Too Close To Home

TLC's Too Close to Home Is the Worst Show I Can't Stop Watching

With its second season finale airing on Wednesday (TLC, 10/9c), Too Close to Home promises to answer many of fans’ lingering questions from the past seven weeks. But here’s a burning question I’d like answered: Why can’t I stop watching this show?!

Frankly, the latest offering from the House of Tyler Perry is the creative equivalent of a train wreck making love to a dumpster fire, then slapping a man bun on top for good measure. And that wasn’t a dig at leading man Brock O’Hurn, who was but a humble Instagram model (famous for his man bun!) before Perry gave him his big acting break.

To be honest, I have a certain fondness for O’Hurn’s character, a living romance novel named Brody. His three primary purposes — looking good, breaking up fights and explaining complex scenarios — are all on display in this one incredible clip:

(Oh, did I forget to mention that nearly every scene on this show is, like, a breath away from being gay porn?)

Now, before I get even deeper into things, here’s a quick introduction for beginners: Too Close to Home follows a plucky young White House intern named Anna, whose affair with the president is exposed when he suffers a heart attack during a bone sesh in the Oval. The subsequent scandal drives Anna back to her hometown of Happy, Ala., a middle-of-nowhere hell hole populated by junkies, hoarders and rapists — and that’s just Anna’s family.

The show is promoted as a political drama — complete with small-screen queen Heather Locklear making special appearances as a sharp-tongued FLOTUS — but save for a few sporadic scenes, the bulk of the action takes place in and around Anna’s trailer park. And the scenes that do take place at the White House come across, at best, as a Scandal parody. (Hell, at a sparsely attended press conference last week, the president even went so far as to assure reporters, “There’s no scandal here.” Sure, guy.)

One of the reasons I think I enjoy this show is that it’s wildly unpredictable… but only because the characters’ reactions are completely erratic. For example: Handsome devil Dax finds out that Victor, his boyfriend of several years, cheated on him with a senator. Without even speaking to him about it, Dax makes a single phone call and gets Victor’s parents deported.

And I know I already commented on the show’s porny vibes earlier, but I was only half joking; when the show returned for Season 2, one of its main villains was suddenly revealed to be deeply closeted, unleashing his internalized homophobia on the sudden influx of “damn queers” in town.

As for the dialogue — which, I hope, is largely improvised — I’ll let the work speak for itself. The following scene takes place after Brody’s senile father climbs into bed with Anna’s “friend” Valerie, who was apparently asking to be sexual assaulted by leaving her door unlocked:

Honestly, it’s a good thing that Too Close to Home is so unintentionally hilarious, or else it would just be the darkest show on television: In the town of Happy, graphic gay bashings are a regular occurrence and nearly every named character under the age of 18 is a product of forced incest. (And I’m not even remotely exaggerating about that last part.)

OK, rant over. Time for you to weigh in: Does anyone else out there find themselves curiously addicted to this work of art? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cas says:

    I’ve never been into Tyler Perry shows or movies but I like Heather Locklear and this sounds entertaining.

  2. Dmac says:

    I hate this show, but I tune in every week. In my defense I fast forward through parts that are too idiotic for words (and there is a lot of those), but dammit I need to know how it ends.

  3. Chuck says:

    I have to wonder what I ever did to my spouse to be subjected to this show. I think my eyes nearly rolled out of my head after the first season line: “We found your truck down on Dawson. By the creek.” Seriously, did Perry actually WRITE that line?!?! I had to ask a very talented friend of mine, who has been working his butt off to get somewhere in the industry, just exactly how Perry got to where he is today. The answer: “I have no idea.” The power of Oprah? It’s just mind-boggling how people eat his stuff up.

    • Monday Jackson says:

      Don’t be such a hater on Tyler Perry. Read his background. Oprah didn’t help him this man was homeless and living in his car . And a crack head motel. It’s all about will power , determination, and being a strong individual. Wanting a better life for himself. And he did that all by himself.

      • Queen Ester Calcote says:

        where the hell is it.My sister and l can”t find it on the tv at all. we both love watching it. And when will it return . we love it
        So where is it are when will it return and what chanel.

      • Mary Huiras says:

        Love that series Br ing it back

  4. Wrstlgirl says:

    I’m right there with you. This show is so bad but I can’t stop watching. I have to know what happens to these people. Hope there’s a season three, lmao!!

    • The Beach says:

      I’m on the crazy train too. This is the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. In addition to all the other comments, this is by far the worst ensemble cast of actors (albeit HOT) that I have seen on any show. The lines are delivered as wooden as a redwood tree (sorry Brody, Dax, Victor) or so overacted that there is no piece of scenery left unchewed (looking at you obese Mama & JB & Shelby). Still, I can’t stop watching this Dynasty in a Trailer Park….help.

  5. Karen s Bolen says:

    Every show fro this one to Have and have Not”s have the same slo mo dialogue ! It’s like please talk faster !! But I am hooked on both. I do wish Tyler would give them a Sorkin make over!

    • GMo says:

      OMG, I feel the same too. What is wrong with their speech, Tyler needs to ask for Shonda Rhimes or Ava’s help or why not Oprah. Whoever is directing or writing those scripts need to be taken ou behind the barn and shot, nope a beating will suffice, a real good beat down. They keep repeating the same thing over and over. (They love to call each others names: Wyatt, Jeffrey, Wyatt, Jeffry, and the word OK) Thier vernacular is truly horrible.They repeat the same lines over and over.Come on Tyler the people that got you where you are today please, please at least show some consideration for our sanity/dignity. We will not keep letting you off with a slap on the hand. He really does need to talk to Shonda, hey even Spike Lee, His shows really do need some help. Look at Greenleaf, QueenSugar, Being Mary Jane. You can be an unknown, but that does not mean you cannot read the script, you just need better lines, I’m sure the actors are not all that bad, not everyone of them.

  6. Every show TP has on, from this one to Have & Have Not’s has the same Slo Mo dialogue! I like the themes,, but he definitely needs to do some Sorkinese on all of them.

  7. Yolanda says:

    What Heather Locklear did to her face? Of she just put on a weight? She was one of my favorite TV actress ever so it’s nice she’s back on TV but still wth?

  8. Mike says:

    The scene you showed us… the hair flip made it for me!

  9. Ana says:

    What’s worse, a show that from its very inception was supposed to be an over the top campy soap opera like this, or shows that had 1 or 2 good seasons and since then have spiraled down into the lowest pits of TV programming (ex. OAUT, Quantico, AoS). I think the latter category is far worse.
    You don’t tune into Tyler Perry show expecting to see TheAmericans…

  10. Lisa says:

    Completely agree. That being said, I can’t stop watching either. The reactions and twists are so erratic I can’t look away. Kelly Sullivan (Bonnie) is fantastic though. Whenever there is a shred of reason or weight to balance out the ridiculousness, it’s usually because of her. and Andy, the adult film industry comment has some weight to it too; pretty sure the guy playing the president was on one of those shows on Showtime back in the day.

  11. Billy Bob Johnson says:

    You are one, dumb *bleep*, Swifty.

  12. Pat says:

    The scenes in any Tyler Perry show are so drawn-out, plodding & repetitive.

  13. liame says:

    If I can subject myself to trump’s press conferences. I can definitely get down with TCTH.

  14. Latasha Flora says:

    I love this show. You summed it up perfectly.

  15. Ron says:

    Hahahaha. OMG I’ve never heard of this show. I watched the clip you posted, and I busted out laughing because it’s SOOOOO bad! But I kinda hate myself for actually wanting to watch more lol. May be my new (really) guilty pleasure. I’ve lightly followed Brock for a little while now, because DAYUM, he sorta makes my (imaginary) ovaries explode. But it’s a good thing he’s pretty, because I don’t think acting is quite his thing–well, at least judging from that clip.

  16. MK says:

    okay, where can I binge this glorious disaster??

  17. Kelley M Henderson says:

    Please please please let there be many more seasons! I LOVEEEEEE THIS SHOW!

  18. Temperance says:

    Wow… that’s the worst acting and writing that I’ve seen since the 1980’s. And that’s saying something.

  19. Alec says:

    The first scene here is funnier than all CBS’ comedies.

  20. I am definitely addicted!!

  21. dsrbroadway says:

    I watch this show and literally get furious and start yelling at the screen. Nothing happens and the dialogue is the same four lines over and over. It’s beyond hate-watching. But I can’t get enough.

  22. Rhonda says:

    The best show ever! Very addictive! I will not miss any episode! I hate that tonight is the season finally.

  23. Jeff Tackett says:

    I can’t wait for tonight’s finale, then a long wait till season 3.

    It needs more episodes per season.

  24. Shawn says:

    I love this show! This qualifies as my guilty pleasure. It makes no sense whatsoever, and plot twists just keep coming up from out of nowhere. I also feel like the 1st and 2nd season have taken place within a few days, not even a whole week has passed. Also who are all these new characters that keep popping up? They are doing nothing to advance the multiple story lines. This show is a car crash in slow motion but I can’t stop watching it even with all the horrible acting.

  25. Jon says:

    I tried watching this because of Heather Locklear, but this is just awful. Bad acting (porn levels) and I found it pretty unwatchable, I was hoping it would be campy and fun but it wasn’t. Granted I only watched the first 3 or 4 episodes until I got bored.

  26. Susan C Walker says:

    Love this show. Wish there were more episodes in a season. I’m addicted to it. This is Tyler Perry’s best work except Madea movies

  27. Why only 8 episodes, then make us wait forever for the next season?
    I think, as do most of my friends that watch this show, it should have more episodes …
    At least 10 if not 12.
    So what’s the story?
    BTW …. GREAT story line!
    Thank you . . .

  28. Debbie Tate says:

    My family loves this show. Cant get enough wathing it

  29. rarefied says:

    That show looks like an awesome trainwreck. I don’t think I could handle it nowadays, but it looks like the kind of thing I would have watched ironically in college.

  30. Rebecca Howard says:

    Love love love this show when is season 3

  31. Angela says:

    I’m with you. The show is SO SO SO bad but I just can’t wait to see it every week.

  32. Italy says:

    I started watching this show When the character Bonnie left Young and the Restless. I think it’s over the top also but I love it! There must be a season 3! However I would like to see it get out of this one particular week maybe just a little Jump Ahead

  33. Cyndi Joyner says:

    I love this show and can not wait from one week til the next! Trying to figure out when it will air again after last nights finale.

  34. jj. says:

    when I first saw commercials for this sure I was unsure if it was a ‘scripted’ reality show or a legitimate attempt at a drama series. While I never ended up watching an episode this article almost makes me want to give it a try! Thanks for the laughs Andy!

  35. Cheryl says:

    This show is the worst kind of guilty pleasure. Idk what it is, but I cannot help myself!!! I HAVE to watch every episode and can hardly wait for the next. I think I may have some kind of insanity?!?!?!

  36. Ronnie says:

    I’ve seen the commercials, but after watching the clips I swear this doesn’t seem like it could be real! I HAVE to watch this!

  37. Sondra says:

    Totally love this show – I’m addicted. I work overnight but dVR every episode.
    Love love love it

  38. Nancy says:

    Yea I’m with you…some of the acting is bad…I mean real bad but I love this show…um. Yea Brock is a hottie and a 24 yo doing a 35+ yo but hey it works. I want it to stay on…

  39. Rebecca Kroll says:

    I first saw this show awhile back and I’m not usually into Tyler Perry’s stuff, and no, not this kinda weird stuff either. But there were parts that kinda reels you in, like the heavy stuff about the sisters’ past, and then trying to prevent the daughter Rebel from seeing the pedophile. Was I the only one who was rooting for Bonnie to run that mofo down??? I’m sorry – but I feel that all pedos should be castrated and ran over. Good show, it’s addicting – yes it does have some bad lines, some weird plots, but all in all, it’s pretty good! Can’t wait for Season 3!!!

  40. First TV Line puts some respect on “The Haves and the Have Nots”, then this article on “Too Close to Home”? I’ll be expecting a write-up on “If Loving You Is Wrong” in March, please and thank you. And yes I love this show. It’s hilarious, a hot, deep-fried mess, and I can’t get enough.

  41. Melva Smith says:

    I love this show ! When is it coming back on ? I hate waiting for Wednesday to Wednesday now I have to wait until next season .Oh my …..😏

  42. Heidi Garcia says:

    My fiance and I love this show can’t wait for the next season.. This show keeps us wanting more and more !!! Please Please!! It must come on soon I need a date when it will start again.This show has a lot of action to much to talk about .. Keep it up Tyler Perry I love all your shows..

  43. Heidi Garcia says:

    I love this show !!!

  44. Stacey says:

    Yes, it’s cheesy but I’m absolutely addicted!!!! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  45. Danna says:

    Absolutely! From the beginning I have said this show has some of the worst acting in it that I have ever seen. That being said, I am highly addicted to it. I love the show…in spite of. It always keeps me looking forward to the next episode.

  46. Rebel GAl says:

    I just began watching season 2. I have never lived in a trailer park, yet i do live in Bama. And I have spent time there W/friends. I know ppl that I match up with each of the cast and it is Spot On!!! Love it and am anxiously waiting Season 3

  47. It is too much of a train wreck to be anything but entertaining and regrettably it is painting a picture of middle America that really illustrates how the USA could elect a Donald Trump as President. I am sadly addicted and hope it is renewed for season 3 since the end of season 2 left way too many unanswered questions. If someone put together a soap opera on what’s really going on in DC, it couldn’t be any more strange than TCTH.

  48. Janice Newman says:

    I too am addicted although at first insulted that Alabama was depicted this way. I’m from Birmingham, Alabama and where I live is certainly nothing like this. It is really an awful show but can’t stop watching it! Maybe if something happened to Brodie where he wasn’t on it anymore I may stop. Maybe. But I do just want to see what happens next especially with the president since his wife is not supporting him to cover up his affair. I was upset it wasn’t on this week but guess last week was the season finale where the mothers trailer was getting cleaned out. Do we know when the third season starts? Can’t wait!

    • Peter says:

      if you know when the next season will be on it would save a lot of agony in the name of waiting. so hooked