Vampire Diaries Series Finale Promo: See Damon and Elena's Epic Reunion

It’s the sight Vampire Diaries fans have waited two years to behold: Damon and Elena together again, at last.

The “Delena” reunion goes down during the CW drama’s March 10 series finale (9/8c), and TVLine has an exclusive first look at the long-awaited moment — which appears to catch Damon by surprise. (You know, unless that stunned look is just his way of saying, “Good morning!”)

Of course, Elena isn’t the only Mystic Falls resident making a triumphant return over the course of the series’ final episodes. It was recently revealed that Melinda Clarke will reprise the role of Kelly Donovan — yes, as in Matt and Vicki’s mom — in the March 3 episode (8/7c), which will also feature Stefan and Caroline’s (somewhat rushed) nuptials.

Also expected to appear before the series comes to a close are “Uncle” John (David Anders) and Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen), among others.

Hit PLAY on the promo above, then drop a comment below: What are your hopes for the series finale?

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  1. I never like them together. They may have their reunion but I highly doubt they’ll get their happily ever after.

    • Max says:

      I stopped watching after the show moved in that direction. So about 3 seasons in. They had a main pairing with a great backstory, chemistry in spades and lots of heart. “Delena” is that trope where the good girl tries to turn the bad boy (with murderous tendencies) good but then becomes unrecognizable as a character and Julie Plec called that a romance. I’m curious to know who she’s gonna kill off though.

      • Carole says:

        What really shows inconsistency is the scene when Elena is in the car and has to choose between Damon and Stefan. At this point I wanted the character to choose and stick to it. She says something like ‘ it will always be Stefan’. This show lost credibility after that with the change and fan servicing. It didn’t work out so well when the actors broke up in real life. I have no doubt that led to her decision to leave. The ratings really bombed after that because the triangle hfsd become the show. I think Nina and Paul have great chemistry and it is always wise not to get involved with acting co stars.

    • Nemo says:

      Never liked them either. In fact I never liked Damon, he was funny at first but that led to anoying as hell! I can count on my one hand fingers how many times I said “You are right Damon; I agree with this” . After her “epic love for Stefan” Elena jumps to his brother’s bed!!!

      • Elena says:

        You didn’r understand a thing from this..Elena loved Stefan as human, but she also loved Damon, only that she wouldn’t admit to it. When she became a vampire her feelings for Damon increased 100 times, she remembered that he was the first she had met, before Stefan, therefore Damon was meant to be…I always liked Damon and wanted them to be together in the movie. But…pay attention to the plot and lines :)

        • Abby says:

          Elena, this is not the right place to remark the obvious. Elena loved Damon from the beginning, it had always been Damon, and this has always been the sense of the show.

  2. Gina says:

    Why are they giving so much away?

    • Gilded Lady says:

      My thought. We knew it would happen, but wouldn’t this cheapen it?

    • charlotte says:

      The shows ratings went down because of Dullena. All the previews, desperate attempt to end the show with high ratings.
      Personally, I won’t be watching. Haven’t watched a full episode since Dullena got together. Read recaps, peaked in on an episode literally 5 times since then.
      This is us is our fave now.

  3. Katie says:

    These two deserve death. Ugh Dullena is gross!

  4. Wrstlgirl says:

    I always found their relationship toxic

    • Wordsmith says:

      Often, but not always. You at least have to admit that loving her makes him a better person.

      • Wrstlgirl says:

        Mmmmmm, okay I can meet you halfway on that but even when they were together he did some despicable things. Together or a part these two were a train wreck. But I guess that’s what made them work, IDK.

  5. Samantha says:


  6. Lola says:

    I don’t like them together. I’m deeply opposed to betraying family and friends to be in a relationship with someone. It’s like my tv no no and the death nail to the couple for me. Whether Elena chose to be with Stefan and vice versa, Damon crossed a line. My real life feelings always correlate with that. Some lines aren’t to be crossed. There have been many shows that go that route and 100% of the time I hate the pairing especially the half that so easily betrayed that friend or family member for that relationship. In this case Damon. Where was your bro code dude? A piece of tail meant more to him than his brother. End of story.

    • ubyta says:

      Hahaha, dude….they are vampires, they have all the time in the world to forgive each other. Elena loved Stefan as human but also loved Damon, only she wouldn’t admit to it. When she became a vampire those feelings were 100 times increased…which lets the audience know that her love for Damon was stronger than we thought , as human. I like their pairing, from episode 1 i wished that someday they would get together <3 In the movie i mean, their personal life….not interested :)

  7. Nikki says:

    Looking forward to their reunion.

  8. Katie Picard says:

    Omg I am so excited!!!

  9. Brodie Campbell says:


  10. Julia says:

    They are so gross. I can’t stand them together.

  11. bob says:

    Well look its Sers again bad mouthing Delena no surprise its what happens when your bitter your ship is going to end up together

  12. Stacey says:

    I don’t care whom Elena ends up with, it’s just nice to see ND again. I think Delena could have been epic, but the writers did a horrible job with it. First with the sire bond, then with Elena having Alaric erasing all her memories of him. I think people like Stelena because it was well written and the main ship for 3 seasons, which were the best seasons of the show. Since KW co-wrote this episode, I have high hopes! Best of luck to both DEers and SEers!

  13. I’m happy Nina is back, but I hope this doesn’t mean Bonnie’s dead. Bonnie really has had the short end of the stick during this entire show.

    • J says:

      I think Damons surprise at Elena being alive possibly proves that Bonnie didn’t die for her to come back. If Bonnie died then Elena waking up wouldn’t be a shock to him. Just a thought though. I have been scouring the internet for spoilers and haven’t really found anything so I guess we will just have to wait and see. I hope Bonnie doesn’t die though.

      • Stacey says:

        I saw a bts image of Bonnie on a bench sitting with Stefan, who had a bandage on his arm, and the poster said it was from 8×16. So hopefully Bonnie will be alive, she deserves a happy ending, moreso than anyone else!

  14. Gift says:

    There is nothing to be excited about their reunion. I’ve never been a supporter of their relationship. I still see one thing, which it is Damon betrayed his brother by getting together with Elena. I think in the end, Stefan is the only one who would do anything for his brother becos of cause, if it were the other way round he won’t do what Damon did. I can’t wait for the final but not because of Damon nd Elena’s fake relationship but to see how justice was made to Stefan’s character, Bonnie nd co.

  15. Jane says:

    By the time final ep airs we’ll see most of it on promo pics/spoiler videos. Still don’t know who I prefer, D&E look more like obsession with each other but there was superb sexual tension there before they got together. SE felt more mature but not as entertaining to watch. But Stefan respected Elena’s decisions, didn’t take out his pain on her friends, and his love for her was strong enough to come back to her after the whole Klaus-Ripper story. To bad writers used that time Stefan was away to create numerous DE moments, it felt like Damon was playing behind his brother’s back, using his brother’s misfortune to get to his girl.
    If it’s really Defan story than they both should leave Elena and avoid all Petrova girls, the women who nearly destroyed their brotherhood.

  16. Bambie says:

    I’m so happy Nina returned for the finale!!! I haven’t watched since she left but I’m watching the last couple of episodes just to see Elena wake up, reclaim her life and finally be reunited with Damon and Jeremy and the rest of her friends! Nobody deserves a happy ending more than Elena Gilbert. She’s died about a 100x and sacrificed her own happiness and future to save others more than any other character on the show. Just a couple of weeks now before we see her get the beautiful ending she’s earned!

  17. Gift says:

    Really Bambie? I thought Bonnie did all that. Bonnie is the one who sacrificed so much nd her happiness for her friends. Bonnie deserves the happy ending . Elena just spent all her time in the show falling nd falling out of love with two brothers while almost destroying the love two brothers had. Of course they made everything about her or saving her. she only died once. I don’t think any woman is worth betraying family.

    • no says:

      Everyone deserves a happy ending. Even Damon. He should be with Elena after everything that has happened. Bonnie will get her happy ending too. You’re forgetting that the show is a romantic drama, which is exactly why THE MAIN CHARACTERS ACTIONS revolved around falling in and out of love. The show isn’t entirely centered around Damon and Stefan’s brotherly love. As well as “I don’t think any woman is worth betraying family” , you obviously have not experienced something as strong as one of these fictional romances to be able to criticize their actions. It’s a romantic drama. If you/ anyone else dislikes a certain pairing so much, then stop watching and complaining about it.

  18. Gift says:

    NO, re u serious telling me to stop watching? who says I’m complaining I have a right to my opinion nd it’s my freedom to express it. u should stop reading the comments if it bothers u so much OK. seeing how u re quoting my words back I’m beginning to suspect u’ve done the same thing that’s why u re being defensive nd offended by my words. what Damon did to his brother was wrong . In real sense it’s wrong. call it complaining or whatever surely u must knw what is right or wrong. let’s be clear I don’t hate the pair, I hate the action nd how they got together.

  19. Everly says:

    I stopped watching shortly after Elena and Damon got together. For me, Stefan and Elena were the better couple. Everyone said that Damon challenged her but she often did things that were out of character (the one we came to know during the first three seasons.)

    I think they paired Stefan off with Caroline because he needed to be with someone. As much as everyone references the “June wedding” from the pilot, what always stuck out to me was Stefan telling Caroline that nothing was going to happen between them.

    In my dream scenario, Caroline would end up alone or with Alaric, Stefan and Elena would get back together, Matt would become the Chief of Police/Mayor, Bonnie would find some kind of happiness (she has sacrificed more than anyone), and Damon dies. However, I think Stefan is going to die instead.

  20. Gift says:

    I’m worried about that too, But it’s clear that Stefan is going to die in the end. they are focused too much on him lately. I hope I’m wrong.

  21. The journey so far has been great but whats an ending without the normal still vampire stefan

  22. Amah Lydia says:

    I Just Don’t Know What To Say What Really Went Wrong With This Show?The Story Should Have Been About “Mystic Falls” And Not About A Teenage Girl Torn Between Two Vampire Brothers Cos That Story Ended In Season 4 When She Choose Damon Over Stefan Even If Is About The Two Brothers Is The Same Thing Cos They Both Fell Inlove With A Girl And She Makes Her Choice So Stefan Will Be Like He Will Move On With His Life Go Somewhere In Search Of New Love/life So If Is About Elena Or The Two Brothers Then The Whole Thing Should Have Ended In Season 4.But If The Story Was About Mystic Falls Then We Know That All These Supernatural Creatures The Vampires,werewolfves ,hybrids,witches,humans Have Their Home To Be Mystic Falls Is Were They Found Love,protection,shelter Etc So As The Story Unfolds We Will See How They Fight For Their Love,family,friends And Their Home.Vampires And Werewolf Stories Are Very Story And Fun To Watch But The Lockwoods Were Nowhere To Be Found.

  23. TanyaLeigh says:

    Never a Delena fan, I wish the writers would have killed off Elena!