Vampire Diaries Trailer Offers First Look at Stefan and Caroline's Wedding

It may not be the #SterolineJuneWedding fans were hoping for, but Stefan and Caroline will walk down the aisle on The Vampire Diaries‘ penultimate episode — and we finally have our first look at the big day.

As revealed in the trailer for the March 3 episode (8/7c), appropriately titled “We’re Planning a June Wedding,” Damon decides that the best way to lure Katherine (aka the new Queen of Hell) out of hiding is to throw the one party she can’t possibly pass up: Stefan and Caroline’s nuptials.

And like all unions on this show — need I remind you of Alaric and Jo’s own personal Red Wedding? — the whole thing appears to go down in flames. Like, literal flames. And it looks like Caroline gets caught in the blast.

Additionally, The CW has released new photos from the March 10 series finale (9/8c), including one of a well-rested Elena. (Or is it Katherine?! Ah!!!)

Hit PLAY on the video above, then browse the new series finale photos — you can click here for direct access — and drop a comment below: How do you want TVD to end?

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  1. Stacey says:

    All hail Queen Katherine. Also, why is Damon officiating the wedding? Sorry, but I still don’t forgive him for raping Caroline in S1, seems strange she would allow this, but her character has regressed so much, I barely recognize her. Can’t wait to see Kelly and Kat light this wedding up!

    • She told him in Nostalgia’s a Bitch she already forgave him for everything a long time ago. Just as she had to forgive herself for raping Matt, and all the other crappy things she’s done herself.

    • Jane says:

      Funny how they either brake up or getting married. Like there is no other options there. And I almost praised Caroline for taking some responsibility for her girls being so unstable, but she took it back like “I’m a little embarrassed I suggested the problem was us”. Stefan’s supporting character is just a mess :D

      • Stacey says:

        I feel the same. When Care was away from Stefan she showed some character growth, now she has regressed once again. They haven’t even figured out their issues yet, but they go ahead and decide to get married anyways. Such a mess, glad it will go up in flames!

        • Ella says:

          Yeah, that’s the thing that gets me. They’ve never seemed to have a serious conversation about what him being human actually *means* for them. It’s all just swept under the rug. I can’t even buy them as ‘best friends’ at the moment because they don’t communicate at all. What happens if one of the twins has a magic flare up and hurts Stefan? They can’t use vamp blood to heal him like they could with Alaric. How’s Stefan supposed to have a career or anything like that when they’ll have to move every 7-10 years because it’ll become obvious that Caroline’s not aging. How are they supposed to ever be seen in public together in 20+ years when people will assume Caroline’s his daughter or granddaughter? What about the whole cure thing? What if Bonnie dies prematurely and Elena wakes up? And that’s just off the top of my head.

      • Sara says:

        “Caroline gets caught in the blast”..hopefully she dies to stop the wedding madness between the siblings. SC are the worst pairing of the show next to DE. It does nothing for either character and I can’t believe that Plec has dragged this relationship out so long it should’ve ended in s6.

        • Desiree says:

          I am sorry to say but you took the words right out of my mouth They really don’t need to be together because remember a while back enzo kill stefan girlfriend and she is allways crying she is like stefan dog.

    • charlotte says:

      Yeah, it was disgusting what Damon did to Caroline and how he never go called on it. The show has ALWAYS been Damon because Plec has (as anyone who has seen her on interviews or watched the show) a creepy crush on Ian.
      Too bad Kevin didn’t stay with the show. Would have been an, “Epic” “wow” “remembered” show. Sadly, now it’s just another teen show that hit a wall after 3 seasons and kept going in hopes it could get the fans that left to come back. Didn’t work, obviously

    • Scumspawn says:

      All of them that took innocent lives need to die they knew what would happen when they turned off their humanity so ergo must be punished.

  2. Kana says:

    Wedding goes up in flames just like Caroline’s self respect. That’s was mean of me but I’m so discouraged about how they ruined her to prop up Stefan. He ruined her best friends life, and she took him back no problem. So much for girl code, or best friend since birth over guy who still stuck with putting his brother above everything.

    • Amina says:

      Yeah! Sure she should be with Klaus instead. Right?

      • Jane says:

        She should be alone for once! And take care of her girls, who’ll only stay kids for less than a decade, can the beatch focus on her offsprings?! But instead she’s obsessed with MARRYING a mass murderer who breaks up with her one day and then proposes two days latter.

        • elle says:

          and only stayed in mystic falls for elena,

          • He was going to kill Elena the other week so I wouldn’t put too much weight on that. Again this is the vampire diaries, none of the characters, not even hero human Matt, are saints ;P

          • Jane says:

            He was going kill Elena when his humanity was off and he didn’t care about anyone, Caroline included. When he was back to normal self, he stayed in MF just to help Damon to save Elena

          • Gift says:

            Not true, he only stayed to help his brother. when has Stefan ever turned his back on Damon? never! if it was some other girl he would still stay nd help.

      • Stacey says:

        He is definitely a better option, at least he puts her first, unlike Stefan. Stefan who was going to leave without telling Care and only stayed to save Elena and help Damon.

    • Any good parent knows you don’t sacrifice your own happiness for your child, because children can sense if you are unhappy and don’t really love the person you are with (like if Caroline got with Alaric for convenience sake), which can twist and warped a family dynamic, children can sense if there is a hidden unhappiness, which isn’t good for them. I have a single mother, and I would have hated if she had just gone with a traditional man/woman, father figure type set up just for the sake of stability, I’d have know if she was unhappy and resented it, which is what happens with children and these type of situations. Caroline has done more than enough for these children who aren’t even her blood.

        • Jane says:

          That’s a rather convenient definition for what a good parent is :) Especially for a woman trying to have her june wedding with a kids murderer who’s together with his brother are magnets for supernatural troubles. I especially like the last line in your reply: “Caroline has done more than enough for these children who aren’t even her blood.” You know, M, when she gave birth, Alaric gave her a way out but she forced herself in this family not as a friend, nanny or whatever, but as their one and only mum, stating on numerous occasions that they’re her kids and she’s their mum. So she can’t play mum card when it’s convenient and then brush them aside when she has more exciting things in her life

          • Yes, she has already done more than enough for them by carrying them in the first place. She shouldn’t have to keep proving herself to you people. She didn’t take the way out. She made a sacrifice, she makes sacrifices, she doesn’t have to be a saint all the time. This is the vampire diaries, I don’t know why you people keep wanting people to be perfect 100% of the time. She didn’t force anything, she sacrificed, and her own body carried children who were forcibly put in her, for her to go through with that with birth being one of the biggest thing a woman can do is really something. She went about and aboard and does for those who weren’t originally her literal biological offspring. She’s fought for them, like vs Kai, sirens, Damon, etc, but it’s never good enough for you. Parents aren’t brushing anything aside when they have something exciting in their lives. The twins will be part of the wedding anyway, she is still including them. Again if I were the twins, like with my own mother, I would want her to be happy, and have something for herself too. If you really care about Caroline you would want her to have a dream could true and not be some kind of martyr saint perfect flawless 100% of the time. Caroline is also a murderer by the way, and the twins are also supernatural magnets (see Kai, they will always draw troubles regardless of the Salvatores, similar to Kai, and others like him), and as for the twins themselves don’t expect they won’t cause some serious crap or hurt other through their lives either. The point they were trying to prove is they can take the twins away but they will still have trouble like Alaric found out about at their school, supernatural is part of being their very nature, something they will have to deal with all their lives, and yes crap will probably happen, especially when they are teenagers and hormones are flying everywhere. Personally I think if the twins ever show up in the Originals when they are older we can expect to actually see it in the process, with dangerous magic from them and maybe others getting hurt. People will hate on them for it but I know what to expect from this show and not for them or others to be little angels all of the time ;P

          • She doesn’t have to be there for them every little second and doing so would not be healthy for children either. It is smothering.

          • Jane says:

            She didn’t even know how they’re doing at school. Smothering my arse

          • Also if you even think as a parent that you always know as a parent 100% of the time 100% of everything that goes on when a child is at school then haha, sorry to break it to you. I know a story in real life of a parent that always made their child a sandwich to take to school for lunch every day, but every lunchtime the home made lunch would go straight in the bin, and the kid would go to the chip shop or KFC with the rest of the kids, junk food, and of course the parents never found out for years. Some never find out their prepared meals go to waste >_>

        • She didn’t know because Ric didn’t tell her, and that isn’t even what I was referring to specifically. Maybe you could cut her some slack for fighting for their lives with all she has? No? Yeah, never going to be good enough, she might as well not even ever try, ever.

          • Anyway I’m done, as far as I’m concerned I stand by she or no parent has to be there every little second, and doing so can sometimes do more harm than good, and sometimes no matter how you try anyway there are sometimes you’ll just miss. Tight, not everything is so narrow ended and restricted. Good luck if you ever make any mistakes.

          • Jane says:

            The twins are in no danger that this version of their mum will be there every second, they will be lucky if they get to see her at least once a week or smth. By the time she’s done helping Stefan with his endless issues, they’ll be graduating if not dead

      • Anyway Stefan is human now, so we will have to see what happens but even if Caroline also got cured and was human too somehow, and they moved away from Mystic Falls, or if Caroline was with Alaric, or alone or whatever, there would probably still be issues with the twins because of the supernatural being inherent. You can’t protect others all of the time, no matter how much you do for them, it’s just not possible.

        • Jane says:

          Not others, her children and a good mother is expected to do her best in helping her kids to get through their issues at least when they are as little as these twins. Caroline herself said to Ric that they could do better job of taking care of the girls, but then her attention was diverted when Stefan proposed again and her june wedding was back on

          • Yeah, that’s life. When I was a baby, my mother, who had to work, left me with my grandmother who was looking after me one time, and my father found out where I was, got into the house, grabbed me out of my nana’s arms, threw me across the room (I landed on the sofa), and punched my nana in the face (breaking teeth, and she ended up losing all of them as a result due to complexities that arose from the original injuries) Clearly my mother should have been there, not working to support me and the rest of her family, and I and everyone like my nana should blame and hold that against her even though there is probably nothing she could have done anything, probably couldn’t have stopped us from being hurt, and might have ended up seriously injured herself. We say to ourselves we can do better in life, and could try and then life hits. This year our family wished each other happy new year and were talking about how we could try and have a better year this year and improve ourselves, and how to, then my grandfather died later on new year’s day.. Sometimes there are just things you can’t control.

          • Jane says:

            It’s awful that some kids are going through something like that. But everyone’s experience is different. I feel a bit ridiculous talking about fictional characters after that. I can meet you halfway here and agree that Caroline can’t be a perfect mother and protect them from everything even if she tries her best. I think you and I won’t agree on whether she’s actually really trying here

  3. She told him in S8 EP10 she already forgave him for everything a long time ago. Just as she had to forgive herself for raping Matt, and all the other crappy things she’s done herself.

    • Stacey says:

      When did Caroline ever rape Matt? Did you read a bad fanfic or something?

      • cx_moua says:

        Lol raping Matt 😂

      • She bit him and then compelled him and had sex with him. She manipulated him so she could still be with him (and still sexually active with when he would have wanted none of that if he still knew she was a vampire, it is also taking away consent without the knowledge of what Caroline actually was, it is the same as a person being brainwashed or like some kind of cult thing, or someone manipulating a person into thinking they love a person, when if they knew the truth things would be different. I know it is hard to read about Carebear, I still love her anyway for the good in her and since this is still a tv show and so on but. I have never read a Vampire Diaries fanfic, I’m simply not playing favoritism, Damon, Caroline, Stefan (Elena), Katherine (Stefan) are all rapists on the show. Some could try and excuse it but that’s what people do with Damon. Again it is this show, not all sunshine and rainbows. Matt’s no saint either mind, he drugged Elena (yeah he had reasons, but still drugging someone) Personally I was shocked at how Caroline was treated at the start, later I was shocked when she mind raped Matt, compelling away memories of what she really was, and still being with him, taking away his choice.

      • Gift says:

        Really can someone tell me when that happened? who raped Matt?

  4. Shru says:

    Urgh gross. Caroline has lost all her self respect. Still being with the guy who never puts her first and keeps pushing her away.

    Gross, gross, gross

  5. Fran says:

    I hate what they’ve done to Stefan’s character and it sucks to see Caroline regress and again throw away her self-respect….but I’m just not shocked by it. I still hate how they made Elena change to be with Damon, but I guess when it comes to the brothers anything goes. Everyone forgives them no matter who they hurt, use or kill, so I’m not surprised to see it happening again. It seems more jolting to me because it happened so fast this time, instead of the usual redemption storyline to try it make it seem less bad. I’m not sure why they went this route when there wasn’t enough time to have it make even the tiniest bit of sense…but I’m still not surprised by any of it. Its just a shame they chose to do it again when the series is ending. At this point I just want to see Katherine.

    • Sara says:

      THIS! They’ve had plenty of time to give a great season finale but instead they’ve spent 14 episodes on what exactly? I used to think s5 was the worst but this season is rivaling it. How they chose whatever this has been to go out on is mind boggling and I thought having Kevin Williamson back would help steer Julie in the right direction, boy was I wrong.

  6. elle says:

    if this all dosent sound like the most romantic thing ever i dont know what is! ;) keeping with steroline tradition of sucking it all fits. Perhaps a widow caroline will find her self worth

  7. Olive says:

    Ugh I’m so over Stefan and Caroline.

    • DESIREE says:

      Stefan and caroline are crap I don’t think he love her he being force to marry her.

      • Gift says:

        who is forcing him to marry her? Mind ur language pls.

      • Jane says:

        I’m sorry, but even I (KC shipper) don’t think Stefan was forced into this marriage. I think writers are using Caroline’s character to give Stefan’s a happy ending. He dies (tvd starts with his diary entry and ends with his death) and Caroline lives on and will have her own happy ending in the future, she’s immortal after all

  8. Gift says:

    can u people give it a rest? we’ve seen plenty of times where Vampire make it work with humans. come on, Bonnie is dating one so was Elena nd now she is also human. she would still be with Damon, how is that one OK nd Caroline with Stefan isn’t? Just because she is marrying Stefan doesn’t mean she won’t be a good mother to her kids. she loves them so much nd she has done a lot for them. No need to keep judging her. Stefan stayed back in mystic falls because he wanted to help his brother, the history of this show tells us that he never abandons or leave his brother to fight alone. He wanted to kill Cade because he blames himself for his release. Stefan wanted to make things right. He didn’t do it for Elena. the only person who almost screwed things up in last episode is Alaric, he would have gotten Stefan killed. if Stefan did what Alaric did, u all would judge. Yes he will always put his brother nd Elena above all, they have a strong history, he cares so much for them now add Caroline to the list of people he would place first. Elena is just one of the women Stefan fell in love with in cause of his vampire life, remember Rebecca, if given time nd klaus didn’t compared him to forget her that would be another story. Stefan is not perfect nd he doesn’t know how to treat Caroline right but let’s Consider how they fell in love, the story has always been him Elena nd Damon. It took him time to even warm up to Caroline , he didn’t just decide to be with her because there was no one else. No one is perfect on this show, that’s the point, life comes with ups nd down. we don’t always get everything perfect. can’t wait for next week.

  9. Scumspawn says:

    Everyone who has taken an innocent life deserves to be killed they know what will happen when they turn off their humanity so they must be punished.

  10. kathy says:

    OMG ! Steroline wedding !! YAY !!

  11. Jenny says:

    About time ! Steroline wedding means we can finally put klaroline to rest. Thank you God !

  12. Kate says:

    YES !! Caroline finally marries the man she loves ! Seriously, why do so many ship a pair that was basically a one night stand * cough * klaroline * cough * ?

  13. Gift says:

    Really can someone tell me when that happened? who raped Matt?

    • Kelly says:

      Nobody ever raped Matt. I took the poster as saying that Caroline lying about being a vampire and compelling him was akin to rape. Matt was never subject to sexual assault though as far as I remember.