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HTGAWM Season 3

HTGAWM's Karla Souza Breaks Down That Deadly Wes Twist, Previews Laurel in Season 4: 'Her World Is Crumbling'

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s season finale of How to Get Away With Murder.

An early frontrunner has emerged in the race for this year’s Unluckiest TV Character: How to Get Away With Murder‘s poor, poor Laurel Castillo.

Her onetime beau, Frank, went MIA for weeks — and when she tried to get information on his whereabouts, she was forced to sign her life away to her father. She barely survived a house fire that killed her next boyfriend, Wes, and she’s unexpectedly pregnant with his child.

And, although she doesn’t know it yet, Laurel can add one more thing to her long list of adversity: Her own father was responsible for Wes’ death. Granted, it wasn’t Mr. Castillo who physically killed Laurel’s boyfriend. But he did mastermind the explosion at Annalise’s house, and seemingly recruited a family friend, Dominic, to off Wes before the place went up in flames. (Connor, on the other hand, really was just trying to save Wes that night, after he found him unconscious in the basement — a result of Dominic drugging Wes, gagging him and suffocating him before cutting the house’s gas line.)

Until she finds out who’s actually behind Wes’ demise, though, Laurel is left to zero in on another likely suspect during Thursday’s season finale: Charles Mahoney. When Skeezy McSlimeball gets released from jail, Laurel enlists Michaela and Asher to help her confront the man about Wes’ death. But as she rushes down a crowded New York City street toward the Mahoney son, with a gun stashed in her purse (?!), Laurel is interrupted by none other than Dominic — don’t hug him, Laurel! He murdered your man! — while Charles Mahoney drives off in a taxi.

Laurel also comes to find, during a very public and vulnerable moment on the witness stand, that the contract she signed for her father all those weeks ago was not what she initially thought. Rather, it was an affidavit, stating that Laurel committed perjury as a teenager when she claimed she was kidnapped. D.A. Denver blindsides Laurel with this information during a hearing for Annalise’s case, and just like that, any opportunity that Laurel had to help her professor is lost.

Now that we know #WhoKilledWes, TVLine hopped on the phone with Karla Souza to discuss the episode’s major revelations — but first, a few other events of note from the two-hour finale:

* When Oliver hacks A.D.A. Atwood’s Wi-Fi, he discovers a blocked number that Atwood both dialed and received calls from on the night that Wes died (and the day his body was moved). Despite protests from his peers, Asher dials the mystery number… and a burner phone in Denver’s desk drawer begins to ring.

Realizing that the D.A.’s office has been framing her all along, Annalise comes up with a way out of her season-long legal bind: She’ll present Denver with a voicemail that Wes left on her phone the night of the fire, seemingly incriminating him for the deaths of both Sam and Rebecca. If Denver brings that voicemail to the judge in Annalise’s case, with a new theory that Wes actually killed himself due to intense guilt, then Annalise and Frank will go free, and the whole investigation can be called off. If not? Well, Annalise is ready for a fight. (Naturally, Denver chooses the former option, because no one in their right mind actually wants to go to head-to-head with Annalise in a courtroom.)

* Wes wasn’t Wallace Mahoney’s son — he was Charles Mahoney’s son. Gasp.

* A rare moment of happy news: Asher and Michaela love each other! And Oliver proposes to Connor! (But doesn’t get an answer! Yet!)

* In the finale’s closing scene, Annalise explains to her Alcoholics Anonymous group the bond she had with Wes, and how she tried to look after him during his time at Middleton. But when she draws a parallel between Wes’ death and the death of her own infant son, Annalise breaks down over losing Wes: “He felt like my son… because he was my son,” she sobs. “He was my son. And he’s gone.”

Below, while you tear through a fresh box of Kleenex, Souza breaks down the finale’s most shocking moments — and the emotional arc that awaits Laurel in Season 4.

HTGAWM Season 3TVLINE | What was your reaction when you learned who was behind Wes’ death? Was Laurel’s dad someone you ever suspected?
I definitely never thought my dad would have involvement with killing the love of my life. And in the episode where I decided to sign my soul away to him, we now find out that I was actually signing a piece of paper that said I was never kidnapped, even though I was. The fact that he just keeps ruining my life is definitely something that will grow in Season 4. It was a shock to know my dad was involved in that, and I don’t even know how I’m going to deal, Laurel-wise, with that. It took us all by surprise.

TVLINE | Was there ever a part of you that suspected Laurel had killed Wes, given that she was in the house at the time?
Oh, God. [Laughs] No, I did not suspect that Laurel killed Wes. If that had been the case, Laurel would have been very psychotic, because she was actually in love with him. I knew that’s what I was playing.

TVLINE | The last time we saw Laurel meet with her dad, she was seeking information about Frank. What do you think his motives were to come back into her life at this juncture and kill Wes, of all people?
We don’t even know if the father intended to kill Wes specifically. Who knows who he thought was going to be in the house? He did blow up Annalise’s house, and we don’t know if Wes was supposed to be there in the first place. Whether Dominic was intending to kill Wes — he’s supposed to be a close family friend, so that’s going to be a jarring moment of realization for Laurel. And [showrunner] Pete [Nowalk] is really bringing it back [to the early seasons]. In Season 1, I had a moment with my family at the dinner table where I told them about Annalise and how dark all the things that were happening in my life were. I’m not surprised if my dad had someone investigate what was going on and find out about all the murders, and then decided to save me in his own way.

TVLINE | Have you spoken with [showrunner] Pete [Nowalk] about Laurel’s emotional trajectory in Season 4 at all? Even at the end of this finale, she didn’t really have closure about Wes’ death.
We’ve talked a lot about it, especially the pregnancy. She’s still going through grief while being pregnant, and she has a big decision to make. And now, she has the fact that she committed perjury — or, at least, that’s what people are making it out to be. Her world is crumbling in, but I do think there’s a lot of fight left in Laurel. She’s going to want to come to the end of avenging Wes’ death and finding out what really happened. We’re definitely going to dive into Laurel’s family in Season 4.

TVLINE | Speaking of the pregnancy, we saw Laurel discuss options with her doctor in this episode. How do you predict she’ll move forward with the decision to keep the baby or have an abortion?
Personally — and this is just Karla talking — I want Laurel to keep the baby. It’s all she has left of Wes and that love of her life. It would be very interesting to see what it’s like to have a baby while at law school. She has the financial means. Her family can definitely help in that respect. There’s always options; she could give it up for adoption. But I would definitely like to see us touching upon what it would mean for a law student to be pregnant and to make that decision — what the effects, psychologically, of being pregnant in school might be. That would be a very interesting storyline.

TVLINE | Before Dominic approached Laurel on the street, she seemed dead-set on using that gun in her purse on Charles Mahoney. Would she have killed him, given the opportunity?
I don’t think that was… [Sighs] You know what? I actually do. She was so hyped up. Perhaps, if they had gotten into an altercation, she maybe would have done something that she would have regretted afterward. But she really just wanted to confront him and get the truth [in that moment]. She’s thinking, “All is lost. All I want is to be able to know what happened to Wes.” But then when Dominic intercepts her, she’s relieved in a way, because outside on the street is probably not the best way to confront a man with a gun. [Laughs]

That’s a wrap, Murder fans! What did you think of the season finale? Grade it in our poll, then drop a comment below with your reactions.

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  1. Mei says:

    NOW THIS IS FINALE!!! My mind is blown like actually blown. Viola Davis is beyond phenomenal.

    • herman1959 says:

      Yes, I loved the AA meeting scene at the beginning. Viola really knows how to deliver a long bit of dialogue; maybe they can get her to teach the Scandal cast!

  2. Dave says:

    I was wrong. I didn’t see it coming about wes’s killer. Good twist I guess

    • Leo says:

      Jack Falahee broke my heart in the first part of the finale. LIke really broke it. Also Viola Davis, again and again. This show really is my number one show. I love the twist! Although it’s a bit a reach to have her Dad be the master mind, but as long as it’s not frickin’ Maggie (really good red herring) and the Mahoneys, I’ll take it.
      But the whole thing with DA Denver seems so weird and confuse the hell out of me. Really a DA will risk everything just to beat some law professor?

      • Chris says:

        I think fahlahee is so underrated on this show, since the scene in season when he shows up at ollies door the night the got rid of the body.

      • Brownvirtue says:

        I think he was after her because he believed she was responsible for the death of the assistant district attorney that Asher killed.

      • Brownvirtue says:

        Laurel had been so obsessed with Frank she even asked her estranged father for help. What if her father didn’t want Frank in her life and sent Dominic to kill lhim. Now Wes is dead because of mistaken identity.

  3. herman1959 says:

    WHAT?!!! That’s all I can think to say right now; I had NO idea. Awesome.

    • mia says:

      I second that!!! I let out a loud “OMG” When Wes’ killer was revealed, that I think I scared my mom in the process, as we were both watching together! That was a reveal that I TOTALLY DID NOT see coming!

  4. laurelnev says:

    MAN…I was all set to be disappointed…so it’s not ADA JellyFace, but it’s her boss…and then WHAM! Congrats to those who had Laurel’s Father in the pool. Guess Daddy either knew about the pregnancy or just wanted to eliminate the one who dared boink his daughter.

    Of course now I’m kind of bummed they destroyed all that evidence in their plot against Annalise, as it would be a lot more interesting if they actually investigated and found it led to some random hit-man. Wonder if that timing (i.e. as Laurel was going to confront Mahoney) was accidental or perfectly timed. ;)

  5. Existence says:

    I hope what happened in this finale means that everything that happened since the beginning (Lila, Rebecca, Hapstalls) is officially over and never have to be brought up again.

    • RhimesShowLover says:

      Nope. Because those murders haven’t been resolved. Once resolved, it can be said that somebody “got away with them”.

  6. madhatter360 says:

    I’m glad to have this interview and recap because I apparently misinterpreted the scene with the affidavit. I assumed that was something she signed years ago. Glad that got clarified.

  7. Candace says:

    I’m still not quite sure how Charles Mahoney is old enough to be Wes’ father.

    • herman1959 says:

      I know, that’s sort of stretching things, but let’s just go with it because there is so much else to deal with here.

    • laurelnev says:

      I think that, and the “You got a lot wrong” theme was supposed to imply Wes’ Mom Mrs Robinson-ed Charles? That maybe he turned out the way he did in part, due to the fact he was sexually abused by the maid?

      • herman1959 says:

        Maybe they were close in age: his late teens to her early twenties? I’m sure it’ll be explained next season, they’re using good actors to play the Mahoneys, so I’m sure they’re not going to just drop the storyline.

    • kn1231 says:

      THIS! That was so weird to me. The difference in age between the actors is 5 years. Definitely not a large enough gap to make that believable. They better call the make-up team from This Is Us to help with the old age look!

      • Olivia55 says:

        I immediately went to IMDb to finding out their ages. 5 years! That is so ridiculous–it seems like such a cop out–something a daytime soap would do. There were so many other twists, thus one wasn’t necessary.

    • Brownvirtue says:

      If he was a teen at the time. Say he was 17-18 at the time and Wes is 23-24, that’d make Mahoney early 40s. I think the actor can pass for 40.

  8. Susanne says:

    Whatever happened to the phone call Wes made in the cab to his “In Case of Emergency” contact…where he identified himself as Christof. It was never mentioned again. Was it lost/forgotten or was that an intentional omission?

  9. CK3 says:

    I thought it was a great finale. The Wes death scene was one of the most upsetting scenes on T.V. this year for me though.

    I do wonder how deep the D.A.’s involvement with Laurel’s father is though. Just seemed odd that he manage to pull up an affidavit discrediting Laurel when he wasn’t even aware that she would be testifying for the defense. He also received Wes’ phone from the killer and didn’t blink.

  10. Cobra says:

    I barely remembered we’d met Laurel’s father. That just seemed to come out of left field. Highly disappointing.

  11. Matt C. says:

    Simply amazing finale. My head was spinning from the amount of revelations and bombshells! It’s gonna be a loooooong wait for fall, that’s for sure!

  12. dan says:

    Do I get partial credit for guessing it was Laurel? I just forgot to clarify that I meant Laurel’s dad. Wow, didn’t see that twist coming! Good job show!

  13. Renay says:

    I need to know why Dominic was meeting w/Denver. Did I miss the reason why? From this article it seems like the syringe that Dominic had was for Annalise so why kill Wes? Laurel’s dad asked was HE dead, did he mean Wes or someone else? I’m gonna watch it again.

    • bob says:

      dominic and denver never met afaik. they are not connected at all. denvers only came up with the immunity deal.

      • dan says:

        Wasn’t Dominic in the car meeting secretly w/Denver or was that a lookalike character? I assume Denver and Laurel’s dad were somehow in on this together, otherwise why would Annalies’s threats to Denver scare him enough to back off the prosecution.

        • mrmcgee says:

          Yes, Dominick met with Denver in the car to give him Wes’s phone. That’s the connection in trying to figure out: was the mastermind here, the DA outr Laurels dad?

          • Brownvirtue says:

            Obviously her dad wanted her boyfriend and Analise both gone. I don’t think the DA was working for the dad. I think the DA had it out for Analise and her dad was the confidential source he kept referring to.

  14. roger rogers says:

    Huge letdown. After a full season the big reveal is that the killer is a minor character that has been on what maybe 3 episodes.

  15. roger rogers says:

    So because nobody saw it coming that makes it a good surprise? Nobody saw it coming because up until now it was a nothing character.

    • Cobra says:

      I completely agree. I barely remember her father. It seemed like a very tacked on ending just so nobody would have predicted it. Nothing in the story even suggested this at all.

  16. analog says:

    How stupid! Read something before signing it. And she’s studying to become a lawyer?

  17. Ok!!! Loved it but question….if laurels dad did it, then why was Denver saying he did and got Conner and Annalise released on the deal?!

  18. Angela says:

    Totally didn’t see that coming at all. Wow.
    And then everything with Annalise’s confession at the end, and the Charles Mahoney reveal. Good lord. My head’s kinda spinning a bit with all this news.
    Some really good moments throughout the finale-Connor and Annalise’s argument, Laurel stalking after Charles at the end of the episode, Annalise looking at that photo of her baby (oh). Quite a lot to set us up with and mull over for next season here.

  19. Rachel says:

    Convoluted and unresolved story lines. Next season on “As Laurel’s World Turns.” Laurels’s dad was boinking Mrs Mahoney back in the day so she’s Laurel’s real mom so Laurel was really sleeping with her nephew and was pregnant with her great nephew?!

  20. analog says:

    I’m going to guess that Dominic was supposed to kill Frank but instead got it wrong. Did Laurel’s dad even know about Wes?

    • Jessica says:

      Good theory. Let’s see

    • Telly says:

      This exactly. I’m pretty sure this is why at the end of the episode, Frank dropped to his knees in front of Annalise and said it “should have been me.” As far as Laurel’s father knew Frank was her boyfriend and was a really bad guy. He wanted Frank away from Laurel, so best way to do that is to kill him. He sends Dominic to kill Laurel’s “boyfriend,” not realizing that Laurel had a new man and was now dating Wes. I”m going with this was just a case of mistaken identity.

    • Brownvirtue says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. I think he was helping the DA set up Analise too. He wants Frank and Analise out of her life.

    • Will says:

      Scrolling and I found yours because I was thinking the same thing!

  21. Bigdede says:

    Laurel was unbearable and it’s her family who killed Wes!!! I think it’s time for new law students. I’m so over Laurel, Connor and Oliver. Connor and Oliver use to be cute but after Oliver dumped Connor for no reason and ruined his chances at that college, I don’t like them as a couple. Laurel was with Wes for like 5 minutes and she acts like Wes was the love of her life. I hope that baby is Frank’s! Michaela and Asher are too cute. I’m shocked Arby’s how cute they are. And I’m suppose to believe that man was Wes daddy? They looked the same age!!!!

    • Chloe says:

      “Laurel was with Wes for like 5 minutes and she acts like Wes was the love of her life.” Yes, I feel the same way. I could see her reacting this way if it had been Frank who was killed; they were together a long time. But Wes? Just a blip on her radar & he was a boring one at that.

      • Chris says:

        Right because after years of being friends she couldn’t have realized that she was in love with him that never happens in the real world, speaking as someone who did that exact thing and was married 6 months after we said I love you on our first date.

        • Bigdede says:

          Well they should’ve played it out on screen. Earlier this season she was all about Frank. Then we get her and Wes for like 2 episodes and Wes is suddenly the love of her life? This is tv. We need to see those beats play out in order to endure and believe Laurel’s emotions

    • Beth says:

      Just re-watched the entire season, and to say that Laurel was unbearable is an understatement. She annoyed me to the point of screaming at the TV, “Just shut-up already!” Yammering on and on about Wes deserving so much more, blah blah blah.

  22. Herbie says:

    Did anyone think that laurels dad intent was to kill Frank after she went to her dad for help and he dug into franks past? He pinned it on Annalise because of her association with Frank? He then provided the DA the affidavit to discredit laurel in hopes of both A and Frank being put away and away from his daughter?

  23. Maria says:

    So Wes’ death was a plot device to cover the previous murders… Wonderful. The fact that the culprit was a new addition to the show was insulting given the fact that Wes played a crucial role towards the series. He deserved a strong death yet the buildup was poor and lazy. There was really no grounds to kill him off beyond a shocking plot twist.

  24. Larc says:

    I see much of the storyline being centered on Laurel next season. Too bad. I think she’s one of the least interesting characters and is generally obnoxious. Her father has been little more than a bit part on the show. Having him be behind Wes’s murder is a total cop out by the writers, IMO.

  25. William says:

    S3 was the worst season of HTGAWM yet. They spent so much time on filler that could’ve been devoted to plots that mattered. The Mahoney/Rebecca aftermath should’ve been highlighted earlier to carry the season rather than shove it in the back half so lazily. All of the relationship drama, the poster mess, Frank’s contrived presence could’ve been avoided to fully flesh out the arc surrounding Wes’ death, but it was clearly developed at the last minute – speaking to how muddled and weak this season really was. Disappointing.

  26. justsomeguy says:

    The one thing they didn’t answer is who he called on his way to Annalise’s house. I guess maybe that’s for next season?

  27. Kar says:

    Wes was the love of her life??? lol they dated for 3 mins

  28. ChicagoDan says:

    Good choice by ABC to air the final 2 episodes together. It was an interesting and surprising way to close the books on Sam and Rebecca – good choice. The twist of her father being behind it was good. We have to figure out who was the intended victim – Dominic came with syringe – but was it for Wes?

  29. I was so excited for this finale, but I was completely disappointed with it! There was wayyy to much going on from the start of episode 14. I was SO confused and towards the end of it I was praying for a mind-blowing ending, but I wasn’t completely satisfied. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting Laurels dad to be playing any part of it, so I was glad there was at least one mediocre twist.

    The whole thing with Connor was completely unnecessary though, cuz at the end, that story-line had no significant impact on the episode. The first half of the season was the only part close to HTGAWMs 1st season thrill!

    On the bright side, the over-stuffing means that whole Wes thing will end sooner than later. We know Laurels dad had something to do with this, but I doubt that’ll play a fundamental role in Season 4…it’ll mostly be a filler next season. I just hope next season will have as good a plot as the first half of season 3 or season 1. Oh heavenly, Shonda PLEASE make that happen!!!

  30. BKLYN FINESS says:

    I am very disappointed by this season finale

  31. mrmcgee says:

    This show can be pretty ridiculous and all but I live how it uses music (usually a chill-type song) near each episode’s end and cutting across different scenes. It really amps the mystery and tension.

  32. Kendell says:

    Very surprised by the positive reactions to the Finale. I thought many of us would be disappointed. In my opinion to kill off a major character like Wes and his murderer not be an impact player in the show is disappointing. Seems like it follows the comments Norwalk has made all throughout this season. He had an idea to kill someone. Decided it to be a major character which took much guts. But never knew until the last minute WHO the character was. Because of that he had too many fillers from the 1st half of the season to tie into the 2nd half and he wasn’t able to do it.

    Simply put if you kill a major character like Wes, then you tie the story to either the Mahoney’s or one of our major cast members killing him. If you do the plot twist then fine, stick with DA Denver. Great swerve never saw it coming. But to go to Laurel’s father, whom none of us remember, when there hasn’t been any beef/feud between Wes/Laurel and her family, because we’ve only seen Wes/Laurel for 5 min and her father for 2min. It’s a strectch, a real stretch.

    As one of the comm enters said, yes Norwalk ended the Sam/Rebecca murders by pinning it on Wes. Yes he opened up Season 4 with Why did Laurel’s father do it and her revenge, and a whole 1st half to be dedicated to who is Laurel. But so much was destroyed with Wes murder and the fire to where for Analise she is at ground zero, with her teaching and law career which interacted with these students totally trashed.

    Too many questions remain unanswered from the 1st half.Why did Analise call them to the house? What was her plan? Why didn’t she make it to the house? Why were Frank and Oliver in the street the night of the fire, how’d they know? Of course, who did he call ICE? Probably Charles Mahoney, but how possibly could he be so young to be his father? And why would Atwood move a body IF Denver was the bad guy behind this and Denver didn’t know it?

    So I’m disappointed in this finale. In my opinion because Norwalk never knew who he was killing off, he had too many holes to fill and didn’t do it. He decided to extend the show for next year by deepening a character’s history (Laurel) at the expense of the death of a major character that totally destroyed the whole premise of the show.

    • Judiwb says:

      Totally Agree with you!!

    • Olivia55 says:

      Another strange thing was the differences in Connor’s demeanor. He wasn’t acting the least but guilty after Wes’ death or worried someone would find out he was at the house. It almost seems like they filmed the episodes right after Wes’ death before they knew Connor would go to the house. I appreciate the plot twists but am not a fan of holes in storylines.

    • Jen says:

      Annalise invited everyone to the house that night and then met Oliver at the clinic to have him hack the DA. She told everyone to go to the house so that she’d be alone with Oliver when she asked him to do this. She just needed them out of the clinic.

  33. ARIMER says:

    Wes was so annoying last year that I was glad to see that character removed. The problem is that the writers have transfered all the annoying lines (and emotions) over to Laurel’s chararacter. Now, everytime she is on screen I think: gee, I wish she had died, with the “love of her life” that she had absolutely no chemistry with and appeared to be using most of the time. I use my fastforward button to get rid of her unless I think the other characters around he will have something to say that is significant.

  34. liame says:

    Something about Laurel rubs me the wrong way, she’s so annoying.

  35. vallikat says:

    Whoever Wes called that was his emergency number, that will come back to haunt them next season. Also Charles Mahoney is going to want custody of his grandchild.

    One thing I want to know is how did Dominic know that Wes would be there and why did Laurel’s dad want to kill him?

  36. Hmm says:

    Okay I’m sorry, but do you really expect me to believe that Wes is the love of Laurel’s life?! Come on. I’m not saying we have to call Frank her great love, but I feel like it’s really farfetched and a big stretch. Wes and Laurel were not together that long. It’s incredibly annoying to have him referred to as the love of her life. Stop it.

  37. It was very good and not at all what I expected. I never thought it was Laurel–but I thought it would be someone closer to the show. Laurel’s dad was a peripheral character at best but I guess they are setting up the arc for next season. I will say this was a very emotional 90 minutes of TV. I couldn’t look at the TV watching Wes’ death play out. Honestly, the actors all did great jobs with this. Viola Davis is amazing

  38. Mark says:

    While the episode was good, I felt like they took the easy way out by having a new character kill Wes. Either Laurel should have killed Wes or he should have still been alive.

    • vallikat says:

      Even though it was a new character who killed Wes, it was Laurel’s father who gave the order. I’m not sure that’s the easy way. Imagine if you found out that your father took out a hit on your boyfriend/baby daddy? That’s going to make for some complications.

      • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

        My mind is still BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!! That was insane I feel bad for Laurel especially when she finds out the REAL truth of Wes’ death.

  39. DZ says:

    I’m in the minority here but I HATED this finale. I was okay with Denver being behind Wes’ death, but Laurel’s dad? Huh? And Wes is Mahoney’s grandson? I feel like Wes’ death (by the way, his death scene was heartbreaking) deserved more closure than some character just thrown in to set up Season 4. This was my favorite show leading up to this finale. I’m actually glad they will have a lot of time off to come back to writing what used to be must see TV.

    • Wyngate says:

      Too many theories, too many despicable people. I keep asking myself why I continue to watch this show, and the answer is always the same- Viola Davis.

  40. NORRIS V HERRING says:

    HTGAWM season 3 finale.
    If Laurel keeps the baby, does that make Annalise a grandma?

  41. bethsuek says:

    A law student signs a contract without reading it? Duh.

  42. Eran says:

    I will follow Viola Davis blindly into TV hell fires and back but I’ve got alarm bells going off in my head like crazy – so help me God, if Laurel’s dad and this Dominic fella turn into the show’s Papa Pope and Jake Ballard then I am going to have a major problem sticking with it.

  43. Brownvirtue says:

    Laurel had been so obsessed with Frank she even asked her estranged father for help. What if her father didn’t want Frank in her life and sent Dominic to kill lhim. Now Wes is dead because of mistaken identity.

  44. Me says:

    This was really good. Every time I get a little weary of the show, they pull off some crazy twist, and I can’t wait for the next episode!
    I thought the most dramatic way they could have resolved it was for Laurel had to be involved in some way (I thought she had killed him by incident and she didn’t realize it), but I had never thought of Laurel’s dad, which makes it both heartbreaking and surprising. I also think it was some kind of mistaken identity and the killer thought he had gotten rid of Laurel’s boyfriend, Frank. I look forward to next season – Laurel has always been one of my favourite characters, so I’m happy that the plot is going to be centered around her.

  45. Rosalind Locke says:

    Not clear who the murderer is.Her Father or Denver the DA

  46. greysfan says:

    THAT was a finale! Thats how you do it. Well done Shonda and the cast putting together 2 hours of incredible tv. Bring on the new season already!

  47. I’m a bit confused. It seemed like Dominic was tied to the D.A.’s office especially when he got into the car with him. Now Dominic is tied to Laurel’s father instead? Pls explain!

  48. Susan Alamillo says:

    How did laurel’s father even know who was in the house? Who did he want to kill? What was his motivation? Poor Finale.