greys anatomy season 13 episode 14 recap

Grey's Recap: Back to Abnormal

Although Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy found Alex once again scrubbing in at Grey Sloan, the hospital to which he returned didn’t feel quite like the one he’d left, what with Meredith’s suspension, April’s ascension and pretty much everyone’s tension. Did things get back to normal before the end of “Back Where You Belong”? Read on and find out.

‘THE BAND IS BACK TOGETHER’ | As the episode began, Amelia was back at the house with Alex, Maggie and Meredith. However, “I do not live here,” Owen’s estranged wife insisted. “I’m crashing.” For her part, Mer was going nuts from boredom. In fact, she was so bored, she’d looked up the hospital bylaws to find out that, indeed, in spite of the fact that she was an owner of Grey Sloan, Bailey could suspend her. Speaking of the hospital, Stephanie was there panicking at the prospect of being assigned by Eliza to team up with Alex and Jo to treat another kid, Chris, a teenager whose parents, to put it mildly, didn’t get along. Nearby, a seemingly homeless woman — or at least an unkempt and disoriented one — wandered into the E.R. and collapsed before Nathan and Andrew could ring Security.

Shortly thereafter, having more than merely flirted, bonded, with Minnick in “It Only Gets Much Worse,” Arizona struggled to give the impression at work that it was all business between them. “She’s the worst,” Robbins told Jackson, laying it on maybe a wee bit too thick. In front of April, Jackson wondered how Arizona could even be polite to Dr. Unpopularity after she’d screwed over Richard. “All Minnick did,” Kepner countered, “was take a job she was offered.” No, her ex replied, Minnick stole the job — a concept in which April was well-versed, he added.

‘THIS IS NOT A THING THAT HAPPENS’ | In an examination room, Maggie discovered with Nathan and Andrew that their Jane Doe had an ancient pacemaker and replaced it to fix her up. Plus, the old ticker revealed her identity. At the same time, Jo, upon learning that Chris’ mother had run away with him because his father was abusive, asked Owen to intervene and make the guy leave. (Didn’t go well.) Naturally, Alex was concerned about how this revelation was affecting Wilson. Things only got worse for Team Chris in the O.R. Though the youngster’s mom had a kidney removed to give to him, her other kidney died before Jo and Stephanie could transplant the first one into her son. So, yeah, not the mother/son duo’s best day ever.

While Alex, Richard and April (in charge in Bailey’s absence — more on that momentarily) debated whether Chris or his mom should get the kidney, Eliza asked Stephanie who she thought should get the organ. The mom would want her son to have it, Edwards reckoned. Then again, if he survived and Mom didn’t, he’d end up back with Dad, who probably beat him as well. While Jo tried to find a new kidney, Dad overheard and forcefully demanded to know what was going on. Miraculously, he actually did some good, offering up his kidney. Before he was put under anesthesia, Jo, perhaps rightly, accused him of using this as “an excuse to worm your way back into their lives” and told him, if he really wanted to do some good, he would “never tell them about this. Do it anonymously… and they never have to see you again.”

greys-anatomy-season-13-episode-14-recap‘LEAD WITH ME, BUT FOLLOW WHEN I LEAD’ | Determined to set things right with Mer, Bailey showed up on her doorstep ready to hash out their differences “like smart women.” Unfortunately, Mer didn’t need to be sold on how “fun” Minnick’s methods were. She simply felt — and strongly — that the chief made a bad call and should have had Richard’s back. As such, though Miranda offered to put Grey back to work, “I do not want to be reinstated unless Richard is” also reinstated as residency administrator, Mer said. “There’s a difference,” Bailey noted, “between loyalty and stubbornness.” And this might well be it, especially considering that Webber was actually spending the day working fairly well with Eliza. (Well, fairly well for him — he still considered her a menace.)

When Bailey returned to Grey Sloan, she informed Richard that she wasn’t costing Mer and the hospital time and money, he was — because she chose him. So he paid Grey a visit and found out that, every time she thought of returning, she heard her mother’s voice saying, “Meredith, it’s Richard” — even though, as he pointed out, Ellis never would have put him before her career. Still, off that talk, Mer put in a call to Bailey.

greys anatomy season 13 episode 14 recap‘NOBODY CAN FEEL THE SNAKES… HI, MOM’ | By and by, the mother of Jane Doe — actual name: Claire Nolan — arrived at the hospital and was stunned to learn that her daughter had been found. And really stunned to learn that she’d been found alive! “We had a funeral,” Mom said, shocked, after learning that Claire hadn’t been abducted, she had been — and still was — schizophrenic. “How is this not a happy ending?” Maggie asked Nathan when Claire’s parents didn’t jump for joy at her resurrection. They’d moved on, he replied in such a way that it immediately reminded us of his past with Megan. As the hour drew to a close, medication helped soothe Claire’s mind enough that she recognized her folks.

That evening, April and Jackson snapped at each other at home so sharply that you’d swear they were still married. Arizona told Eliza that she was tired of pretending that she didn’t like her. “I need you to stop” talking now, Minnick said, “so I can kiss you.” And so it began. (Or continued, really. That kiss was inevitable.) When Chris’ mom asked where the kidney that had saved her son had come from, she couldn’t believe that an anonymous someone had been so good as to donate their organ. Noting Nathan’s strangeness over the resolution of Claire’s case, Maggie asked if he wanted to talk, but he was great, he insisted. They got a happy ending after all. Checking on Jo after her dealings with Chris’ abusive dad, Owen gave her a hug. Finally, Maggie joined Amelia in Mer’s bed and mentioned how troubled Nathan had been. There had been one day when Mer hadn’t known where her late husband was, she said, and she imagined it was like that for Riggs every day. “You get him,” Pierce observed. And, based on the scenes from next week, it looked like she might actually get him after all.

So, what did you think of “Back Where You Belong”? Were you glad Arizona and Eliza kissed? Looking forward to picking up the Nathan/Mer story? Hit the comments.

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  1. kn1231 says:

    Well if this was the way Minnick was introduced the whole time, I wouldn’t have such a problem with her. I still don’t understand why she is so against working with Webber. Still not sold on her and Robbins, so I’m hoping they develop this relationship slowly so I can have more time to get on board.
    I LOVED that Webber and Grey scene, probably my favorite moment from this season so far. We need more of that, the original cast having genuine moments with each other.
    I also hated how Bailey claims that Webber would have done the same thing in her position. Webber would have never pulled something like that on someone that close to him. Bailey was/is being a poor leader by not keeping the team in the loop. Are the attending being stubborn, yes, but that’s because this is the only way their voices are being heard.

  2. Garbo says:

    Why are the writers hellbent on making Jackson come off like an entitled, arrogant lil rich boy who is bitching because he didn’t get his way ? He could be such a strong character. At least they dialled down the uncalled for, irrealistic high school mean girl mentality and language when it came to Richard this week, that’s progress at least.

  3. Ellen says:

    TOTALLY happy that Arizona and Eliza kissed, about time Arizona gets some happiness. And they have great chemistry!

    • Juliet says:

      I think Arizona and Eliza have a great chemistry. I like the fact Eliza is bold and Arizona was defending her. I am sorry but after the crap Callie pulled on Arizona last year with Penny and the custody thing. I can’t stand Callie. I like Arizona and Eliza’s banter back and forth. I say promote Eliza as a regular cast member, and the rest of the cast, start warming up to Eliza. Jessica Capshaw contract runs out in 2018 damn give her some happines with Eliza.

      • Ellen says:

        I totally agree with you about Callie. Her behavior her last two seasons was disgusting. I was angry at Callie for ending their marriage. But looking back, it was actually the best thing she could ever have done for Arizona, I’m happy that Arizona is free of her. The way Sara has been acting og Twitter lately, I strongly doubt that she’ll be back on Grey’s. But if she does come back, I want Callie to stay the hell away from Arizona.

      • Jamie says:

        Totally disagree about Callie. She made one very wrong assumption (that she would naturally get custody of Sofia), but Arizona is the one that turned into a war without even bothering to sit down and try to talk it out with Callie. They both acted like spoiled brats, and then Arizona made it worse by not even letting Callie see Sofia after she won custody until the very last second in the finale. Arizona has always been a selfish brat and treated Callie *horribly* while they were married. So glad Callie is free of that awful relationship. Arizona and Minnick deserve each other.

    • Yvonne says:

      I agree! Arizona is one of my favourite characters, and I really like Marika as MInnick. I think that their chemistry is great and they would make a great couple. Would be nice to get some more backstory on the character Eliza Minnick though.

  4. Cambria R Pilger says:

    Who is the actor that plays Chris, the teenager???

  5. Cue in for Megan’s return when Meredith IS REALLY getting Nathan, if you know what I mean…

  6. EM says:

    Was disappointed that with Meredith being home all day they never had the kids around. Why would they be in day care if she was home all day? Wished Alex was in the last scene with the others. I feel like Owen has the need to rescue the damsel in distress and this week it was Jo. Never thought I’d be happy to see Amy back but tired of the B/C team. Have zero interest in Arizona and her new love life. Arizona being two faced about new doc is making her character seem pathetic and weak which I don’t associate with her.

  7. Bigdede says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for Jo. Years ago Jo attacked that doctor she was dating because he touched her and her instinct was to attack. At that time they should’ve explored her background with her abusive ex. I don’t care now because she almost ruined Alex and DeLuca’s life because of her secrets. For Jo to even think the idea of that man donating his kidney was wrong shows how selfish and stupid she is. The son and mother is now alive and just because that creep donates a kidney doesn’t mean he would get back into their lives.

    • Rach says:

      Because he ‘touched’ her? You do remember her black eye and beaten up face dont you? Clearly not. Im sure that when anyone is attacked by someone their instinct would be to defend themselves, which is what she did in that situation. You can dislike Jo all you want but the fact is that it was self defense, Oh and of course it’s her fault too that Alex decided to beat up deluca, he’s in no way responsible for his own actions.. please. She’s made mistakes, and I myself think she should’ve told Alex sooner but she was trying to keep them BOTH safe. And she’s had arguably the worst upbringing of anybody on this show so of course she’s going to be damaged. honestly the girl can’t win no matter what she does, even tonight when she was actually the only one advocating for her patient because she was in the best position to understand.

      • Bigdede says:

        Um no go back and watch that episode, she attacked him. Yeah Jo had bruises but it was self defense from Jo. She admitted that. And it is Jo’s fault regarding Alex because all she had to do was tell the truth. She knew she couldn’t marry him yet she gave Alex grief regarding him having frozen eggs with his ex.

        • Martina says:

          What? No! If you would’ve watched the episode you knew that it was self defense from Jo. We never saw the actual attack. Jo tells Alex that they had a bad argument and then he attacked her first. so she shoved him away and he fell and hit his head so hard and unlucky that he got brain bleed. When she left he was okay. She would not have left if she knew he was damaged that badly. Also, duh. She grew up homeless. Of course she had punched guys before to defend herself.

          • Rach says:

            This. Thank you. The selective attention people place on Jo and the vendetta to hate her no matter what she does gets on my nerves. Especially when there’s characters like Maggie who literally acts like a 12 year old, so much so that I was embarrrassed for her last week, yet people don’t rain down hate on her! And I also find it funny that people are condemning Jo for telling the father his actions don’t take away the pain he inflicted, yet whooped and cheered when Maggie literally punched a patient in the face. Lmao

      • Grey'sFan says:

        Actually Jo is the one who attacked the doctor at the end of Season 10, and it him who was defending himself against her. Jo also attacked a mother and her daughter in the elevator when they were leaving without the baby the daughter had just given birth to (the mom and daughter were horrible human beings, but it doesn’t excuse Jo).

        Jo also admitted she had beaten up guys and put them in the hospital on at least two occasions prior to coming to GSMH.

        • Bigdede says:

          Thank you!! Jo told Alex she attacked that doctor. That would have been the perfect time to go into Jo’s background regarding her abusive relationship.

          • Rach says:

            What?? No she didn’t wth, she said they got into a fight and he hit his head on the fireplace!! I get when people don’t like Jo but it was made clear on the show that it was self defense, and we have no reason to question that, just look st her face!! I agree though that they have waited FAR too long to explore her past and they aren’t even doing it fully yet. They ignored her and Jolex for seasons and it did a lot of damage to them in the eyes of some viewers which isn’t actually their fault, they were just never on screen. I want them to finally get the focus they deserve

          • Grey'sFan says:

            I think they planned to tell Jo’s story in S11 but then put it on hold during the first half of the season as they re-established relationships without Cristina around, and then in the back half of the season the were busy dealing with how to write Derek out when PD decided he wanted to leave.
            It makes sense hat S11 was the year they were planning to expose Jo’s past since it was on the heals of Alex reuniting with his father and finally being in a place where he wanted to marry.
            I just hope they don’t write Jo’s husband as a bad guy and make it more shades of grey where Jo was definitely at fault for at least 59 per cent of what went wrong in their marriage. No one wants to see him come in as a cartoon cutout… Perhaps at the end of this season Jo will be out of town doing a short internship somewhere else (the actress is pregnant for real so she’ll need time off) and that’s when they’ll introduce Jo’s doctor husband, who will charm everyone at GSMH and establish strong relationships and friendships BEFORE Jo returns. It would be interesting if he were involved in a romantic relationship with either April or Meredith and treated them like a queen, making it impossible for Jo to tell anyone about her past with him. Even more awesome would be if he and Alex bond and became good friends.
            I just don’t want him to be the bad guy. If Jo threatens to ruin his new live in Seattle he can maybe threaten her with prison for stealing from him when she ran away from home.

          • Sme says:

            Greysfan I hope that it was their plan, otherwise they let her kind of fall into the abyss for no reason for 2 years and then bring it all back now.

            I don’t know, I get the idea of making it grey and not a cartoon character, but I think the fact that Jo was obviously quite young, vulnerable and impressionable and probably saw him as this pseudo protector/father figure in some way as well, pretty much explains the appeal, and makes her pretty susceptiIble to abuse. I just think that she has had so much stuff dumped into her characterisation that she really does need the kind of story where she IS a survivor and has built herself a life from the mess she got into. She said that he nearly beat her to death, and I really don’t want to see it be her fault, I think the story is compelling enough that she was in this awful place and finally found the strength to run away but has been too afraid to face it. And hopefully she finds the strength to confront it if/when he does show up. But as far as the idea of her going away (possibly for boards if the writers remember they are meant to be 5th years) I think that would make for a lot of drama if he’s worked his way into the esteem of her peers, it would make it very hard to feel safe confiding in people. TBH it’s probably the way they would go if they do this storyline!

    • Kathy says:

      I agree completely. I hate to say it, but I don’t now and never have liked the Jo character. Write her off!

  8. Bigdede says:

    Nathan pissed me off in this episode. How darn he blame the parents because their daughter had a mental breakdown and disappeared? They searched and searched for her and couldn’t find her. I understand they thought she died. So who was Nathan to say they had given up hope?

    • Ed says:

      I didn’t take it like that at all. I think he was explaining that the parents hated themselves BECAUSE they gave up on their daughter. He wasn’t judging them. That’s not what I got out of that anyway

      • G says:

        Ed, that is what I got as well.
        He wasn’t judging them, but seeing it from their pov (and his own – if Megan ends up being alive)

  9. Meg says:

    I’m not feeling the Eliza & Arizona hookup. They look so much alike to be dating on this show. They are better off as friends or even sisters! Callie is a better fit for Arizona.

    • Louise says:

      I agree. There isn’t a drop of romantic chemistry.

    • Jami says:

      No Callie is not a fit for Arizona, the writers ended that when they broke the couple up, after Callie begged Arizona to go for marriage counseling. I was so over Callie when she said she was stifled in the relationship. Callie was always selfish and put, Mark, Derek, and Owen before Arizona. Then they forced Penny on us last season. Callie takes their daughter across country when her support system was in Seattle. I guess I don’t see the resemblance with Arizona and Eliza. I see Arizona has a chance at happiness with Eliza, a woman who knows what she wants. Callie’s back and forth with Mark drove me nuts. Callie saying she knew she loved Penny from the start, give me a break.

  10. N says:

    I liked the Mer & Webber scene

  11. Sally says:

    I have been a Grey’s fan since day one. I don’t want this show to end. However I do think they need to make some changes. Please stop with all the whiny doctors already, so so boring!! I wish they would bring back the heat. Get rid of Amillia Shepherd. I like the actress, but the character is so boring and whines too much, there is absolutely no heat between She and Owen. They need to bring in another Nero surgeon, like a Rob Lowe type or another Mc steamy . I think the writers and producers need to remember why people love the show. They need to bring this show back to what it was all about. Start with bringing Izzy back. She could rock Alex’s world. Before she left the show remember she and Alex froze embryos. Maybe she comes back with their baby. That would put a good spin on the Alex and Jo’s relationship, add heat. It could be great love triangle , who will Alex pick his first love, mothers child or Jo his new love. Most importantly please please please bring Sandra Oh back!!!!! Christina is so needed, I miss her and Meredith together. I miss Christina’s humor, wit and strength. Meredith needs her person and a new Mc Dreammy. Maybe Christina could come back because she realizes her love for Owen is greater than her love for her job. Please give Maranda Bailey her balls back!!! I miss the old Bailey!! I’m sorry but there is no Chief like Richard Webber. I love his leadership, make him Chief again. I love April and Jackson together. Love Catherine Jackson as well. I miss the old friendships , steam, love connections of Greys. Enough with the whiny needy doctors. Bring back what made Greys great. The friendships, fun, wit and the steamy love connections. Whatever you do writers of Greys please please stop making this doctor so whiny, adults crying over their mommy visiting or not getting what they want, enough. It’s a total snooze fest!!

  12. Aunt Mary says:

    The show purposefully tried and has failed to replace Callie with this wannabe clone. I am not impressed with Minnick, she’s as dull as a piece of dry toast.

    • Jami says:

      I don’t think Minnick is a wannabe clone to replace and repeal Callie. the actress is not returning. I find Eliza more interesting than the main cast, except Arizona and April. Man everyone wants to hate on Minnick. So I will just hate on Maggie because she is not Lexi.

  13. Sharon Bus says:

    I really hate this show. The Minnick storyline is a mess. Since when do attendings assist residents… give me a break. One week Minnick kills a kid and this week no one cares…. Richard dealt with notifying the death but Bailey is running around talking about how inspired it all is.

    I want to see the surgeons working on cases and not bowing down to the annoying students. Can’t stand Bailey, entire group of residents, and April. Would be fine with another mass casualty involving them all.

    • Wendy L says:

      I can’t believe there was no repercussions from the kids death. A lawsuit or investigation.

    • I miss Christina Yang says:

      I thought after the kid died and Richard stepped up to help cocky stephanie that there would be a realization that both teaching methods can work together, but instead Minnick’s way is still the shinny new toy.

    • fifi says:

      I totally agree with you! The minnick storyline is somewhat unrealistic, how they randomly picked a kid rode his dad like some guinea pig is unethical! No scene to show remorse for her inability to even speak with the parents, and Bailey saying nothing whatsoever about the whole thing…It was all a sham…that episode truly disappointed me and seemed so shallow and unrealistic…its like the writers are just hell bent on selling Minick no matter the cost…and that’s pretty annoying.

  14. T. says:

    Doctors need to grow up!
    As for Minnick I really like her and hope they keep her on the show. She seems to really get Arizona and brings back from her a side that was hidden a long time. The truth is I loved Callie but this ended up being a failed relationship and we need to accept that. Both women moved on, Callie rebuilt her life and seems happy in her new relation with that Penny girl (blarghhh). So it’s time for Arizona to have someone who makes her fully happy again and I’m pretty excited to see her get to this place again.

    As for Minnick individually, I’m happy we get to see this side of her, someone who is nice, who is playful, who cares, who is vulnerable but also very confident. This is a multi layered character. We need to accept that nobody is perfect, and that’s actually making me like her more.

    • Jami says:

      Thanks T. I get Eliza. Love seeing Arizona happy.

    • Ellen says:

      It’s nice to see that at least SOME people are able to see past the childish crap behavior of the docs. There is a reason why Minnick has been successfull at other hospitals, because she KNOWS what she’s doing. If the docs at Grey’s weren’t acting like kids, they would see it too. People are so effin quick to judge, and not actually use their brain.

      • T. says:

        It’s an issue that is often found in offices: as soon as someone wants to introduce change, they take it as a message of war or don’t take it very well. People unfortunately don’t like change… I hope that they will go in the direction of everyone understanding the benefits of the changes she introduced. I see that April and Arizona seem to be okay with the new method, hopefully everyone will be by the end of the season.

        As for their reaction, if I pulled something like they did at my work I would be fired and nobody would hire me again! People can choose to not agree and voice their concern, but not hijack the hospital and block her. And if this new method is blocking and they don’t agree, it’s up to them to leave and work in another hospital more in line with their vision. But act like entitled know-it-all children… No. It’s good for no body, it’s a workplace, they need to be professional.

  15. tkmm says:

    the ralationship btw eliza and arizona why not, go for it atleast for arizona to ve some happy moment