesters showed up? Why didn’t the police call Carrie to tell her what is going on and ask if she knows who the man is in her house? How did they not know who Quinn is? Wasn’t his gassing video all over the internet? I mean even that drug dealer who robbed him figured out who Quinn was.

    17) I was wondering that too? Could they really only get to those four or five agents? Couldn’t those agents have given the gas antidote to more agents as they moved through the complex? That’s alot of people to leave there to die.

    23) Knowing what her father does and not having the best relationship with him, why didn’t Laurel EVER consider that her father had Wes killed? And was the intention for her to die too? That family friend had to see her walk into the house after Connor got there. Laurel was getting on my last nerve these last few episodes. The self-righteous attacks were pathetic and exhausting.

  33. KevyB says:

    I would say Grimm not doing a gay love potion is because then you’re playing gay for laughs, which is a slippery slope. “Oh, look! How hilarious that two guys are kissing!” More like “How 20th Century.”

  34. Susie says:

    | Can we officially declare Riverdale‘s Blossom clan the new Addams Family, now that we’ve seen their spooky haunted house, complete with its own graveyard? – Nope. Morticia would never treat Wednesday the way that Cheryl’s mom treated her.

  35. DS says:

    #14. No, I’m glad they are all back at 51. They do their best when they are together.

  36. georgeanne cohen says:

    “This is us!!” Question: Can Someone please tell me what happened to Randell’s Birth mother??? Somehow I never heard that. I am guessing she died of an overdose??

  37. Arkistic says:

    23 | Did How to Get Away With Murder‘s Laurel really never notice that the papers her father wanted her to sign were actually an affidavit?

    It is not the same document. The one shown in the court was something she signed after she was kidnapped.
    Hint 1: Laurel telling the rest of K4 that she really was kidnapped, she just had to lie abou it to save her father.
    Hint 2: Season 3 Episode 4, when Laurel got back from Miami she told Annalise “…unless I sold my soul to him (her father)…, I can’t do that, not again…”. Meaning this is the second time she “sold her soul” to her dad. The one she recently sign will probably resurface come season 4 on her search to discover about Wes.